HERO DOG AWARDS – Hallmark Channel October 30, 2014 : 8pm/7pm Central Time

The Hallmark channel presents a special hero dog’s program this October 30th. I highly recommend all dog and non dog lovers watch this very special program. The nominees are through the AMERICAN HUMANE ASSOCIATION.

2014 FINALISTS: Dogs in 8 categories. The judging panel will consist of animal experts and celebrities.

Of note: Here is a link that will give you info about Suzie the dog that won Hero Dog of the Year. A compelling story of the will to live of the dog and the human in this true story.


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31 thoughts on “HERO DOG AWARDS – Hallmark Channel October 30, 2014 : 8pm/7pm Central Time

  1. bkpyett says:

    What a fascinating blog you have! Thank you so much for your follow! πŸ™‚

  2. Such a heartbreaking story ! How can people be so cruel to animals ? Susie and her lovely dog, two beings who suffered very much and found each other for healing. Thank you, dear Yvonne, for sharing this story with us.

    • Yes, Isa, it is a heart breaking story and I wish all the dogs that are/were abused could have a happy ending such as Suzie. She is still a beauty with a heart of gold despite all the abuse that she suffered. Dog’s are so forgiving and I’m afraid that humans are no match in that category. Thanks so much for commenting.

  3. I’m such a dog lover, and I’m still mourning the passing of our 13-year-old golden. I’m afraid when I watch any shows about dogs, I end up crying! 😦 Dogs give us such loyalty and love – and unfortunately some people take advantage of that. But those who return the love of an animal experience a happiness unqualified.

    • I completely understand. Dogs are more human than some humans. My dogs mean so much to me. I’m so sorry about the loss of your Golden. A Golden living to the age of 13 is excellent but that does not change the impact of your loss, of that, I’m aware.

  4. chatou11 says:

    It must have been very interesting Yvonne. I would have loved that!

    • Chatou, click on the link that I’ve included here. It will give you lots of information about Suzie the pit bull mix who won the hero dog of the year award. It is sad but quite informative. Suzie is a beautiful dog even though her ears are missing. She appears to be a real sweetheart. She was set on fire by a man who must be demon possessed. I can not fathom what lengths humans go to in order to punish innocent dogs and other animals.


  5. shoreacres says:

    I’m another with no tv, but it just occurred to me: you might be able to find it post-broadcast on the internet. Here’s a link to the Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl. Some of these channels rebroadcast popular programs on the internet after they air. It would be worth checking out.

  6. Littlesundog says:

    Thanks for posting… I’m not a FB person so I probably miss out on information like this. And to boot, I rarely watch television. But i will try to watch this program!! πŸ™‚

    • I hope you do watch the program. I don’t have cable anymore so I can’t watch it. And I’m not on Face Book either. Not sure how much I’m missing. πŸ™‚

    • I forgot to include where I saw the notice for the Hero Dog Award show. I subscribe to Vetstreet and I think this was the place but it might not have been. I think you’d like this site because everything on there pertains to animals. I’ve read lots of good and interesting info on this site. But as I wrote above my info might have come from another source that I subscribe to or maybe I just saw it on Yahoo news which I read everyday.



  7. Happy to see a major channel on TV honoring a hero dog. Thank you!

    • I think the program should be a really good one and possibly it’ll be a huge hit for Hallmark.

      • I agree. So many love dogs and love seeing them in photos, movies, etc. Can’t imagine this wouldn’t be a winner.

        • Paulette, I hope you were able to see the program. I don’t have cable anymore so I don’t even bother with TV. I could get maybe 2 stations but they come in very fuzzy so Time Warner guy told me to get a new TV. My old one is only 5 years old and hardly been on. I needed to spend the money on pets so I’ve never replaced the old one just to get maybe 3 channels with a new one and not hooked up to cable.

          I saw on the Internet that the winner was the pit bull that had been set on fire and managed to live. Such a forgiving creature and a beautiful dog.

      • We don’t have the Hallmark channel so I couldn’t watch it. Reading that it was a pit that was set on fire is so sad. I just don’t understand how people can be so cruel. And yes to your comment about that beautiful dog being a loving creature. I’m going to hug my fur babies.

        • Paulette you can read about Suzie on this link.There are some pics and the story about Suzie. Apparently there was a movie made as well but this link will give you an idea of what happened to her and how she became the pet of a lady that had been attacked by a pit bull. It is a wonderful story and I’m so glad that she was adopted by a really sweet and forgiving lady.

          Suzie appears to be a mix of German Shepherd and Pit bull. She is a beautiful dog even though she is missing her ears.


  8. Thanks for the heads up, Yvonne. We already think the world of dogs. This will confirm our appreciation of them.

    • You bet,Steve. I know there are many dogs all around the world that are “every day” heroes to their humans just as Murphy is to you and Mary Beth. I appreciate my dogs even if they are a pain sometimes. Our lives are so much better for having the companionship of our dogs.

  9. Andrew says:

    I think Milo teaches Gerard tricks. Not the other way round 😁

  10. Lottie Nevin says:

    Sadly I won’t be able to watch this as we don’t have a TV but if I did, it would be something that I’d enjoy watching! I read a wonderful story the other day about a staffordshire bull terrier that managed to save a family from a house fire during the night. He went to each bed and woke them up in turn and then went back in to save the other dogs. By the time he’d finished his heroic mission he had suffered quite a few burns but is on the way to recovery now. I’d certainly be voting for that extraordinarily brave and loyal fido!

    • That is a heart warming story, Lottie. Staffies are so smart but then, I think all dogs are smart but some of them have something special that seems almost human. Who ever refers to animals as dumb is awfully stupid. I won’t be watching the program either for I don’t have cable anymore.It was costing too much money that I could be spending on my animals. I seldom miss TV- only when there is a special show that has my interest.

      Where did you read the story? Was it on the Internet?

  11. I hope they will show up the prodigious intelligence of all dogs but the JRT beats the lot especially our own ‘Milo’. He could play chess,if he was taught.

  12. Just Rod says:

    Thanks Yvonne. We will watch it.

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