Dogs and Cats That Love Each Other. Precious!

I fell in love with this video and it makes me smile each time I watch the slide show. It’s just about the sweetest thing that I’ve seen in a long time. I hope who ever takes the time to have a look, will enjoy this video as well.

This video was posted on my FB Timeline by my blogging friend Val Erde, who lives in Wales. Val’s blog is “Coloring The Past” at Face Book site is at

She is a talented artist who works magic with color. She is an expert at old photo restoration and also adds color to aged B&W photos.

77 thoughts on “Dogs and Cats That Love Each Other. Precious!

  1. chatou11 says:

    Hi Yvonne, as I did not see you for a long time, I wondered what happened. I understand now as I know what you are going through. I am so sorry for your three little pets. But you know now they have good treatment for pet’s cancer. Thinking of you a lot and pray that everything goes in the right way. Don’t reply, I just wanted you know I am thinking of you and of you lovely cats. Take care

  2. reocochran says:

    Hi Yvonne, hugs and wishes sent your way, dear. xo πŸ’πŸ’•

    • Robin, you are so sweet to think of me. I did not get around to commenting on your post today. I was very busy and tomorrow I will be preparing for eye surgery on Thursday. I have lots to do but hope to be better organized. I have two more surgeries for glaucoma later but the MD wants to do laser for the glaucoma. I was hoping to not have to deal with eye drops anymore. The drops make my eyes dry and cause them to itch.

      We are getting a little bit of cold and predicted rain for later tonight and tomorrow. But is will only get down to around 40 or something degrees and then maybe in the 50’s later in the day. I am so glad that we very seldom get any sleet or snow.

      Thank you for the uplifting message. My computer is acting weird and left me with “mess” and then flew away. I hope you did not see that before I could get back to edit. πŸ™‚ Hugs a bunch, Yvonne

  3. Behind the Story says:

    This was such a pleasure to watch. Thank you.

  4. Dear Robin, I had not noticed that you had missed this one and had not commented. I don’t do tit for tat commenting as it is next to impossible to keep up with some bloggers who I happen to like very much ( you are one of them) because they post so often and I don’t have the time nor the energy to comment. I just have to pass up reading and looking most times. But I always appreciate each and every time that you take the time to comment.

    But aside from that, yes the pups and kits are precious in the slide show. The photography is so good and I think this one is among my all time favorites.

    • reocochran says:

      I was very touched by this comment, Yvonne and would never assume such behavior as you mentioned. I mainly go in circles trying to keep up.
      Your first beagle pup and baby’s best friend post started me visiting you! xo πŸ’

      • My goodness Robin, you really are a sweetheart. Going in circles is not good. I’m afraid that you will burn out by trying to comment and reply on all your posts. Have you considered putting all you photos for the day in one post instead of putting one or two in 2-3 posts. It will save you time and you’ll get way more comments that way on one post for the day. Posting daily will cause you to give up blogging for I have seen that in at least 3 other folks that I followed for years. One has returned to blogging after about a two year hiatus and onother posts only rarely now after going to Face Book. I am not much of a fan for FB and don’t put very much on my Timeline. I much prefer blogging for I like the interaction among bloggers. I’m sorry to deviate here but I am a wordy person on WP but not much of a talker in real life. πŸ™‚

        • reocochran says:

          I agree with your suggestions, Yvonne. I will consider cutting back but don’t like posts with lots of photos on them. I have had three eye surgeries so my eyes don’t really want to look at busy blogs. I appreciate those who lessen the numbers. I also am fine with those who only occasionally comment. I’m thankful we are friends, too.
          Sadly, my grandies who had a shih tzu had it escape under their fence. She was a tiny puppy less than a year old. So, last Sunday in the rain two grandchildren and their Mommy, my DIL and I went door to door for an hour and a half. The next day we posted twenty photos and my DIL’s phone number. We also went around looking for an hour and talking to ask people. She’s of course called the pound and humane society. . . No one has found our lost puppy. . . The police told us to go around and say after 24 hours if a pet is kept and not turned in (she is registered with county) it is considered “stealing!” So, my circles running has been a little more physical this week! Lol πŸ˜€

        • Robin, that is sad that the little dog is missing. You have a much better chance of its return if you offer a rather nice reward. Say about $300 to $400 or what ever they can afford. You make the poster in this manner.

