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Comment Bar Not Showing: Problem Resolved via a Forum Member

I’ve posted my comment problem on the forum. Now I am going to see what happens with my old computer. Just want to see if the comment bar shows.

Update: 2/4/2015
From a forum member. Read below.

“Hi there. The comment box appears just fine on your most recent post, but not on older posts. Keep in mind that the option under Settings ->Discussion only applies to new posts.

To make the comment box appear for your already published posts, go to Posts ->All Posts in the classic dashboard ( and enable comments using the quick edit option. You can enable comments for all old posts at once via the bulk-edit feature.”

This link below:
( enable-disable-comments/#bulk-editing-comments



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Ads Appearing Here Are Not of my Choice

My new computer came today. It was a small hassle to set it up and it seems that by choosing Goggle chrome or else on the advice of the foreign tech support I now have these gross ads all over the place. I could barely understand the man. I asked him many times to repeat what he was telling me and his instructions were not very good. He seemed to be losing patience with me. I finally told him thanks and adios. And I was not yet finished with setting my computer up.

Now I must take my computer to either a repair person or a web master and get all of this mess undone. I don’t know if I can manage to get rid of the mess on my own. I am so peeved I am just about to have a stroke. I can’t deal with another foreign tech who also seemed not all that savvy about this computer.

On my agenda is downloading my photos from the external hard drive. Plus I have almost 400 photos on a chip that is still in my camera. Many photos need to be deleted.

When I purchased this HP computer via phone, I asked the sales woman if the techs would be American and she assured me that they would be. I am more than mad. In fact I am irate and would like to punch the lying woman’s “lights out.” (not really) Hewlett Packard will be hearing from me all the way to “whomver.” This computer is supposed to be high end and has a four and one-half star rating. But it has Windows 8 which is more than a pain to use. This version has all manner of glithes according to computer people. In fact I might just be sending it back. I have 21 days to return this contraption. Tech support is what has me more than ticked off!

For some reason I get into some crappy deals. Could it possibly be that I sound like an ignorant sucker? And, folks I am not joking here! Much! One day I will stop complaining and write a “real” post.


No Time to Reply to Comments. Thanks to All For Commenting.

Eves necklace. Grows happily as a small understory tree or in mostly full sun. . Blooms become long dangling back "beads." Indians made use of the beads.

Eves necklace. Grows happily as a small understory tree or in mostly full sun. Blooms become long dangling back “beads.” Indians used the beads for decoration.

Just a short note to let all the individuals that subscribe to my blog that I hope to have a computer in about 2 weeks give or take a week or two.

Thanks to all for commenting. I can go to a friend’s house who has kindly offered me the use of her computer for a few hours. I might be able to respond to comments then. I am so sorry that things are so out of sorts.

On a good note I sold a high-resolution pic to a horticulture mag and it ran in the February or March issue. (pic is Eve’s Necklace) I had not heard anything from the woman and was beginning to believe that I had been ripped off. The money is very little but I feel honored that she thought my pic was good enough for the Texas Horticulture magazine.

This pic just happened to be in my WP media library. This is not the pic that was used in the mag- unless it was cropped. Anyway this gives an idea of what this great little native looks like. I think the blossoms resemble sweet pea blooms.

I wish that I had had the sense to put more pics in WP media files. I have some there but most of those have already been shown in a post. I will look again at some point but can’t today. I have 20 minutes left on this computer.

I think that all my photos moved to the external hard drive but until I can down load I will not know if the drive removed all of them or not.


No computer. No Posts For Awhile

Custom design of my entry gate by me and fabricated by my son.

Custom design of my entry gate by me and fabricated by my son.

Just a photo to break up the boredom of this post.

My computer went belly up but I think I have all photos but not quite sure. Will take a while to replace computer since I am ordering from Costco via phone. Have not decided just which one to get.

