Little Girl That Feeds The Crows

I found this one by “surfing” You Tube. I love birds and really like crows. I’ve observed those that come to my feeders and the bird bath. At certain times of the year, they leave sticks and small rocks in the water but I believe these are used as tools to pulverize the meat, acorns, or corn according to whatever I happen to feed them. Thus far I’ve not had a chance to watch them at length since I am either too busy or fatigued from the afib meds that I take. This video is a bit long, about 5 minutes or a bit more. I hope you find it interesting and maybe educational.

To digress a bit, I hope to get back to posting at least every two weeks or weekly maybe. I have more than 50 posts in draft form that need some polishing and some I will delete. In the meantime I have tried to keep up with the bloggers that I faithfully follow.                                                 .

My son has improved considerably but his MDs want him to enter inpatient rehab to improve his speech and motivation as well as well self-esteem.Texas pays for inpatient rehab for TBI patients that have no insurance. I wish that all states had this program.



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79 thoughts on “Little Girl That Feeds The Crows

  1. Lynda says:

    Yvonne, I had seen this little girl on the local news and was amazed by her devotion to them and surprised at their response to her! 😀

    I just found out about your son and hope that by now he is well on the road to recovery. What an ordeal for him to go through and for you as his mother. I am so sorry.

    • Thank you , Lynda and I’m sorry to be so late replying to your comment. My son, Danny is pretty much recovered from his near fatal injury. How ever, depression and back pain are two aspects that won’t go away. His speech impediment although slight, remains as well. I’m not sure if he will be picked up again for the coming year by Baylor’s speech department. He went last year and I was told that he did well and was very high functioning. I have hope that at some point, he’ll cope much better with his injury. He bemoans the fact that he is not able to work for more than an hour or so. Using a riding lawn mower tires him and it takes several days to get some strength back. He goes to the gym to work out but that tires him as well. Thus far anti depressants are not an option because the meds cause to many side effects.

      Thank you for your kind words, Lynda. You are appreciated.

  2. reocochran says:

    I hope your son feels better and things improve in your life, Yvonne.
    I think it is so kind of you to provide clean water and this film was so good and fascinating.

    • Thank you Robin for your kind words. You really need not try to comment in order to catch up with me. You are the first person following me that has done so. But I do appreciate your comments very much. It seems that I have not been true to what I had written, hoping to post every couple of weeks or so. I continue in a state of flux with depression keeping me unmotivated. And my sis had a stroke toward the end of July 2016 and that put me in a tail spin and I have yet to find my feet. Nursing homes and Medicaid are a trial by fire and I mean this- really. I should do a post about Medicaid and all of its intricacies. Medicaid has kept me awake at night and there is more about it than I can share here. My son is doing ok now and drives but most likely will never be the same. His mind is intact and so is his body but he says his brain gets very tired after he attempts a job for more than and hour or two.

  3. This is a wonderful and heartfelt story. As an animal lover I can totally relate…so many people today still think of themselves as superior beings to animals, and do not realise or understand that they are sentient beings. I love stories that highlight these facts. Thank you.

    • Peta, I’m so glad that you liked the crow video. I found it fascinating. With your compassion for animals I well imagine that you have had some interesting experiences with all sorts of animals. Now that you are in Southeast Asia I’m sure you are seeing magnificent animals and birds that are creatures of splendor. Thank you for your thoughts. I too, believe animals and birds are sentient beings. Regards, Yvonne

  4. I hope you and your son are feeling better. I will be praying for you. Enjoyed your article.

  5. Yvonne, I was worried about you, so went looking. I’m sorry to say I wasn’t aware until now of the problems your son is having, and how that must alter your own day-to-day. Please take good care of yourself, and know that I’m thinking of you, even when I’m too busy or too lazy to write. Best wishes!

    • My goodness, Cindy I am terribly sorry and I see your comment goes all the way back to August. I am terrible but in my defense I have only commented on blogs that have followed me for a long time. I simply could not keep up anymore I always appreciate when you are able to squeeze in a comment. I have been reading your posts- just not commenting. Depression has been my enemy after my sis had a stroke in late July. It has been hard for me to keep up with her spend down for Medicaid and I didn’t get good advice until I was almost out of money. I have been very angry about that but oh well I had to get over it because it was consuming me.