          REWARD: $300 -$400
          Missing puppy( Give the description)
          Reward for information leading to safe return of the puppy.

          Add phone number at the bottom of the poster.

          If your city allows it use card board posters and black laundry markers to print.

          Also make typewriter sheets of paper and see if you can hand these out to school children, homeless folks and anyone that will take a poster. Put on windshield of cars and tape on store windows if they will allow the posters. Go to each vet clinic and grooming place and the shelters and put a poster on their bulletin board.

          You have to make the reward large enough to get attention. If they can’t afford that much then drop the price down some. Hand out posters to mail men, delivery folks, churches and any pace that or person that you see If have to get very active if you stand a chance of getting the pup back. It needs to be micro chipped if not already.

          Last see if there is a lost and found section for your area on Facebook. If so put your ad on there and be sure to add: Reward for leading to safe return of the kids puppy. Also put an ad in the Lost and Found section of the paper> You will need to keep all of the posters going for at least 4-6 months. Do not give up. The reward money speaks volumes, I know from personal experience. Pray and stay positive Good luck.

          PS: If they get puppy back do not leave in yard un-attended. People steal pure bred dogs all the time. And fix the fence. But when the dog is let out outdoors, It MUST BE UNDER SUPERVISOON OR THIS WILL HAPPEN AGAIN WITH THE NEXT DOG.

  5. reocochran says:

    Last time I visited I missed this post, Yvonne. This was indeed Precious! Pups and kitties together make good companions. 🐢 ❀🐱 Take care! Try and relax, even though busy!

  6. A delightful blog! I have enjoyed exploring it, especially the photos. I found hummingbirds too. You really do care about all creatures great and small.

    • Thank you, Jonell, (I hope I have your name correct). I’m so glad that you found the time to have a look around my blog. It is varied and I am very much behind in putting out new info about cat and dog diseases and illnesses. I hope to rectify that soon. My motivation has been sagging and flagging for many months but just maybe I am now on the upswing. I’m glad to connect to a fellow Texan. πŸ™‚

  7. […] and dogs, dogs and cats β€” best friends for life, as this video from PetsPeopleandLife demonstrates.Do you think the dogs befriended the cats first or the cats befriended the […]

    • Thanks so much for the reblog, Daal. I appreciate you. Now I need to post something original- SOON!

    • Who befriended who first? That is a good question. I suppose it is not instant attraction as it is with people falling for each other when they initially meet. πŸ™‚ However, if I might waiver a guess I am thinking the cat went to the dog first but gee, I really have no idea. I have never had any cat or dog that enjoyed the other one’s company.

  8. da-AL says:

    love this so much am reblogging in just a moment πŸ™‚

  9. Tennyson was disappointed the video wouldn’t play for some reason. I hope you are hanging in there, Yvonne, and that Danny is on higher ground.

  10. Ohhhh, how wonderful to see you here! (Me, a bit late to the game, of course). What a lovely fun video. I’ll go over and visit with Val too. Hope you’re feeling well. I love having you come over to my space at roughwighting and commenting.
    Whenever I see friends’ photos of their dogs, I get lonesome for our Henry (gone 3 years now!) and think of adding a dog to our household. But then I think again, and just grand-babysit our daughter’s golden. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Pamela and thank you for taking time to comment. I always feel honored when you pay a visit. I can well understand why you have not obtained another dog, They require responsibility and with your lifestyle that involves writing and a fair amount of traveling, a dog would be a crimp and something else to worry about.

      I think pet sitting your daughter’s golden retriever is just about perfect and much like keeping a grandchild. You get to enjoy them and then they go home.

  11. chatou11 says:

    Hi Yvonne, I come to tell you that she is not Dali’s daughter… I hope that she will have to pay for it…
    have a nice week

    • Oh boy, that is a good one. I wonder if she did that for publicity. You never know what is in the mind of folks claiming to be some famous person’s child. Sometimes it turns out that they are but I think that is pretty rare. Yes, I think the same as you and she should have to pay for the time, legalities and, labor that were required to exhume Dali. I wonder if she feels ashamed, embarrassed, miffed?

      Thanks, Chantal, for letting me know. None of this was in the news and I read more than a fair amount of news.

