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Charlie the Beagle and the Baby He Loves

I am way delinquent in posting anything in my blog. Another video is all I’m up for at this time. There are plenty of posts over in that drafty spot but I have no motivation to edit any. Hopefully one day I will suddenly arise from a state of mind that I would not wish on an enemy.

Charlie the beagle is one of my favorites and I have watched probably ten times. It makes me cry every time I watch the lovely video. The little dogs’ devotion gets to me. If only people were this nice to each other.

Most likely my followers have seen this some place before and I apologize for being lazy.




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Things A Dog Lover Should Not Forget (video)

I saw this on Face Book and perhaps many of you have previously seen this video. I think it’s well done and the music is not bad. You might even shed a tear or two if you love dogs as much as many of the bloggers that I follow on Word Press.                Video is below.


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Forced to Take a Semi Break For Awhile.

Just a short note to the folks whose posts I comment on routinely. I’ve been commenting sort of here and there. I hope to be back soon but it could be longer. I’ll not go into much detail here. Shortly after 12mn of New Year’s eve my son was riding his ATV on gravel. He hit a rut and the vehicle rolled over with him underneath. Two men who were there lifted the ATV off him. He was in ICU for 21 days, the orthopedic unit for 4 days and he is now in rehab. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, four fractured ribs and, a fracture of T 11.  He developed aspiration pneumonia  and afib while in ICU.

I think there was an angel riding on his shoulder that night. He is making progress and his long term memory is pretty good. He has some speaking problems but with speech therapy he is progressing. Whether he returns to normal or near normal remains an unanswered question.


My son had/has many friends who have been very concerned and very kind. I’m grateful that so many folks from his past remembered my son as one who was always IMG_2374 (2)so nice and so friendly. He’s not been as successful as most of them but that did not seem to matter to all who have known Danny.

At some point in time I’ll write about the ordeal and how dangerous an ATV can be.

Thanks to Rod Sprange  ( (a good blogging friend) for the prayers and the prayer list. I’m very grateful.



Yvonne D.



Need info for “Easy” Editing Video Software

Mira, saved as a tiny kitten from euthanasia by Dr.D.

Mira, saved as a tiny kitten from euthanasia by Dr. D.

Lisa  with 15 year old, Marley. Lisa found Marley as a tiny puppy in her neighborhood.

Lisa with 15 year old, Marley. Lisa found Marley as a tiny puppy in her neighborhood.

Hope, saved from euthanasia

Hope, saved from euthanasia

Kit Kat is Lisa’s cat that she saved as a tiny kitten while working at an Austin clinic.

Elkie, attacked by dogs. Saved from euthanasia

Elkie, attacked by dogs. Saved from euthanasia

Note to the good folks who “follow” me. I have been terribly busy and have not had the time to properly reply to comments on the post prior to this one. I hope to get to those soon.

I have had several ill cats and lost one of my favorites 2 weeks ago. She was 15 years old but possibly older. I treated/nursed her for 4 weeks and carried her around like a baby. I sat outdoors with her so she could enjoy the sun, the wind and all the sounds of nature and, then at the end learned she had cancer. Anyhow save your sympathies. I’ll do a post about Meri later- at some point in time. To note: I have 8 cats on meds and or sub cu fluids. They are all old just like me. My animals are either keeping me alive or killing me before my time. REALLY!

Getting to the crux of this post. I need advice from some of the smart folks that know computers, videos, You Tube, etc. and who can advice me about an “easy to edit” video software program.

You need not comment unless you feel compelled to do so.

I’ve had to cut my time on WP. Now and then I go to FB but it sure is crazy on FB. Not sure that I like it over there. I have limited my friends because I can not see the trees for the forest with so many postings.

The young woman with the dog is my daughter Lisa, with her dog Marley, who is now 15 years old. All the cats were saved by Lisa when she worked at one very busy Austin vet clinic about 10 years or more ago. They were brought to the vet clinic as foundlings and all were doomed for euthanasia. Hope was approximately six months old, pregnant and unable to birth her kittens that had died inside the womb. Click on the link below for Hope’s story.

Cat photography by Yvonne Daniel. Photos are property of Yvonne Daniel and may not be copied or reproduced.

Photograph of Lisa with her dog Marley was taken by her neighbor.

Note: I have written Part I about all her pets except Mira. If my health continues to improve I hope to finish all the pet’s stories.

For St. Patrick’s Day: An Irish Prayer

The Irish prayer is below these two photos.

Lots of wildlife on this ranch that includes deer, wild hogs, turkey, racoon,possum, fox, rabbit, squirrel, several species of snakes. There are many species of birds and too many to name here. My son hunts on this property and the ranch lady gave me a tour of her spread. I don't advocate hunting but my husband was a dyed in the wool waterfowl hunter. Hunting was instilled in our son at a young age. I'm trying to convert him to hunt with a camera.This past year he went to the ranch to sit and think and to watch the wildlife.

