Forced to Take a Semi Break For Awhile.

Just a short note to the folks whose posts I comment on routinely. I’ve been commenting sort of here and there. I hope to be back soon but it could be longer. I’ll not go into much detail here. Shortly after 12mn of New Year’s eve my son was riding his ATV on gravel. He hit a rut and the vehicle rolled over with him underneath. Two men who were there lifted the ATV off him. He was in ICU for 21 days, the orthopedic unit for 4 days and he is now in rehab. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, four fractured ribs and, a fracture of T 11.  He developed aspiration pneumonia  and afib while in ICU.

I think there was an angel riding on his shoulder that night. He is making progress and his long term memory is pretty good. He has some speaking problems but with speech therapy he is progressing. Whether he returns to normal or near normal remains an unanswered question.


My son had/has many friends who have been very concerned and very kind. I’m grateful that so many folks from his past remembered my son as one who was always IMG_2374 (2)so nice and so friendly. He’s not been as successful as most of them but that did not seem to matter to all who have known Danny.

At some point in time I’ll write about the ordeal and how dangerous an ATV can be.

Thanks to Rod Sprange  ( (a good blogging friend) for the prayers and the prayer list. I’m very grateful.



Yvonne D.



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  1. da-AL says:

    Goodness, only seeing this now — hoping he’s all well by now, dear

  2. reocochran says:

    Danny is now going to be remembered on my friend, Patrice’s prayer list. I had read this but haven’t searched to see if I commented before. . . God bless you, Danny and family. 🙏

    • Robin you are so thoughtful to think of my son. I much appreciate the prayer list. He remains very depressed with no motivation. Every now and then the depression lifts and he is good for a day and sometimes several days and then he slips back to lying in bed all day and then unable to sleep at night. He never went to the state rehab thing. He viewed it as useless and I could not force him to go. He has continued with speech therapy at Baylor U. since last September. Therapy improved his cognition according to his therapist. Sessions are out for the summer and I hope that Baylor will pick him up again in the Fall. He is rather lazy about moving his lips and opening his mouth to better form his words. If only he would practice. I try to show him how to form his words better and then he says I’m making fun of him. It tough being a mother who only wants to help him. For the most part he speaks pretty good but has trouble with some words. He used to be able to imitate many birds sounds but now he hs trouble with that too. Some of the duck and goose calls were just about perfect. Now he can’t get the sounds to come from with his throat because apparently he has damage to his vocal cords from the tracheotomy.

      However, I don’t want to give the wrong impression here that I’m complaining. I am grateful to God and all the guardian angels for saving his life and for restoring him to almost normal. I also give lots of credit to the neuro surgeon who put his skull back together. I continue to say that my son is a miracle man.

      • Yvonne, I just remembered something I was planning to pass on to you. In the 70s, eight of my father’s graduate students were traveling to a conference, when the van in which they were riding went off the road, down a ravine, and flipped over several times. Three were killed, and the rest had severe injuries. One was a friend of mine, Joanie, who had been a promising student. She sustained a severe left-hemisphere injury that affected Broca’s area, where speech production forms. After a couple of years of being pretty much unable to communicate, she called me (!) and with great difficulty I understood that she wished me to bring a tape recorder to the residential facility she was in. I did so, and the next I heard from her was much more understandable. She used the tape recorder to record her speech; using the direct feedback from listening to her utterances, she laboriously learned how to shape speech sounds again.

        She always walked with a limp and a cane, and she never did get to sounding like her old self, but she went back to grad school and got an MAT, a Master’s of Art in Teaching, and became an art teacher for children and adults with communication difficulties.

        Inability to communicate can be devastating, especially in the context of Traumatic Brain Injury. Men have worse problems recovering, because, well…men 😄

        Do you think he’d be interested in trying Joanie’s DIY speech therapy?

