Thanks All For Support. Comments Will Moderate Much Later.I Have Many Errands

I want to write significant comments but I have no time. Have first appointment at 9:30am. Back later today. Thanks to all that commented. Back to all of you later, ok?

7 thoughts on “Thanks All For Support. Comments Will Moderate Much Later.I Have Many Errands

  1. Kathy says:

    Some days it is just like that. I don’t have the time to comment every day but like to visit at least once a week. Hope you got all your errands done!

    • Only part of them my bog chore is having to call Office of Personnel Management and then will take lots of tries to get through I did not get my W2 fo income taxes It comes from division of US government from whince I get my retirement check. It takes forever to get a call through I hate that sort of thing

    • I replied to the comment above and it just flew away. I tell you this computer has been hexed 🙂 No I did not get all errands done. Still have several important ones that I must take care of this week. Blogging for me takes up a lot of my time and I am chump change compared to big timers like you.

      • Kathy says:

        Ha! I don’t feel like a big timer. Just have a lot of blogging friends to visit… It’s actually fun, but I feel bad when I get behind.

        • Well when you have lots of poeple reading your blog it is a popular one and therefore do not be coy (not the dog (coydog) about not being a popular blogger with many readers. You can write in a comment sometime-not today- can’t take any more (on to each beach a little snow must fall)Later let me know how long it took before the fuzzy dog was shot and why did the lab die young? Not today.

          The coy dogs are great. I’ve read of other people owning them and saying the cross makes a wonderful dog. Part 2 refused to open up. You have had some adventures for sure

          Don’t know what to do abut this WP thing I am so mad It is messed up again but not as bad as several weeks ago. Excuse the errors. Will fix them later.

  2. chatou11 says:

    Don’t worry Yvonne.. it is ok!

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