Need info for “Easy” Editing Video Software

Mira, saved as a tiny kitten from euthanasia by Dr.D.

Mira, saved as a tiny kitten from euthanasia by Dr. D.

Lisa  with 15 year old, Marley. Lisa found Marley as a tiny puppy in her neighborhood.

Lisa with 15 year old, Marley. Lisa found Marley as a tiny puppy in her neighborhood.

Hope, saved from euthanasia

Hope, saved from euthanasia

Kit Kat is Lisa’s cat that she saved as a tiny kitten while working at an Austin clinic.

Elkie, attacked by dogs. Saved from euthanasia

Elkie, attacked by dogs. Saved from euthanasia

Note to the good folks who “follow” me. I have been terribly busy and have not had the time to properly reply to comments on the post prior to this one. I hope to get to those soon.

I have had several ill cats and lost one of my favorites 2 weeks ago. She was 15 years old but possibly older. I treated/nursed her for 4 weeks and carried her around like a baby. I sat outdoors with her so she could enjoy the sun, the wind and all the sounds of nature and, then at the end learned she had cancer. Anyhow save your sympathies. I’ll do a post about Meri later- at some point in time. To note: I have 8 cats on meds and or sub cu fluids. They are all old just like me. My animals are either keeping me alive or killing me before my time. REALLY!

Getting to the crux of this post. I need advice from some of the smart folks that know computers, videos, You Tube, etc. and who can advice me about an “easy to edit” video software program.

You need not comment unless you feel compelled to do so.

I’ve had to cut my time on WP. Now and then I go to FB but it sure is crazy on FB. Not sure that I like it over there. I have limited my friends because I can not see the trees for the forest with so many postings.

The young woman with the dog is my daughter Lisa, with her dog Marley, who is now 15 years old. All the cats were saved by Lisa when she worked at one very busy Austin vet clinic about 10 years or more ago. They were brought to the vet clinic as foundlings and all were doomed for euthanasia. Hope was approximately six months old, pregnant and unable to birth her kittens that had died inside the womb. Click on the link below for Hope’s story.

Cat photography by Yvonne Daniel. Photos are property of Yvonne Daniel and may not be copied or reproduced.

Photograph of Lisa with her dog Marley was taken by her neighbor.

Note: I have written Part I about all her pets except Mira. If my health continues to improve I hope to finish all the pet’s stories.

46 thoughts on “Need info for “Easy” Editing Video Software

  1. Ralph says:

    Hi Yvonne πŸ˜€
    I have to ask you to ask your vet daughter if she knows how to help Sandra’s guinea pig. Sandra blogs and lives in Exeter, SW England and the vets there are stumped ! Thank you my friend. Ralph x

    • Hello, Ralph. I thought to look in the spam folder and found your comment. But by now you have received my reply to your question via email. I shall be paying attention to the spam folder from now on. Take care.

      Best regards, Yvonne

      • Ralph says:

        Thank you so much for trying Yvonne. I know that Sandra was pleased with your response, even though a cure for Snow is not on the table.
        Yes, Akismet went really funny the other day and I had loads of comments from different bloggers in my dashboard spam. It’s all seems to be okay now, as I hope yours will be.
        I hope you have a lovely week and your family illnesses are improving.
        Ralph xox ❀

        • Ralph, thank you. I really do hope that Sandra finds a cure for her Guinea pig. They are sweet little critters. I used to work with a RN from Peru. The guinea pigs are found in the mountains. etc. She said Peruvians eat them and that they are delicious. My stomach felt queasy when she said that. I can’t imagine eating these sweet little fur balls. But then. in lots of countries folks eat horse meat and that really does disgust me.

  2. If you have a Mac, iMovie should already be on it. If it’s not already in the Dock, look in your Applications folder. It takes a bit of tinkering, like everything, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a blast. I caught a tarantula wasp waiting for an Appalachian forest tarantula that apparently has not yet been described, since I can’t find it in any of the spider literature, anyway the wasp had already stung the spider and was waiting for it to get all the way paralysed. It was doing this crazy victory dance. Then once the spider was satisfactorily paralyzed, the wasp grabbed hold of its head and hauled it away under a shed, where it would deposit her eggs in the poor spider’s abdomen. The wasp children would then feed on the spider’s innards (mind you, the spider is still quite conscious, until it dies from being devoured from the inside out) and then the wasp babies chew their way out of the spider carcass and go their way. So I edited this video and put some scary music and text on it. It’s pretty funny! It’s on YouTube somewhere.