  12. Such wonderful and endearing images you shared with us, Yvonne. Animals give a lot to us but also to one another. It is a real pleasure and gift to see those pictures, thanks a lot for sharing them, dear friend. I am relieved to have read that you feel better these days.

    • Thank you, Isa for sharing your thoughts. I am assuming that you still have little Nino the beagle and enjoying walks with him. Yes, I was feeling pretty good for a while but this past week I have had a bit of a problem with afib. Apparently I was eating too much salt so as of Friday and today I have been very careful. Even if I increase the BP meds the afib will kick in, so it is no added salt for me. It is a problem but as they say in life, “things could be so much worse.”

  13. chatou11 says:

    Hi Yvonne, gosh I missed your pic. It is too sweet and who says that cats and dogs are ennemies!. I loved this video very much. I went to see Val’s blog and what she does with old pictures is great. Thank you for sharing her work.
    Hope everything is going well for your son.
    For Dali you may be right, he might have other children who nobody knows…!

    • Hello Chantal. It is always good to read your comments. Yes, Val has a special talent and she is an artist in her own right besides adding color to old and vintage photographs.

      My son is doing ok, but he is depressed and is in bed about 80% of the time. I am hoping that at some point he can accept that his life is not what it once was but for now he dwells on the negative. He meets with a life coach weekly or every two weeks. I am hoping the meetings will help him.

  14. Littlesundog says:

    I have been out of pocket visiting family lately, and now entertaining here on our place. It’s a busy time of year. I am sorry I have not been able to read and keep up with blog posts… including answering comments on my own!

    I have to admit l am not a big cat lover, but having spent time around family with cats recently, I have grown fond of a few felines and learned to better appreciate them. My niece has a cat and two dogs. Patra, the cat, plays just as ferociously as the dogs do! I’m amazed at her toughness and stamina. She’s quite impressive! Ha ha!

    • Lori, do not worry about keeping up with commenting. I am behind on your blog, I think by two posts. I just can not keep up sometimes and I need to begin working on my own blog with some decent posts. I thought that you are/were not fond of cats since you have not mentioned them that I know of. I grew up with cats and dogs and they were my best friends. It is likely that if a person has not been exposed to cats as a child, then as an adult he/she will not have one as a pet. But I see from reading that a large number of men are getting a cat/s to add to the household. My husband loved our cats and I would see him talking to them and kissing them on the top of their head. My son’s cat washed his head each night where his sutures had been. His head healed so good that the scars are barely visible. She would sleep next to his head. She was a great comfort to him.

      Thanks for taking time to comment. I know that you are always busy as a bee. It is good to know that you were able to visit family and that in turn you have also been entertaining. Wish you had taken some videos of Patra. That would have been quite a departure from the deer.

      • Littlesundog says:

        Yvonne, we did have outdoor cats growing up, and my younger sister was allowed indoor cats. Actually, my dad had a cat that was close to him in his last weeks of life… and quickly failed after Dad passed. It was strange how close they were. My mom also has an indoor cat that is a constant companion. Many nieces and nephews also have cats… so I’m being exposed, and I find some of them hilarious… and some quite endearing.

        • Lori, I can’t seem to find where I replied to your comment here so if this is a duplicate well… Anyhow, I can well imagine the cat that kept your dad company during his last weeks of life. The bond must have been very strong and I have heard or read about pets that grieved and died after their owner passed. It is also good to know that your mom has a companion. A pet offers solace and is a living entity. Often they are the best therapy for an older person. Humans just can not provide that extra something.

  15. da-AL says:

    a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e — thanks so much for sharing πŸ™‚

  16. Blue Sky says:

    This was very precious!

    • Hello Blue ( I always give commenters a name or almost always). I hope you don’t mind. Thank you for having a look and for commenting. You are appreciated. I too, agree that the slide show is precious. All those dogs and cats that love to cuddle together as they sleep, must have some lovely pet parents who enjoy watching their sweet pets nap together.

      • Blue Sky says:

        My sweet cat was cuddling in my arms as I wrote my comment. I don’t mind being called Blue. That is my user name. Thank you!