Lots of wildlife on this ranch that includes deer, wild hogs, turkey, racoon, possum, fox, rabbit, squirrel, coyote and, bobcat. There are many species of birds and too many to name here. My son hunts on this property and the ranch lady gave me a tour of her spread. I don’t advocate hunting but my husband was a dyed in the wool waterfowl hunter. Hunting was instilled in our son at a young age. I’m, trying to convert him to hunt with a camera. This past year he went to the ranch to sit and to think and to watch the wildlife.

Mexican plum that I transplanted as a sapling from the woods beside my property before 25 acres or so were "planted" with apartments. "They" removed every cotton picking tree . It was a sad time for me and I cried as the bulldozers wrecked havoc. But now I have several large plum trees and many saplings.The trees provide a nectar source for bees and early butterflies if the weather is warm. Mexican plum that I transplanted as a sapling from the woods beside my property before 25 acres or so were “planted” with apartments. “They” removed every cotton picking tree . It was a sad time for me and I cried as the bulldozers wrecked havoc. But now I have several large plum trees and many saplings.The trees provide a nectar source for bees and early butterflies if the weather is warm.

A change of pace. In honor or St Patrick’s Day this is a poem that I found. I could not find an author to credit for these very wise words of advice.

My husband was of Irish and English decent. I reckon Daniel is after all a pretty good Irish name.

For “greenery” I’m putting forth a “very green” photo of a McLennan county ranch creek. This photo is from late summer of 2012.

An Irish Prayer (author unknown)

Take time to work,

It is the price of success,

Take time to think,

It is the source of power.

Take time to play,

It is the secret of perpetual youth.

Take time to read,

It is the foundation of wisdom.

Take time to be friendly,

It is the road to happiness.

Take time to love and be loved,

It is the privilege of the gods.

Take time to share,

Life is too short to be selfish.

Take time to laugh,

Laughter is the music of the soul.

Author unknown

Photos From the Past

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Val of “Arty Ole Bird” is my good blogging friend who lives in Wales. She sent me the link to the WordPress Gallery instructions on how to do this gallery. I honestly did not know if I could make it work or not but I have found that I was lucky. Val is a http and Word Press genius. I owe her a huge debt of gratitude for being such a good friend. She is super funny and very gracious.

The link with instructions is here:

These are all old photos taken eons ago. My children’s pic is quite faded and I think the original was slide film. Just don’t remember what was what when I took about 10 photos to the local camera store to be scanned to CD about two years ago. All of these are faded.

The photo of my Dad in the blue denim overalls was taken about 1984-5. That photo won a blue ribbon and I’ve been asked for copies of that one by several individuals. This is not a very good repro of it and I wish that I could show the pic as an original.

The photos of the cats in the window of the farm house back porch are all listing to one side. I suppose by now you can see I’ve always had a problem with “listing to one side or the other.” 🙂

Gracie came to live with me after my Dad died. She lived to be 17-18 years old. There is a story about Gracie that I’ll write some day if I live long enough. Gracie had a very interesting life, escape wise, and I hope I can do justice to her story.

Meetzie died at about age 4 and was most likely eaten by coyotes. That was a very sad day for my mother. She loved her little tortie so much.

Graybaby, came from the farm also. Meetzie might have been Graybaby’s mother, not sure. Bibble as my son Danny often called Graybaby lived to about age 14. The photo of Graybaby won a blue ribbon as well. I really like that one. I shot the “good pics” using two stobes (flash) or speed lights as I think they are now called with one flash bounced from an umbrella. I did all my pet photos without any assistance. It was really lots of work that called for infinite patience. I’m able to still get some decent ones using two flash heads and an umbrella. The amount of work required is exhausting but I am grateful that I can still produce a decent photo.

The caption on my son’s photo is obscured. Danny was about 15 years old in this pic. The little dog’s name was Andy, short for Andrew. When ever Andy was a bit of trouble I resorted to calling him Andrew. Andy was one of the smartest dogs that we were fortunate to have as part of our family. My son adored Andy and that little dog acted as if the sun rose and set in his human. Andy was 14 years old when he went to doggie heaven.

I’ve cried as I remember. And, while most of the pets lived to be old or really old, I think of my parents and the love they had for their pets. Of course, I remember the pets that were so important to my children as they were growing up. Pets and other animals and birds were and still are extremely important in the lives of my children. Each of my children continue to have dogs and cats in the household so it is not just their mother who has a love for the furry ones. 🙂

Post and photographs ~yvonne~

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What’s Age Got to do With it? or How to lose a Dear Friend in One Email

Many moons ago “A” and I became friends in school. Other students in school simply ignored her existence. That was eons ago and “A” was the only Hispanic student in a school of about 80 students. About midway through high school “A’s” father became a ranch foreman for a wealthy doctor and she moved away. Later we connected again as we both entered a Catholic school of nursing. “A” was mild mannered, friendly and, smiled a lot. All the patients loved her and so did all our classmates.