      • So glad to know you’re okay, Yvonne. Depression can be a terrible burden, and it sounds like you’ve had plenty of troubles to warrant it. Please take care.

        • Cindy I am living as of this moment and if stress and depression don’t kill me, I might live to see 90 or at least that is what I’m hoping for. I can’t take the one, anti depressant that works for me because it is not compatible with the heart meds that I take. I just fumble and bumble my way and some days are bad but I am hoping that soon all will be better. Thank you for your concern. I appreciate you.

  6. chatou11 says:

    Hello Yvonne, first of all I am happy that your son is getting better but of course there is a long way to go. I wish him all the best. Sorry that you feel so tired with this afib meds. Take great care of yourself.
    I love crows too and I enjoyed the video very much. It is a nice story between this little girls and the crows. Thank you as I did not know they left some “gifts” in the feeders as mine feed themselves and don’t come in the feeders. The return of the camera lens is so amazing. And I like to think it is a fairy tail story.

    All my best from France

    • Oh my Chantal. It is a long time since you commented and I am so sorry. I’ve been rather depressed and lacking motivation. I hope that you understand. I think in one of the other replies to you that I mentioned my son is doing pretty good over all. With God’s blessings he has made an amazing recovery other than a miner speech impediment and some gaps at times in short term memory. It will soon be a year since the accident and I thank God for sparing his life. Thank you for being so loyal and concerned regarding my son. Hugs from Texas, Yvonne xxxx

  7. Yvonne – It’s always a joy to read your posts. Your love of all God’s animals comes through in your writing in such a way I’ve never seen before.
    I read in awe the many responses to your latest post. You are indeed loved and that includes by me.
    I’m happy you encouraged me to get another rescue after I lost my Miss Priss. I really thought I wouldn’t but then along came the perfect opportunity a week before Tom went into the hospital for 3 months. Bailey and I have really bonded and I’m not sure what I would have done without him.
    Bailey is excellent with Tom and if I go outside and Tom needs something, Bailey jumps onto my desk and barks loud enough for me to hear. That’s the only time he barks – when Tom needs something.
    Take care and be oh so gentle with yourself.

    • Dear Sheri, you are so busy, I know with Tom and, you need not knock yourself out to comment here. I know that I have not been able to keep up with some of your posts but I do read them.

      It makes me happy to read that you got another dog which makes such a difference in one’s life. You were so fortunate to get Bailey who sounds like he quickly, on his own, became a therapy dog. How wonderful is that? I hope you can do a post about Bailey and how he became a wonderful part of your small family. It is amazing how he looks after Tom. He sounds like a precious little dog. Hugs to you, Yvonne

      • Photos of Bailey being cropped and edited so I can post them soon!! I luv you; therefore I respond when I’m at the keyboard and can respond.

        • Sheri, I look forward to seeing photos of Bailey. I can imagine that he is a crown jewel living among two individuals, each with distinct needs but who both adore dogs.

        • Yvonne, I read another response from you somewhere in my feed but can’t seem to put my fingers on it now. I understand all too well that you’ve been to hell and back far too many times. It seems to be the fate of too many caregivers. I thank my blessings everyday that Tom is not tempermental although at times he’s so depressed it scares me. You deserve a crown for conquering Medicaid and yes, I understand all you had to go through to get where you are. Your sister hasn’t a clue as to how lucky she is to have you. I helped a loved one with the Medicaid experience and it was pure hell getting all the numbers to balance.
          Please, please give yourself a big hug for me. I’m glad you aren’t going to take the guff from your sister. Sounds like she’s not trying particularly hard to entertain herself and you deserve your own life. Take care my dear friend and I’ve cropped the pictures of Bailey and you’ll see our little prince in my next blog after the 1st of the year. Love to you.

