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Kippy- “A Jewel in The Rough” (rescued from local shelter) Original post-11/29/11

Kippy looking worried re: grooming is about to begin.

Kippy looking worried re: grooming is about to begin.

Kippy: Happy that grooming is "all done."

Kippy: Happy that grooming is “all done.”

Kippy knows he is looking good.

Kippy knows he is looking good.


I was not intending to get another dog when I entered the  local Pets Mart to buy dog and cat food. When I first saw the little dog, he was crouched in a cage in the far corner of a row of  dimly lit cages that the store provides for humane societies to show their cats and dogs that are left over during adoption day. He had been left the day before. I could see him shaking and as I approached I saw fright and bewilderment in his eyes. Nothing had been done to make him look more appealing. His coat was  wiry and shaggy-he had a long nose ,under bite, long skinny body, and huge stand-up ears. Truthfully, he was an ugly dog. I could visualize no one wanting to adopt him so I told the young lady that I would take him. After I arrived home with  Kippy, (I chose a  name for him on the way home) I looked through an assortment of old puppy collars that my now adult dogs had out grown. I placed a small collar around his neck, attached a lease, and took a step toward the back door. Kippy immediately crouched on the floor and urinated. At that moment I realized that he had never worn a collar and he did not know how to walk on a leash. And, he had probably suffered abuse. It took approximately a month of many trials before he got the hang of walking on leash. I had to pick him up to get him outdoors. Immediately after putting him down, he would lower his entire body to the ground where he remained until I picked up AGAIN, put him down, then take a few steps, and pick up AGAIN. I repeated the same process over and over again.  Each time he took a few steps he was rewarded with a bit of milk bone biscuit. This process went on for 2-3 weeks.  Finally one day he decided the leash wasn’t so bad after all. Since that time many years ago he has continued to walk on leash without any problem.

Submissive urination was a whole different story. He urinated on the floor any time I attached the leash and attempted to walk him to the door. Without saying anything to him, I cleaned it up and acted as if there was no problem. It took about a year for him to realize that he would not be punished before he stopped urinating on the floor.
 Physically, he appears  to be part dachshund,  maybe a little beagle, and with the long, stand-up ears, I’ve decided he’s part chihuahua. Possibly he’s a little bit Jack Russell terrier. 
Kippy has keen hearing and is a good little watch dog. He runs around the property with his tail held high. The tip of his tail is white and it looks like a little flag waving as he runs and plays. In the summer I shave his hair really short.  In the winter I let his coat grow out some but try to keep him trimmed so that he doesn’t look scruffy. In the photo he is due for some trimming. He actually loves a bath which he gets about every two weeks beginning in late spring and throughout the summer. 
Now people say, “he sure is a cute little mutt. Where did not get him?”  Kippy was simply a stone in the rough that needed a little polish to turn him into a jewel. 

Post and photographs – Yvonne     



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Dr. D’s Dogs Getting A Summer Trim

These photos were taken late spring of this year.

Dr. D. had decided to have her two dogs wear a “lion” clip for the summer.  And she wanted to leave more mane” than what a “lion’s clip” should like. This “dog do” is a bit odd-looking. I guess this is a hair cut that has to “grow on you.” At least there is not so much hair to sweep up each day. Dr’s dogs really shed a lot but that is the price you pay when you own a dog with long hair.

Annie the Australian Shepherd is a hyper dog and her mama helps makes things easier for the groomer as well as her dog. Dr. D. uses a  short acting sedative and Annie is cool as a cucumber while being groomed. Annie appears dreamy-eyed with her eyes sort of half closed in these photos. The medication wears off in a little more than an hour. This grooming session went smoothly and did not turn into a “hair raising” event.

Annie: “I’m so sleepy.”

Annie looking very sleepy

Marley: “There went most of my hair.”.

Marley is always cooperative when being groomed

Post and photographs Yvonne


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The Fuzzy Dog Being Groomed and More About the Book Sale


Wally with his “barber”

It is 2:42 am and I am just now getting around to writing a post for today ,Wednesday. When I arrived at the book sale which was held at the fair grounds, it was 10:15am and cars and trucks were in profusion. As I stood in line waiting to get through the door, a city policeman was stationed at the door and I spoke with him briefly. I said, Gee, I haven’t been to a book sale in 20 years and from the looks of things I should have been here as soon as the door opened. He  replied, “When I got here about 9:45 there were a number of people in sleeping bags and they had spent the entire night out here in the cold. I said, What in the world has made this book sale so popular?” The policeman replied, “well for one thing there are many books and all of them are organized in categories. People have been coming from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, etc to stock up on books for their shop or to resell on e-bay and so on.”

By the time I made it to the desk, a white band with the number 308 was placed on my wrist which meant that 307 people were already inside. And believe me, were they ever. People were going through stacks of books with a scanner- I suppose that was to help them locate a particular book.  These individuals, I could tell were the pros, meaning they were there to find books for resale and also hoping to locate a rare edition. The people with scanners used portable carts which really served the purpose. 

I had never been to a book sale of that magnitude. It was great for people watching. I had to ask directions to the pet section and nature section.  I bought about 16 books. No book cost more than $1.50 but most books were at least 15-25 years old or more. Despite the age of the books, all were in very good condition and those I bought, I considered to be worth the money. 

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