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Pets And Grief February 11, 2012 12:27am


I spoke with Dr. D. last evening and she said that she just would not look at the poem that I wrote in 1999 and posted as a blog. She had an original that I had sent to her and she wondered how she had lost the poem. I told her that I had hand written several thinking that I wanted to preserve my hard work.

She does not want to talk about Athena the cat and Holly the Border Collie, that I mentioned in a post titled My Dog Marley. She was miserable for a long time after the death of each of those very special pets. Holly and Athena were a stabilizing force  when ever things were not so good.  It is just too sad for her at times. She tries not to think about her dearest pets that have left this earth. There are lots of special stories about Holly and Athena and someday I will write about them.

I also have been very sad when a pet dies or one that was euthanized. I can barely look at their photos without crying. Some pets are just like that. We just never get over their death but yet we should realize that a dog or cat simply does not have a long life. That is the reality one must face when getting a pet. Losing a young pet from an injury, illness, or one that disappears is still something that I can not digest. A pet that lives a long life is a different matter, at least for me.  I cried over those as well and I still think about them with much sadness. I am very grateful for the time spent with any pet that was a significant part of my life.

A few of my pets are very special to me and they are getting on in age. The special ones are all past 10 years old. I have already begun to feel the sting of pain in my heart when I think about how much time I will have with them.

 After the loss of a pet and if you have love to spare, another pet will find a place in your heart. Somehow, somewhere and sometime in the most unexpected way. That is how Marley came into Dr. D’s life. She was walking in her neighborhood when she found an abandoned puppy. The first pet story that I wrote for this web site was about her finding a puppy that she named Marley who is now about 10 or 11 years old. Dr. D did not bond with Marley for almost a year because she just did not want to love another dog in the way she loved Holly.

A peculiar thing happens when one of my pets die. Invariably, a dog or cat will show up at my home as if to replace the departed pet. I’ve often wondered about that. I have no explanation for there is none. I just accept the dog or cat that comes my way and give the new one a place in my heart.

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Blogger Frustrations: February 7, 2012 6:37pm

Dr D. suggested that her site just does not generate viewers in the same manner as a regular blog. Her clients are looking for a mobile vet, euthanasia, etc. I have mulled that over  a number of times and then began reading other blogs- such as the Pet Roll Blog, the numerous blogs powered by Blogger, WordPress and so on. Individuals that are posting from other web hosts/sponsors get a fair amount of traffic and some of them get an  un-told amount of traffic. But these are superb blogs.

One blog that I discovered via someone who blogs via Blogger listed as one of their favorites- Margaret and Helen. Folks if you have not read that blog you have truly missed some really, really funny stuff. This is one great blog that does not post pictures. There is no need. The lady that does virtually most of the blogging is funny f-u-n-n-y!

Am I complaining- as a matter of fact, of am. As I see it one has to more or less advertise themselves by linking to other sites- something that I am adverse to doing. But, if I continue to try to write a blog this is the skinny of how to attract readers. Oh yes, I almost forgot in my doddering mind, to remember I am 74 years and I should be celebrating that I am still alive and active

My only consulation is that at least or I think, that a spammer is better than no one viewing this site. One spammer complained that the (last or should I say past),  were not written in my usual style. He seems to think I can do better than what I have been writing. I had no idea that I actually have better posts. In my own deluded mind I think all of the previously written posts have been about the same. Not really good but not really bad. I’ve read blogs that are simply blah, I mean really blah. Even those people get comments from viewers.

Actually, and it is apparent , I am not a writer- I just put something on the screen and call it a post. But since my writing has gotten so bad- among other things in my life, I have been kicked to the curb by a dear friend of about 55 years because she took offense of my complaining about old age cartoons that I asked her not to send anymore (via email). I wrote to her that I did not see anything funny about most of them. I really think that cartoons of older people or photographs of old people doing something that is supposed to be humerous or just plain stupid is an exploitation of the elderly. She wrote me back that she celebrates her age. What? Does she have a party every day when she finds she can still get out of bed? She further told me that she is not ashamed of her age. I did not not write her that I am ashamed of my age or that I try to hide my age. Lord I wish I could hide my age but there is no way to hide an entire body.