        • Haha Sheri, don’t know if I can manage to hug myself but would like to slug myself for having been so stupid and waited too long to get the proper advice about Medicaid. I could have bought a vehicle in my sis’s name for the 30k she had in savings had I seen a Medicaid expert early on. But I was in shock and in despair. I really could have used that vehicle but oh well, maybe I just needed to keep driving 2 old trucks. It’ll all come out in the wash. I am eager to see pics of Bailey- I just know he is beyond cute and a prize for you and Tom.

  8. Kathy says:

    It’s nice to see that you are blogging again, Yvonne. And that your son is continuing to improve. I have seen a video about this girl before–this one is a little different. Amazing to see! It makes you think of crows and ravens in a new light…

    • Kathy, I see that I must apologize to many folks for not replying but I imagine or I hope that you understand my plight. I stay very busy and when I do get a break I am too tired and lacking motivation to even look at my blog. I hope this coming year will get better. When I posted the video I had qualms about doing so as I thought that folks had probably seen it from a few years ago.. Thank you for taking time to comment and I promise to do better next time. I hope you and Barry had a nice Christmas. I’ve been thinking of you and that you likely had or have gone to see your mom in Florida. Take care dear Kathy and stay warm.

  9. How smart is that, using sticks and things to crush their food – a most plausible hypothesis. You have as many post drafts as I do! Well, a lot of mine are ideas. All you can do is take it one day at a time with Danny. Take care of yourself, Y.

    • Hello Diana and thank you for taking time to visit. I think I have missed a number of your posts and I’m sorry that I have. I hope to keep up better in the near future. Your posts are profound and meaningful and sometimes when I’m tired and rushed I’ll just read but not comment because I’m lazy and it takes time for me to TRY TO WRITE a comment that best suits what you have written. I am slow and not a good typist at all. So that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. “smile”

      You are right about one day at a time. My son’s healing can’t be rushed except to ensure that his therapies continue.

      Thanks Diana for caring and for commenting. Yvonne

      • This comment board is supposed to be about YOU. Goodness! Apology not accepted with none warranted. And in fact, I think you’ve kept up perfectly, as Life has not enabled me to post. And I thought I might toss a light one out next time. Enjoy your blogging!

        Light and love,

  10. First of all I’m glad to hear that your son is making an improvement, Yvonne. I’m so lucky that here in the UK we have free health care for life. I really do hope your son takes the opportunity to have the rehabilitation.

    I would also like to say thank you for still taking the time to visit Say It With A Camera, despite everything that is going on in your life.

    As to the crows, they are very intelligent birds and recent studies have shown that they can solve tasks better than 3-4 year olds. I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that crows will count the number of people entering a nesting area, If they don’t see the same amount of people leave they will continue with alarm calls until they do.

    • Thank you Mike for the kind words. It’s a pleasure to visit your blog and see your incredible photography of Wales. I am always thoroughly entertained by the wonderful pictures. It’s my pleasure to visit and comment.

      I had no idea that crows can count but just maybe their eyesight is exceedingly keen and they can see a person that is still near the nest. On the other hand since they are so smart I don’t doubt that they can count.

      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. You are appreciated.

  11. Lottie Nevin says:

    SOOOOOOO good to have you back at your blog and what a wonderful, heart-warming story you’ve shared with us, Thank You! It really is the sweetest tale. Crows are incredibly clever, they have a fantastic intelligence. Pete used to have one as a pet which rode round on his bicycle with him. They were inseperable.

    I’m very relieved to hear that Danny is improving and it is great news that he is getting help from the state. You’ve both been on my mind a lot and I often wonder how you are and how hard is must be for you coping with everything. You are a truly remarkable woman, Yvonne and I salute you. Much love xoxo

    • Aah, Lottie you are so nice to take the time to comment. With all the building going on, stress of making sure that it all goes as you and Pete want, is enough to put a person to bed. I know that you are short of time and probably energy as well.

      I bet that was a sight to see with Pete as a young man/boy riding around with his pet crow on his bicycle. I wonder if he has any photos of those days?

      My son goes for another interview with the rehab commission August 2nd. I will be going with him to try to make sure he is still willing to go. I need prayers for him so that he will go to rehab. He is lazy and wants to spend almost all day in bed but the injury has affected his motivation and intensified his depressive tendencies.