        • Dr. Laura, what a tragedy. It must have devastated your father. Your friend was a remarkable and determined young woman. Her story is very inspiring. My son’s TBI is also on the left side and he has been fortunate to not have a visible physical injury. I will get a tape recorder for him and try to get him interested in using that approach. I think if he hears himself speak that it might give him some incentive. Thank you so much for this wonderful suggestion.

        • I will do that. Thank you again.

  3. reocochran says:

    This is so tragic but I believe there is hope and renewal of his short term memory. Right now, his mind may be blocking the accident and I hope all will repair in its own time.
    I will keep your Danny in my prayers. I just happened upon your liking one of my blog posts. Thank you! Hugs, Robin

    • Robin, I seem to keep having to offer apologies to several commenters because I have not replied in an appropriate time. According to Danny’s speech therapist he has shown “nice improvement cognitively. I didn’t ask but was told one day last week. I, of course was thrilled to hear that. He is a high functioning TBI patient and is totally self sufficient. He drives very well and never lost his driving skills. Depression and back pain are quite an issue but I’m hopeful that at some point he will learn new coping skills and also accept his injury. He is on antidepressant and anxiety meds. Just spends about 85% of his time sleeping or thinking. Thank you for the kind words and for stopping in. I will get back to your blog one day soon. Regards, Yvonne

      • reocochran says:

        Oh, thank goodness! I thought I had read this and responded! Yvonne, I have already been praying for him but Danny’s story is almost like a miracle. I’m so happy he has a good girlfriend and life is slowly getting back in order. Now, You take it easy and try not to get overwhelmed. xo 💐 Hugs, Robin

        • Robin, I’m sure that you have already read the one reply I just wrote. He does indeed have a nice girlfriend who sticks by his side. His story is like a miracle. His surgeon that operated on his brain and skull told us he never expected Danny to come out of the accident like he did. With his type of injury only 10-15% survive and they don’t come out of it with an intact mind and be physically mobile with no apparent physical or mental disability. As I’ve written before, I am forever thankful and grateful to God and his guardian angels. I think his dad was his angel.

  4. Yvonne – I’m just now reading this. Please know Danny is in my prayers along with you. I’m with you on the dangers of ATVs.
    TBI’s require so much time to recover from and as a multiple TBI victim, it’s difficult to remember what your normal used to be. With love and prayers, Sheri

    • Dear Sheri, I apologize for being so tardy. I just have not gone to the Wp dashboard and I forgot that I needed to looked for possible comments. MY life has been hectic all year and I know that I have missed some of your posts. However, you and Tom are often in my thoughts but of course that is not much consolation when actual words serve the intent so much better. I am relieved that Christmas is over. I had no desire to buy any gifts but my kiddos get money from me throughout the year. My sis had a stroke late July and is very with it, just can’t walk. I try to see her every day and finally completed spend down for Medicaid. That has been a nightmare and some days I thought that I would actually fall apart. So much to do to take care of business for her and all that nursing home entails. It is a bit better now. I was 80 years old last week and all the stress has aged me I know that for a fact. Take care dear lady, Yvonne xxx

      • Happy belated birthday, Yvonne. I positively agree with you about caregiving putting the years on a person. I feel 20 years older than I did at this time last year. Some days I wonder if I have the strength to put 1 foot in front of the other and find myself asking God for more and more.
        I’m so happy you were able to finally get the spend-down completed for your sister. That is indeed a monster and there’s nothing easy about it. Aditionally, those daily trips to see your sis have to be wearing you down more and more. I know she has to look forward to your visits but I think you are being excessively hard on yourself. The fact that she’s with it, she is able to report problems with her care if you decided to go every other day. Is she able to hold a book or knit or work puzzles or anything like that. When I’m worn beyond frazzle, I allow myself to color, would she consider something like that, if her hand and finger muscles are working.
        And, please don’t beat yourself up over comments. I often don’t get to WP of any keyboard for well over a week at a time. We all do what we can and when we can’t do more, well it’s okay. I’m also relieved Christmas is over. I did some decorating this year but had a hard time coming up with much spirit.
        Know that I’m pulling for you and that I hope and pray your burdens become lighter. You more than deserve quiet time for doing or not doing as you please. Loads of gentle thoughts coming your way. Sheri

