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Relapse of His-to-plas-mosis (December 28, 2011 12:10am)

I’ve been on pins and needles for about 9 days since my cat Josie relapsed with the fungus from hell.  Josie was 5 months old when she was initially diagnosed with the the disease. I wrote an earlier post about histoplasmosis and you can read all about it there. I’ve been very afraid that it could take her out. One day she was okay and the next she was breathing with significant difficulty. Dr D. called a script to a compounding pharmacy so she has been on the actual liquid Itraconazole for 7 days. I had one emergency capsule that I emptied onto a plate and then just divided the little beads into what could roughly pass for 1/3 of the total amount in the capsule. I then used a pat of real butter to pick up the tiny granules and then carefully transferred that over to the back of her mouth. She is easy to medicate since taking medication  every few years to knock down the histo. (It is never completely gone. Little bits of the fungus live in some of the cells in the body. I have kept her on Itraconozole for as long as 1 and 1/2 years each time that she relapses. Dr D. told me to keep her on it  all the time but I wanted to give her liver a rest and her lungs were clear in the spring of this year ( via x-ray by my vet) here in my town. Anyway to get on with the story she has improved but still has rapid respirations which are not as labored. 

I will keep her on the med from now on and get some blood tests for her to make sure her liver is okay about every 4 months. I am always afraid that the med is not going to work for it takes about 2-3 weeks for it to reach saturation point.  (other antifungal meds are available) When Josie became ill last week she weighed 10 pounds but she is down to eight pounds now.  But I am still giving her 1ml of the medication. If she loses more weight I will need to call Dr. D for an adjusted dose. This disease really takes a toll on the animal. Josie is eating fair with the help of B12 and B complex which I have given subcu (under the skin and between the shoulder blades) once since she became ill. She is due for another B12 tomorrow.

For the secondary infection in her lungs I am giving her Baytrill (enrofloxacin) which is a potent antibiotic and a med that is used for humans as well. Both meds are given once daily.

I will post updates every few days.   In addition to the above: she is grooming herself and that is a good sign that she has improved some.

Post and photographs Yvonne Daniel

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