      I don’t think there is anything remarkable about me. I’m just being myself and a mother who loves her kiddos with all her heart. You’d do the same. Of course it has been a bit hard since I’m pushing 80 years old. I have run on sheer adrenaline back in the winter and spring. I’d come home so tired from having to motivate him, drive him to the hospital where he was getting speech therapy and, then listen to him moan and complain that he was not allowed to drive and that he had lost everything. It took sheer grit and determination not to give in and let him have his truck so that he could drive. I let him drive several times and he drove really good. No problems with spatial perception or side vision. Excellent judgement. MDs will not approve driving because he can’t pass the cognition test and frankly I’m afraid that he never will. He has short term memory problems particularly when stressed and the therapist is timing him. Frankly some of that stuff is hard. He also has ADD. Not sure if I could pass those kinds of tests. 🙂
      Anyhow, I want to write you a letter but I really am lazy. I must get on a horse and get busy somehow.

      Sending love and hugs,
      Yvonne xoxo

  12. So fabulous to have you back here in the blogging world! You’ve been such a wonderful follower and comment-er on my blog- means so much.I’m so glad your son is healing. You’re an amazing mom. The crows prove the intelligence of and in nature, if we just watch and listen. And learn. 💚

    • Hello Pamela. I somehow overlooked your comment and saw that there was one left to address. I’m sorry to be so tardy in replying. I appreciate you as well. Pam, I so enjoy your posts. You are quite adept at getting your story told in an interesting and concise manner.

      Nature is, as you have written a marvelous teacher. I live in the city but I have an added bonus to live on an acre with lots of native trees and shrubbery thus enabling me to watch and learn. I consider myself blessed.

  13. Littlesundog says:

    I am so happy for this update, especially that Danny is improving! Your resilience through all of this is inspiring, Yvonne.

    Crows are one of my favorites in the woodlands, though we don’t see many of them the last 3 or 4 years, and I’m not sure why. Instinctively, I believe environmental toxins and debris are much to blame for the downfall of many species of birds and mammals. It is good to know there are people out there who love, care for and protect both domestic and wild critters.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Lori. I fight some days to keep my head above water but I push through with lots of pep talk to myself. This summer is some better since his girlfriend is out of school. She goes back to teaching in the fall and I’ll be driving him again unless by some miracle he gets approved to drive. Danny can drive but doctors say he is not cognitively ready. I’ve let him drive several times and he is a great driver. He is very sharp and sees things way ahead of time that I don’t see sometimes.

      Anyhoo, some years I hardly see a crow. Last year they started coming when I put corn in the feeders and this year a pair have been coming with their two offspring. Maybe they move around for what ever reason? I’ve wondered why at times I don’t see them. Right now they and the squirrels are having a field day in my fig trees. I learned from a friend that red fox urine bought at Gander Mountain works to repel squirrels. I called another friend with whom I share my figs and we have soaked cotton balls, put into medicine bottles that have drilled holes and hung the bottles in the fig trees. We did that yesterday and today Can’t tell yet if it is keeping the squirrels away or not. I really hope so. Our city is over populated with squirrels. I often think about you and the squirrels that you have raised.

      • Littlesundog says:

        We find here that much of the wildlife population is cyclical in its arrival and populations. When the foxes are here the rabbit and squirrel population dies back, and when the weeds are plentiful around us, the birds arrive and winter over in larger quantities. I think it is all about food availability, vegetation, and perhaps even weather conditions.

        I watched a pair of crows raise one baby a few years back. It was interesting… And slow. I read that it may be two years before a young crow is ready for independence, but even then, crows are a family/flock bird. They can be overwhelming in population here during years where the pecan crop is magnificent.

        You are a wonderful and resilient person. I admire your pluck and gumption in life. I know you struggle at times, but I also know you are thankful to be able to do what you can for Danny… Not to mention your efforts in rescue. I am proud to call you my friend! 🙂

        • Lori you ae such a jewel and I am proud to call you my friend as well. I think you are right about the availability of food for the wildlife. It just makes sense. That’s what our ancestors of ages ago did. They were hunters and gathers and moved around with the seasons and what they could find to eat. Hunters and gathers. I like the title for the long ago native Indians.

