The Best Dog-Gone Doggy Treats

Cocoa, long haired Chihuahua owned by my friends Sue & Eldon P. of Valley Mills, TX. I took this shot of Cocoa inside their Toyota Rav while they were shopping in Marble Falls,TX.

Cocoa, long haired Chihuahua owned by my friends Sue & Eldon P. of Valley Mills, TX. I took this shot of Cocoa inside their Toyota Rav while they were shopping in Marble Falls,TX.

Annie: “I am not guilty.” Australian Shepherd owned by Dr Lisa Daniel. Annie has become a problem since her human has been ill. Less exercise and she is now chewing Dr.D’s recliner

Just in case anyone is wondering- this is not a paid endorsement for the dog treats. I wish that it were.

The best dog-gone treats that I’ve given to my dogs. These are Dog Pumpkin Treats called “Doggie Delirious.” I found these at my local HEB grocery and my dogs “dig” these. They are inexpensive and all natural and made in the US. Also available at Sam’s club.

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56 thoughts on “The Best Dog-Gone Doggy Treats

  1. chatou11 says:

    Oh my! Cocoa is so cute and I think Annie is going to bite me …nice pictures Yvonne.

    • Thank you, Chatou. Actually Annie would lick you until you got sick of her wanting to be petted. She would whine and dance at your feet. That is just an odd look in her eyes for she was listening to me for directions. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  2. Yvonne – First, I feel so bad that you feel so awful and have been through so much. Some of the hell you’ve been through sounds a lot like some of my husband’s minus the mental health aspect.
    I have a question to ask you: if I can find the Pumpkin treats – are they soft. My 15 yr rescue shih tzu with dementia only has 4 teeth so he basically has to gum everything – however he still has a good appetite and loves treats. My other rescue shih tzu is also 15 and so picky about what she will accept. She also has to have very soft food but she’s a stinker about what she’ll accept.
    My big question regarding Prissy is that she hasn’t eaten for the last 3 days. Last night I went to the store and bought hamburger and cooked it with a little rice. She ate 4 bites and walked away. Do you have any suggestions of what I can do to increase her appetite. I know she’s sad because my husband is in bed so much and we have a 3 week house guest and her world is a bit upside down. Any suggestions on soft, natural treats and what I might try with Prissy would be greatly appreciated.

    • Thank you, Sheri for your concerns and nice comment. Old dogs ARE Difficult to get them to eat. Often it’s die to renal failure.

      These are things that I was able to get from my vet or my daughter (a vet who is very ill with arthritis and no longer able to practice).
      1. Subcu fluids in 1000ml bags (Ringer’s Lactate) with the set-ups and needles.(The fluids are given between the shoulder blades Depending on the dog’s size- give fluids accordingly. Your vet can tell you. It is not hard to do.
      2. B complex and B12 injections. i have my own supply but your vet could sell you a bottle. I gave these weekly to my son’s Border Collie to keep her going. It works to stimulate the appetite and provides some energy.
      3. Pumpkin treats that I smashed to look like corn meal or can leave in small bite size chunks.
      4. Low protein diet, either Hill’s Science Diet (KD) or Royal Canin (renal diet- (LP) Canned or dry. Just get a little bit to see if the dogs like the food.
      5.When Lady tired of that food< I'd buy Fancy Feast cat food, Primevera – along those lines and mix that with small bites of baked chicken. Lady loved to eat junk food and sometimes I got her a half Subway sandwich.
      6. Instead of the vitamin injections your vet could sell you Pet-Tinic which is a vitamin -mineral oral supplement that you can most likely give without ANY PROBLEM. It tastes pretty good and you give with a dropper or mix in with food that you know your dog is going to eat.
      7. I keep cans of Hill's AD on hand to use to disguise meds that my pet is needing. Some are very hard to dose and you have to get crafty.

      I constantly had to change her food the last several months of her life. Plus she was incontinent and I changed her bedding several times a day. She also was hypothyroid and I gave her thyroxine 0.6mg daily. She weighed about 33 lbs before she got sick and then gradually lost weight as her kidneys became weaker.

