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Cats and Spirituality (Original post November, 2010)


Do Cats Possess Spiritual and Extra Sensory Perception Abilities?

A famous author and poet gave meaning to the idea that cats are mysterious thinkers.

“Cats are mysterious kind of folk- there is more passing in their minds than we are aware of.”    By Sir Walter Scott

Recently one of my friend’s cats sensed that a family member was nearing their demise. This particular cat remained with the dying person for 4 days prior to the person’s death. It was a male cat who ordinarily did not come near this individual, yet he remained night and day, usually with a paw on the arm and his eyes intently looking at the slowing dying person’s face.  Hospice nurses and family members had to remove this kitty when the patient required regular attention.  He only left his vigil to drink or use the litter box and then would immediately return for his watch. I would like to believe that he brought great comfort to this individual who had been so ill for a long time.

I’ve read of cats that could predict death and this was something that I witnessed. It was indeed a moving experience and one that I will not soon forget. I also noted that after my friends loved one had left this mortal world, her cat would sit in deep thought with eyes that seemed to be looking far away.  He exhibited this behavior for about two weeks and as I watched him I wondered how profound his thoughts were. The cat is now back to his favorite places to sleep and his usual antics of swatting a dog that walks within his reach.

Contributed by Yvonne Daniel 

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