          I can well imagine the crows swarming in for the pecans in a good year. But they sure can eat up nuts and fruit quickly. I don’t think they are nearly as bad as the squirrels which I love so much. I just can’t have them eating all my fruit that I freeze and eat throughout the year. So far the red fox urine is working and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it continues to keep them at bay.

  14. Val says:

    Great video, Yvonne. Crows are very intelligent birds, as I’ve discovered from Russell and Velcrow. That said, neither of them have brought us any presents (apart from poo…)
    Glad your son’s doing better and I’m sorry you’re still so very tired… me, too, though different reasons.

    • Hello Val. It’s so good to hear from you. I still do not get your notices but I will work at going over to you blog tonight. I’ll just click on your blog name. I forget to check on you and I hope you know that I’m not hitting on all four cylinders for the past year or more. I owe you an email and that will be forth coming soon, I hope.

      I adore the names, Russell and Velcrow. Cleaver very clever.

      I hope you are soon feeling better. It’s a beotch to feel so tired. I try but perhaps it’s my body that’s feeling its age. 🙂

  15. I am glad that Danny continues to improve and is getting the therapy that will help with his recovery, Yvonne. I am sure he probably would just as soon not have to do it but it is a proven benefit.
    I am glad too to see that you are going to be blogging again as you have the time.

    Crows are indeed amazing and quite smart…smarter than credited and, in some ways, smarter than some humans. This video sure does shine as an example of that.

    • Steve, I agree with you that crows are often smarted than humans because they know when to be wary and know how to use various objects as tools. Some people never figure out how to get from A to B but crows use their brain. Ravens are thought to be smarter than crows but they of course, are all in the same family.

      Thanks for the kind words for Danny. I do hope to get into a better routine. Blogging and cross word puzzles helps with brain exercise. I have a fear of senility and work to keep my little ole mind going.

      • Same here, Yvonne. Alzheimer’s/dementia runs in the family so I am just a bit worried about that too.

        • Ooh I should say so. Eat lots of foods that are high in antioxidants. I eat about a pint of blueberries every day. I buy a huge amount each year when they are coming in from Canada and the Northwest. Those are sweet and plump.

          I’ve even bought an upright freezer this year just so I can have, I hope blueberries every day. I will need to get about 200 hundred pints at $2 each (that is cheap). I’ll also store for my son too. So I reckon the freezer will be filled with blueberries, figs, and persimmons.

        • When Mary Beth and I first moved in together, we lived in a small house in Shutesbury…the same town where i photograph “Murphy Falls” and the Painted Trillium. She would come home after a tough day on the job and go over to a field full of low bush blueberries which she would bring home and fill our little refrigerator freezer. It caused us to buy a freezer just for them and to have some room for other stuff.
          We have them every day, although only a 1/4 cup, in our cereal for breakfast. In addition I add raspberries and, when in season, fresh strawberries. We have a lot of vegetables in our meals. I think wine has a lot of anti-oxidants too, but I am not able to have any due to the diabetes. Bummer, eh?

        • Oh boy that’s great that you are in blueberry country. I hope the berries are a good price since you live in a state where they grow. It’s good to know that you all have a freezer as well. It surely makes a difference in what one eats on a daily basis.

          I too eat lots of vegetables. I love fresh ones and the local HEB grocery has great tasting frozen veggies (HEB brand). I steam my vegetables and it really makes a difference in the taste when cooked with steam and therefore doesn’t lose much in taste and or nutrients.

  16. Just Rod says:

    Lovely video Yvonne. Good to see you back. Our crows are huge and very noisy, especially when they have young. Very territorial. We have only seen one brave the birdbath. He/she had trouble fitting in. We can’t have a feeding tray because of the bears.

    Hope all works out well for your son.

    Looking forward to your next post.