      If you dogs are drinking lots of water they might be in renal failure or could also have a thyroid problem. Your vet will need to test them for that.

      Lady was still a happy dog but she was quite a bit of work until a few days before I had to let her go to Doggie Heaven.

      I'm sorry this has taken me so long. I did not open up computer since about 10 am today. It is now 2:45 pm.

      Feel free to email me or use the blog to communicate if you wish. I am happy to share what I know. I surely hope this bit of info helps.

      Best regards,
      ~yvonne email:

      • Yvonne – Don’t worry about answering my previous message today. You’ve provided information today that will definitely get me started with Miss Priss. She’s lost control of her urinary tract but I’ve laid down puppy pads all through the living room and pick them up as needed. I never scold her. I know she can’t help it and she always looks at me with such hurt in her eyes. I pick her up and love her after an accident and remind her of the love we have for her and that she couldn’t do anything to make me angry. She’s provided me so many years of unconditional love and joy. I’m trying the info you’ve provided above and thank you ever so much for putting it together for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the suggestions.
        She does like the science diet critical care food and I was thinking about picking some of that for her. She had it before after a dental procedure. Unless you know of a reason she shouldn’t have it, I’ll pick some of that also. Should you wish to e-mail me – my address is Thank you Yvonne for you help. You’ll never know how much I appreciate it. Sheri

    • Correction of the dosage of thyroxine that I gave lady for hypothyroidism. It was
      0.3mg not 0.6mg.

      If you go to the grocery you can probably find something that is
      equivalent to the pumpkin treats. Just look closely at the labels to see what they are made of and make certain that the treats are made in the US.

      Or go to the Google and type in search bar, the name of these doggy treats. I will look at the box tomorrow to see if there is a phone number. They probably know what stores and where their product is sold.


      • Yvonne – You don’t feel well and I will do the research. I do have a question. My 15 yr female rescue shih tzu (we rescued her at 8 from a puppy mill) and she’s always been healthy – has decided she doesn’t want to eat. We finally did high grade hamburger and a little rice last night but still not much energy. Do you have any suggestions. She has a sensitive tummy and after much allergy testing we cannot do any corn, wheat or any of their buy products. She seemed to really like a lamb stew by Taste of The Wild. It’s grain free and has fruits and veg with the lamb and high protein. Do you have any suggestions?

        • Just answered your questions and then answered my phone and it all flew away. Will email you and then put this info in a post


        • I’ll have to check my e-mail. I picked up a can of critical care dog food and have given her a little with her regular food the last two nights. She’s eaten about 2/3 her normal amount. We have a house guest that will be with us for 2 more weeks and I’m beginning to think that may be what’s going on with her.

        • Sheri, that is good if she has eaten 2/3 of her normal meal. And yes, a change in normal routine such as a new person in the house can make a difference in super sensitive dogs- especially the older dogs. Thanks for letting me know that she is eating.


  3. They are brilliant.. And they know how to give pose.. My pet Roger, naughty boy and use to give pose without any movement and some time do some mischievous by looking at the camera…

  4. Oh, how I love these photos! More proof of the emotions of dogs…

    • Thank you, Pam for commenting. I’m glad that you like the photos. They are such cute dogs. One is a wee bit of a dog and Annie the Aussie shepherd is about 55 pounds. Different size and different personalities but both very sweet dogs and lovable. But my daughter’s dog is wrecking havoc on the recliner and I’m sure it’s revenge. She is not getting the attention or exercise since my daughter has been ill. It is very sad for my daughter and for Annie.

  5. “Grumpy Old Man”, whom I haven’t photographed in a while, is rather partial to gravy bones. He is slowing down now, but when you are 12 years old it’s to be expected. Due his annual medical tomorrow so it will be interesting to see what the vet has to say.

    • To your dear Grumpy Old man, I wish for him a wonderful veterinary visit that speaks of good health. Mike, he is such a sweet looking dog. Of course I don't know his personality but I bet he is still a very sweet dog with only an occasional snarl. 🙂 I don't know about gravy bones but they sure do sound like something that all dogs would like. My dogs don't get doggie bones everyday. I just don't want them to get to the point where they expect a treat every day. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  6. Littlesundog says:

    Yvonne, those are beautiful photos! Some dogs are just natural posers… these two are comfortable with the camera and maybe ham it up just a little! Thanks for the tip on the dog snacks. I’m always looking for healthy options – I’ll check them out at Sam’s next time.

