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An Idiotic Post With “Whin(e)- ing”

I have lots of posts in the pipe line and some have just a title in draft form. I don’t have the motivation to write since the blog is acting strange again. I can not get two lines of the kitchen sink. I’ll have to keep trying to see if this computer dummy can determine what has gone wrong (again).

The line for spell check refuses to show its face-maybe I have embarrassed my blog when I turned off the comments. 🙂

But my computer was acting up last evening in WP and in Yahoo mail. It froze up so often I was beginning to feel its chill.

A blogging friend tried to send me an email and it refused to leave California and my email to her refused to leave Texas. I always knew there was competion between California and Texas but this is a bit much.Yahoo and AOL are now mad at each other.

maybe I can blame all this on Rick Perry our Texas governor with the “big hair” and Italian made suits. He just had to go out west and monkey things up. It seems he was making a pitch to the young and bright minded to move to Texas seeing as how he wants to make Austin another Silicone Valley. How in the world does a city filled with hills become a valley?

I read he was pitching right and left handed, you know switch hitting. He told the gifted young-uns that Austin has low taxes, a stupendous housing market, and virtual center of culture.

I’ll let the good folks in California in on a little secret. There is no such thing as low taxes in Austin. I know better. My poor daughter lives in a little a rinkly-dink house (it isn’t leaning yet).The taxes for this past year totaled $4,000. I almost flipped my wig. Well not really. I still have my hair, it’s just not as big as Governor Perry’s- hair!

Anyhow, I’ll shut my fingers up and call this a night. Actually!

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