Charlie the Beagle and the Baby He Loves

I am way delinquent in posting anything in my blog. Another video is all I’m up for at this time. There are plenty of posts over in that drafty spot but I have no motivation to edit any. Hopefully one day I will suddenly arise from a stateΒ of mind that I would not wish on an enemy.

Charlie the beagle is one of my favorites and I have watched probably ten times. It makes me cry every time I watch the lovely video. The little dogs’ devotion gets to me. If only people were this nice to each other.

Most likely my followers have seen this some place before and I apologize for being lazy.




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74 thoughts on “Charlie the Beagle and the Baby He Loves

  1. JoAnna says:

    I love this! Dogs should always be part of the family.

  2. What a beautiful video! Dogs are the best. I don’t know what I’d do without my boys.

    • Ilex you have two boys that are Border Collies and the breed happens to be one of my two favorites. I adore Border Collies and Australian Shepherds but of course I love any dog. My son and my daughter and I have all had a BC in our life. I wrote a post about how my son got his, “lady” and that one post has gotten the most comments. I have part III in draft but can’t seem to see my way through part II. The name of the post is, “She, Was a Lady.”

      • I just read that post. So amazing! She’s such a beautiful dog. I’ve had many different breeds of dogs, from mutts to chow chows to my akita. All of them had different personalities, however they did match their breed also. I really do prefer the herding dogs brains. They are so smart and don’t have the mindset of the hunting dogs (chow, akita). I watch them try to figure out problems, both have their different ways. Breck only thinks when it will benefit him (he’s too smart for his own good) and Oreo wants to do anything we tell him, but he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer πŸ˜‰
        I don’t think we’ll ever have a different breed (we’ll stick to herding) in the future. These guys are way too entertaining and loving!

        • Dear Ilex, I’m so sorry to be so tardy. I am sort of piddling along today and decided I should look at my blog. And so, there you are with a comment about my favorite dog breed. I would love to always have a BC in my life. But, I never know what kind of dog that needs rescuing will enter my life. My son, daughter and I, have acquired our BCs by sheer accident. You are so correct about how they can figure out a problem and some of course, as you have written, are extremely smart. Thank you for the comment.

  3. Crying. Yes, videos/stories/movies/books about animals always leave me blubbering and red-eyed. This one is marvelous. I’m so glad you post something for us every once in a while. You are such a giving blogger, and I always love your comments on my blog. THANK you, Yvonne. Hope you’re doing well this early June day.

    • Pam, thank you for your very kind words. I’ll tell you a bit of what I do daily that keeps me going. I am hanging on for an 80 year old with the afib in control with two meds that sap my energy but I just keep trudging on so that I can care for my rescues. I have a long time helper for the past 15 years who works M-F. I hope that I outlive my helper who is now 70 years old.

      On the week-ends, I do all the vital chores plus what I do during the week which includes medicating eight cats and three dogs. Seven days a week I dose 8 cats and three dogs plus prepare all the dogs food in a special way and give RX food to several cats. I give Ringer’s Lactate(sub cu) to 4-8 cats daily. Some don’t need fluids daily but most days I opt to give all the old cats the extra fluids. Of course the litter boxes must be cleaned and I do that several times a day.

      Most of my animals are between the ages of 12-20 years old. The rest are between 4-10. The older they get the more work is involved due to the need for RX food, meds and, often sub cu fluids.

      I pace myself throughout the day and rest as needed. I feel that the animals plus blogging has kept my brain and cognition in pretty good shape. I don’t exercise per say, but I put in a fair amount of walking as I do my chores. I continue to drive all over town. I hope that as long as my cognition and reflexes are good I can drive until the day I die. πŸ™‚

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. Pamela, I appreciate you very much.

      Fond regards,

    • Hello Daal. I gave you a name. Hope you don’t mind. Anyhow, thanks for having a look. I must agree- this video is adorable.


