Pit Bull Rescue by Hope For Paws (Eldad Hagar)

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Some of you, if not all of you, know about the horrendous things done to Pit Bulls. This is another example of animal abuse. Generally it is not the breed that makes a dog aggressive, it is the people who have no feelings for animals. Pit Bulls are as you know are used in underground dog fighting rings. Large sums of money pass through the hands of the dog fighters and the people who bet on the dogs. Eldad Hagar believes Cadence was used as a bait dog.

I cried as I watched this sweet dog get a second chance for a life that I’m sure she had never known. What a wonderful rescue from a life of abuse. Either the dog got away or had been dumped for not being aggressive enough. Also, she had some extremely bad injuries and this makes the animal expendable and of no further use. What ever the case, lady luck smiled on her when she was seen by some very kind people who contacted Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws.

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  1. Denise Hisey says:

    The dogs I’ve ‘rescued’ from the pound never looked like this, but I can’t imagine getting a dog any other way than rescue. There are too many waiting to be loved.

    • Hi, Denise and thanks for visiting and commmenting. I’m so glad that you too have reaped the benefits of obtaining a dog from the pound. Hagar’s rescues are some pitiful looking dogs when he saves them. But after needed baths, vet care,often times surgeries, meds and, love these dogs do not look the same as when he initially rescued them. The transformations are nothing short of a miracle, in my humble opinion.

  2. shoreacres says:

    Hi, Yvonne ~ Just stopping by to say hello and see if I might have missed a post. I’m glad to see I didn’t miss anything, although I do miss seeing you. I hope all is well – that illness or misfortune hasn’t crossed your path. We’re moving toward a busy part of the year – I hope your Thanksgiving is lovely!

    • Oh drats my reply went away. Thank you for inquiring and I’m happy to say that I’m feeling pretty darn good. More about that at some time or the other. Super busy with pet chores and getting tumor removed from Muddy’s side- $750 which included a dental. Working toward a long butterfly post re: Monarch and a few other ones. Have taken maybe 1000 pics and have to sort and file those almost every day. Thanks again, Linda. You are so kind and thoughtful. 🙂

  3. Oh what a touching story and vidéo, Yvonne. I think we were many with teary eyes as we saw this poor doggie in such a bad state. Imagine, using her as a bait ! She was waiting for people such as those who saved her, did not resist at all for being taken away in the car. Yes, dogs can feel how you feel about them and they respond accordingly. Pitbuils are not monsters. They need a proper education as you mentioned. People who love and know how to treat them. Then they will behave like any respected dog. Thank you so much for sharing this moving story. I will share it with others too.

    • <emThank you, Isa, for your heartfelt comment. Your words are so true about Pit Bulls. They do make great dogs and if raised in the right manner make extremely loyal and loving pets. Oh, and thanks for mentioning that you will share Cadence's story with other folks.

  4. Thankyou for sharing with us, even though I’m crying buckets here. Sooo glad she got a second chance, sadly there are a lot that don’t. Great work by Hope For Paws xx

    • Hi Claire. It is so nice of you to comment. Thanks so much. Yes, the video caused me to cry as well. If you love dogs and have a soft heart- then yes it will cause one to cry. I think Mr Hagar is a God send. A truely unusual man who is doing such wonderful work.

  5. shoreacres says:

    What a wonderful story. I’m hearing more and more often about the need for rescues and education, sometimes in rather unusual places. For example, one of the most popular political radio hosts in the country, Mark Levin, has a whole section of his website devoted to animal welfare issues, and has had several rescue dogs as pets. Agree or disagree with his politics, the fact is that these issues need to be addressed by everyone.

    Here’s a link to his pet page. I listen to him sometimes, and more often than you’d think people call in who’ve either just rescued a pet or had one die. He’s so good with his callers – it’s wonderful to hear.

    • Linda, thanks ever so much for commenting and for the link to Mark Levin. It matters not to me either the political persuasion or religion or sexual orientation. All that matters is that an individual is kind and compassionate toward their fellow man and that he/she is kind and cares about animals. I could go on and on but I have now strayed from the post and your comment.

      Mr Levin sounds like a good man to me and I’m heading over to his website. Thanks again.


  6. Kathy says:

    I am crying. What a beautiful rescue, a cherishing of life. Thank you for sharing this, Yvonne. Thanks for people like you and Sybil who make others aware of this plight.

    • Thanks Kathy for commenting. But I really am doing next to nothing compared to what Hagar’s Hope for Paws is doing. That is real dedication on his part and his group of volunteers. Every community should be so fortunate to have a man and a group like that.

  7. I’ve seen his videos before and admire his work greatly. I just shared this on Facebook to help spread the story, Yvonne. I will never understand how some humans can be capable of such hideous behavior.

