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Attempting Sepia: Adobe Photo Shop 9

Muddy "On Alert"


Molly watching the squirrels

 Muddy, the lab in the top photo is more black and white and is far, far from sepia. I can edit to create a fair black and white in the program that came with my HP. It was installed by a computer guy  that set up this contraption for me but it will not produce a sepia color. For months I have longed to turn some photographs into the sepia color and in fact I bought the Adobe Photo Shop Elements 9 way back in April. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was at long last, able to sit down with a photo shop expert for about an hour of tutoring. I still need more lessons for other things that can be done in Photo Shop but right now there just is not enough time. Anyhow, I hope to edit more of some of the photos that I feel will be enhanced with sepia or black and white.         

In case anyone is curious, the peculiar looking machine behind Muddy is a gasoline powered post hole digger. My son used it on a job that needed 4×4 inch metal posts to anchor a wrought iron gate.  The soil varies greatly in our area. A few inches past top soil and there is rock called caliche.  Generally, the rock breaks up fairly easily but then there is also solid rock which demands a pick and crow bar. The holes must be at least 2 feet deep or more and the anchor posts (corner) set in concrete that will support a heavy metal gate.       

I’m aware that the last paragraph is totally irrelevant to the photographs of the dogs. Please excuse the aside.       

 Post and photographs by Yvonne Daniel        

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