    • Gory huh? I will look for it when things settle down in my life. I don’t have a mac. Just a measly HP. My daughter has a mac and she says the mac has been difficult. She and I are technically challenged. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for following me.

  3. I have no advice on video editing software! But I’m afraid I cannot hold my sympathy over the loss of your Meri. My heart goes out to you. For some of us, our animals are part of our family. I’m also sorry to hear that your other feline family members are ailing. We all have lives that get filled up to the point where we aren’t able to blog or facebook or what-have-you. Life takes precedence over social media.

    That being said, I love your feline family portraits and I hope you get the answer you need on the video editing!

    • Thank you IK for your words of sympathy. I’m very appreciative and I also thank you for taking the time to have a look and to comment.

      I’m still very busy with old sick or, puny cats. At some point I need to get some posts out and in order to do that I suppose I’ll need to stop vising my favorite blogging sites. But it will be only temporary.

      Best regards,

  4. chatou11 says:

    Just a little hello here to have a look again at these nice pets.

    • Aah thank you, Chantal. I will soon begin working to get a post out. I haven’t been up to snuff and I’ve had and still have quite a few pets that need meds and RX diets. The special food is costing me an arm and leg. And, one of my computers has been down for over a week and my old HP Windows vista has had a mind of its own with intermittent internet connection. This morning it is running okay but could stop at any time. I apprecaite you taking the time to say hello. πŸ™‚

  5. hayley says:

    Beautiful photos Yvonne and I’m very sorry to hear about Meri. You’re very dedicated with your animal care. I’ve never gotten into videos for some reason but maybe we’ll see the end results of your enquiries at some stage? πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Haley for the kind words. I think of Meri every day but I still have her buddy, Baby who has feline asthma. Baby was diagnosed about 2 months before Meri died. Baby is doing reasonably well on Prednisolone and Flixotide, which is an inhaler used to treat asthma.

      Maybe at some point I will do some video but I will need to get a pretty decent video camera. I think some of my animals could make for interesting viewing. πŸ™‚

      • hayley says:

        If it’s Flixotide then I used to use that myself – I hadn’t heard of feline asthma though!

        • Yes, sorry that I misspelled it.(I’ve corrected since) Oddly enough, the med was shipped from a pharmacy in New Zealand. I get it very cheap through Planet Drugs Direct, Winnipeg, Canada. who contract with pharmaceutical companies from other countries. I get THREE inhalers for about $110 bucks if memory serves me correctly. The meds sometimes go through Germany, Great Britain, etc. The brand name of Flixotide is Flovent, I think. Here, at a local pharmacy, ONE inhaler costs $220 smackers. Big pharma here in the states is ripping us off. In my humble opinion that is pure greed and corruption and I blame the US government for allowing its citizens to be robbed.

        • hayley says:

          Wow I can’t believe that cost!!! That’s horrendous.

        • Yes maam. That’s the USA for you. A huge company’s motto is” Sock it to the poor devils.” πŸ™‚

  6. chatou11 says:

    I am so sorry Yvonne you lost one of your kitty. You must be very sad. All the pictures are beautiful and I went to read Hope’s story. It’s a wonderful story and Lisa did good job with the kitties she saved.. Love the picture of Lisa and Marley.
    I wish the best for you, Yvonne, take care.

    Big hug,

    • Thank you, Chantal, for the kind words and for reading Hope’s story which I “hope” to finish at some point.

      Take care, Chantal. You are so very nice and much appreciated.

  7. Ralph says:

    Hi Yvonne. I use LoiLoScope2 on my laptop. Needs a little practice, but it is easy to get the hang of. I have no idea whether it’s any good for smartphones πŸ˜€ ❀

    • Thank you, Ralph. Actually the smart phone will not be used for photographing. My daughter bought one of those small video cameras and she has related to me that she likes it. It is a matter of getting a "user friendly" editing tool for her pc. I will send her the info that you have written here.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting and providing the editing info. Maybe she can use it.

  8. I see love and caring and compassion in these photos. They made me feel good. Thank goodness there are people like you and your daughter out there. Thank you!

    • Thank you, Pam for the lovely comment. I’m sorry this such a late reply. I’ve been very busy and somewhat “down in the mouth” which is slang for depressed. I’m a bit better but have not felt like replying nor doing a post. I’m trying keep up with the posts of the bloggers that I follow. πŸ™‚

  9. Great photos and love knowing the cats are all rescues. You and your daughter are ever so special. You must be exhausted from giving medication at all times of the day and night.