      • da-AL says:

        Hi Yvonne – now we both have names and great ones at that πŸ˜€

        • Okay Daal. That’s a relief. I’m so glad that you have a sense of humor. πŸ™‚ Yvonne

        • da-AL says:

          good humor gives life meaning – & I know I’m doing ok when I can laugh at myself

        • Daal, you are a wise lady if you can laugh at yourself. It took me a “few” years to learn how not to take myself too seriously. Just recently I commented on a lady’s blog and I missed the “d” on the keyboard and typed “g” instead. It came out as goof instead of good. I was sending her, “goof karma” instead of good karma. She thought is was too funny and said if was “gold”. I laughed and laughed at myself. So all in all, yes, it’s a good day if we can laugh at our mistakes or actions.

        • da-AL says:

          lets just say I’m ‘a work in progress’ haha

        • You might be a work in progress but at least you are progressing and that’s what is important for us all. If one remains stagnant then life is boring and if life is boring we learn nothing. I am straying a bit but a long time ago I read a quote of someone who said,’ One needs to learn something new every day- even if it’s only one thing.” That is not exactly the quote but it’s the gist. πŸ™‚

        • da-AL says:

          a great quote!

          I like the idea of ‘practicing’ rather than ‘perfecting’ too πŸ™‚

        • Yes, maam but the saying goes that “practice makes perfect. πŸ™‚ But as far as I can tell that old saying or adage doesn’t mean a lot when all is said and done. πŸ™‚

        • da-AL says:

          We all do our best to thrive forward 🌞

        • And somedays we make strides and sometimes we don’t. πŸ™‚

  4. reocochran says:

    Just stopped by to see if you had a new post. I don’t want to miss your posts!
    Hope you had a Happy Mother’s Day! hugs xo ❀

    • Robin, thank you so much for looking forward to a new post. I’m sorry but I just continue to be so slow with no motivation. I want to work on a post and then… perhaps you can relate or not. I have one in mind and it’ll probably be about a cat disease/illness but maybe I’ll post about dogs with heart disease. Or maybe both.:-) Anyhow I intend to answer your other comments. I think there are maybe four waiting to be answered/approved and that includes, I think one/two from you.

      Best regards,

  5. The vid is precious. But even more so is your emotional state, Yvonne. Hey, if you can, get from the library The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief by Nick O. When you’ve blown through the first 3 chapters (easy read), please let me know and I will send you some useful how-to videos. I felt a difference the first 24 hrs of picking up the book and chkg out the videos and trying the tapping. There is a whole science to it, the powerful acupressure points you tap. Costs nothing but minutes of self-care. It will be of tremendous use to Danny as well.

    • Thanks for the tip Diana. You are a jewel. I will look for the book and if it’s not available I’ll order a used one. I appreciate your concern and thinking of my son. He does need some help.

      • I wouldn’t make a recommendation lightly. I think you can tap him, draw him out initially, and then he will be able to do it on his own once he experiences the power. Please let me know when you’ve hit the 3 chapters. It makes more sense when you do, before watching the vids.

        • I will. I just need to get my hands on the book first but this week is a busy week coming up with two appointments for my sis. She might not go since she has mood swings and gets quite delusional at times. I also have an appointment for an echo gram. At least I think it is this week. Must call cardio office Monday to make sure. I lost my appointment card. πŸ™‚

  6. reocochran says:

    Yvonne, I appreciate your comments and also can relate to your state of mind. Sometimes I just want to take a break from blogging. I used to write long essays or articles. I tried to simplify my writing and included photos taken by myself. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Robin. I just need to get some motivation and may turn off comments. My blog has not been educationally productive for about 2 years. I need to rectify that pretty soon.

  7. […] via Charlie the Beagle and the Baby He Loves β€” Pets, People and, Life […]

  8. chatou11 says:

    Hello Yvonne, what a good idea to post this beautiful vidΓ©o. It made me cry too. I understand that You become lazy but you see every people is happy to read you again.
    Thank you for your effort.
    Have a nice week.and take care.

    • Chantal you are kind and yes I am lazy but also suffer from depression and I’ve lots on my plate trying to deal with Medicaid for my sister. I might write a post about my ordeal and all the incorrect info that I was given.

