About Those Labs: Someone’s Been “Hounding” Me for a Post

Molly: waiting for a ride on my little "e-cart."

Molly: waiting for a ride on my little “e-cart.”

Muddy holding a stick in his paws

Muddy holding a stick in his paws

Muddy was a found by me at my place of work. Excellent watch dog. A lab that does not like water.   :-)

Muddy was a found by me at my place of work. Excellent watch dog. A lab that does not like water. πŸ™‚

I wish that I could just rest on my laurels but alas, I have none to rest on or is upon? I could never understand the finer points of writing so what you see is what you get. I am not feeling so daggum perky but today I did get sort of reprieve from worrying about my ill-health. The young echogram techno guy with the Justin Bieber haircut that sort of resembles a mohawk or maybe a tomahawk, told me that my heart was not in “afib.” Meaning afibrillation which in my case was a rapid and irregular heart rate. With meds I might live a few more or if I’m lucky and blessed a lot more years. πŸ™‚

Office Diva of http://loofahsgood.wordpress.com/ has been hounding me to do a post about my dogs. Some of these are pics that have appeared in previous posts.

Muddy and Molly were rescued by me when they had been thrown away as puppies in the winter. I am so glad they are my dogs. