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Big Money Wins: Animal Exploitation? January 30,2012 11:02pm


This post is about information that I garnered from The Dogster.com.  I’m going to give it a boost here- it really does not need any promotion because it has all the latest and greatest news stories about dogs and people. It is a wonderful web site that I discovered quite a while ago and then finally subscribed to their newsletter. The web site has wonderful articles/posts/stories or whatever you wish to call them. I read the post/s that I find interesting and most of them I read except for those that sound just too heart breaking.

But getting on with the crux of this post. Just about everyone who is anyone has probably heard of the shoe brand Sketchers. The company produced an ad that will air on Super Bowl Sunday. So bear with me and I’ll attempt to describe the ad. The ad people went to a greyhound track in Tuscon, Arizona where greyhounds have been raced for many years. According to people in the know, this track does not treat the dogs in a humane manner. I will not go any further here to describe the exact conditions but from what I have read, IT AINT, good.

Over the past three years, according again, to what I have read, 1000 dogs, (that is one thousand) have been severely injured. And if you are a dog person then I believe you know what happens to a racing dog that is injured. For those of you who do not know- the injured dog is disposed of (as in either given a lethal injection or gassed). I do not know what that particular track uses.

The ad was filmed at the track which pitted a French bulldog running a race with a greyhound and of course the bulldog wins the race. (Sketchers equals fast) The dog was wearing Sketchers on all four paws. In my humble opinion and in the opinion of many animal rights activists, the ad is a disgrace or maybe we should just say inappropriate since it all took place at a race track with a very poor record. I’m not writing about winning  greyhounds here. I’m pointing out that this track, among many others treats the dogs in a very poor manner. Furthermore, the ad appears to promote greyhound racing.

What really bothers me is the fact that most people who go to a race have not the slightest idea of what humane treatment means and probably do not care. Well there you have it. My beef for a good while to come.  Oh, I almost forgot- I have at least two more posts about greyhounds- in draft form.

I would love some input from a reader/s if anyone out there bothers to read this post. It is pretty sad when for the past several months, the only comments that I get are from spammers! 

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