My blog is a mess but Costco tech fixed it

I am so sorry that I left the testing thing posted. I forgot that I had left it there when I called Costco. My blog is now fixed except for all of the categories stuck to the front of this blog. Guess I had a hand in that too.

Will try to fix when I can find the time.

I can’t reply to the 1-2-3 testing because I deleted the stupid thing.


9 thoughts on “My blog is a mess but Costco tech fixed it

  1. Ack! Technology problems!

  2. Kathy says:

    Good luck with the fixing thing. I hate it when that happens. I clicked on “archives” to get here. Wondering what other chores you’re doing. Hope they are at least–kind of–fun.

    • Well, I thought the cotton picking thing was mostly fixed but if you went to archives them something is still amiss. It seems that I needed to update my computer to a newer browser. WP suggested firefox or foxfire (whatever) OR chrome (google, I assume). So I erased the cookies and browser history, etc. etc. and then the WP site went totally haywire and in the meantime it also affected the way my (own blog) was looking. So then I called Costco tech (my HP was bought from Costco and with it comes lifetime free tech support (for that computer). So the tech had me erase a bunch of stuff and said probably I just had not updated to windows (9). So we did that and he then said do you want Microsoft windows as your browser and I “yes.” Prior to that he erased chrome which I believed to be the real Google chrome, however, the tech said that unless you are “computer savy” you are will not be aware that you do not have the REAL GOOOGLE CHROME. I then said,”well I’ll be dang.” Then after that we said adios. WP at the back door part was looking good but my blog was not so I figured it was something that I had done to it by looking at examples of theme headers, widgets, etc. etc. I was doing what they call a live demo to look at differnt themes but—- appaarently my Chunk theme took exception to that and it has been pouting ever since. Now—- I have no idea how to nake Chunk stop pouting but later— tonight I will see what I can figure out. If not, I wiil have to pay a visit to my web master guru to see if he can fix the dang thing. And now that is enough to make you not read or send me another comment ever. PS my other chores were taking care of my animals, washing dishes, washing clothes, etc.

  3. Sybil says:

    Yvonne, the “1,2,3 testing” was just me being silly. No reply expected. Hope they sort you out OK. I always thought WordPress didn’t mess up like this … good luck

  4. chatou11 says:

    Good luck Yvonne, it’s going to be alright!

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