  17. Midwestern Plant Girl says:

    Lovely post, Yvonne!
    The video was amazing, and the return of the lens cap really would have freaked me out 😉 Crows are such magnificent creatures. Maybe they were leaving you gifts in your bath?
    I still send warm thoughts to you for your son. I can’t imagine the depression he is feeling. It will be a great thing if he just goes into the program. And the fact he was able to get charity for it is… well, priceless. I thought this is how the new healthcare was going to work, but now I just pay 3x more and still owe bills 😝
    Blogging is my therapy (Mostly). I can immerse myself into writing and not think about bad things. No time to. I also look at it as my portfolio for the future, when I try to crack the freelance world.
    I love your choice of topics and have always loved reading your posts. Looking forward to reading yours more often!
    Take care, my friend!

    • Ilex, thank you so much for your kind wishes for my son. I just hope that he will go to rehab. You are so correct re: being made a charity case. I’ve been thinking that my son being given charity is the hospital’s way of thinking that they’d never be able to recoup the money since he has none and you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip as they say. At any rate, I am grateful and thankful for the hospital’s generosity. They could have hounded him and or me for years to come and it never would have ended once it goes to collections.

      I agree with you that insurance is so expensive but you are screwed and tattooed without coverage which in many cases, doesn’t cut it you’re not a healthy individual. I have insurance that I got as a federal employee and it is very good. In addition I have Medicare which is not cheap because I’m being penalized 30% of the total amount because I failed to sign up with Medicare until 3 years after I retired. The penalty stays in effect until I die. I think that is unfair but oh well. Two insurance policies pay very well.

      If you write I think that you will do very well. I see that you are gifted in what ever you do. I wish that you would expand your blog and write more about what your work, etc.

      I don’t think the crows were leaving me gifts because I saw them picking up the rocks to pulverize the meat. (I should have included that tidbit but forgot). I’m sure they used the sticks for something. Possibly softening them for nest building in the spring. There are no sticks now and they still drink from the bird bath.

      Thanks so much for dropping in and commenting. Best regards, Yvonne

      • Midwestern Plant Girl says:

        Wow! I didn’t realize the poopy situation with Medicare. Gesh, they should have been happy that you waited and didn’t use it early.
        I asked for charity from a hospital once for a small bill of $4,000. They actually recalculated my bill to $800.
        Makes you wonder what they really should be billing. 😣
        Thank you for the writing compliments! 😚
        I will be trying to write more “wordy” posts than the photos. It’s just a tad hard when the OT is needed at work. I’ve got some in the hopper 😃

        • Hmmm I like the fact that your bill was recalculated. That’s a staggering difference. Of course we know that hospitals try to make a profit in some way because employees and running the hospital requires money. No one can work for free. Pharmaceutical and insurance companies are punching the American people in the gut. No other country charges for meds like the US companies. Everything is much cheaper in Canada which is one country that comes to mind.

          Medicare which is part of Social security, I think, is unfair in penalizing me 10% for each year that I did not sign up. I can’t figure out the justification but then I’m just a peon. It’s my own fault but I had no idea about all that. I was supposed to sign up when I turned 65 or after I retired. But my husband was slowing dying and then I had to go to court to become administrator of my own dang property. Settling the estate took 2 years and I was plenty crazy then from the stress. Our marriage was not quite 47 years when my husband died.

        • Midwestern Plant Girl says:

          Of course my bill was taken as a tax break for the hospital. I do get that there are employees and bills to pay, it’s just why the crazy, expensiveness of them!
          Another crazy thing going through the government right now is the TPP or Trans-pacific partnership. Many folks think its just a trade thing between nations, if someone has even heard of it at all. Gov is keeping it a bit on the down-low. However, there is a small tid-bit riding in this about copyrights and if this passes, many generic drugs will be banned because of the copyright law. How about that? Our gov is so awesome =-(
          Sorry to hear of the whole issue with your husband & the owning of your own property. WTHeck!?! That’s crazy!!!

        • No generic meds will mean we we’ll be glued and royally tattooed 0r vice versa.

          The estate thing was because their was no will which actually was to my advantage for in Texas the spouse is entitled to 1/2 assets and can get a lawyer to fight for her property rights. A long marriage was to my advantage because my money went into acquiring what ever property we had.

