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Need info for “Easy” Editing Video Software

Mira, saved as a tiny kitten from euthanasia by Dr.D.

Mira, saved as a tiny kitten from euthanasia by Dr. D.

Lisa  with 15 year old, Marley. Lisa found Marley as a tiny puppy in her neighborhood.

Lisa with 15 year old, Marley. Lisa found Marley as a tiny puppy in her neighborhood.

Hope, saved from euthanasia

Hope, saved from euthanasia

Kit Kat is Lisa’s cat that she saved as a tiny kitten while working at an Austin clinic.

Elkie, attacked by dogs. Saved from euthanasia

Elkie, attacked by dogs. Saved from euthanasia

Note to the good folks who “follow” me. I have been terribly busy and have not had the time to properly reply to comments on the post prior to this one. I hope to get to those soon.

I have had several ill cats and lost one of my favorites 2 weeks ago. She was 15 years old but possibly older. I treated/nursed her for 4 weeks and carried her around like a baby. I sat outdoors with her so she could enjoy the sun, the wind and all the sounds of nature and, then at the end learned she had cancer. Anyhow save your sympathies. I’ll do a post about Meri later- at some point in time. To note: I have 8 cats on meds and or sub cu fluids. They are all old just like me. My animals are either keeping me alive or killing me before my time. REALLY!

Getting to the crux of this post. I need advice from some of the smart folks that know computers, videos, You Tube, etc. and who can advice me about an “easy to edit” video software program.

You need not comment unless you feel compelled to do so.

I’ve had to cut my time on WP. Now and then I go to FB but it sure is crazy on FB. Not sure that I like it over there. I have limited my friends because I can not see the trees for the forest with so many postings.

The young woman with the dog is my daughter Lisa, with her dog Marley, who is now 15 years old. All the cats were saved by Lisa when she worked at one very busy Austin vet clinic about 10 years or more ago. They were brought to the vet clinic as foundlings and all were doomed for euthanasia. Hope was approximately six months old, pregnant and unable to birth her kittens that had died inside the womb. Click on the link below for Hope’s story.

Cat photography by Yvonne Daniel. Photos are property of Yvonne Daniel and may not be copied or reproduced.

Photograph of Lisa with her dog Marley was taken by her neighbor.

Note: I have written Part I about all her pets except Mira. If my health continues to improve I hope to finish all the pet’s stories.

Cat Quotes, Observations

Elkie mauled by pit bull. Saved from euthanasia by Dr. D.

Boogie: arrived at our home as a feral tom. Boogie became very docile after he was neutered. Now he is a dapper dude in his tuxedo.

Gregory arrived at our home about 4 years ago. Semi-feral, very thin, fur was matted. He is now a handsome gentleman.

Some of my favorite quotes and my observations of cats:

“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.” — By Albert Schweitzer

There is nothing better, when feeling down and out than to listen to some calming music while petting  a cat that is sitting in my lap,  with another cat perched on the arm of my recliner and one more cat draped around my shoulders. This is the epitome of relaxation which allows me to forget about my worries for awhile.

“Cats are rather delicate creatures and are subject to a good many ailments, but I have never heard of one who suffers from insomnia.” — By Joseph Wood Krutch

Well, one thing is for sure. Mr Krutch hit the nail on the head. As I watch my cats sleep,  I’m so envious. They literally sleep about 16 to 20 hours- give or take an hour or so according to age. The older cats sleep until time to eat, groom, and go to the bathroom.. If only humans were able to sleep so easily with seemingly not a care in this troubled world!

“I had been told that the training procedure was difficult. It’s not. Mine had me trained in two days.” — By Bill Dana

Cats are intelligent beings. Mine let me know when they are hungry. One cat sits in a chair at the table and watches my every move as I attempt to eat breakfast. One cat touches my arm and looks into my eyes (never make eye contact with a cat unless you want to find yourself surrendering to that look of “feed me now.”) Shooing the cat away only causes guilty feelings so after I have taken several bites of my breakfast, I get up and feed my cats. After I feed the cats I still feel guilty because I did not place their needs before mine. So, definitely cats actually know how to train the dummy that “lives with them.”

“For me, one of the pleasures of a cat’s company is their devotion to bodily comfort.” — By Compton McKenzi, Sr.

I’ve had a cat/s in my life since I was a toddler (and other animals as well). And it never fails to amaze me how my cats seek the warmest, sunniest, or softest, pile of clean laundry on the kitchen table. One or two will settle in for a nap after picking the perfect site. The cats just seem to exude contentment with their furry self tucked into a ball. If a cat or two decides to nap on the clean laundry, I often find myself their servant, for I simply do not possess the will to move them- they just seem so content and happy in that particular spot.

Post and photographs: Yvonne


Betsie was caught as a feral kitten by a wealthy lady. She asked my vet to euthanize her after learning that the kitten had ringworm. “I can’t bring that into my home. My vet asked me to take Betsie. I spent $200 to rid her of ringworm.

