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Birds for Yvonne By “All Downhill From Here”

Andrew Hardacre has been a good blogging friend since 2011 or 2012- just not sure what year I began following and loving his beautiful photography and exceptional writing ability. I hope the few folks that are still following me will hop on over and have a gander at some of Andrew’s posts and marvelous photos. If you like or love birds, I guarantee that you’ll be entertained.

I still can not access my photos in my new W10 computer.I have no motivation for a post Maybe in the future I can find a tech to remedy the situation. I do have some in my WP gallery so perhaps I can create a post from some of those.

All downhill from here

I don’t do as much bird photography these days. I don’t like the standard since I gave up heavy tripods and long lenses. Everything is a compromise so I just do my best and accept the body is weak even if the spirit is willing. Nevertheless I promised Yvonne I would post some bird shots and here goes:

Starting with Dusky Thrush, taken locally last month.

Turdus eunomus - Dusky Thrush

Verditer Flycatcher, taken in Malaysia in October

Verditer Flycatcher - male

Dark-sided Flycatcher – actually not too bad because the bird was happy for me to approach to within a few metres

Dark-sided Flycatcher

Bull-headed Shrike, another local long stayer

Lanius bucephalus - Bull-headed Shrike

And last but not least Streaked Spiderhunter from my Malaysian (mothing) trip

Arachnothera magna

Oh go on then, one more – Sultan Tit. I struggled to see this species for ages but typically once I had seen one I found them everywhere!

Sultan Tit

Happy 2020, Yvonne.

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