        • Thanks for the birthday wishes, Sheri. I once read that often care givers die or become very ill while caring for their loved one. I have given my self permission to stop feeling guilty because my sis is in a care facility. I can’t make her happy and I can’t mend her body to help her walk. I can only be there for her when I am not exhausted from living my own life and tending to the business of getting her ready for Medicaid application. Medicaid application in and of itself has been a huge stressor for me. I learned today that a check to pay the pharmacy that supplies her meds had not arrived. The amount is $1,726.38 and that would have taken her bank account to below the allowed 2k. I drove back and forth between my bank and her bank to try to get the payment to the pharmacy before 12/31/16. I had to stop payment on the check that I had sent 2 weeks ago because the pharmacy said it had not arrived. It made me almost physically ill and very anxious. I had chest pains but kept on pushing. I had to put 2k into my checking accou0nt so that I could use my debit card to pay the amount and then tomorrow I will need to pay myself 2k from her account so that her balance will be below 2k. I hope that I can get the proof via email tomorrow and then can print it out. I will also need for her bank to show proof that the money is no longer there and is below 2K I’m not sure if you can follow all of this but that was the only way that I could figure out how to get her balance below 2k in time for the final spend down for Medicaid application by 12/31/16. Too make this a bit shorter, I am in essence, a wreck. It all has to be so accurate or Medicaid will not pay.

          My sis has Medicare Part A and B but never got part D, hence the money owed to the pharmacy. I was depending on the payment to the pharmacy as the last money to get her account below 2K.

          To make matters worse I’ve got clothes and shoes and a watch that I paid for with my own money. I did not reimburse myself. Half of what I got her, was not to her liking and there fore needed to be returned. I just did not have the energy to keep going back to the stores and there are 4 of them. I became so exasperated I just gave up. Hopefully I can get credit from the stores but maybe not. Oh well, I have learned a lot but it just about killed me.

          I got her coloring books, jigsaw puzzles and a table to work on. But she is not seeing well until she is fitted for glasses in about 2 more weeks. She sits in her W/C or sleeps and has made little effort to learn to get about in the W/C. Looks at TV but will not wear 6k hearing aids that I got for her. She refused to have them adjusted and told me to take them home and wear them. She is a case to behold and has quite a temper at times. But I have left when she gets bent out of shape over itty bitty things, She is OCD, judgmental and, dictatorial.

          So I told her that she likely will outlive me. She is 88 and I’m 80 years old. Folks don’t believe my age but the stress is killing me.

          Thank you for the kind thoughts and I’m wising the same for you. I’m sending good karma your way. Take good care. Yvonne

  5. dogkisses says:

    I hope your son gets well soon! I love the photos and, the beautiful dog stories too.

  6. Hi Yvonne. Sorry to hear about your son’s accident. Hope, he is better now. Let the almighty give him a fast and healthy recovery.

    • Rexlin, it is good to see that you are blogging again. Thanks for the visit and the caring comment. The almighty has blessed my son and I consider his living and his remarkable recovery as a miracle from God. But he does have a long way to go and I’ll be doing a post with some of the pics during and after his hospitalization.

  7. chatou11 says:

    A little visit to you Yvonne, I hope your son knows better days now and that you will have goods news to give us. Take care.

    • Chantal, I am always happy to get a message from you. Danny is doing very well and looks like his former self. He does not appear as a TBI survivor. I will do a post soon, I hope, when I take a more recent photo of him. He has gained about 4 pounds but is still about 15 pounds underweight. Back pain and depression are his main concerns and the inability to pronounce some words clearly.