      • chatou11 says:

        Hi Yvonne I am so sad you have so many things to deal with. Hope you are going to go through out of this depression very soon. And I understerdand your sister has difficulties to obtain the Medicaid.
        For my little Goldy this morning I put plenty of pictures of her with my phone number in the village, to see if she belongs to somebody before I get her to the vet. For the moment she does not want to stay at night.
        Take care Yvonne and come back soon. Thank you for all your visits which I much appreciate.

        • Chantal, it is always my pleasure to see your wonderful photos on your blog. Of course I’m partial to the photos of animals and flowers., It’s never a big deal to comment on your blog and I do appreciate that you visit mine even when I don’t have a new post.

          It’s good that you have put out flyers for the kitty. Just maybe she is a cat that likes to live at two houses- one for day sleeping and eating and the other for cuddling and watching TV at night. πŸ™‚ Some cats do that and will do so for years. I’ve read about cats with two owners but never had that experience.

          Thank you for the kind wishes. Depression remains but I cope and will be having eye surgery for glaucoma and cataracts performed by a specialist in Round Rock, July 27th.

  9. I’m so happy to see you up here again! Sorry it took me a while to find this. I cry at any animal video, so crying I am. But so sweet. I’m dogsitting my daughter’s dog Charlie right now. He’s a little sad – misses his family. I think I’ll go give him a treat right now to cheer him up.
    Thinking of you and hoping you feel better soon. xoxo

  10. reocochran says:

    This is one of the nicest posts even if you are one who found it and shared it with us! So thank you very much! xo πŸ™‚ Robin

    • Hello Robin and thank you for the lovely comment. It is good to know that the video of this incredible pet is appreciated. It seemed a pithy excuse for a post but I liked it so much and figured maybe a few people would like it too. I feel that the little beagle is very special to that family. I hope to find more of Charlie and the little girl in the near future. Hopefully the dad will continue to film. Regards, Yvonne D.

      • reocochran says:

        There are two more films where the baby is older. So cute! I happened to see them while looking up something else! Thank you for helping me to know about this family and beagle. πŸ™‚

        • Oh thank you. I will post haste over to You Tube. This is wonderful news.


        • reocochran says:

          Sending you smiles for all the nice comments, dear Yvonne. πŸ’ Thank you and hope you are feeling good and having a lovely weekend. 🌸

        • Hello Robin. It’s a sunny and very hot Sunday in central Texas. You are so kind to visit to my blog to thank me. It is always my pleasure to see your posts and to read you sweet words. I do love a rainbow and that photo brightened my day. Thank you for hopping over here. Take good care.

  11. A wise person once said to me, “Nothing wrong with anger. It proves you’re still alive.” I had to laugh. It’s been a tough few months for you. I’m so sorry….for many, in fact, me included. So I just keep reminding myself, “Well, you’re not in Syria.”
    I trust your courage. Even with a one foot in front of the other two steps back time, we’re still dancing.

    • Janet, you have the best sense of humor and your comment gave me a bit of life and lift. I am sorry that things have been rough for you as well. Trials and tribulations surely compound depression. You are much younger that I so at least you have that advantage of maybe being able to fight your way through. That’s my consensus and maybe I am wrong. I feel I have lost ground and some days I want to scream and I literally can not stand myself. Anyhow, I also feel I should be grateful because I’m not living a life of hell in the Middle East and we are thus far, still free in the US.

      I like the quote from the wise person. “Nothing wrong with anger. It proves you’re still alive.” I will remember that. Thanks for the lovely comment. I hope things get better for you too. πŸ™‚

      Best regards, Yvonne

      • I’m inching back to what, for me, resembles normalcy. That’s what I count on, inches. Trust the inches, Yvonne.

        • Ok, Janet. Inch by inch I’ll creep along until I’ve reached the top once again. I think you have an excellent view of what depression is like and to always focus on the small things. I’m pampering myself with long naps. Stamina isn’t my strong point right now so I rest and sleep and get back up to walk the property for maybe 10-15 minutes and then I go back to bed.