We both moved on to individual paths with “A” living in California. She had met her future husband while in nursing school via a blind date while he was an airman stationed near our town.

In the ensuing years we kept in touch by letters. I saw her maybe 5 times when she still had parents living in central Texas.

Several years ago, she wrote me a letter to tell me what my friendship had meant to her. She wrote that I had been so nice to her in highschool, that it had meant so much and, that she had not forgotten. Getting that note meant a lot to me. For I never felt that I had done anything special. She was a very nice and kind person and that is why I liked her as a friend.

With the advent of the computer once in a while we exchanged an actual letter but otherwise “A” sent me cute photos of pets, animals, etc. her children, grandchildren, etc. She retired quite a few years before I finally threw in my towel.

From about 2000 -2011 she began sending emails that contained cartoons related to old people. Plus all the other crazies of poems and or thoughts related to old people. As we aged she seemed to dwell on the “funnies of the old.”

I began to wonder what appeared to be an attachment to the cartoons and writings related to the elderly. In my apparent distorted opinion all of these are supposedly amusing- as one gathers momentum toward one’s demise. In my biased opinion, I did not and do not need a reminder of aging. I also feel the cartoons were/are a mockery of the elderly and the infirm.

Initially the funnies were sort of funny but as the years began piling up and I was still working, I no longer found making fun of the elderly funny. Yes I just used “funny/fun” too many times. But on with the story.

There was one cartoon about an old woman named Maxine. And then there were others that read about being wealthy since we had silver in the hair, gold in the teeth and, titanium in our joints. Well I had gold in my teeth that was put there in my 20’s and some of those fillings are still good. (that might be another story).

So as the funny stuff continued to make the rounds of the Internet elderly crowd, “A” remained on a steady and unyielding course of sending any and all funnies that happened to land in her inbox.

So about four years ago I sent four subtle email requests to friends to please stop sending me cartoons devoted to the elderly. Three people understood my request. However, “A” continued on her hell bent path of sending what had obviously become her obsession with growing old.

Maybe this was her way of accepting old age. I did not and still do not find it amusing to make fun of the elderly, crippled, mentally challenged, etc. In my opinion it is abusive. But what do I know? Maybe I am biased and touchy about the subject.

In 2011 I had given a name to the elderly funnies that “A’ continued to send to me. I called them “The Age of The Aged.” A few actual email letters were exchanged. Her notes were spliced in among all of the forwarded “elderly funnies.” The forwarded funnies contained at least 20-25 names. Gee, I thought, she sure knows lots of people that are either old or really enjoy laughing about what happens to the elderly.

But- one day the funnies were arriving faster than I could limp to the kitchen on a knee that I had injured the previous year. I made my coffee and sat at the kitchen table to read my email. First rattle out of the box was another elderly funny. Only this one was a zinger. An old man in a wheelchair being pushed by a kid shorter than the back of the wheelchair. There was an accompanying “funny” caption about role reversal and how the shoe was now on the other foot or some sort of nonsense.

That put a damper on my day. Not only was I recovering from a knee injury but also an injury to the outer aspect of my left foot which I had badly bruised after jumping off the back steps to save time. Note. I still hop or skip steps to save “time.” Anyhow, that little ditty did it for me! Good and proper. Actually I think that was the day I had to increase my blood pressure medication.

That night I read again some of the things that “A” had sent me. As I read and re-read, I thought that I might have a coronary so what better way to appease one’s anger than to shoot off an email since I could not spout off at the mouth.

I carefully composed what I believed to be an innocuous email but this time it was not subtle. My note was to the point but I thought is was not a flagrant request to stop the craziness of the crazy funnies. I don’t remember my exact words but I had written carefully chosen words that I was sure would not go un-noticed.

By 2300 or 11:00pm if you prefer, there was an email from “A.” I don’t remember all of the words but one sentence was succinct. “You will not be hearing from me again from now on.” She then elaborated a fraction, more or less, depending on one’s perspective. To quote. “I celebrate my age. I am in control of life and “feel that I like my age” or maybe it was the other way around and she wrote “I feel my age.”

Oops! What have I done now? I made profuse apologies. I wrote that I was sorry for my gross lack of tactfulness. But as my words were virtually spit onto the screen I then went into overdrive. “It must be a shock to discover that your friend of 45 years or so is in reality a beach”- but I wrote the other “b” word and then ended the note. She did not reply and I sent no further emails her way. I thought of the outcome for several days. Initially I was dumbfounded, then angry, then philosophical.

I might write a part II to this re: my outlook on life and how life can be so deceiving. Will see how this one goes over. This post is longer than I had intended. I am remorseful. Actually!


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