Pet Loss Poem: Generous and Loving as a Dog

Another poem to add to a group of pet loss poems. This was sent to me by Vicky- blog site at who lives in Great Britian. She recently lost a very dear friend- her beloved dog. I’m so sorry for her loss.

To Become as Generous and Loving as a Dog

It came to me that every time I lose a dog,
they take a piece of my heart with them….
And every new dog who comes into my life,
gifts me with a piece of their heart.
If I live long enough, all the components of
my heart will be dog …
and maybe
I will become as generous and loving as they are.

author unknown

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34 thoughts on “Pet Loss Poem: Generous and Loving as a Dog

  1. A most touching poem who describes so well the links between our pets and us. Generous, faithful and loving. How could we ever forget them ? Our little – and bigger – buddies are part of our life and when they leave they take something from us too. But how grateful we can be to have walked together for years. Thank you Yvonne for sharing these thoughtful words.

    • Isa. your thoughts are beautiful and so aptly expressed. I shall keep what you have written and at some time or the other, along with a few more from followers I will post the the writings as quotes and attribute them to the writer. Thank you so much for being so nice and a lovely lady.

  2. Littlesundog says:

    This piece is one I have seen many of the folks from the rescue I work with, use in email and in ads. I believe so many of us are connected deeply with animals and nature… it’s a gift to be sure!

    • Thanks for commenting. I too think that this quote is a good one but I had not read of it before (don’t know how I managed never to have it read that I can remember). Thanks to Vicky who sent it in her comment I decided to post it and it is has received very nice responses. Thanks for taking the time to read and to comment.

  3. Lovely Poem
    Our Milo has been introduced to lots of other Jack Russells at the Kennel where he will stay for 8 days. He loved it and was soon running around with a mate called Ronaldo. He will get his daily chicken neck and lots of walks.

    • Yes, sweet Milo the possum dog is now in good company with a friend named Ronaldo.:-) That is too cute. Doesn’t seem as if he will be missing you and MS O too much while you are away. Chicken necks and daily walks- wow that is good care. Sounds like a very nice boarding kennel. I hope all goes well on your vacation and maybe you’ll have some photos for us to view? Take good care, Gerard.

      Best regards,

  4. Kathy says:

    A heartfelt poem about the death of a dear friend. I remember when we lost our first black lab puppy years ago and how I threw myself on the ground and wept and wept, totally broken-hearted. It’s hard to lose our precious friends, human or furry. (By the way, our daughter’s cat got spayed–neutered?–yesterday. A trauma for all concerned. We’re all still recovering.)

    • Oh my Kathy. I can see why you and Barry no longer want a dog or a cat. I think I remember commenting about another pet for you if a stray showed up at your house. While I have never dropped to the ground when I lost some of my pets, I grieved mightily inside and felt a gnawing pain for I could not grieve openly in our house.

      I am glad that your daughter’s cat has now been spayed. Very good news. 🙂 Neutered is the word used for “fixing” a male cat or if one chooses to be more blunt then castration is the word for desexing a male cat. The younger the cat the faster the recouperation time from surgery. The incision just needs to be watched to make sure the sutures are intact and there are no signs of infection at the suture line.

      Spaying a female cat reduces its chances of getting mammary cancer and overall makes the kitty healthier since the cat is not going in and out of a heat cycle almost continuously.

      Thanks so much for commenting and I always like to hear news of the grand furbies. 🙂

      • Kathy says:

        Her cat was neutered then, because it’s a boy. They thought it was a girl at first, but it turned out to be male. Our son’s cat is a little girl and she came spayed already. Now I just need to remember both terms!

        • Kathy, your daughter was lucky to only have had to pay for a neuter. Spays are more than double in price and the cost also increase if the female is in heat or season (if you want to use a more refined term). I’ve got all mannner of words for cats and dogs- picked up over the years of having many pets that had their reproductive organs removed. 🙂 Of all the years that I’ve had cats spayed or neutered I only had to allow three to have kittens after they were trapped. The females were too pregnant and I could not stand the thought of killing kittens that were almost completely developed. The other is the risk involed if the cat is pregnant. There are more blood vessels to tie off and you run the risk of the cat dying unless she is given IV fluids and kept in ICU for a few days. It is a huge shock to their system. Very inhumane for sure.

          Your son and his wife were lucky as well since they did not have to deal with getting their kitty spayed.

  5. shoreacres says:

    This really is a wonderful poem. In the end, it’s about transformation, and what love can create. I’ve often thought that the ability to love has to be learned, and who better to teach us than our wonderful animals?

    On a slightly different tack – I wish you could be here to see the squirrel and the outdoor cat that have formed a bond over at a marina where I work. I saw them for the first time today, although people have been talking about them for a week. They truly do play together – chasing each other, going nose-to-nose, then chasing each other again. It’s just remarkable!

    • Linda, I think that you explained the poem very well. Transformation and love are mighhty big words and humans that experience these two things be it from a pet or another person or merely one’s process of living completely, truely know the meaning. Pets bring so much joy into one’s life and after losing one, some of us grieve for a very long time.