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Cat Photos (original post July 4, 2011)

Bobbi dilute calico

The Mommie Cat
The Diva
(Frankie) A loving cat. Domestic long hair (not a breed) category for cats of mixed breeds

 Photos  Yvonne  





Cat Photos (click on one photo for slide gallery to open) November 2,2012

These cat photos are a re-post from back in January when I was writing the blog on my daughter’s web site. I am very busy with pet chores and need to put my energy on the pets for a few days.Post and photographs: Yvonne


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Just Cat Photos


Liddy adopted us


Liddy found her way to our home about 7-8 years ago. She was very thin with a matted and dirty coat. I feel that she was either thrown out on the street near our home or was left behind by an apartment dweller that had moved away. This has become a common problem. Callous and cruel people think nothing of leaving a pet behind when moving. It is easier to move without being bothered with  a pet. It is happening at an increasing rate and it is telling feature, in my humble opinion, of what is happening to our country. There is a famous quote by Mathatma Ghandhi who said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.”

Polly lived to be approximately 18 -19 years of age.  She was a wise  and beautiful calico        Photo: July 5,2011


Gweenie,  formerly a feral-  solid orange female       Photo July 6, 2011

Approximately 75% of solid orange tabbies are male, however, the solid orange gene produces a female now and then. The cat in this photo is named Gweenie who was once feral. She is mostly a loner but she will snuggle next to me if another cat has not claimed the space. Gweenie’s body structure is petite- she weighs about 5 and 1/2 pounds. I think she is among some of my prettiest cats and photogenic as well. Even her meow is petite. I love this little cat.


Post and photographs:  Yvonne 

Cat Expressions (Click smaller photo to enlarge)

Clutter is a better place to nap.

Cat expressions are cute and funny. The various faces are so comic and cause me to make a mad dash for my camera. The expressions have often made my day and maybe these will give you a smile as well.

Take the camera away, please!

Do I look like I put my paw in your glass of water?

You wanted to see teeth?

I think I ate a little too much cat nip.

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Cats Think The Box Is Where It’s At

Carley: looking dreamy-eyed

Maize: “Maybe I’ll take a nap in here.”

Grayley: ” It’s fun up here.”

Gweenie taking a nap in THE BOX

My cats love boxes, especially for napping. If I put a box out for them to play in, they just turn it into a den for sleeping or sitting . When there is just one box it soon becomes obvious that there is lots of competition of who will dive into the box when one of them vacates the special place. I have watched the competion to see which cat will be the next one.  Often two cats that have been waiting for a turn ,will begin swatting/slapping each other for that precious box.


Cat Got Your Whiskers? (click to enlarge photos)

Frankie “The whiskers have it.”


Adorning whiskers adds to a cat’s beauty


Penny and her whiskers

Pretty white whiskers on a “tortie”



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Many Mammals have whiskers on the face, and of course Homo sapiens (aka humans). On a cat, whiskers essentially act as delicate sense organs which contain nerve endings that are similar to the fingertips of a human.

There are about 12 whiskers on each side of the face, arranged in rows of four.  Whiskers are present above each eye as well. The whiskers connect to muscle that is deep in the face. Cats use these as a measuring tool. This “tool” is a gauge of air movement, air current and air pressure. 

Actually cats can not see in total darkness but use their whiskers as a guide. One could say that whiskers are the seeing eye dog for the cat. Since the whiskers act as a gauge, a cat is able to slither through an opening that we humans can not fathom.

How many times has your cat or kitten managed to find a secrete hiding place? Have you looked everywhere in your house trying to find your cat?  Did you ever fear that somehow your cat managed to sneak through the door? Were you in a panic as you began to think the worse case scenario?

I’ve been “there and done” all the above. I’ve dashed out of the house as I called for my cat.  I’ve looked all over my property as I used a spoon to beat on a can of cat food hoping to get the attention of the escape artist. I  have searched every conceivable nook, cranny, and tree and then I have returned to the house.  After all of that I became angry and frustrated as I tried to figure out how I accidentally let my cat get away.  Actually I can’t begin to recall how many times this has happened.  I have cried over a missing cat and then suddenly found myself looking in disbelief as my wayward cat casually strolls past me. Most of the time I am not able to figure out where my cat has been hiding. Clearly a cat can get in the smallest place possible and is like a little Houdini.                                                                                    

Post and photographs    Yvonne


A Cat in a “Tree” (Just Cat Photos No. 8) December 15,2011 12:59am

Bobbie, "Wow! What a view. I should do this more often."

Bobbie, “Hey, get your tail out of my way.”
Bobbie, ” I can watch the dogs from up here.”
Bobbie checking for options- pounce or not to pounce.

Bobbie playing hide and seek in the cat tree

 Bobbie is now about 13 years old. She still enjoys playing and loved looking through the peep hole. This was a new cat tree that I had bought at Pets Mart on black Friday, the big sale day after Thanksgiving. She was the first cat to check out the new tree right after I brought it into the house. She has been taking her little cat naps in this one just about every day.  

I featured Bobbie in a post about the Manx cat. I can’t remember if I mentioned that this breed loves to play. Some cat’s desire to play diminishes as they age but Bobbie, even though she is s senior cat, continues to be very playful.  