  12. Val says:

    Hi Yvonne. I have a touch of OCD and also an aversion to looking at dogs open mouths so I find the video very slightly disturbing, but the baby looks happy and so does the dog, so I’m sure they are fine together. πŸ™‚

    I’m sorry you’re still suffering from the depression. Sending hugs and good thoughts. x

    • Heck Val you don’t have to open my posts where dogs are concerned. I am not offended. Anyhow, it was nice of you to comment but just don’t do it again when you see a title that is upsetting, ok?

      Thank you for the warm thoughts but this depression has been hanging on for a while now plus I’m recovering from Influenza A which has left me very weak. Hugs back. x

      • Val says:

        I enjoy your posts, even the ones that make me go “eek!” πŸ™‚ x

        • Gee whiz Val, really you need not view. That is torture. I’ve had folks un-follow me because they just didn’t want to keep reading about pets, pet diseases, pet photos, pet stories and, the like. I’m not suggesting that you not follow me because I treasure your comments and your friendship. I’ve followed one person for a long time and now and some things were posted that I just could not stomach. I merely scrolled through and left a comment saying that I didn’t look but that it was an informative post. Anyhow that’s the idea of not being able to read or look at some posts. πŸ™‚ Hugs, Yvonne x

      • Val says:

        PS. Influenza is the pits, the depression is not going to be helped by that.

        • Thanks Val, It would not be so bad but I am often filled with anger and I then I detest myself and feel vey guilty for not being grateful for my life. You don’t need to follow up with a reply – it’s ok, I can always email you and complain. πŸ™‚

  13. Lottie Nevin says:

    What a wonderfully uplifting video. It’s adorable to watch the beagle and baby together and oh, see how he’s so gentle, it makes one melt just watching the love. Dearest Yvonne, we all love you to bits and I hope that you feel perkier and brighter soon. It’s very hard to crawl out of that deep, dark pit but you will and remember, we are all rooting for you and care about you very much. I’ve not had the dvd sent to me yet but just as soon as I do, I shall pop it in the post to you. I think about you A LOT and I’m wishing you sunnier and brighter days ahead. Much love xoxo

    • Dearest Lottie, you are always the one extra bright spot to me. It’s a symbiotic cyber friendship that means the world to me. The cute videos of any dog/s make me think of the pics of Colin and Wilma that you have sent to me. Those little dogs are so perfect for you and Pete. Thank you for the kind words and yes I’ll one day feel much better. I’ve had the flu, type A and was in ER per ambulance one week ago today. I was sicker than a junk yard dog. Had IV Cardizem to reign in my afib and 1000ml of IV fluids to flush my system. The afib is in control now. ER MD said he believed the Tessalon pearls that had been prescribed for my cough, caused the heart problem. Love and hugs, Yvonne.

  14. Cheri says:

    Good for you for mustering up the psychic energy to post this delightful video. This may sound crazy but one thing that helps depression is movement. Perhaps a walk or some stretches or yoga?

    • Hello Cheri and thank you for the kind words. You are correct about depression and exercise. I do try to walk about my yard, once in the morning and again in the late afternoon. I walk down to my little garden spot that is barren thus far this year except for some volunteer dill. I want to sow more dill seed and plant a few more seedling of rue, fennel and, parsley, These are hosts plants for the black swallowtail butterfly. The caterpillars are beautiful as they morph through 4-5 cycles before forming their chrysalis. Of course this particular garden spot is really for vegetables and I had better hurry to get the tomatoes, peppers, squash and cucumbers planted. Heat waves will soon be coming and I won’t be able to work in the heat. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Best regards, Yvonne

  15. Thanks a lot, dear Yvonne, for posting such a lovely and touching video. I had never seen it. How could I not love Charlie-the-Beagle, surely a distant cousin of mine πŸ˜‰ Such bonds are so precious between animals and us. Lifelong bonds which teach and bring us more than be said. I do hope your health will improve as Spring comes and birds sing in your garden, under your windows. You are always in my thoughts, dear Yvonne. Take extra good care of you xo