      Fond regards, Yvonne

  8. Kathy says:

    Yvonne, I am so very sad to hear about your son’s accident. What a challenging time you’ve had! How is he doing now? I have a good friend who suffered a traumatic brain injury (plus multiple other injuries) so know a tiny bit of what you’re going through. Many blessings to you and Danny. How are you doing health-wise and otherwise?

    • Hi Kathy and thank you for the kind words. My son is doing very well. Short and long term memory is very good. He walks and talks and understands. Back pain and depression are the big problems now. He does not appear as someone with a TBI. He was and is very blessed. Danny has difficulty pronouncing some words so he goes to speech therapy 3x weekly. He is a miracle for sure. I am thankful and grateful. I hope your friend is/has recovered nicely.

    • Dear Audrey, I’m so sorry to be so late in replying to your comment. Thank you for visiting and for your prayers. My son is doing very well except for his back pain and depression. He goes to speech therapy 3x weekly and I drive him to all appointments because he has not been approved to drive yet. He surely could for his judgement and cognition are intact as far as I can tell. He will be taking a neuro psych test this Tuesday. I’m not sure if that psychologist is one who can give him the okay to drive. I am hoping for he is very sad that the docs have told him he can not drive until approved.

      Best regards, Yvonne

  9. dogkisses says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your son’s accident. I sure hope he continues to heal. He is now in my prayers.

    dogkisses (Michelle).

    • Thank you “DK” Michelle for you lovely comment. My son is doing very well. I know the prayers that were said by so many people for his recovery made all the difference. Thank you for your prayer offerings. And thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. I can’t believe I had missed this post of yours in late January. I’m so sorry to hear about your son’s accident. But yes, a miracle, considering how badly he was injured, that he is recovering well. However, a long recovery that I’m sure has taken a toll on you. But angels flew all around you and your son with the great care that the doc/nurses have given him despite no insurance. Please know that my thoughts are with you.xo

    • Pamela, thank you for your kind and caring words. I appreciate you for taking time to comment

      Yes, indeed the hospital has been very kind to have made him a charity case. His hospital bill was $228,000 for 24-25 days as in-patient and with 21 of those days spent in ICU. The nurses were wonderful and the physicians extremely smart and on top of everything. There are 8 separate bills for MDs, pathology and radiology. There is no way we can pay those bills but I’m sending $20 to each of those entities monthly so that we can keep from going to collections. I drive my son to speech therapy three times per week plus MD follow appointments. He seems to have excellent cognitive abilities and has good balance and coordination.

      His girlfriend cooks and cleans and takes very good care of him. She is bi-lingual teacher so he is home alone for a short time until I get to his house. Doctors wanted him to have 24 hour supervision but that is not possible. He sleeps until I get there and we as a family feel he is safe. I have his vehicles so he can not drive until cleared by a neuro MD.

      I am pushing myself hard and catch up on rest during the week-ends. I am grateful and thankful for the miracle that allowed him to live. He is proof that miracles happen.

      • Actually, I think YOU are proof that miracles happen. A mother’s love goes beyond comprehension. Beyond what we can do, to what we WILL do do. A mother’s love is a miracle. Sending loving vibes out to you, your son, his girlfriend, and to healing. I believe the more good thoughts are headed your way, the better.

        • Thank you again. You are correct about a mother’s love. And, I believe also that intentional, good and positive thoughts, sent into the wind reaches those who are in need. I appreciate you so much. Pamela.

  11. When I first came to this place I went straight to the “About” page and missed reading about your son’s terrible crash. I do hope he will return to being fully fit and would like to republish your ATV post over on Learning from Dogs when it appears here.

  12. chatou11 says:

    Yvonne I hope your son feels much better. Take good care of you too.

