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Some Family Nostalgia (click photo to enlarge)

My daughter with our dog Ranger who arrived as a stray about 1979. Third best dog we were privileged to provide with a loving home.

My daughter with our dog Ranger who arrived as a stray about 1979.


Old photographs of family members bring back many memories for me. The pictures elicit a certain sadness as I look for various photos that I snapped many moons ago when my children were not grown and my parents were still living. I can visualize the settings and the things that I said to my impatient subjects who never could understand why I could not just  hurry and snap a picture.

I have mostly kept my award-winning photos in one place and have the negatives of the best photos archived in special folders. I hope and pray that the negatives are all still good. I want to get all negatives organized and then put them in a safe deposit box at the bank where the temp is constant. That is something that I should have had the sense to do a long time ago. My only excuse is that I was too busy working a full time job and being a wife and mother. My job was very demanding and stressful. I am truly surprised that I survived and that my cognition still appears intact. ( I think)! And now I am glad that I loved to use a camera. My regret is that I used a movie camera to take many pictures as my children were growing up. I have those reels and someone told me years ago that these can be put on CD or maybe is was to negative. Not sure about that- maybe I dreamed it. Anyhow, I need to explore that before I kick the bucket and speaking of buckets -no I do not have a list.

So here is a pic from the past.  Some of my photos were scanned to a disk and then down loaded to my computer. This image was not well preserved and needs editing in Adobe Photo Shop. The originals were sharp but when these are enlarged in this post they are grainy and have lots of little bits of lint, etc. I wish that I had used fill flash for this photo but is was sort of spur of the moment and my daughter was getting impatient to return to her book.  Even though this photo could have been much better it is still one of my top favorites.

So much for family nostalgia. Looking at this picture of my daughter with Ranger caused me to  cry. Mang things have come and gone over all these years. Some things happened for the better and some things happened that caused much pain- physical and emotional. But, I can look at this photo and remember the time of day and what I was telling Lisa. I just did not tell her to put a hand on her hip. **smile**


Post and photographs Yvonne



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New Photos of Dr. Daniel and Some of Her Pets (December 22,2010)





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