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The Dogs At Play (click on photos to enlarge)

I was off to a good start and then I don’t know what I did but then things went downhill  fast. But I don’t give up easily and I  WILL MASTER THIS IMAGE THING FOR A SLIDE SHOW. I think.   The Australian cattle dog plays rough. She goes for the hindquarters on the labs. Puppy the bobtail border collie x Australian shepherd  (he was born with a short tail) manages to play but yet is agile enough to not get in the thick of things. Kippy the little short brown and white dog merely observes. He is smart not to put himself in the midst of all the biting. The black and white border collie merely stood  ( he died in June, 2012 -age 13 1/2 years)  aside as if he were bored.   Photographs and post: Yvonne

Puppy: “I’m dog tired. I quit.’