I’m using library computer and time is limited to one hour. Stingy city library. My tax money helped build this thing. And oh yes. One can only use the computer once per day. Pretty crummy in my greedy opinion. 🙂

I can’t get around to commenting. I am sorry. And do not have time yet to reply to one comment on one of my posts. BUt will at some point.


An Idiotic Post With “Whin(e)- ing”

I have lots of posts in the pipe line and some have just a title in draft form. I don’t have the motivation to write since the blog is acting strange again. I can not get two lines of the kitchen sink. I’ll have to keep trying to see if this computer dummy can determine what has gone wrong (again).

The line for spell check refuses to show its face-maybe I have embarrassed my blog when I turned off the comments. 🙂

But my computer was acting up last evening in WP and in Yahoo mail. It froze up so often I was beginning to feel its chill.

A blogging friend tried to send me an email and it refused to leave California and my email to her refused to leave Texas. I always knew there was competion between California and Texas but this is a bit much.Yahoo and AOL are now mad at each other.

maybe I can blame all this on Rick Perry our Texas governor with the “big hair” and Italian made suits. He just had to go out west and monkey things up. It seems he was making a pitch to the young and bright minded to move to Texas seeing as how he wants to make Austin another Silicone Valley. How in the world does a city filled with hills become a valley?

I read he was pitching right and left handed, you know switch hitting. He told the gifted young-uns that Austin has low taxes, a stupendous housing market, and virtual center of culture.

I’ll let the good folks in California in on a little secret. There is no such thing as low taxes in Austin. I know better. My poor daughter lives in a little a rinkly-dink house (it isn’t leaning yet).The taxes for this past year totaled $4,000. I almost flipped my wig. Well not really. I still have my hair, it’s just not as big as Governor Perry’s- hair!

Anyhow, I’ll shut my fingers up and call this a night. Actually!

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A New Day and New Way

I’ve been thinking -yes the old girl can still think and possibly reason that blogging is more about I’ll scratch your blog if you scratch my blog sort of thing.

Then there are the people who I feel are being polite and really don’t have that much interest in reading and commenting about pets or other ramblings.

So why blog anyhow? Well, there are selfish reasons. It’s a good place to write about what I like. It’s a good place for me to critique my own efforts at photography, and so on.

The blogs and the pics have a home and I have downloaded to hard drive most of what is here. And I like to go back and I continue to edit over and over as I find misspelled words and duplicate words, etc.

I’ve tried to improve my writing skills but I can not even hit the tip of an ice berg compared to the blogs that I read. So to keep from feeling so dang inferior I have whittled blogs down to those I like and to those that I feel might actually read my posts sometimes-that is if they are not too much of a snob.

If I comment on your blog it will be because I feel that you are “human and accessible.” Not everyone leaves me with that impression.

I am a simple person with a simple purpose that possesses a simple mind. . I learned one fairly good skill in my long life. I can figure out sooner and or later if a person is genuine or not.

On one blog a young woman wrote that she thought the blogging world was all fake yet there she was bigger than life commenting and I see her name on other blogs that I have been reading. So, who is the fake person?

But all the above is merely idle chatter/writing. There will no longer be an option to comment. This way there is no obligation for anyone to comment and I won’t spend time thanking and replying. I feel we all win in this situation.

I had about 60 plus subscribers. Most I did not look for. But I whittled the list to twenty-two and unless I find a blog that is really good that list will remain or I might delete more.

Thank you all for stopping by and for leaving the nice comments. Now you can read or not and skip on to the next blog.

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The Problem With The Problem? Computer Challenged?

I had/have a problem with WordPress and my computer. I had h—  getting the Foundlings Four photos to work in a slide show the way that I intended. I worked and worked with the cotton-pickin pics for over an hour plus. I am apparently (aged) and (computer) challenged for I could not get the slide show to work as I wanted. So, when I have time, I need to practice again and again and again!!!!  The story below is rather long and detailed. Just skim over,  you won’t miss much. I need to work on some of these long stories  as well and condense -sort of like Readers’ Digest style or even less.