    • As of today February 29th,it has been 60 days since my son’s accident. He is doing very well other than needing continued speech therapy. Shorty term memory seems to improve little by little. He is still pretty weak and tires easily and naps some during the day. Currently, he is awaiting another round of speech and cognitive therapy that is paid for by the state of Texas. Thank you for your kind words. I am resting more now since my son does not have as many appointments.

      • chatou11 says:

        Thank you so much for the news Yvonne. Two months already.. it is normal your son feels tired and weak, I hope that cognitive therapy will help him a lot.

        • The time flies fast doesn’t it? It’s now been 66 days since my son’s accident and he is doing very well. He begins a new round of speech therapy on Monday(tomorrow). It’s 3 times per week for 8 weeks at Baylor Scott and White Hillcrest Hospital’s rehab department. He’s had only minimal cognitive therapy. I suppose they don’t think he needs it. He is very sharp in all areas but his motivation is not good. His back is hurting a lot but he is no longer on any narcotic for pain. He takes Ibuprofen several times day.

          Thanks for continuing to comment about my son’s welfare. It means a lot to me.

  13. chatou11 says:

    Yvonne I am so sad to read what happened to your son. Yes ATV is very dangerous and such accident happened to a friend of mine. I hope he will recover as soon as possible and as you said, he had an angel on his shoulder! I will burn a candle for him at Church. A good thing he has good friends. All my friendly thoughts.

    • Chantal, thank you so much for burning the candle for my son and for your lovely thoughts. Yes indeed, he has many good friends and I truly believe that all the prayers are helping him heal faster than any of us had expected including his neuro surgeon. Danny has excellent long term memory and short term is improving at a good rate. His speech is coming along but he still does not have a normal swallowing reflex although that too is slowly getting better.

      I know in my heart that he has been blessed and given a second chance. I am thankful and grateful to our Lord for sparing my son’s life.

      Fond regards,

  14. I’m so sorry to hear about your son’s accident. Very glad though that he is improving. It can be a long and difficult road back after such an experience, not only for him, but of course for friends, family, loved ones. My thoughts are with you. Sending healing light and energies to your Danny. xoxo

    • Thank you IK very much for the healing light and energies. He will accept all the help that is offered and sent his way. He will be discharged This Thursday and his girlfriend and I tonight went to laundromat to wash many loads of laundry. Too much wash to get done in a short notice. Did not learn of his pending discharge till 3pm. Some body slipped up and did not call me. Best regards. Yvonne xoxo

  15. kirizar says:

    Be well and take care of yourself while your son recovers as best he can. Hugs to you and yours.

    • Kiri, it is so nice of you to visit my blog. Thank you for the nice comment. I am resting when I’m tired. My son is exceeding all expectations at this point. He was able to play his guitar last evening and did better than I would have believed. He is blessed and fortunate to be recovering better than anyone thought he would. Hugs back to you.

      Regards, Yvonne

  16. Holy mackerel, I’m so sorry to hear about your son. I am all too familiar with the witches’ brew ATV wrecks can wreak. Has his spinal fracture impinged his cord, I hope not???

    • Dr. Schulman, thank you for your comment and concerns. Danny was in a back brace for about 12 days in hopes the vertebrae would stabilize. But it did not and he had surgery that lasted 3 hours. Neuro surgeon was very meticulous and inserted a titanium plate. His back has hurt quite a lot but he pushes through physical therapy. He is able to walk un-assisted. Thank God for all the positive things going for him and his life.

      Dr W. was the surgeon that put his skull and his spine back together. He sees him tomorrow and I will accompany him on the Baylor/Scott & White/ Hillcrest van to his appointment. He will probably be discharged this coming Thursday from in-patient rehab and will return for more therapy on out patient basis.

      My son is making pretty good progress. He is speaking better and his voice is getting a bit stronger each day. He says his throat is sore inside. He was intubated for 6 days and then his assigned trauma surgeon inserted a trach. That was removed about 4 days prior to being discharged from Baylor/ Scott & White/Hillcrest (24 days at the hospital and 21 days in ICU. Note: The long hospital name is the result of combining 3 hospitals. Baylor has one huge hospital in Dallas and some smaller ones in other towns. Scott and White is in Temple and has numerous out-patient clinics.

