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Saving Miley: A Dog Living in a Trash Dump.

This is a, must watch feel good video, about how a dog heals from abandonment and disease and then how she looks 10 months later in her adoptive home. If you’ve got a heart for dogs, this video will make you cry and be overcome with joy.

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Abandonded Dog in Compton. Calif. Severe Neglect. A Happy Ending

This is another Eldad Hagar rescue video. Eldad is a special person who is gifted for working with animals. I’ve admired his work for a number of years. Please donate to his non-profit foundation “Hope for Paws” You can type in Hope for Paws on Google and also find a huge number of rescue videos on You Tube, Flickr, and Face Book.

I am no longer astonished to see or read about the cruelty and abandonment of dogs and cats. This rescue grabbed my heart- not sure why. All of Hagar’s rescues are heart wrenching and heart grabbing. This is just one of the many truly inspiring and unforgettable rescues. This poor little dog lived with fur so matted it probably weighed almost as much as he did at the time of his rescue.

He was named Theo by Annie Hart of Bill’s Foundation and I think the name fits this little dog. He became a totally different dog in just 2 weeks time. I hope you’ll take the time to view this video.

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Pit Bull Rescue by Hope For Paws (Eldad Hagar)

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Some of you, if not all of you, know about the horrendous things done to Pit Bulls. This is another example of animal abuse. Generally it is not the breed that makes a dog aggressive, it is the people who have no feelings for animals. Pit Bulls are as you know are used in underground dog fighting rings. Large sums of money pass through the hands of the dog fighters and the people who bet on the dogs. Eldad Hagar believes Cadence was used as a bait dog.

I cried as I watched this sweet dog get a second chance for a life that I’m sure she had never known. What a wonderful rescue from a life of abuse. Either the dog got away or had been dumped for not being aggressive enough. Also, she had some extremely bad injuries and this makes the animal expendable and of no further use. What ever the case, lady luck smiled on her when she was seen by some very kind people who contacted Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws.