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The Nitty-Gritty About Declawing Cats (Original post 1/10/2012)


Sassy, declawed

Sassy, declawed

Sassy, 17 years old. Toothless

Sassy, 17 years old. Toothless

Sassy is considered the old type of Siamese cat. She arrived at our house when she was about one year old. Sassy actually had a home at an apartment that was not far from our back fence. I discovered her one morning sleeping in the driver’s seat of my husband’s bass boat that was parked in the boat port/shed. I called the apartment manager and asked if anyone was missing a cat and I was told that Mrs x’s cat had been missing for about 2 days. I called the number that I was given and soon a young woman appeared and said, “oh there your are.” She related that the cat was always rushing outside whenever she opened the apartment door.

The cat appeared on average once a week for about 5 weeks and each time I would call Mrs. X and she would grumpily retrieve her cat  and take her back home. The cat would alway be lying in the driver’s seat of the bass boat when she ran away. The last time the cat appeared I did not call the woman and she did not call me. I just did not bother for I believed that Sassy liked our place and did not really care for Mrs. X. So I brought Sassy (her new name) into the house and she became part of my cat clan. Previously I had noticed that Sassy had been declawed. Maybe that is one reason she did not care to live with the young woman.

Sassy is now about 17 years old. Two summers ago all her teeth were pulled and she has adjusted very well.  She much prefers dry food. I tried feeding her canned food. Most cats love canned food but not Sassy.

I have never had any of my cats declawed but presently I have 3 cats with no claws. The other 2 cats also came with no claws.

About Declawing

Can you imagine what it would feel like to have the last joint of each finger amputated? I can only imagine the pain involved if you needed to scratch around in the dirt or to try to pick up an object.  Pain medications would enable you to function to some degree but it would probably be difficult.

So what does this have to do with declawing your cat?  So allow me to explain what is involved when a cat is declawed. But first a little info about the feet. Cats walk on their toes which is not like other mammals. A cat’s weight is distributed by the toes- for any kind of movement. The claws on the toes allow the cat to stretch as it digs in on where ever it happens to be. Without claws the cat has no way of grabbing onto any surface so that it can stretch. Stretching is an essential component of a cats well being.

Declawing in medical terminology is called onycgectomy. This means that the last digit of each toe is removed. These digits are the equivalent of the last joint of a humans fingers. The claw is not a nail of itself- meaning just the removal of the nail will not get the job done. The entire digit must be removed or the nail will grow back. The digit is a bone called the distal phalanx. If the surgery is not done carefully the result will involve complications such as infection, hemorrhage, abscess, not to even speak of the pain it causes.

The surgery is an amputation of the joint- removal of  bone, ligaments, tendons, and nerve endings. If the veterinarian is not a good surgeon and some or not just like human doctors, then the cat is really going to experience problems. Behavioral  issues may result such as not using the litter box or no longer being a playful pet.

Cat owners have and still are misled by veterinarians who minimize  the seriousness of the surgery. The amputation of the last joint of ten toes often involves a great deal of pain which could last a very long time. Do you want to put your cat through this kind of torture?

Without the last joint of the toes, a cat will have a little problem such as being able to balance without effort. The last toes on a cat’s foot provide secure footing.

This information was obtained from AVAR (Association of  Veterinarians for Animal Rights.)

The only valid reason for declawing a cat is if that is your only alternative to keep your cat from scratching the furniture or family member is immuno compromised and should not risk being scratched by a cat.

Cat owners can research the Internet and get all kinds of info about providing scratching posts, etc. There is information galore on the Internet.

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Big Money Wins: Animal Exploitation? January 30,2012 11:02pm


This post is about information that I garnered from The Dogster.com.  I’m going to give it a boost here- it really does not need any promotion because it has all the latest and greatest news stories about dogs and people. It is a wonderful web site that I discovered quite a while ago and then finally subscribed to their newsletter. The web site has wonderful articles/posts/stories or whatever you wish to call them. I read the post/s that I find interesting and most of them I read except for those that sound just too heart breaking.

But getting on with the crux of this post. Just about everyone who is anyone has probably heard of the shoe brand Sketchers. The company produced an ad that will air on Super Bowl Sunday. So bear with me and I’ll attempt to describe the ad. The ad people went to a greyhound track in Tuscon, Arizona where greyhounds have been raced for many years. According to people in the know, this track does not treat the dogs in a humane manner. I will not go any further here to describe the exact conditions but from what I have read, IT AINT, good.

Over the past three years, according again, to what I have read, 1000 dogs, (that is one thousand) have been severely injured. And if you are a dog person then I believe you know what happens to a racing dog that is injured. For those of you who do not know- the injured dog is disposed of (as in either given a lethal injection or gassed). I do not know what that particular track uses.

The ad was filmed at the track which pitted a French bulldog running a race with a greyhound and of course the bulldog wins the race. (Sketchers equals fast) The dog was wearing Sketchers on all four paws. In my humble opinion and in the opinion of many animal rights activists, the ad is a disgrace or maybe we should just say inappropriate since it all took place at a race track with a very poor record. I’m not writing about winning  greyhounds here. I’m pointing out that this track, among many others treats the dogs in a very poor manner. Furthermore, the ad appears to promote greyhound racing.

What really bothers me is the fact that most people who go to a race have not the slightest idea of what humane treatment means and probably do not care. Well there you have it. My beef for a good while to come.  Oh, I almost forgot- I have at least two more posts about greyhounds- in draft form.

I would love some input from a reader/s if anyone out there bothers to read this post. It is pretty sad when for the past several months, the only comments that I get are from spammers! 

Post Yvonne Daniel


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