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Fall Bloomers and Butterflies (click photos to enlarge)

Fall is my favorite time of the year despite the frequent temperature changes in central Texas.

Butterfly species: Common Buckeye

Butterfly species: Tawny Emperor  )

There is a profusion of blooms in the wild garden that attracts the butterflies, bees, wasps, and beetles.  Most of the butterflies have had their fill and are gone by about 4:30pm so I must shoot when the light is not exactly ideal. So, I grab my canon with its 18-200mm kit lens, a tripod, and climb on my little electric cart and head on down to the lower part of the property where I let things grow just about as mother nature intends.

All of the native plants I dug myself many years ago from a patch of prairie that was doomed to a bulldozer and a huge Ford new car lot. There was not a soul to be found that would buy the property to be maintained in its un-touched glory. The prairie had never been tilled and was virgin land for eons. What a shame that even a university known for its research department in biology and ecology would not put up the money to preserve this beautiful prairie. It would have made a wonderful laboratory for the profs and students. I collected what I could:  seeds/plants and some of the grasses-  I dug before the bulldozers wrecked havoc.  I hoped and prayed that Nature Conservancy would somehow deem the prairie worth saving but even that huge non-profit organization declined to get invloved. I think politics played a huge role. Now the land is home to a huge building, a large expanse of concrete, and Ford motor vehicles.

Butterly species:  Queen  feasting on the luscious frostweed

A Queen butterfly feeding on frostweed

Some of the wild garden rampant with blooms

Frostweed- a butterfly magnet. Heavy blooms caused some plants to fall to the gound

Close up of Maximillian sunflower

Maximillian sunflower                                                                                                                                         .

Post and photographs: Yvonne

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