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A Whole Lot of Produce Going On July 4, 2012 at 11:57am (click to enlarge photos)

Sun ripened tomatoes

Place in a deep pot of boiling water and this corn will be done in a few minutes.

Peach cobbler, on breakfast cereal, or eating out of hand???

Fat, sweet, delicious blueberries grown at Teague, Texas


 I took these pictures around the middle of June. This post was originally published in  the blog section of my daughter’s website.

The fresh fruit and vegetables are delectable  and the colors are like an artist’s palette.

   I buy lots of blueberries that I freeze and I usually have blueberries for almost a year.  My favorite fruit is the blueberry that is grown by a super-duper couple, from Teague, Texas on 12 acres of sandy soil that produces the fattest and sweetest of the best blueberry that I HAVE EVER TASTED. They market the berries in two cities. Many people are not aware that blueberries will actually grow in sandy loam in a hot climate. A variety that is grown in central Texas was developed by scientists at Texas A& M University. 

Post and photographs Yvonne

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