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Spelling, Typos, and Carelessness When Writing

 This little ditty of a post concerns my inability to proof read (thoroughly) and use spell check which does not always catch spelling errors, etc. It appears that I should be writing in Microsoft Word which functions much better than just typing in WordPress. I have used Word a few times but I find it to be a hassle. It seems, according to one spammer, that my postings are rife with spelling errors. This is quite embarrassing so I checked the post about feline leukemia and the lady was correct. There were a number of words that I missed. I was in a hurry, and apparently did not check closely enough. When I write for this blog I am generally in a hurry. I just have no other way to explain the poor writing. For that I apologize and I will attempt to improve the spelling. I just hope that I can follow through. It is a little past 9pm and I have not eaten anything for my evening meal. My animals come first and that means other things suffer- including me some of the time.

So thank you spammer for pointing out my ineptness. You said you would return but I really doubt that you will with a non spam comment that I can post. This post probably contains spelling errors as well. I am sorry about that.

Post Yvonne

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