  17. All good wishes to you and your family. Be strong. Take as much time as you need but please come back. I’m not a church-y guy but I will say prayers for you. Godspeed.

    • Mark, thank you so much for your comment and the prayers. I’m not church-y either but I pray and somehow believe that some of us have guardian angels. I feel strongly that my son had an angel riding on his shoulder. He is making good progress. All the TBI patients have a “sitter” 24 hours round the clock. He has one fantastic male sitter, who told my son’s girlfriend that Danny is the most motivated patient that he has seen. I think he will be discharged possibly this coming Thursday. He will continue with outpatient therapy- speech and cognitive therapy. As of tonight I noted that the restlessness has improved for the better. His voice is getting stronger as well.

      Again thank you for commenting and caring. Regards, Yvonne

  18. My friend, I am SO sorry about your son!! Goodness, what an ordeal for you both. We are happy as our healthiest, happiest child. And I echo the others: PLEASE take care of yourself. Moms forget our own oxygen mask – but he needs you in good form for the long haul. Eat and rest well. Before you posted this, I had your previous post on cats and Beasley open all week. Finally got to share it with T who enjoyed it.


    • Diana, you are such a dear lady. I am glad that all is well with you and T. and your huband. Thank God every day for those blessings.

      I am taking pretty good care of my of my 79 year old body. I must take care for I can not afford to be ill. Danny will need me more in the long run until his level of function has been determined. Thus far he has made, what I consider, above average progress. One hamper has been his inability to swallow but of the last two days that has improved to the extent that he is able to have itty bitty bite size chicken or beef, mashed potatoes and other veggies that are a bit thicker than baby food. When he is in speech therapy he is given small sips of water and he has managed that. His trach is still not completely closed so I’m thinking and I was told that when the trach is completely healed his ability to swallow will be about back to normal-in time. His voice is quite weak but there is hope and treatment for that. Long term memory is pretty good. Sort of comes and goes. But dally he looks physically better and is less aggravated that he is incapacitated.

      Thank you for the kind and meaningful words of encouragement, x yvonne

      • Unbelievable – what you both have gone through and are determined to conquer.

        Love, respect, and prayers.


        • Thank you again, Diana. It is my son who is being very strong. I just tiptoe along and push forward with a nap each day. 🙂

          Thank you for caring and for the prayers. I think you are one fine lady and I’m glad to know you in blog land even if we’ve never met. You take care too. Yvonne

  19. Dear Yvonne, I am so saddened by all Danny and you have to go through at this moment. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Take good care of yourself. One of my relatives went through same ordeal a few months ago. He is still tired but recovered in the best possible way. Let’s all hope and pray Danny will do too. Thinking of you both.

    • Isa, it good to get your thoughtful words and prayers. I appreciate your kindness very much. I am taking good care of myself- I don’t want to be ill and my son will need me after his release from rehab. He is, we think, going to stay on a friend’s ranch and I will need to drive him to rehab 2-3 times a week, here in town.

  20. sybil says:

    Take as much time as you need … you are in my thoughts. Consider yourself “gently” hugged. Sybil

    • Thank you , Sybil for the “gentle” hug. It is good to hear from you.

      On another note, I have not been able to comment on your blogs for quite a few months.I have no idea why WP and Google are not compatible. My comments simply will not take. I have gotten a new HP so I will try again to see what happens. None the less I do read and view your posts and I always enjoy reading about the dogs and the areas that you visit. Best regards, Yvonne

  21. All the best to you and Danny. They are difficult times and my thoughts are with both of you..Having so many friends, Danny must be good man.

    • Thanks Gerard for thinking of Danny. Yes, my son is a good person who got too confident on a machine that has killed many folks. An AtV tips over really easy and they are not safe at all.