        • Blue, we have one thing in common and that is being a cat person. I adore my cats and they have saved my life in more ways than one. I’ve rescued many cats over many years. I am now down to a fairly reasonable gang but many are old cats- 14, 15, 16, 20 years of age. I spend on average anywhere from 4-5 hours each day fixing their food, giving meds, administering sub cu fluids, cutting nails and, brushing. It is lots of work but they keep me out of bed, help with depression and also keeps my old mind from going stale. I have a Monday-Friday 70 year man that helps with cleaning the house I live in, sweeping and mopping and cleaning and what ever involves my cats and dogs.

          I’m so glad that you have a cat. They are great company and help to soothe us when we are feeling ill or just depressed.

        • Blue Sky says:

          We actually have two sweet cats that we rescued. They have been a huge comfort and have given more love than most humans in my life!

        • Ah Blue, having two rescue cats is wonderful. I’m so glad that you have then. I must agree that my cats have helped me also, emotionally and mentally as well as physically. When I was very ill not so long ago, one in particular would lay on my chest and stare into my eyes. Now as I type on a table near my bed, Beasley is lying on my legs. He is slowly dying from lymphoma. I gave him the chemo med, Leukeran for about 7-0 months and then had to stop because it was ruining his kidneys. I’ve kept his appetite going with hemp oil but now his appetite is poor. I open all kinds of cat food for him. He gets sub cu fluids daily, B12 injections, tuna or salmon juice but all those things are barely working now. I will miss he terribly when he is gone. He’s always been such a sweet cat. I suppose I need to be grateful that it has been almost two years since his diagnosis.

        • Blue Sky says:

          I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this. One of my cats loves to be held and cuddled all the time. She has brought a lot of comfort to me. The other one is like a little tiger and has brought us such joy too. Hugs!

        • Thank you. I’ll be alright when he is gone. The sadness will last a while but I can’t dwell on it because I must care for my other animals. But he is one of kind cat. I will still have his two sisters and one brother. Your cats sound like they are just what you needed. One cuddly and the other one to make you laugh. Wonderful!

  17. Lottie Nevin says:

    I love this. Our cats and dogs are all the best of friends. It makes me very happy watching them interact and play with each other. The cats all come on the walks with us. They jump and leap over the dogs backs and do a sort of roly poly thing as a game as they are all trotting along. People driving by are amazed and take videos, I don’ think they’ve ever seen anything quite like it!! xoxo

    • Dearest Lottie. It made me very happy to read about Colin and Willow and the cats. How great is that to have them all love each other. I think that is a testament to how wonderful you raised all your pets. I wish that you could find the time to take some videos of their interactions and put them on your blog and FB.
      I never did get the DVD from those folks that you said were supposed to send it to me. I suppose it has been lost, or…. XOXO

  18. JoAnna says:

    Thanks for the warm fuzzies. It’s too late for our ten year old coon hound who grew up on the streets, but the next dog I get is going to know how to love kitties.

    • Oh you have a coonhound! I have always liked those dogs. I love their bark and as a rule, I think they are very gentle. They make great pets from what I’ve read. Poor thing, I bet he thought he had arrived in heaven when you adopted him. Living on the streets is such a hard life. I’m so glad you gave him a great home. My dogs are ok with my cats but they have never slept next to each other. The dogs smell the cats in passing and then go on their merry way.

      • JoAnna says:

        Doodle is a treeing walker coon hound to be exact. My husband rescued her from starvation before he found me again so she’s competitive with other dogs. I’m hoping to write a book about her.

        • JoAnna, the book is such a good idea and I’d buy it for sure. The treeing hounds are pretty, I think. I can see why she’s completive with other dogs. She learned how to survive on the streets. I love true pet stories and it would be interesting since your husband found her before he found you again. I hope I got that right. I really must get on with ordering your book. I am going to put it on my “to do” list.

        • JoAnna says:

          You got it right. I asked for someone who loved dogs. He brought 3 to add to my 2! Flip to the back cover and you’ll see their silhouettes! πŸ™‚ Doodle is the biggest one.

        • Gee how lucky can one lady be when your prayers were answered? I love the household with five dogs. I have six in my house. They are of different sizes. I am going to try to order your book this week-end maybe. I can’t wait to read it.

        • JoAnna says:

          Thank you! I feel I should let you know there are a couple sad parts, but lots of happy parts, too.