        • Midwestern Plant Girl says:

          Holy bananas! Not that we have a whole lot, but better get a will written for the hubby!

        • Absolutely get that will. I don’t know about surviving spouse laws in your state but you had better find out and then get a will that can’t be changed. I am lucky to live in Texas where, even if there is no will, the spouse is entitled to 1/2 of the estate and or more. I had an expert attorney who told me off the bat that it was imperative to seek administrator since my step daughter had beat me to the punch and had already filed for admin. My two step kids wanted my house and just about everything. I helped pay for it and I worked 35 years, therefore all that was configured into the settlement. As my attorney put it, “you came out of all this mess smelling like a rose.” My two kids, by my husband of 47 years and my two step children each got a sizable monetary portion and it was a very good one. To put it lightly, I went through two years of hell. My daughter got sick and then a year later I got sick. I think stress and fear almost killed me.

        • Midwestern Plant Girl says:

          Ouch. Big ouch.
          Up here the spouse is the #1 receiver of ALL assets. I am 99% on that. My dad and his new wife made prenuptial agreement to have his stuff go to us and her stuff go to her kids. Good thing they are about equal in the bank department.
          We have no kids and everything has both our names on it. It would be hard for someone to swoop in on the $15 we share between us 😉😉

        • That’s good news about all of you. Not the $15 dollars- which I know good and well you have more than $15 bucks. Kiddiing or not kidding say I. 🙂

        • Midwestern Plant Girl says:

          Yes. The dogs are worth more than that 😄 ha ha ha!

  18. Welcome back dear Yvonne, so good to read you again. Thank you for taking the time – and energy – to write about such a lovely and touching story. I am very happy also that your son’s health is improving, very grateful indeed. Please give him my best wishes.

    Crows are indeed amazing creatures. Some years ago my next door neighbor had a cat who was a real hunter. One day he caught a crow. My friend found the bird and buried him. Next day several crows flew around her house and especially in front of her kitchen window hitting it with their beak. Day after day the same routine went on and she got a bit frightened. She did not know what to make of this : either the crows were angry with her because of her cat’s deed or they were thankful that she had buried him ? In any case after a few weeks the visit of the crows ceased. It is true that crows watch us all the time, I feel their eyes on me wherever I am in the garden or especially near the “compost box”:)

    Take good care of you, dear Yvonne. Thinking of you and your son.

    • Hello Isa and thank you for commenting and for the good wishes and kind words. I do tell him what my blogging friends say ahd he is happy to know that others care.

      The story of your neighbor’s experience with the crows is quite amazing. I’ve never heard of anything like that either.

      I don’t have lots of crows that come to my yard. At various times there appears to be one family or maybe two that come to drink and or eat. I stop feeding in the summer because the squirrels invade to steal about half of my figs plus eat all the grain that they can consume.

      The crows in your compost pile are perhaps looking for worms, grubs, moles or, mice maybe. That is interesting as well. Don’t think that the crows here watch me. 🙂 They are stealing figs fast and furious just like the squirrels. Best regards, Yvonne

  19. Great to see you on your blog again Yvonne 🙂 Appreciate you having taken the time to visit and comment on mine with all that is going on in your life. Sometimes a break is good. We need to focus on the here and now as well as virtuality. Good to hear about Danny’s progress. Fingers and all eight paws crossed for more improvement. 🐾🐾🐾🐾

    • Hello Ms Gib and thank you for the kind words. I appreciate your visit and comment very much. Love the paw symbols. I will have to learn how you did that. Perfect for dog owners. I’m sending high fives to your best pals, Snowy and I think, her name is Tosca. I hope I got that right.

  20. shoreacres says:

    I’ve known about crows’ fondness for shiny objects, but I’ve never seen anything like this. The return of the camera lens cover was the most remarkable. That’s pure intention. I did have a raccoon mother who brought her babies to the house to be admired, three years in a row. There’s no question that was intentional, because she had to carry them, one at a time, up a tree to the balcony of my second story apartment. Then, she’d scratch at the door until I came and looked, and admired. After a time, she’d carry them back down the tree. one at a time. There was nothing accidental about that.