  22. Clanmother says:

    I meant ‘son’

  23. Clanmother says:

    My thoughts are with you and your son. Take care of yourself.

  24. Ah, Yvonne. I’ve spent many years training myself out of fears, but one remains: that something would happen to one of my sons. I am so sorry. J.

    • Hello Janet and yes we mothers that love our sons are always thinking “what If? ” I had prayed to keep him surrounded by guardian angels when I went to bed that night. When I got the call I spoke aloud and told him to hang on and I called on his guardian angles to keep watch. I’m not a very religious person but I pray. The odd thing is that he had a small angel figurine wired to the top of his fence that was only a few feet from his wreck. Of course that is perhaps coincidence and maybe not.

      • Let’s call it a gift. Coincidences – or synchronicities as Carl Jung called them, are usually gifts.
        Yeah. The “what if…” lingers. My mother always said, “Kids grow up and stop being kids but you never stop being a mother.” I always like that. Hope things continue reasonably well.

        • Thanks for taking time to comment, Janet. My son continues to improve. His long term memory is incredibly good and short term seems to improve in little spurts. His balance and coordination remain excellent and he is walking with a back brace until his fused T11 is healed. Still having some difficulty swallowing and he needs more speech and cognitive therapy.

  25. Littlesundog says:

    Yvonne, I am sending love and thoughts of healing on the winds. Please take care of yourself, dear friend, and be positive. Danny’s kindness and caring of people is the real success in life. It isn’t what we’ve done or accomplished… it’s how we treat people and make them feel that matters.

    • Lori I appreciate your kind message of healing and the goodness of your words about success. I am taking pretty decent care of myself. I have to rest for I can’t afford to be sick during this critical time.

  26. Yvonne. I was sorry to hear about your son Danny. My thoughts go out to you, Danny and the rest of your family at this difficult time. I hope Danny makes a full and speedy recovery.

  27. Oh no! Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers your way. And lots of love. ❤

  28. colinandray says:

    Sadly these things do happen Yvonne. My prayers are with you all. You have every right to take as much time away from blogging as you need, and you know how to reach your Followers as/when the time is right!

    As for success? I don’t know your context, but I had two teen rebels who went totally overboard (albeit in different directions). By “society’s labeling”, neither is successful but, by my labeling, they have both been extremely successful both in dealing with their respective issues, and their contributions to society from a “been there… done that” perspective!

    Take care. Keep smiling! 🙂

  29. Just Rod says:

    Hi Yvonne. Glad Danny is making progress I think we often give too much credence to societies understanding of success.
    Success is really found in the character of the individual, not the outward trappings.
    The Christian success story is about a man dying on the cross, deserted by most of his friends and followers.
    We will continue to keep Danny and your family on our prayer list.
    It was a nice surprise to see notice of a petspeopleandlife post. I hope the next post has positive news.

    • Thank you, Rod for the definition of success. It is very true but my son has always felt inferior. I am looking for a good affordable psychologist to work with him and our family dynamics and of course he’ll still need speech an cognitive therapy.

      I also thank you for the continued prayers. I’m ever so grateful.


      PS: I have 3 posts or possibly more that you must not have known about. I think I have two dogs stories that are on the blog and a bit of other stuff. I think WP acts up at times and followers don’t receive notifications.

  30. Midwestern Plant Girl says:

    Yvonne, I am so sorry to hear of your son’s accident. I am grateful for the angel at his side. I will continue to hope for his full recovery and for you to be comforted also.
    I wish you both the best and when he’s better, let us know in a quick post.

  31. shoreacres says:

    I’ve been thinking of you so much since hearing about this. I hope Danny’s continuing to progress. It will be a long road back, but it seems he’s doing well. Twenty-one days in ICU probably felt like an eternity. I’m glad that part’s over.

