This Blog is Still a Mess and Other Bad Karma Happenings

The inner working of my blog is giving me lots of grief.  The ABOUT  decided that it wanted to gad about and now I  have no idea where ABOUT might have settled or if ABOUT has left me completely to my own devices to mess this blog up a bit more.

Therefore I am depressed in more ways than one.  My house has decided to also give me some grief so the roof began leaking where I had a porch enclosed to make a sun room for my cats or me or both. But alas the water even trickled inside and ran down a wall that is next to what used to be an outside wall. I saw a wet hardwood floor behind my former computer cabinet which I had custom built about 11 years ago. It is filled with books from top to bottom. I hope water did not get inside the cabinet. I am afraid to look- maybe ABOUT is hiding in there.

Anyway, the computer cabinet, now a book stash (one of several) was too heavy for my son to push away from the wall. (I still have not looked inside). After that my son called the man from Mexico who was my carpenter for the enclosed porch/sunroom. Mr H. says he will be by tomorrow to “see what the problem might be.”

Speaking of Mr. H. he is a good carpenter. But he did not put the metal roof on. He contracted that out and two more gentlemen from Mexico  did the roofing. That was done back in June, 2012 when I was in Austin looking after/tending/ etc. a very sick adult child who is still in the mending process after seeing no less than (8) MDs of which 5  did not give a rip and did know “beans about squat.” (bet you haven’t heard that one before) Her diagnosis entailed 3 trips to a specialist in Big D. and multiple tests to determine that she has a farily rare kind of arthritis. I will spare you the name- can’t spell it)  Now she must take a cancer med and two other meds that take about 4 months to kick in- if they kick in at all. In the meantime I am worried and depressed about my child.etc.

No, that is not the end of bad karma but I shall/will stop here because the sentence structure and word usage is the pits and I am tired of complaining.

And this may/ might be the last blog for a while.  I shall/ will see.





30 thoughts on “This Blog is Still a Mess and Other Bad Karma Happenings

  1. Kathy says:

    I finally figured out how to get to your blog posts. Have clicked over here lots of time but only get to the main page and can’t find the most recent post. This time I scrolled down and could find a listing. Hurray! Hopefully your mood is doing better. And now it’s a new month…who knows what will happen?

    • Thanks for looking around. A fellow blogger friend is actually working on fixing as I speak. She lives in another country and we must email back and forth. She is being very generous in her offer to fix all that has been screwed up. I can’t find some things myself. Things just went away to other places or what have you. I promise that one day you will be able to move around with ease. It is a wonder that I even have more that 20 viewers each day.

  2. I have a blogging friend with arthritis, sounds like the same one. Rare but leaves him quite debilitated and he is not particularly old. Last time we were in touch we were discussing the drug issues as he was faced with potentially going onto some new ones, and they are all much stronger than the standard NSAID treatment for osteo or rheumatoid arthritis.

    Share your frustration at the blogging problems, which I ended up with on blogger.

    If you want to import to a new blog, that should be fairly easy, click on tools and import. I’ve imported/exported five blogs from blogger to wp. Roughseas and Clouds worked well. So did everypic. The dogblog lost all the comments, probably because he had too many. The land rover blog just would not import at all. Although it had few comments, it had the highest hits of all my blogs so I’m guessing blogger wasn’t too happy about it disappearing. Who knows? But wp to wp should be straightforward. Hopefully. I did read about your domain name though, so that might be an issue.

    Otherwise you could just change themes. Find one you like the look of and go for that. Or just fiddle with the current one. I don’t know this theme, but it shouldn’t be too hard to get rid of the categories at the top, and change the home page to display posts rather than about. That’s probably not very helpful. Don’t you have someone you can trust who you could let into the dashboard to sort it for you?

    • Don’t know how I failed to answer your comment but I went to bed for while.

      My daughter has spondolo arthritis (don’t think that I spelled that correcty). Anyhow, she is taking an anticancer med plus a very strong naid. The cancer med causes nausea and weakness. She and I are hopeful that at some point the curse from hell will go into remission. Her MD said that he thought 4-6 months but I told Lisa not to try to push getting well.