    • Hello, Sheri and thank you for commenting. So sorry to be so late replying. Thank you for the lovely comment. I’m managing to keep all the cats and dogs medicated and I’ve improved somewhat with better organization. I get to bed about 10:30pm most nights. I rest for 2-3 hours in the afternoon almost every day.

      • Yvonne – There’s never a need to apologize to me. Your creatures are your first priority and they well should be and along with the animals, you must take care of yourself.
        We only have my shih tzu now and since putting Scooter down, she’s failing fast. Yes, she’s 18 but she knows Scooter is gone and I’m ever so worried about her. I’ve loved that little dog and she’s a piece of my heart. I see the sadness in her face and her little body is giving up on her. It was only May when the vet gave her a clean bill of health. My heart breaks.

        • Dear Sheri, I am so sorry that Scooter is not getting along very well. I wonder if a new older and very sweet dog would pull her out of her current state. It is true that often pets miss the other one in the household. Maybe you could rescue a needy and sweet little dog that was surrendered by some family who was moving or whose owner died. That would be a wondrous save and it might just help Scooter. I know you must be miserable to watch her decline. I’ve been there many times and it pains “the heart.”

        • Tom and I have talked about adopting another older rescue for Miss Priss. We have a local shih tzu rescue shelter that looks for permanent homes for older dogs. You actually have the dog as your own but the shelter maintains the responsibility of having all the vet bills. That would leave us with the monthly grooming cost plus food, etc.

          Their offer is a good one because you never have to worry about what will happen to the pet when you can no longer care for them. The shelter takes the pet back.

          My concern at the present time is my own health. I have a number of issues right now of my own. Because I have to do everything, I’m not sure I can handle a 2nd dog right now. Yet, Miss Priss might come around if I went ahead a bit the bullet! I can’t stand to see her so sad.

        • Sheri, I can’t of course tell you what to do. But an older dog is house broken and you just need to put out feed and watch her while she “potties.” But if your health is that bad then you do what is best for you.

  10. shoreacres says:

    I’ve done some video editing, and actually posted one video I made on my blog, but I don’t know anything about Macs. Mine was done with Windows Movie Maker. It was a little tedious, but not difficult at all. I suspect if I did it again, it would be easier. Of course, that’s “old” technology now. I don’t have one of those smart phones, or any of that, but I haven’t yet felt limited by the lack.

    The photos of the kitties are beautiful. I laughed at Elkie — that expression is fairly common around here. When Dixie Rose is displeased, that’s exactly how she looks.

    I was on Facebook for a few weeks, though I never did anything with it — not a single post. I’ve been gone for years. I’m still on Twitter, but I’m thinking of leaving there, too. Even though I’m careful of who I follow, and don’t tweet much myself, there’s a good bit of nastiness and stupidity abroad in that land. And, as you say, the time required is considerable, and I can put it to better use.

    I’m sorry for the loss of a favorite kitty, too. It’s never an easy thing, but we do what we can.

    • Linda, please accept my apology fro being so late in answering your comment re: video editing. My daughter bought a cheap video camera from Amazon but I have yet to get one. Everything that you have ever done on your blog has been super good. I remember the video but not what it was about. I know that is awfully dumb of me but then it comes naturally for me to remember some things and other things pass over my head.

      Thank you for your response. I appreciate your support. I’ve had a rough summer and now I need to somehow get some posts out soon. πŸ™‚

  11. sybil says:

    All those marvellous pets saved. You and your daughter are wonderful.

    I have no clue about video editing. Didn’t even know it was doable for the average person. Kudos to you for trying …

    Wishing you and your daughter health and happiness.

    BTW I am on F.B. and find it a bit overwhelming too …

    • Hi Sybil and thanks for the thoughtful and lovely comments. I don’t know about being wonderful so much as having a heart that is too soft.

      Actually I have no ambition to try the video thing- it is Lisa who wants to give it a whirl but so far I’ve not gotten an answer but will go to Mr Google to see what I can see. πŸ™‚

      I’m glad that I’m not the only one who finds FB a bit troubling and that’s for lack of a better word. I have yet to figure out how all these folks have so much free time to hunt for all the stuff that they post. There is no way that I can possibly read or sift through the posts that some of my friends with most of them acquaintances put there. One person, not long ago, wrote that she wondered if anyone was reading her stuff or paying attention. I had to laugh at that little jewel. For some reason these folks seem to think they’ve got to put religious and feel good messages on there just about every day. Oh well….