      But about that squirrel and the kitty. Please try to get some pics of that animal friendship. Someone should take some videos of those two and post them on You Tube. There is a book called “Unlikely Friendships.” I think that is the title. I’ll have to look it up. About 15 or so years ago (maybe less)there was a crow and an unclaimed kitten that played and ate together. A man and his wife adopted the cat and eventually the crow disappeared. I think that friendship was maybe around a year or so. I’ll have to see if it is still on You Tube.

      Even though it would be a departure from the most of your writing, it would be an interesing post if you can get some pics of the kitty and the squirrel. Hopefully there are always plenty of people around to look out for those wonderful creatures.

  6. So poignant and heartfelt. vicky´s loss of Jasp has left a huge hole for those of us who knew him. (tries to avoid crying in internet cafe)

    • Hi Ms Gib and hope that you are continuing to heal.Yes, I found Snowy’s photo over in Vicky’s blog. Thanks to you I found her blog and now I am a fan of her blog as well. But I was distressed to read that she had lost her dear friend, Jasper and I did not even leave a note- at least I don’t remember. It grieves me a lot when I read about someone’s pet dying and sometimes I simply don’t have it in me to offer any words of solace at the time. I have to think about what I will write.

      But Vicky made her way over to my blog and found the Rudyard Kipling poem which is my personal favorite. She sent the poem that I made a post of and I’ve had more resposes than I thought there would be from other bloggers.

      • You´ve prob found that Vicky has two blogs. Like me she became interested in the changing colours of DuoTone, depending on the photograph, but her main one is Vics Pics and More. There are lots on there of handsome jasper and some good photos in their own right, check out her B&W ones. She is my first pòrt of call for all photo/camera related queries as she is qualified and spent many years in the industry. She is also a fine rescue person 🙂

        • Hi Ms G. No I have not had anytime to look at blogs but I do want to pursue hers. I have been busier than usual and a tad short of energy. Lots of worry added to that about insurance for Lisa. We have no idea from whence or where it will come from or if it will it be obtainablbe. The US government is f—-d up big time and I see no relief in sight. She is very depressed about it all and so am I . But I’ll write you about all that later.

          It is good to know that Vicky is a good source for photography related information. I need to explore the DuoTone thingy and to see if it will enhance some of my pics. I have many things to post but just work on several drafts a bit at a time. Thanks for letting me know about Vicky. Regards, yvonne

  7. chatou11 says:

    Oh yes this poem is so lovely Yvonne,

  8. sybil says:

    I love the sentiment in this poem. A lovely way to look at the goings and comings of pets in our lives … woof !

  9. Andrew says:

    These are lovely thoughts. It’s a shame the author isn’t known. There is an incredible bond with pets. They give an take and losing one is heartbreaking. Nice post, Yvonne.

    • Andrew, I totally agree and I wish I had the name of the author. I did not research per Google for I had little time when I decided to make a post of the poem that Vicky had sent me. Vicky’s heart is broken over the loss of her dog, Japser and I felt it would be a good thing to post the poem that she had included in her comment. Thank you for liking this post.

  10. TexWisGirl says:

    oh, that’s lovely.

    • Theresa, I have been so lazy about commenting on your blog for I hate having to log in to Blogger. I have been meaning to write you via email or in the commnets about the special art that you created for your niece’s rescue sanctuary. It’s beautifully done. I admire your talent. I think the love for dogs must run in the famiy. 🙂 Thanks for the nice comment.

  11. This is lovely…thank you for posting it, Yvonne!

  12. Lottie Nevin says:

    Awww, that is very sweet and very lovely. Can you imagine if every one did have the heart of a dog? Imagine what a much nicer place the world would be – Something to think about eh? 🙂

    • Indeed you are so right about how wonderful this world could be if humans were generous and loving just in the same manner as dogs. Too bad that people can not apply the lessons learned from our furry friends. I had not planned on this post but Vicky commented on on the Rudyard Kipling poem about loss. She included this new one and I decided to go ahead and make a post out of it since she is grieving over the loss of one of her dogs. Thanks for commenting Lottie. I keep saying that I am going to email you and I really hope to do that very soon. Hugs, yvonne

      • Lottie Nevin says:

        No worries, my friend. I know that you have your hands full and loads to do. It’s miserable losing a pet, they become such a huge part of our lives that when they depart, it leaves a gaping hole that is very hard to fill. There have been a few pet bereavements in the blog world recently, Ralph in Spain lost his cat and Mr AV over in Brazil lost his – their pain is evident in their writing. It doesn’t matter how old, nor how young you are, whether you are a man, woman or child, saying goodbye to a furry friend is agony. I’ve packed up the Bali house and now today I start on the apartment in Jakarta. It’s all systems GO!! I’ll write to you soon. Lots of love XXX

  13. Vicky says:

    Thank you for the mention Yvonne. So pleased you like the poem too 🙂 x

  14. Such a lovely poignant poem. Hugs to you, Paulette

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