    • Thanks Lori. Actually those shots of the dogs were not that easy to get. It takes lots of patience and persistence to get a decent shot and even then sometimes I still have not gotten a decent photo. The chihuahua was all over the Toyoto and I did lots of moving around to follow her with my camera. Annie the Aussie was all over the yard and I took more than 30 poses of her. I think I kept maybe 4 of the 30 plus shots. I don’t have the energy that I used to have for taking pet photos but I hope to get back some of my former old self after the heart ablation.

      I’m happy to know that you’ll give the dog treats a try. To me they smell like human cookies and all my dogs like them. I was very surprised to see them at Sam’s. You might want to freeze some of them if you don’t use up the treats so fast.

  7. hayley says:

    …By the way, I just watched the Miley video and it was so moving, I felt compelled to donate to them again! What an amazing organisation.

    • Oh, I’m glad that you are donating to Hope for Paws. Eldad is an outstanding man and puts so much effort into saving the street and cast-away dogs. It’s a one of a kind non-profit organization. I wish there were more of it’s kind.

  8. hayley says:

    Seems that it was a successful test with your new-old computer. I especially like the photo of Cocoa, you’ve captured beautifully what a wee doll she is. Very sorry to read amongst the comments about your daughter’s health. Your family has an unfair share of medical worries!

    • Haley I worried over that no comment thing for weeks. Could not get it to show and then wham when I used the computer that my daughter had given to me- the comment bar opened.

      My health problems are minor compared to my daughter’s. All I can do is try to support her. It does seem unfair but that is how life is sometimes.

  9. Just Rod says:

    Lovely images of the dogs Yvonne. Praying for a good result from the ablation procedure.
    My mother used to tell me a story. She took me to the hairdressers with her when I was about four or five. There was a plate of biscuits that looked very inviting – so I invited myself to a few. Apparently the hairdresser was quite concerned as these were the dog’s biscuits. This could explain quite a few things!

    All the best for 2015 – so glad the new, old, computer is working well.

    • Thank you Rod and for the prayers. I certainly need prayers. And I too am glad that for now I have two computers that are working.

      Your childhood story tells it all. 🙂 I am still smiling about all the jokes one could throw your way. Is this why your bark is worse than your bite? 🙂

  10. shoreacres says:

    I spent a couple of days after Christmas in Port O’Connor at a bay house. There were four people and five dogs – oh, my! There was a Llasa, a long-haired chihuahua, a Yorkie, one of those really cute white somethings and one more that I ‘m not sure was a specific breed. I wanted to send the woman who owns the bay house a little gift, and since four of the five dogs are hers, this seems the perfect gift. Thanks for helping me out!

    You’re exactly right that those of us who have food, shelter, transportation and at least a modicum of health are among the blessed ones. Best wishes for the new year — both for your procedure and for your daughter. I do have a friend who suffered with that afib business, and who has been symptom free for a couple of years now, since having what I think was the same procedure. I guess we ought to give thanks for the medical people, too!

    • Lucky you, Linda. I bet that was a lovely place at Port O’Connor on the bay. I’m pretty sure your stay was never dull with 5 dogs around. They all sound like cute and very special little dogs. I’m glad that the post gave you an idea for a house gift. These really are good treats. According to “B” they are really tasty. 🙂

      You bet when it comes to giving thanks for the “good doctors” and that’s no joke. Not all of them are cut from the same mold. I changed cardio MDs three times before settling on the number three who just happened into my life while in the hospital to get the pacemaker. There are 10 cardio Mds at the clinic I use and he happened to be the one on call when my blood work finally was OK for the pacemaker procedure. I liked him so much that I kept him as my doctor. The down side is that he is retiring sometime this year and I have no idea who in that group of MDs I will use. Of course some new ones will be coming in so maybe I’ll transfer over to one of the new doctors.