Post and photographs Yvonne Daniel 

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Just Cat Photos (No. 7) December 9,2011

Grayley. Hand raised by me. See post of Foundlings Four 1/22/11


Old buddies: Zachary (l) Sassy (r)  These 2 cats are almost always together.

Carley, loves to sit in the window. This is back lit. I should have used fill flash to illuminate her face.


Gweenie is my shyest and sweetest cat.


Frankie. A special cat. He has had 2 major surgeries. Very photogenic.


Polly about 16 years old. Her expression seems to say, "I know many things... I am old but wise."


Photography and comments Yvonne Daniel  

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The Rumpy and The Stumpy: The Manx Cat (click on photo to enlarge)

The  Manx cat originated on the Isle of Man which is an island located  in the Irish Sea, between Great Britain and Ireland. It is considered an old breed, one that occurred naturally as the result of genetic mutation.

The first published breed standard was in 1903. Since that time the breed has grown in popularity as it became better known in Europe and in the United States. Folk lore has said that the cat is part rabbit since it seems to hop even when running. But there is no such thing as half rabbit and half cat.

The Manx is unique in many ways other than not having a tail or a partial tail. In formal cat shows the cat is only acceptable for showing if it is tailless- meaning there simply is no tail at all. The tailless specimen is often called a rumpy and a cat with a tail of about an 1-2 inches long is called stumpy. Then the tail thing  winds up with some cats that possess half of a normal length tail and these are sometimes called stubbies. Not all Manx cats are born without a tail. Some have normal tail length.

These cats love to play and are excellent mousers. It is said that ships of old kept a Manx cat on board to control the rat population. The Manx is also known for its intelligence and are very loyal to their owners.

A good specimen should have rear legs that are longer than the front legs which gives this kitty a high rump. All colors are found but an all white Manx is quite a rarity.

My own Manx is not anywhere near show quality. She is completely tailless although in the pictures she appears to have a puff for a tail. That fluff is just hair. She is smart and still loves to play even though she is not far from 14 years old. I’m not quite sure of her exact age as she came to me as an adult cat. She had been left outdoors to fend for her self when her owner moved away and left her behind.

Bobbie is a very sweet cat and is quite playful at times. She also tries to sneak outdoors and I must always be careful so I put her in a spare room or bathroom if there are people going in and out of the house.

I also have a stumpy and a stubby but I have not been able to get pics of them yet. I am going to really work at getting photos of the two males. Both of them, I think are handsome cats but one is semi-feral and the other one came to me as an abused cat who still is not very trusting of anything that looks new or different

To sum it up, the length of tail does not matter unless you are planning to show your cat. A cat is a cat. Each cat has personality just like people and I consider each cat unique regardless of the breed.

Post and photographs Yvonne Daniel  (please excuse pics- I need to edit them)

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Shopping Smart on Black Friday For My Pets


This is not an advertisement for Pets Mart. It just happens to be where I buy most pet food and  I try to buy pet food when and where the sales are the best and I might have coupons that help out to a degree.  

I had never, ever gone shopping on black Friday. I am not one that likes crowds and I detest getting up at 3 or 4am in order to stand in line in an attempt to be among the first shoppers that file or cram their way into any given store. When I was still actively working in my life long chosen profession, I listened to the women around me talking about getting out of bed at what I considered ungodly hours after having worked until 12 midnight. All of this just to shop on the next day after Thanksgiving  to vie with other shoppers to rack up the best deals on the shelves. 

Well, getting back to my black Friday- I knew that there would not be that many people trying to make a mad dash through the doors to get a great deal for pet food, etc. Pets Mart opened the doors at 7am but I did not get there until 9:30am. I got just about everything that I came to buy. Fancy Feast was 45 cents a can and I got 5 cases ( should have gotten more), 3 large bags of  feline Purina One ) I had (3) $5 coupons for any Purina One food, 6 large bags of Purina One dog food, 3 medium size dog beds, one large dog bed ( for the 15 year old Border Collie), and 2 cat trees. Total amount was $486 . My only regret is that I did not buy more dog food which was $6 off; I think or there about. 

If you are reading from any country other than the USA, this might be the first time you are learning about black Friday- or maybe not. I just know it is one tradition that Americans, especially women, will not miss- it is a tradition for many families. Evidently some people relish and thrive on all of the excitement of catching a geat deal. 

But so much for the shopping and shoppers- the dog beds are for my cats with the exception of one that Rocket the Border Collie is now enjoying very much. Why get dog beds for the cats? For starters I get more for the bucks- the beds are sturdier and larger. Often 2 cats will share one bed. Some of them have buddies and sleep next to each other. The cats bask in the warmth of each other’s body heat. As for for me, I bask in the delight I get from watching my animals enjoy a tad of luxury. 

Zachary (lt) 16-17 years old, Momie (rt) 13-14 years old: Lazing in a new bed.

Sassy, "Gee I love this new bed our Mama got for us. ( Sassy is 15-16 years old)

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