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CRITICAL ALERT (LILIES- Tiny Amount Kills cats) Original post April 25, 2011

Repost from April 25, 2011


Easter is just around the corner. Many people love lilies. Easter Lily, Peace Lily, and Day Lily are merely three of about 110 species of lilies. Of the 110 species -(almost all) are extremely toxic to cats.  If you own a cat—- do not bring a Lily (plant) blooming or non blooming into your home. It only takes a a tiny amount of any part of the lily to kill your cat.  The plant is so toxic even just  pollen from a bloom that falls on the cat’s fur can kill, when the cat grooms itself.  Any and all parts of the lily even if is a minute amount will kill your cat.  The kidney’s begin shutting down almost immediately. Within minutes, the toxin begins attacking the kidneys. It would be virtually impossible to get your cat to an animal emergency room in time to save your pet from kidney damage. Do not take a chance thinking that your cat will not bother to nibble on the plant.  Almost all cats will nibble on anything green that is brought into the house. DO NOT TAKE A CHANCE AND KEEP YOUR PET SAFE!!!

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