  11. sybil says:

    OMG I am so sorry for my glib comment. You and your daughter are going through some awful times. I wish you BOTH health and wellness.

    My daughter struggles with depression and I can tell you that mothers never stop worrying.

    • Motherhood is never easy- at least not for me. I will erase most of what I wrote so it does not look as if I’m looking for sympathy. Thanks for the wishes of wellness.

  12. Lovely photos. I am not quite ready to eat dog biscuits but I am sure they are delicious. Hope all goes well with all your health procedures and I wish you good health and happiness for 2015.

  13. Fun images with loads of personality, Yvonne. The dog treats sound yummy.

    I am glad that the ablation process will begin again soon. I am sure that you will see success as did Andrew and will be a much more energetic you.

    • Thanks Steve. Believe this or not but the young woman that bathes, grooms and, helps me with difficult pets about twice a month ate 2 or 3 of those treats. I had told her that the treats smelled like spicy cookies and seemed good enough to eat. She then proceeded to eat some and told me that they were indeed good enough to pass for human quality and were in fact yummy. They are made by a family owned business. I’m not that brave myself but she did not get sick and is still thriving. I tried to dissuade her from eating them but she assured me that homeless people eat canned pet food all the time. I have no idea about that but maybe she knows since she and her boyfriend eat at the Salvation Army several times a week. They walk about 3 miles to get there. She is on social security disability and has a badly messed up back and several other health issues. Sorry to get off on another subject but we who have shelter and plenty of food as well as a vehicle to drive are most fortunate.

      And thank you for the vote of confidence for the ablation. I do hope I’ll be up and off in a trot after a few days past the procedure.

      • I can certainly believe that, Yvonne. A lot of pet treats these days are made with human quality food. I knew a family that made a line of dog biscuits in their home kitchen and were so successful they went national with them. I never did try one but I do know that people have been eating others like Milk-bones for years. I wouldn’t try one of them either. My local country market sells organic treats.

        • That is so interesting. Some people are so smart and have been able to literally turn something small into a thriving business. But it seems that’s how lots of people got a start. I wish we had more family owned businesses such as the one you mentioned.

          I also give my dogs Milk Bones but that treat does not smell appealing. But at least they are made in the US. I called the company a while back to ask if the “bones” were made here or in some other country. If I remember correctly, I was told it was either Kentucky or Pennsylvania. I will not buy anything for my pets if made in China. But I am forced to buy pet beds at Pets Mart and those all come from China. If I had the talent for sewing, I’d make the beds and I know they’d hold up and not come apart at the seams. I sew the seams in several places after the beds have been washed several times. There are some brands made in the US but I can not afford those. I’ve been using small card board boxes for the cats and line those with towels. I buy the towels at Walmart and those I think, come from India.

  14. Love those photos. And, thanks for the doggie treat info, looks real healthy for our fur babies. Happy New Year to you and wishing you great success with the ablation procedure.

  15. Lottie Nevin says:

    These are GREAT photos, Yvonne. Both Annie’s and Cocoa’s expressions are a treat, especially Annie’s as she’s obviously listening to you – her eyes are staring deep in to the camera – very sweet. You should be paid a fortune for not only promoting Delirious Doggy Pumpkin bone treats but also the Toyota Rav. It’s lovely to see a post on here from you today and I’m sorry that you’ve had so many problems with your computer recently. Wishing you a healthful, and hearty 2015, may it be a wonderful, positive year in every way for you xxxxx

    • Hello Lottie and thanks for the nice comment re: the pics. I like Annie’s facial expression the most since she has a guilty look. At the time I initially looked at that batch of dog photos, I thought that pic was a bummer until I looked at it again after cropping and I thought it was hilarious.

      You know there are some bloggers that make a living promoting products. I have not the faintest idea how they manage to do that with a so-so blog. But that’s just my opinion and it’s worthless. 🙂

      Thanks for the 2015 good health wishes. Here’s wishing you and Pete the same.

      ~yvonne xxxx

  16. Happy New Year, Yvonne, and all the best for you, both health and computer-wise! I am terrified of learning a new computer, and happy to see you’re doing so well at figuring it out. It sounds like you have bigger issues to be terrified about…kind of puts things in perspective!