    • Isa, I thought of little Nino, when I first viewed the video of Charlie. They are wonderful little dogs as you can attest. Thank you for the sweet comment. Spring has been here for more than a month now. Bluebonnets bloomed early and profusely but I was not in position to get out for drives in the countryside. But I have some scarlet sage (salvia) blooming in the little butterfly patch that is not too far from my back door. It is a short walk and I go out there maybe 2-3 times each day to check on the plants that return on their own each year. I’ve seen a few sulfurs, giant swallowtail, and fritillaries looking over the passion vines that are growing by leaps and bounds. Isa, I think of you often as well. I am doing a bit better now but still recovering from Influenza A. It has left me terribly weak. Time is on my side. πŸ™‚ I think!

  16. What an adorable video! He really does care for his little human. Hope you’re feeling a bit better soon. I miss you in the reader πŸ˜—

    • Dear Ilex, you are a trooper for stopping by whether I comment on your blog or not. I do appreciate you and continue to read your posts. I will one day be showing up again and you’ll have some silly comment to reply to. I have not yet planted anything in my garden. There are about three little volunteer dill plants and three large bunches of cat nip that are very hardy. The cat nip doesn’t freeze here at all and actually seems to thrive in cold weather. My cats sure love the fresh leaves. I know your yard must be a paradise this year that is if you’ve had any spring yet. Thank you for commenting.

      • 😊 I still follow you, and have always enjoyed your posts. I know things can get crazy.
        I bet your cats are happy with the fresh catnip!
        It’s early here, but I am starting to see little green plants coming up 😚 I can’t wait!

        • Ilex, I appreciate you being a sweetheart. The cats do love the green catnip. They eat it quickly and I should feed it to them every day. So from now on I’ll make that a priority. Here’s hoping that spring arrives soon in Illinois.

        • I actually have a blooming flowers post happening tomorrow! The earliest one…. in the 4 years I’ve been doing it. Woohooo!

        • Great. I will look for it. I’m sure you are full of spring fever once your plants begin blooming after the long and very cold winters. I am always thankful that I live where the winters are not extreme. I can’t take the cold for more than a few minutes. But the cpld is something that that one acclimates to- “so they say,” πŸ™‚

  17. Littlesundog says:

    Lazy would not be a word I would use to describe you, Yvonne. Depression can really get a hold sometimes, but it seems to be what we need to catapult us into moving on. I hope you claw your way out of the “pits” and can find the positive and good in where you are. You are loved very much… by me. πŸ™‚

    • My goodness Lori you always manage to make me feel a bit better. I am trying to get out of this pit but resentment at times raises its ugly head and that is not a good thing. I then must “talk” myself out of that state and leave the anger behind. Anger compounds this depression. The bad part is that I can’t take any meds that actually help because the meds do not mix with my afib meds. But eventually I’ll be ok if but for a few months. Lori, I love you as well. You have helped me in ways that you would not imagine because I am so entertained by your writings and all the things you do on the ranch. I admire you a great deal. Yvonne

  18. shoreacres says:

    Well, I’ve never seen Charlie, and I thought it was wonderful. I’m so glad you posted it. I had to laugh, thinking about some people I know who would be scandalized by letting a baby and a dog play so closely together, but truthfully? All the dogs and cats and mud and scrapes and mysterious things we put in our mouths as kids all helped develop our immune systems. Doctors and other smart people finally are figuring out that life in a bubble doesn’t necessarily work out so well.

    I got a special kick out of seeing Charlie respond once his friend got old enough to truly play with him. That pair is going to have a life-long bond.

    • Linda, the life bond is my assessment as well. I hope the parents keep taking the videos as they grow up together. I know folks too that would not let their baby near a cat or dog. The child is missing out on a lot and the parents as well.

      I’m so glad that you had not seen the Charlie video. I always think about Steve Gingold when ever I see “beagle.” He and Mary Beth are now up to their fourth beagle. They always get a rescue and that is especially rewarding.

