Fall Butterflies:2013

Monarch female in a last ditch effort to lay an egg . Note the abdomen stretched away from her body as she attempts to deposit an egg on the underside of a milweed pod. It was windy this day and a huge gust of wind blew her off the pod or maybe she just let go. She fell toward the Copper Canyon Daisy and when I turned around to see where she had landed I could not find her. She has part of the left upper wing missing. The injured wing is apparent if you look closely. It made me sad to think that she had probably flown many miles when she happened upon my butterfly garden. I wish I knew if that was her last hurrah. I think it probably was. Host plants for the Monarch any plant in the Milkweed family. It used some of the 5 plants of the Mexican Milkweed this fall. any naitve Milkweed will do plus this Mexican one. Some scientists believe the Monarch evolved and moved north as it used the Milkweed in Mexicon as a nectar and host plant. Native Mikweed here in the states is being grown for its seeds. It is a finicky plant to germinate. The nursery trade sells Mexican Milkweed and it transplants and grows easily.

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