      I just hope she can get social security disability without a complete hassle and before I use up all my savings. The government here is very strict but all in the wrong places. If she is able to work again then she will drop the disability thing.

      She composed a letter this past weekend and put together pets records so that she can fax them back to the clients. That was very hard for her to do. It was depressing for her but I keep telling Lisa that one day she will work again.

      I will try your suggestions but right now I just happened to glance at the comments time and it looks as if it is working. I did go into Dashboard and fiddled around some last week,I think it was. But maybe WP might have done something. Who knows. šŸ™‚

      Thank you for taking the time to put all of this info in your comments re: how to fix the blog.

  3. Hey! I found your About page. It was the first page that came up when I ambled over to your blog. It must be set as your home/index page?

    Wishing your daughter increasing health – and you a dry home!

    • Yes, I found ABOUT when I went back to “look about” in the widgets and the CHUMK theme and made some minor changes. Somehow I got it back but I have not figured out to how to get rid of the mixed up categories at the top of the page. It will have to do for now. No roof leaks again so far. Might be alright until another “hard rain” comes along but will needs fixing sooner rather than later.

      Thank you for the kind words re: my daughter’s health. The words are much appreciated.


  4. Sorry to hear, I hope everything works out soon! All the best, xx

    • Calee, you are a dear. Thank you for the kind words. I assume you are back from vacation now?

      • Yes, happy to be home again! šŸ™‚ Are your blog issues solved now? At least you appear in my newsfeed again. šŸ™‚

        • No, not totally. Don’t have a spell check bar and can’t change color or print but that might be a good thing. I have wondered if maybe the color of my blog print might not be in good taste. So I think I’ll type in black now. I can’t get rid of all those categories at the top of the blog. My computer had one virus and a Costco tech got rid of it for me. Then he helped me update to Windows Explorer (9). I had all sorts of problems with the blog before the update. Any how, will probably visit a web guru in a few weeks. Can’t do that right now.

          Thanks for the reply and for your interest re: my situation in blogland. šŸ™‚

        • Maybe you should try to access your blog account on a different computer and see if you have the same issues (remove categories etc)? I.e. if it’s related to your hardware or WP.

        • I’ll give that a try and see what happens. Good idea. Thanks, Calee.

  5. Lynda says:

    I’m sorry to hear of your troubles, Yvonne. Sending warm thoughts and prayers your way for you and your daughter. XO!

  6. chatou11 says:

    Hi Yvonne, so sad to hear what’s happening.. health is what we would like for people we love I wish her all my best.
    Hope you have no water in your books..
    For your blog, don’t worry, it’s not a mess! we can manage to find everything and we can post messages pretty well.
    Lots of hugs

    • Thank you Chatou for your knid words and thoughts. I was thankful that we had so much rain and it looks as if the rain might come back again. You are right that I can still post and you can still comment. I don’t know if I can post a pic or not. Tried to last night but I was was in a section where I have not written before. I just do not get WP. There are so many nooks and crannies- I would think it could be done a bit better for a dummy like me.

  7. Just Rod says:

    I am so sorry to hear your tale of woes. I never have understood why things seem to go like that – in bunches. So glad for Linda and her look on the bright-side. Sometimes when I have had problems with something like a website I have just started over. For instance create a new blog, copy in the posts you want to transfer or make a link to them in the new blog. I think there is a way of having people redirected to the new blog automatically too. Sometimes it is easier to start from scratch than trying to figure out what needs repairing. There can also be some fun in deciding to create the new a little differently from the old.

    A 4th item to add to Linda’s good news list is, we were all able to read you latest post!

    I really hope we will get to read another petspeopleandlife post soon, but remember, mainly you do it for you – so when it is good for you, as Linda says, we will be here to enjoy your contribution.
    Praying for you and your daughter. And giving thanks for the dog who is physically blind, I bet he sees in a lot of ways we don’t. I am sure he sees your goodness and caring.

