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Dr. D’s Dogs Getting A Summer Trim

These photos were taken late spring of this year.

Dr. D. had decided to have her two dogs wear a “lion” clip for the summer.  And she wanted to leave more mane” than what a “lion’s clip” should like. This “dog do” is a bit odd-looking. I guess this is a hair cut that has to “grow on you.” At least there is not so much hair to sweep up each day. Dr’s dogs really shed a lot but that is the price you pay when you own a dog with long hair.

Annie the Australian Shepherd is a hyper dog and her mama helps makes things easier for the groomer as well as her dog. Dr. D. uses a  short acting sedative and Annie is cool as a cucumber while being groomed. Annie appears dreamy-eyed with her eyes sort of half closed in these photos. The medication wears off in a little more than an hour. This grooming session went smoothly and did not turn into a “hair raising” event.

Annie: “I’m so sleepy.”

Annie looking very sleepy

Marley: “There went most of my hair.”.

Marley is always cooperative when being groomed

Post and photographs Yvonne


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