    • That’s great Steve. Hagar asks that foks share his videos in what ever mode that you can. Punishment for dog fighting and puppy mills should be long and harsh. Just like the way they treated the animals in their care but that’ll never happen. Too bad it will not. Maybe in a 100 years from how the tide will change. Thanks so much for commenting.

  8. OMG, both horrible and wonderful video to watch.. What a sweet girl she is, so friendly and trusting towards people and other dogs! Amazing, considering what she must’ve been through. Thanks for sharing this, Yvonne. And Yay, Hope for paws!

    • Calee, you are correct about Cadence being a “warm and friendly” dog toward people and other dogs. Such a good thing that surley will help her in getting placed in a forever home. Thanks so much for viewing and commenting.

  9. Pit Bulls are banned in the UK, as are other certain breeds of dog which are considered aggressive. Doesn’t mean you won’t see them though as they are bred as crosses which sometimes can get round the law.
    “Weapon of Choice” for many is the Staffordshire Bull Terrier which is not banned. Yes, there are some quite gentle ones but many other dog owners will avoid them like the plague if they see them being walked in the street. There are far too many stories in the papers and on TV about vicious attacks by these dogs.
    There’s a Staffy lives just round the corner from me. Walk past the gate and the dog if it is out goes absolutely crazy, snarling and barking and throwing itself against the gate. The couple who own it are elderly and when the lady takes it out it’s more a case of it being a drag than a walk. If I see it in the distance when I’m out with Grumpy Old Man we go the opposite way as I don’t believe she could control it. Sad, but that’s the way it is….

    • Mike, you are correct on all accounts. Pits are banned here in some places as well and there have been lot of cases of these dogs attacking and killing people and animals. However, it is the owners that create a monster dog. No one should own a pit, rottie, doberman, German shepherd, Staffie, and other breed unles they know the breed well and know the needs and how to train that dog. Humans need to match up with what they can handle and train. But people are stubborn and think that anyone can take ANY dog and that the dog will be everything one could want in a dog. It doesn’t happen that way. Dogs need to learn obedience, manners, basic commands, and they need exercise and human attention. No dog should be left in a yard with no human discipline or interaction. AND last of all the big agressive breeds need early socialization with people and animals. If and only if all those things can be provided then the dog will be a “good dog” and not prone to throwing themselves against the fence with crazy out of control behavior as in the case of the Staffy that you mentioned.

      The woman taking the Staffy for a walk needs more for that dog than a mere walk once a day. That dog needs a different owner that can train it some manners. It needs to run with a runner in order to burn off all that pent up anxiety and boredom. I would avoid that dog as well for I have a healthy respect for any dog that does not know me. And you are wise to protect My Grumpy and your self by going in a different direction.

      I never attempt to pet anyone’s dog be it ever so meek or friendly looking. I don’t touch dogs or cats at a vet’s office either. How to handle a dog should be taught in school just like parenting should be taught in school.

      Thanks so much for your input.It gave me a chance to get on my soap box.

      • Not far from where I live there are two Pet Rescue centres. Both of them are inland and each day I see volunteers walking dogs, most of which are aggressive breeds. They have little hope of re homing them but they’re policy is not to euthanise so they appear to be stuck with them.

        • It is a shame Mike for the dogs and the people that rescue them. Yes if it is no-kill policy rescue place they will keep them from now on. It seems counter productive on some levels since money spent on keeping “lifers” could be spent on other dogs that could be placed. The bottom line is the fact that it is man’s disregard for animals. The aggressive breeds were created by dumb assess who thought breeding for aggression was the thing to do. “Super breeds” were created but when the dogs end up in the hands of other “dumb asses” then that is when the problem begins. I think that banning more aggressive breeds would curb a lot of problem dogs and problem owners. In some places even the pit bull mixes are banned. But bastard individuals get around the law. Where I live there are pit bulls in the lower income neighborhoods. I’ve a theory about why that social econnomic group like pit bulls but it is too long to write about here. Thanks for writing again. I value your input very much.

      • Vicky says:

        Many years ago, before Pit Bills were banned here, I had a delivery job.
        In one of the villages I visited, the local bobby had a Pit Bull.
        His dog was the most gentle sweetheart of all the dogs I met on my rounds and the pair were a popular sight around the village.
        I remember him being totally gutted when the breed was banned and all current owners at the time had to muzzle their dogs when in a public place.
        Yvonne, I so agree with you regarding it being the owners that create the monster dogs. The trouble is, it is always the dogs that suffer in the end 😦

        • Vicky, thank you so much for writing about the bad owners versus good owners of Pit Bulls and similar breeds. It is true what you write that the dogs suffer because of man’s stupidity, ignorance, and disregard for using common sense. It is very troubling to me and an outright crime of man’s treatment of animals.