    • Rod, thank you for your nice comments and concerns and probably sound advice to start another blog but I plan to see a web person so that I don’t have to do all of the transfering, etc. My daughter still needs prayers. Might email you re: all of that later and maybe not. Have to see how my day goes. Lots of chores but I want to keep comments going on my the posts of my favorite bloggers, so that takes a bit of time. I will post a pic some time of my little blind dog.


  8. Sybil says:

    Oh dear. We ache for our children don’t we ? What a lot you are going through. Hope the wall/roof works out OK.

    Deep breaths.


    Waiting to hear how everything turns out.

    • Thank you Sybil for the nice thoughts and words. will let you know if and when the carpenter comes by to look at the roof. Yes, my daughter has been to hell and back with this illness and it has all but killed me as well. She is responsible for me blogging which she insisted I do after her dadddy died. She thought it would be good grief therapy. The blog takes my mind off all our family problems (for awhile) and it is helping to keep my old brain active-I hope.

      • Sybil says:

        I began blogging when I moved here from Ontario. I retired and moved from Ontario to Nova Scotia and immediately regretted my decision. Blogging was a way to keep in touch with old friends while I planned my return to Ontario. Some where along the way I fell in love with Nova Scotia. Through Blogging I keep in touch with old friends and have made so many new friends.

        Sometimes I find Blogging quite therapeutic.

        • Sybil, I think you are right about blogging as therapy. It has helped keep my brain more alive ( I think) šŸ™‚ But I am way older than you are judging by your pic. I needed something that would make me think and hopefully remember.

  9. TexWisGirl says:

    your first commenter was a dear. šŸ™‚ i was so grateful for the rains to replenish the pond, but i can certainly understand your dismay at a leaking roof and potential wood damage! and i’m sorry about your daughter. must have been very stressful – and still is, i’m sure. the blog format is just fine for us so don’t worry about it. good luck with the roof!

    • Theresa you are a real trooper. Thank you for commenting. Yes the rain was wonderful. I am trying not to focus on the negative but my daughter is far from well. If she were near it would be so much easier to help her.

  10. Lottie Nevin says:

    Oh NO! I hate to hear that you are having a bad time – that won’t do at all. We have a leaking house back in London so I can sympathise with you on that front, it’s boring and not at all fun but nothing that can’t be sorted in time I’m sure and leaks are nothing compared to sick children and the worry that that all brings with it. You are not alone Yvonne on that front, and I give you a big, albeit a long distance hug because I understand totally.

    Your blog is wonderful, don’t worry about it – as Shoreacres said in a previous comment, the comments work and we are still getting news of your posts via email and that is a ray of sunshine in itself.

    Love Lottie xxx

    • Lottie you are a dear. Yes the roof can be fixed but $$ is my worry for I am trying not to dip into savings too much. I have a decent retirement check but I live simply. Worries about a child is the pits and some days I am so depressed. But kind words for my best blogging frineds is very nice. Love to you too. Yvonne

  11. sorry this is happening – (hugs)

  12. shoreacres says:

    Well. Lookie here. The comments still work. That’s one good thing. And people still are getting email updates. There’s good thing #2. There was rain in Texas. Apart from the water at your place, that’s good #3.

    I won’t push my luck looking for a # 4, but wish you the best with all this. Wish I was up there to help you out with the blog. Happy to offer advice to the extent I can if you want to email. For now, just…. have a better evening. And if you decide to take a short hiatus, we’ll be here when you get back. šŸ˜‰

    • Linda, you are such a gem. I don’t have the time now- don’t mean tonight- but might email you in a day or so or when I have the spare time. I so appreciate your offer. My top commenter, Exiled Prospero gave me some good instructions last night but alas his blog is not the same as mine. He was very kind to send me the steps.

      Yes. I must say that this rain is a blessing even if mhy roof leaked and is probably leaking again since I hear the rain on the skylight in the kitchen where I sit to use my computer. It is my favorite place because I am surrounded by my cats and there is one little dog at my feet, who is blind. He gets around almost as good as the other dogs. (I just had to throw that in).


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