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My Original Quotes and a Bit of The Ridiculous

Boogie was trapped as a young feral cat about 5-6 years ago. Weighs about 18 pounds. I adore this kitty.

Boogie was trapped as a young feral cat about 5-6 years ago. Weighs about 18 pounds. I adore this kitty.

A few of my own quotes/thoughts on life and pets. These are my ideas about life. Maybe my thoughts have been put to paper by someone else in a different way. This is what I know and think about life and what I have learned in my experiences. 🙂 I do not expect anyone to agree with my thoughts regarding pets. Some or most people will think my opinion/s are radical. That is okay.

“If something unexpected is better than expected that is a bonus.
If something expected becomes unexpected that is a problem.”

-Yvonne Daniel

“A rescued pet will be a light in your eyes and a highlight in your life.” -Yvonne Daniel

There are a lot of nuts out there on the highways. And they are not lug nuts on the wheels but two legged ones behind the wheel.” – Yvonne Daniel

“Being normal means the ability to walk that swaying fine line between sanity and insanity. Frankly, I don’t know anyone who is a tightrope walker.” – Yvonne Daniel

“A life lesson is one that you bought because you paid for it dearly.” -Yvonne Daniel

To avoid disappointment if you are nice to someone don’t expect gratification in return. -Yvonne Daniel

If someone is addled brained it figuratively means they can’t add 2 + 2. -Yvonne Daniel

“Ruralality versus reality. When you’ve moved from city life to country life and the reality of the situation is when you find that country life is not what you had expected.” -Yvonne Daniel

They say that money can’t buy happiness. But if you adopt a cat or a dog from a kill shelter it’ll be one of the wisest and happiest investment that you’ll ever make.” -Yvonne Daniel

“I’ve been down and despite myself I’ve never been out for the count or totally out in left field.” -Yvonne Daniel

“Animals possess an ability that we as humans do not have. A beloved pet connects to us and becomes close in mind, body, and spirit. I do not believe that we connect to another human being in this manner.”
-Yvonne Daniel

“Definition of a worrywart: I worry when I am not worried thinking that something is terribly amiss and I had better find out what it is that I have missed to worry about.”-Yvonne Daniel

“The life of a pet seems as fleeting as the life of a butterfly”
-Yvonne Daniel

“Rescued animals in my care- priceless.” – Yvonne Daniel

These quotes are the property of Yvonne Daniel. Please do not copy.If by some remote chance anyone wants to use any of these- please contact me at my email address:

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How I Found My Fairy Blogmother

I hope some or all of you will check out one very funny post “Paint Chips, A Pap Smear, and Dr Wu Who?”

Office Diva is amusing and genuine, and a very nice person. I’ve only helped her a tad. She is actually embellishing my itty bitty act of kindness. But I adore her for being so lovely and for giving me far more credit than I deserve. I hope my followers will check out her blog. She is full of humor and wields a mean camera. There is bound to be something on her blog that will amuse you and inform you. Scenes of central Texas, dogs, hilarious family stories, Mexican food, macros, Longhorns- it is all over on Loofah’s Good by Office Diva.


Thanks All For Support. Comments Will Moderate Much Later.I Have Many Errands

I want to write significant comments but I have no time. Have first appointment at 9:30am. Back later today. Thanks to all that commented. Back to all of you later, ok?

This Blog is Still a Mess and Other Bad Karma Happenings

The inner working of my blog is giving me lots of grief.  The ABOUT  decided that it wanted to gad about and now I  have no idea where ABOUT might have settled or if ABOUT has left me completely to my own devices to mess this blog up a bit more.

Therefore I am depressed in more ways than one.  My house has decided to also give me some grief so the roof began leaking where I had a porch enclosed to make a sun room for my cats or me or both. But alas the water even trickled inside and ran down a wall that is next to what used to be an outside wall. I saw a wet hardwood floor behind my former computer cabinet which I had custom built about 11 years ago. It is filled with books from top to bottom. I hope water did not get inside the cabinet. I am afraid to look- maybe ABOUT is hiding in there.

Anyway, the computer cabinet, now a book stash (one of several) was too heavy for my son to push away from the wall. (I still have not looked inside). After that my son called the man from Mexico who was my carpenter for the enclosed porch/sunroom. Mr H. says he will be by tomorrow to “see what the problem might be.”

Speaking of Mr. H. he is a good carpenter. But he did not put the metal roof on. He contracted that out and two more gentlemen from Mexico  did the roofing. That was done back in June, 2012 when I was in Austin looking after/tending/ etc. a very sick adult child who is still in the mending process after seeing no less than (8) MDs of which 5  did not give a rip and did know “beans about squat.” (bet you haven’t heard that one before) Her diagnosis entailed 3 trips to a specialist in Big D. and multiple tests to determine that she has a farily rare kind of arthritis. I will spare you the name- can’t spell it)  Now she must take a cancer med and two other meds that take about 4 months to kick in- if they kick in at all. In the meantime I am worried and depressed about my child.etc.

No, that is not the end of bad karma but I shall/will stop here because the sentence structure and word usage is the pits and I am tired of complaining.

And this may/ might be the last blog for a while.  I shall/ will see.





My blog is a mess but Costco tech fixed it

I am so sorry that I left the testing thing posted. I forgot that I had left it there when I called Costco. My blog is now fixed except for all of the categories stuck to the front of this blog. Guess I had a hand in that too.

Will try to fix when I can find the time.

I can’t reply to the 1-2-3 testing because I deleted the stupid thing.


Spelling, Typos, and Carelessness When Writing

 This little ditty of a post concerns my inability to proof read (thoroughly) and use spell check which does not always catch spelling errors, etc. It appears that I should be writing in Microsoft Word which functions much better than just typing in WordPress. I have used Word a few times but I find it to be a hassle. It seems, according to one spammer, that my postings are rife with spelling errors. This is quite embarrassing so I checked the post about feline leukemia and the lady was correct. There were a number of words that I missed. I was in a hurry, and apparently did not check closely enough. When I write for this blog I am generally in a hurry. I just have no other way to explain the poor writing. For that I apologize and I will attempt to improve the spelling. I just hope that I can follow through. It is a little past 9pm and I have not eaten anything for my evening meal. My animals come first and that means other things suffer- including me some of the time.

So thank you spammer for pointing out my ineptness. You said you would return but I really doubt that you will with a non spam comment that I can post. This post probably contains spelling errors as well. I am sorry about that.

Post Yvonne

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It’s Cold and the Library Book Sale Begins Today.

Last evening about 7pm or so a bonafide “norther” blew in with great gusto.  I knew the weather was changing for the cats and dogs were sleeping more than usual.  As soon as the chill found its way to our corner of Texas, I immediately felt better. The days preceding the norther had been rather hot- in the 80’s and and by mid-day the temperature had managed to gather momentum and I resorted to turning on the air conditioner.  In fact the AC ran all of September and October. Let me back that up some. The ac has been running since about mid-April. My electricity bills were huge this summer- more than any from the past We had about two days in October when we finally were blessed with about 3 inches of rain that helped drop the temperature for a brief 2 days.
Today starts the annual library sale and I plan to be there when the door opens at 10am. Book seekers on day one must plunk down $5 and that is more than okay with me even if I don’t find any book/s that I really like.  The library is such a great service that not enough people appreciate. Our little town has a main library and three branches. The one near where I live has a marvelous genealogy department which I plan to use. Several people have told me that this section of the library is quite useful and easy to use.      

<Mean while… I don’t have a completed post about a pet, for today. I am working on one, so this is just a little blip!      

Post Yvonne Daniel