As an aside, in my favor, I was working full time at a very stressful job and keeping up with much younger women, until 20 months ago. The only reason that I stopped working was because my husband was very ill and he wanted to be at home. But I managed to get in not quite 35 years, working for the U.S. government when I quit a very good paying job.

Getting back to old age.  Allow me to voice my feelings about old age. I have never hidden the fact that I am 74 years old- I feel it is a miracle that I got this far. I made it somehow in spite of myself. (I wrote some of these thoughts back to my ex-friend in California.) Apparently she did not find my comments amusing for she did not recant her note to me that she would no longer be in touch with me.

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Rocket, The Border Collie -15 years Old is Now in Renal Failure



Rocket in his favorite place- the electric cart
Rocket in late afternoon sun. 2011
Rocket. Pic taken after diagnosis of kidney failure.

That dreaded condition has now hit my truly special Border Collie, Rocket. There is not a whole lot one can do about the kidneys slowly failing. There are a few things that one can do that will extend a pets life. Dr Daniel prescribed Phoslo which inhibits the absorption of phosphorus.  Too much phosphorus in the system “fries” the kidneys that much faster. There is one other med to inhibit the absorption and I will ask Dr. D. about it. I called quite a few pharmacies in the town where I live and only one pharmacy, a privately owned pharmacy (not a chain pharmacy) said that “they” could/would obtain the drug for me.

I disguised the huge capsule in a pill pocket and gave it to Rocket as he ate a low protein diet that Dr. Daniel prescribed.  The food is called NF  made by the  Nestle Purina company. Dr. D. had it “dropped shipped” to me by UPS. I got the food within 2 days time. Rocket prefers the canned but at times I give him the nuggets that I have softened in hot water. I add just a tad of canned cat food so that he will eat which ever one I decide to feed him. I switch it around for the dry food lasts longer and there is more food for the money.

Unfortunately the Phoslo did not agree with Rocket. I even opened the cap to try to guess-timate emptying half of the med drain the drain. The cut in half dose did not work either. He completely lost his appetite and energy as well. I tried 2 different times and each time it was the same reaction.

The other medications consists of B12 and B complex injections  every 3 days to keep his appetite and energy going. The vitamins are also supposed to help the kidneys out some- I read that some place- actually it was an add in Veterinary Practice magazine/journal. I need to look at that ad again and ask Dr. D about it. The med, I think contained several things to help out the kidneys.

And last but not least, I give Rocket 250ml of Ringer’s Lactate subcutaneously every day. He has more energy than he did a month or so ago. Probably the B vitamins are helping with energy and appetite.  And the fluids are helping as well.

Rocket was a rescue of sorts. His humans were giving him away because they were moving to a golf course. He had been given to three different individuals when I stepped in to give him a permanent home 8 years ago. He was a scared dog by the time I got him and he came with a few issues. We have worked on his problems but a few still remain. I don’t mind his problems at all. For the most part, I can control his actions so that his issues are actually pretty minor. I did not expect a perfect dog- I just wanted to give him a home, love, and help him adjust to a new way of life.  

As I type this post he is at my feet under the kitchen table. He generally goes where I go and sleeps in his bed beside my bed. He readily comes when called.  I consider him a very good boy and I love him dearly.

I don’t know how long I can keep him going but I am hoping for at least a year.  That might be an unreasonable time but I can only hope and pray.

I’m posting some of pictures of Rocket. I think they are pretty good. Wish they were better. I am aiming to take some”formal” pictures of him in a few days. I’ll use a solid back drop or a wall of one of the small sheds on our property for the “formal”  and more posed photos of him.

Post and photography Yvonne


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