    A friend had a year in hospitals and a rehab center after suffering multiple significant injuries, and she’s what she judges to be 85% — not bad, given that she’s 82. One thing that interested both of us is how different rehab is today than even twenty years ago. The various physical and speech therapists are able to accomplish wonderful things — I’m sure Danny will benefit from them.

    Thanks for posting this. Keep us updated from time to time — and don’t forget to take some care for yourself, too.

  32. So sorry to hear about his accident. Sending you, him and all your family the very best of healing wishes for good recovery for Danny.

  33. Victo Dolore says:

    Oh, hugs and prayers sent your way for both of you.

  34. Oh, Yvonne, I am so very sorry to hear all that you’ve been through! I wish you hope, and strength and stamina for this ordeal. For Danny, I wish continued healing. Take care!

  35. The quality of a person’s character is more important than their level of success in my book, Yvonne. That Danny has so many friends speaks of his character. Continued good wishes for his progress and that normalcy is reached.

    • Dear Steve. Thank you for the uplifting message. He is fortunate indeed to have so many friends. Thank you for the good wishes.

    • Steve you are indeed a jewel and your words ring true. He did have a tremendous out-pouring of folks that I had never met. All the friends were very worried and they continue with visits or calls to me or read the FB postings. I wish everyone could be fortunate to have so many friends One of his very best pals has driven sometimes twice a week from the valley which is about 500 miles from here. He is a retired Texas game warden who Danny has admired and looked up to. .

      • That he has such a response from so many people says so much about Danny, Yvonne. And it says a lot about the person who raised him too. His friend is very devoted to make such a long trip a couple times a week.
        Thank goodness he has received such excellent care and attention. That should go a long way to bringing him as close as possible to where he was before the accident.

        • Steve, thank you for your kind and thoughtful words. I think my son is going to be ok but not at the level he was prior to the accident. But who knows? Miracles happen every day. In a younger person the brain heals faster and much better. But he is giving it his best shot and working hard to over come as many deficits as he possibly can.

  36. CrazieTown says:

    Oh my! So sorry to hear about your son’s injury. It sounds like he is in good hands and that he has a wonderful and loving mom.

    • Aaah thank for thinking about my son. Indeed he has had the best care possible as far as I can tell. I have no complaints. The trauma surgeons were highly skilled and his neuro surgeon was exceptional. A man of few words but sharp as a tack.

  37. Lottie Nevin says:

    Yvonne, you have both been in my thoughts and prayers throughout January. I’m sure that Danny is in the very best of hands and love, prayers and positive thoughts all help too. It sounds as though he’s turning a corner and that things are improving. Sending much love to you and I hope that you are getting the support and help you need. You must be physically and emotionally drained by the events of the past month and I worry about you.

    • Hi Lottie thank you for your meaningful words. I am ok but it has been very difficult to say the least. Still don’t know what the final outcome will be cognitively for Danny.

      Danny’s care was impressive. The MDs and nurses were right on top of every little detail. Labs and CT scan of brain plus chest x-rays every day for just about the first 10 days or so and then gradually tapered off as he improved. I don’t think they missed anything.

      I simply had to push past fatigue and run on adrenaline. A couple of days I did not go the hospital for I was drained emotionally and physically. I spoke with his nurses and they gave me answers to whatever question I asked. The male nurses were exceptional. Each nurse was assigned two patients and the rooms were set up so that the nurse was at a desk in-between the rooms. The hospital made Danny a charity case for he had no insurance. I am beyond grateful for that. There is no way anyone could pay the bill unless one happened to be worth millions.

  38. hayley says:

    Yvonne I am so sorry to learn of this. What a heartbreaking way to start the year. I very much hope that his recovery continues – though between that and your animals, please don’t forget to look after yourself.

    • Thank you Haley. I very much appreciate your comment. Yes, I am taking pretty good care of myself and I rest because of my afib. The meds make me tired so I rest in between all the things that need to be done for his personal affairs.

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