        • The sad parts I can deal with as long as there are happy ones that balance your book. Sadness is a part of life that we can not get past. I wish that were not so.

        • JoAnna says:

          Oh, yes. Many happy parts! And I wonder if we would appreciate the happy ones as much if we didn’t have a few sad moments. They are all part of life.

        • The essence of what you have written, “if we didn’t have sad moments we would not appreciate happy times.” Too much of a good thing and we become bored or jaded. That’s life. I think that might be in a song but I don’t know who sang it. Maybe Tony Bennet- not sure.

  19. Val says:

    And thanks for the mentions. xx

  20. Val says:

    I tried putting the link in my own blog and it didn’t work, so I’m hoping it will come out ok in a comment here, Yvonne. Let’s see if this works:

  21. sybil says:

    The first link is to a private site…I need permission to view. The other two were OK

    • I’m sorry, Sybil. I should not have posted that link. I forgot that it’s a private one. I just happen to have followed Val for a number of years when she had another blog and commented regularly. I feel that I must apologize again for not commenting on your bog but I’m not able to access the comment part because I can’t get on Google Plus- I think that is your power source. I have tried quite a few times and there are other folks that use Google Plus. One of my intentions is to take my computer to an expert to see if they can figure out how to get me on Google Plus. I do love your blog and I wonder sometimes about your dogs and if both if them are still with you.

      Best regards,

      • Val says:

        Yvonne, there might be an alternative way of commenting in sybil’s blog. If you click the down arrow next to the ‘select profile’ option near the comment box, you can choose ‘name/URL’ then just type in your name and the URL (web address) of your blog, I don’t know if Sybil moderates her comments, but if she does your comment might just suddenly disappear after you post it, but she should be able to see it. (Blogspot blogs are famous for being difficult to comment in unless you have a blog there too. I used to have a Blogspot blog and gave up on it.)

        • Val, I think that I have tried all of your suggestions. At one time I could comment and then she changed something about her blog. I think it was her power source. I simply can’t create a password to satisfy Google Plus. I had an old account with Google years ago that I never used. I lost my password and after that it simply will not accept what ever I try. I’ll call on a young woman that got me on FB, in a month or so. She recently had a baby.

      • Val says:

        PS, Yvonne, there’s a pdf file here that tells you how to join Google plus (it’s an online social media service, like Facebook, it’s nothing to do with your computer problems! You could just as easily join from a public library computer!)

        • Ok, Val. I’ll give this suggestion a try. I can’t mess with it today though. I don’t have the time or I would. I have to get moving here shortly and feed my pets. πŸ™‚

  22. shoreacres says:

    Sweet it is — I really enjoyed it. I don’t know why I work up at 3:30, ready to tackle the day, but this was a lovely way to ease into it. It’s nice to see Val mentioned, too. Her work is beautiful, but even more, she’s a lovely person. Thanks for passing this along.

    • Linda, at least you awakened ready to read and tackle your day. About once or twice a week I wake up at 2:30am and I’ve yet to figure out why it is 2:30am. I toss and turn and for an hour or so and then finally begin reading FB and blogs. I’m never in the best mood and usually ticked because I do love my sleep. I think I first learned of your blog through Val’s blog when I saw your name. But, I might have that wrong. I have stumbled upon your name on several blogs and then began following other blogs because of you. I reckon it’s the trickle down effect.

  23. Now that we don’t have “The Grumpy Old Man” I content myself with doggy sitting my son’s Cockapoo, called Warwick. He gets on pretty well with both of the cats that my son has. One cat will groom Warwick, the other one has a sort of love/hate relationship. She’s willing to tolerate the “young upstart”, but if he gets too close she’ll take a swipe.

    I had a look at Val’s blog, Yvonne. I admire anyone who has the patience to do work like she does. I tried it once but I just don’t have the patience to stick at it.

    • Mike, thanks for visiting and commenting. I know you probably still miss Grumpy Old Man. He was so handsome in those photos that you took of him. Now that you pet sit Warwick and two cats, I suppose that’s a pretty good substitute. You should take some pics of the cat grooming the dog. That would be so cute. Instead of grandkids you have fur grandbabies. Love it. I used to keep my son’s dog, Lady when he could not take her with him.

      I have to agree that what Val does must take infinite patience. I don’t think I could do that either.

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