  10. Just Rod says:

    What a lovely ending to the story. I love how sensitive and careful the rescuers were. What a lovely dog. It is unimaginable to me that people can use these dogs to fight and injure other dogs. There is something wrong with people who like to watch animals being hurt.
    Thanks Yvonne

    • Rod, thank you for viewing and commenting. In my humble opinion I think animal abusers are sickos and wonder sometimes if they are demon possessed. Just like people that abuse children- there is something very wrong with the mind.

  11. sybil says:

    Hell yes, it’s wonderful how Cadence adjusted to kindness. But she was a lovely dog from the start and some bastard humans did that to her. ~Trey.

    P.S. Sorry Yvonne, Trey made me write that curse word but I am sure you can understand why he feels as he does.

    • Quite alright Trey. I so understand your feelings. Sybil, I know that you moved just so you could keep the pit bulls. I say bully for you. It reallly is people that make these dogs mean. They are not aggresive in nature but they also need to have a human that understands dogs who knows how to treat them with kindness and discipline. They can be excellent dogs but yes they can become aggessive if not handled properly. Read Mike’s comment. It seems the old people never trained their Staffy in the right manner. Same thing goes for the Pit Bulls. Any dog breed for that matter must be in the “right hands” for they all have the potential to be “bad eggs.” Thanks for commenting, Sybil.

  12. chatou11 says:

    Had tears too! how such thing can be possible! Cadence deserves to have a good life now.. Thank for sharing Yvonne.

  13. Andrew says:

    Another extraordinary story. Thanks for sharing this, Yvonne.

  14. Vicky says:

    I can always guarantee being reduced to tears if an animal is involved.
    The abuse these beautiful dogs go through and they still have it in their hearts to forgive and trust again.
    Cadence looked such a bewildered soul, how wonderful she has found the love she so deserves.
    Eldad Hagar and his team of volunteers truly are angels, and I’m convinced that all the dogs they help must sense this.

    • Hello Vicky. Thank you so much for your insightful comment. Your heart is as soft as mine. I have no back bone when it comes to dogs and cats. It is wonderful that he has such a marvelous group of volunteers.

  15. Lottie Nevin says:

    How brilliant that this sweet, trusting dog was saved. It’s shocking the abuse that these poor animals suffer, all in the name of fighting and money – shame on all those that have any part in it. I wonder if abuse like that happened to a human if they could learn to trust again? Yvonne, thanks for your fabulous email, I shall write back very soon – yesterday turned into a mad day and now I’m off shortly to Malaga to collect Serena who is coming to stay for a week – can you imagine all that rubble, no bathroom an no hot water? she must be as mad as her mother! Great to see you back at your blog again, you always share great stuff xox

    • Lottie thanks so much as always for your wonderful comments. Dogs are so forgiving and I suspect that is why good people love dogs so much. I agree with you totally that Cadence’s rescue was brilliant in that is was quite easy compared to many of Hagar’s rescues which often involve considerable work.

      It will be nice to have Serena visit even though she’ll be “roughing it” during her stay. I suspect she is overjoyed now that you are back in Europe and she and all your children can now visit without going to a lot of travel time and expense. All this will be quite an experience for her and maybe she can be of some much needed help to you.

      You know I still can not figure out which is worse- no hot water or no bathroom. I hope that you have at least 2 or 3 very large pots to keep hot water going all day long. I know Serena’s visit will be a good one. ~yvonne xxx

  16. Pit bulls have been historically known as babysitters, literally to small children/babies because they are so gentle loving protective family pets. My husband & I have been into rescuing rotties for the past 28 years but have also had our share of being around some pit rescues as well. So true what you write about the abuse they incur. Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless. Paulette

    • Paulette thanks so much for commenting. I’m sure that you have some abuse stories that you learned about through all the years of helping to support Ventura county, California. I so admire what you are doing to assist the no kill shelter. And you are wonderful with the rotties. E. Hagar encourages folks to spread the good deeds of Hope for Paws. Such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. I post on Flickr and I get a notice each time he posts a video or photos on Flickr since I made him a contact. All his videos grab my heart.

  17. Littlesundog says:

    What a sweetie Cadence is. This video did not make me cry. These people are so gentle and it was apparent, Cadence trusted and wanted to feel love. What a lovely girl she is!

    • Thanks so much for your input. I know that you are a true dog lover and your observations are right about the kindness of E. Hagar and the lady who took her. I don’t know if the lady in the video who taught her to swim was her foster Mom or her adopted Mom. Mr Hagar seems to find the best people. It just amazes me to see the goodness and kindness of the folks that work with his rescues.

  18. desertrose7 says:

    Made me cry too! That poor little girl. Imagine being so beat down and yet finding the courage- the TRUST to climb into that car. Amazing.

    • Hi Tracy. Yes this was a tear jerker to see what a lovely dog Cadence was underneath the abused exterior. I think she knew, really knew that she had been saved. Some dogs have that sixth sense and Pit Bulls are such smart dogs. Thank you for your very nice comment.

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