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Trying To Grab A Sunset: Repost (11/2011 Click to enlarge photos

A live oak for added interest


A vivid sunset across the lake

Central Texas sunset

Barren tree against a vivid November sky.

Dusk to night just a few minutes away

Note: This was posted November, 2011.  

I have my sights set on capturing sunsets. That is if the clouds and weather will help me out by producing the right atmosphere that makes for a vivid sunset.
Every day is becoming shorter and shorter. There is not much time to get to a place where you know a pretty sunset is putting on a show. The trouble is I never know when a good one is about to happen, that is unless I keep up with the weather forecast.  The sun produces the prettiest colors a day or two prior to rain or a cold front. Of course, the addition of some clouds enhances a sunset making it something other than h0-hum.
A couple of weeks ago, I grabbed a leash, put one of my best guard dogs and equipment in the truck, and drove to the lake. This is the only place near me where there are no power lines to obstruct the view.  I can get to the lake in about 3-4 minutes. Since I am a chicken and very paranoid, I never get out of a vehicle to photograph when alone. I also pack a gun.
I edited the pictures in Microsoft Windows which does a fair job. I still don’t know enough about Adobe to create anything other than sepia and black and white. I’m posting these pics with a promise to have some better ones at some point in the future. (I hope) 
Post and photographs  Yvonne
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