    I’m glad to see you, and glad for the update on your son. I hope the new programs help him. There are some good ones available, and it sounds like he’s already been profiting from them. How’s his mobility? Is he able to get around independently?

    • Linda, your story 0f the raccoon bringing her babies is remarkable to say the least. I would have been honored if I had been you. I hope you had a camera then and got some photos but I really hope that you will write about the once in a lifetime experience and share your story on your blog. I am in anticipation already to read your wonderful way with words.

      My son, Danny is not yet in the rehab program that the state funds. He was not keen on it back in May and June and then he later said he would go and now he’s again vacillating about going. His girlfriend and I and his sister will attempt to keep the pressure on him. The program, is intensive and the clients live at the facility. I have already spoken to one of the “chiefs” (for lack of a better word) and we hope to visit the one in Dripping Springs which is about 20 miles or so from Danny’s sister. It’s called Mentis Neuro Health and the new funding for new clients is expected sometime in mid to late August.

      Danny is fully mobile and has no balance issues or paralysis. He is blessed or lucky or both. I am thankful and grateful. Many folks were praying for him. I call him the miracle man because his type of head injury, according to his neuro surgeon, does not have a good prognosis. Only about 10-15% survive and if they do there are pretty severe deficits. Danny does not. He is sharp with excellent long term memory and short term needs some improvement but overall it’s not really bad. The neuro psychologist said his cognition needs improvement. Honestly, my son has never been one that likes to read and his depression causes poor concentration. Because he is lacking in the cognitive area they will not approve him to drive. I have let him drive maybe 5-7 times and he is an excellent driver. When I drive him to therapy he is sharper than I am and tells me way ahead of time to “slow down, watch out, there’s a stop sign ahead and you better slow down.” Linda, that’s it in a nutshell or maybe a large bowl. Thanks for your interest and concern. I hope you know that I appreciate your cyber friendship. Yvonne

  21. Sybil N says:

    Welcome back kiddo. I’ve never seen that sort of crow behaviour. Heard about it — but never seen it.

    I hope your son receives the help he needs. You are travelling a difficult road. Consider yourself hugged.

    We so take for granted our free healthcare here in Canada. We complain about it and the gaps in our system but flawed as it is, I’m glad we’ve got it.

    • Sybil it’s lovely to see your comment and thank you for coming by. While I’m at it, I just want to mention again that I have not been able for some time now, to comment on your blog. Do I need to be a member of your circle or have an account with Google Plus? I have tried to get an account with Google plus but for some reason I could not do that either.

      My son goes to speech therapy once weekly and the people in charge hope to get it back to 2-3 times weekly after this session is finished. He was finally approved by his neuro surgeon for physical therapy for his back and shoulders. He had a fusion of T10 and T11. Beginning PT last week has already helped his back some but he complains of pain all the time. He only takes Motrin for pain. He is getting free therapy because the hospital made him a charity case. There was no way we could have paid his bill which was close to $300,000. That bill does not include about 7 MDs, radiology and pathology.

      Indeed Canadians are fortunate to have health care even if it’s lacking in several areas. I voted for Obama but he and the democrats messed up with Obamacare. None the less, I’m still a liberal and will not change my opinion of the other party. Yvonne

  22. Yvonne, great little video and lovely to hear from you. The very best of wishes to your son, and to you!

  23. I enjoyed this video and am puzzled why the birds take those items of rocks and stick to the feeder. Perhaps they are trying to make the feeder look like a creek with water flowing over the stones. Who knows? Thank you for this lovely video. It gladdens the heart.

    • Hi Gerard. Maybe you are correct about the crows. But their behavior is not the same during the year. Right now I’m not feeding because they are robbing my fig trees along with the squirrels. 🙂 But they come for a drink at the bird bath which had flowing water. I must fill it each day with fresh water after rinsing it out.

  24. So good to see you back in cyberville. Fingers and paws crossed that your son’s program helps. Wonderful video. That little girl is a crow whisperer. Never seen anything like that. Be well my friend.

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