    • Thank you Cindy and a Happy New Year to you as well. While I have not completely mastered the newer computer, it is not so difficult because it’s a Window’s 7. It’s the W 8 that is more of a problem. I dread having to go to that one some day.

  17. tchistorygal says:

    Love the expressions on the doggies. 🙂

  18. Andrew says:

    Both dogs have wonderful personalities judging by their expressions. I am not guilty! Problem or not, a very attractive dog. I’m rooting for you with the ablation, Yvonne. I hope it makes you feel much better and gives you a great start to 2015.

    • You are right about both dog’s personalities. Both of them are spoiled dogs- just my opinion. 🙂 But who could resist those eyes?
      Thanks Andrew. I do need a cheering section for when the ablation is done. I should have had mine done about the time that you did. i had to stop the blood thinner for a few days. I was dragging my feet and was as weak as a kitten. But will start it up again on Friday.

      • Andrew says:

        I am finding I bruise very easily Yvonne. The blood thinners are not helpful in that regard. Don’t overdo it around the yard. If I am stable in 3 months I may come off them. We shall see.

        • Andrew, there is no danger of me over doing. I’ve no energy for it. The meds keep me down and out. I find more bruising as well and that is one of the reasons I back off the Xarelto for a few days. The weakness gets to me as well. Just being off the med for three days gives me a short reprieve. The ablation Md had told me that he would stop the Xarelto in about 3 weeks after the procedure. Frankly I think with the afib problem and the possibility of it returning one should take some sort of blood thinner. I think I’ll go back to Coumadin after the ablation. One never knows when the afib is back except that I can tell. I feel awful and I can feel my heart pounding. I’ve thought about doing a post about afib just as an education thing for the people that visit my blog.

  19. Those are two very good portraits, Yvonne, love the dogs’ expressions. Wish we had those Pumpkin Treats here : no corn, no wheat, no soy, no preservatives. Maybe we do though under a different name. Have a wonderful New Year, dear Yvonne and I am happy that your new computer is working… more posts and pictures from you 🙂 Thanks.

    • Thank you, Isa. I hope to do better in 2015 with more posts, photos, and pet info. Thanks for the lovely comment.

      I will be getting an ablation of my heart most likely this month. The procedure is to stop the afib which has been robbing me of energy along with the meds to control the abnormal heart rate. I had a pacemaker placement in August to keep my heart from beating too slow. I have what is called sick sinus syndrome. My heart beat was too slow, too fast, and everything in between. The pacemaker has helped some but does not have any effect on the afib part.

      • sybil says:

        Glad that commenting is now enabled. I feel bad when I cannot comment.

        Didn’t know about that whole “ablation – pacemaker” situation. How tiring and worrisome.

        Hope you come out the other side of this quite literally “in the pink”.

        Annie needs to get out and have some fun and not worry so much about her owner.

        That first photo reminds me of “Lynx” …he’s a Chihuahua / Yorkie cross. I took a video last night of him playing with Trey and Sooki. So basically a three pound puppy playing with two adult pitbulls …

        • Sybil you are the best. The video of Lynx playing with Trey and Sooki is so darn cute. That little dog was loving every minute of playing with your sweet pits. They are such good dogs.

          About Annie. She is used to being taken to the community park where my daughter lives and getting to walk on leash for several miles. But my daughter got sick two years ago with a strange kind of arthritis. The doctors say it is akin to RA but so far it has not crippled her like that. She is sensitive to heat, has terrible weak spells, pain and, spends long periods in the bed. Some days she feels like getting out but her life has been a living hell since getting sick. All in all I want more than anything for her to be pain free and happy again. She would like to practice as a vet again but a miracle will need to happen. She told me that she is dying from the arthritis as well as the medication. It is a no win situation and I worry constantly. She gets mad when I say that I worry. How can a mother not worry?

          Truthfully I was getting sick with this sick sinus syndrome for at least 2 years or more. I just ignored the warning signs such as sudden dizziness, S.O.B. and niggling chest pain. I thought it was anxiety. 🙂

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