That old saying that less is better, I think  is true where blogs are concerned. But when I initially began writing these pet stories I had not intended them for Internet viewing. Pet stories were over in Word Process and my dear daughter suggested that I write a blog. She believed that I needed some kind of shock,  in the form of rentless suggesting to get over the shock of what my changed life was doing to me. The answer was grief therapy, in the form of writing. So she decided that blogging on her web site would help me tremendously. Well- it did to a degree. What she suggested created a monster in the form of an addiction. So any young people out there that are planning your parent/s activities be careful. You might get more than what you expected.
Now, my daughter says that all I do is blog writing,  editing photos, and piddling with my camera. What does this child of mine want me to do? I have thought of several answers and I am sorry but I am not the knitting kind.  I am not into social groups, wine tasting tours, travel, or card playing, I don’t like to rock unless it is to dance to “rock and roll.”  I no longer watch  TV and I am not a real social kind of person.  So if any if you out there care to offer some suggestions, fire away. So now my daughter says I have a problem. Well, I think I do. The perceived problem actually became a problem.
The Foundlings Four follows this brief interruption of irrelevant complaining.
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Blogger Frustrations: February 7, 2012 6:37pm

Dr D. suggested that her site just does not generate viewers in the same manner as a regular blog. Her clients are looking for a mobile vet, euthanasia, etc. I have mulled that over  a number of times and then began reading other blogs- such as the Pet Roll Blog, the numerous blogs powered by Blogger, WordPress and so on. Individuals that are posting from other web hosts/sponsors get a fair amount of traffic and some of them get an  un-told amount of traffic. But these are superb blogs.

One blog that I discovered via someone who blogs via Blogger listed as one of their favorites- Margaret and Helen. Folks if you have not read that blog you have truly missed some really, really funny stuff. This is one great blog that does not post pictures. There is no need. The lady that does virtually most of the blogging is funny f-u-n-n-y!

Am I complaining- as a matter of fact, of am. As I see it one has to more or less advertise themselves by linking to other sites- something that I am adverse to doing. But, if I continue to try to write a blog this is the skinny of how to attract readers. Oh yes, I almost forgot in my doddering mind, to remember I am 74 years and I should be celebrating that I am still alive and active

My only consulation is that at least or I think, that a spammer is better than no one viewing this site. One spammer complained that the (last or should I say past),  were not written in my usual style. He seems to think I can do better than what I have been writing. I had no idea that I actually have better posts. In my own deluded mind I think all of the previously written posts have been about the same. Not really good but not really bad. I’ve read blogs that are simply blah, I mean really blah. Even those people get comments from viewers.

Actually, and it is apparent , I am not a writer- I just put something on the screen and call it a post. But since my writing has gotten so bad- among other things in my life, I have been kicked to the curb by a dear friend of about 55 years because she took offense of my complaining about old age cartoons that I asked her not to send anymore (via email). I wrote to her that I did not see anything funny about most of them. I really think that cartoons of older people or photographs of old people doing something that is supposed to be humerous or just plain stupid is an exploitation of the elderly. She wrote me back that she celebrates her age. What? Does she have a party every day when she finds she can still get out of bed? She further told me that she is not ashamed of her age. I did not not write her that I am ashamed of my age or that I try to hide my age. Lord I wish I could hide my age but there is no way to hide an entire body.

As an aside, in my favor, I was working full time at a very stressful job and keeping up with much younger women, until 20 months ago. The only reason that I stopped working was because my husband was very ill and he wanted to be at home. But I managed to get in not quite 35 years, working for the U.S. government when I quit a very good paying job.

Getting back to old age.  Allow me to voice my feelings about old age. I have never hidden the fact that I am 74 years old- I feel it is a miracle that I got this far. I made it somehow in spite of myself. (I wrote some of these thoughts back to my ex-friend in California.) Apparently she did not find my comments amusing for she did not recant her note to me that she would no longer be in touch with me.

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