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“The Feel Good Roll” December 21, 2011 2:15am


Dancer, I'm in heaven now."


Dancer, “Nothing beats a good scratch.”


Dancer,”If only I could do this all day.”
Dancer, “These little rocks help me scratch better.”
Rolling toward the finish.
Dancer, “I think I’ll feel better now.”

Dancer looks like she had one drink too many   

My Australian Shepherd, Dancer that was saved from euthanasia in Ft. Worth, Texas, a city run kill shelter, loooves to roll in the dirt or on the asphalt driveway of our property. She has a chronic fungus condition and really needs a bath at least every 2 weeks (every week would be better.) At times her back feels itchy and she then rolls in the dirt or on the rough asphalt. In between bath times she rolls each time I let the dogs out to play and run around the one acre property. I took a series of pics one day as she was rolling and here they are, from beginning to the finish. My camera numbers my photographs so these are in sequence.   

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