  12. Andrew says:

    I am so happy that things have improved for you both Yvonne. I don’t do video so I can’t help with the technical stuff. The pets all look very content and Lisa has a wonderful smile. Lovely lady. I wish you both even better times ahead.

    • Andrew, I very much appreciate your thoughtful and complimentary good wishes. I too hope that both of us can continue to make progress and get stronger. It’s a slow process but at least we are both moving forward.

      Thank you for taking the time to visit and read the post.

      Best regards.

  13. A great story of survival of both the four feeted ones and the humans. Hope that all your friends stay well and hale. Thank you for this great post and stay well.

    • Aaah, Gerard you are so kind. Thanks for the lovely comment. Yes, my daughter is doing some better and so am I. Getting a bit stronger bit but bit since stopping the blood thinners.

      My daughter’s pets are all aged too but thus far they are getting along pretty good. Most of mine are rocking along in decent health but need help with meds and extra fluids for two of them right now.

  14. Lottie Nevin says:

    Yvonne, I’d love to help you out but I’m really hopeless with anything to do with software or computers. I hope some one clever will come to your aid soon. Lisa’s cats look beautiful and so healthy! I’m sorry that your poorly kitty died – I know how hard you worked to keep her comfortable and fed. Please don’t bother replying to this comment, you’ve got your hands full enough as it is. Sending big hugs from the animal madhouse here xxxxx

    • Lottie, you are a dear as always and I appreciate so much. Thank you for the words of sympathy. I will try and I stress TRY, to email you soon. FB is nice for short private messages but it’s not the same as a nice long email.

      If you get a few more pets you’ll be knee deep in fur and feathers. I don’t have a bird anymore, my ring-neck dove lived to be about 26 years old maybe more. I miss her sweet cooing. I had a large cage built just for her comfort when she was dumped on me about 1984-5. She was in a tiny cage that was placed under a tree in our front yard.

      Mucho hugs,

  15. The only video I’ve done is with my phone at waterfalls and the one you saw of Murphy, Yvonne. No editing. I wish I could help you and Lisa with your search. I am very impressed that Lisa is continuing your good work helping animals who need care and a home.

    • Thanks Steve for taking the time to comment. It seems that no one has an answer but to be honest, I was afraid that none of my regular followers would have any information. I’ll Google to try to find something that maybe Lisa can use. I’ve not the time to create a video but I surely wish that I could. Lisa’s iphone does video but it simply does not have more than a few seconds of recording and one can not tell much of a story with something that is only about 30-40 seconds.

      The cats and the dog in this post were all rescued by Lisa more than 10 years ago. All her animals are getting older too.

  16. Littlesundog says:

    Yvonne, your pet portrait photography is just great! You do marvelous work capturing the essence of these “saved” beings. I appreciate all of the work you do, caring for those who were lost, homeless and injured. And, I am sorry about your recent loss. It is so hard to say goodbye to those who touch our hearts the deepest. Sending an embrace of comfort and love to you, Yvonne.

    • Hi Lori and thanks for reading and commenting and the nice compliment. I try my hardest to be a good pet caretaker. I’m not sure if we can, at any time, call ourselves owners but in essence we are owners. I think our animals belong to the world and we are merely caretakers.

      I appreciate your words of sympathy. You are so thoughtful and kind. And thank you for the out pouring of love and comfort.

      I very much appreciate you, as well. You do such an excellent job of rehabbing the orphans and providing habitat as a refuge for those that come to eat, drink and/or, to find safety and shelter.


  17. Midwestern Plant Girl says:

    Sorry I have no advice for MAC video editing. Luckily my phone has an app that does it quite easily.
    I understand the time required to write and keep touch with other bloggers that I stick with WP. Although I share a FB and twitter with my posts, I never sign in and see what’s going on. Too crazy on those sights.
    Thank you for saving all these furry cuties! I think there are no better pets than one from a shelter. 🐢🐱

    • Thanks for replying, Ilex. I think Lisa’s phone is an Iphone but she is not going to use the video part on the phone. The videos are very short and do not download very well. Plus the phone has very limited storage capability. She got a cheap video camera for $65 but I don’t know yet how well it works.

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