  19. Lucky beagle lucky baby lucky mommy lucky daddy lucky us!

    Sending you warm gentle hugs and good juju πŸ’•

    • Dr. Laura, you are so sweet. Thank you for the good juju. I really need it. You are right, on all accounts about your assessment of the beagle and the video. It does give one a warm fuzzy and furry feeling. Everybody should be able to own a dog and feel the love but that is an impossible scenario. Thank you for commenting. You are appreciated and I admire you very much.

      Best regards,
      Yvonne x

  20. Well now, you know what I think of Charlie and most any other beagle. They are the sweetest and most wonderful dogs. Thanks for sharing this, Yvonne.

    I certainly do hope you feel like posting more…not just for us, although we do miss them, but that would mean you are feeling better with a higher spirit. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Steve. You are a sweetheart and I had you in mind when I first came across the vid months ago. Beagles are wonderful dogs and I can not see how anyone would not like to have a beagle. For some odd reason, no beagle has ever crossed my path in need of rescue.

      I hope that soon I will be up to snuff but depression has had its ugly grip on me for some time now. Then I got physically ill and that compounds the situation. But I eventually crawl out of the pits. πŸ™‚

      • I feel your pain, Yvonne. Although we are all different and what we experience is unique to each, I go through periods of depression too. When you see me away from the blog that’s a good sign. For some reason, I don’t react the same to Facebook. Initially I tried seeing a psychiatrist (around 2003) because I wasn’t having much luck dealing with it by myself, but all he did was prescribe drugs. It’s funny how the possible side effects all say they can make your depression worse. That didn’t happen but it didn’t help either. After years of absence I came back to nature photography and that did wonders for me. I still have my bouts, but they are much easier to handle now.
        I hope you are able to “crawl out of the pits” soon and start to enjoy yourself more. Kind of hard with all that’s going on but life can be full of drama most of the time and the trick, at least for most, is to find something else to put in front and make a smile. πŸ™‚

        • Steve, I had no idea that depression has been a cloud over your head years back and that you have dealt with it as well. I’ve had it since my early twenties and it has completely knocked me down several times in my life. Only one med (Wellbutrin) has worked for me and I can’t take it with the afib meds because of unfavorable interactions. But when I was working I managed to go to work and act as if nothing were wrong because I was helping other people. The past year it was my son to worry about and manage his affairs. He is now vastly improved except he also has depression and it was compounded by the TBI. He can work maybe 2 hours doing minimal things and then his brain tires. His back just can’t take much strain and vice versa. Even riding the lawn mower puts him in bed for days. He is self sufficient and drives and has a loyal girlfriend. Since August my worries have been my sister and it has been more difficult than dealing with my son’s problems. Medicaid is giving me and the bookkeeper at the care home, a fit. One little bank statement has been sent two times showing where I closed her savings and moved the money over to checking so that I didn’t need to keep writing checks on two accounts in order to get below $2,000. I had a mere $34,000 to spend down (on my sis) you can’t give it away) We filed for Medicaid January 1st and here it is three months later and they are still hedging. We put her home in a Lady Bird deed in order to protect her property from confiscation by the care home or the government.

          Application to Medicaid is mind boggling. I saw no less than 4 so called Medicaid people and that included (2) Medicaid offices in this town.

          Thank you for the advice about getting out and doing something to enjoy. Hopefully, I can get enough energy to get that better camera and lens before my health completely breaks.

        • Geez, Yvonne. That’s all so awful to have to deal with. Your a better person than I. Even though in many cases the person can’t help themselves depending on their illness, I am not sure I’d stick with it as you have. It’s hard to believe that she appreciates your efforts for her-even subconsciously. My worries seem pretty insignificant compared to what you are dealing with.

        • Steve, I am ok with it all if I am feeling up to snuff. But things do wear on a body after a prolonged period of time. I’m ok and did not mean to sound like a constant whiner. I’m going to delete parts of the long rely to you. It’s too much. πŸ™‚

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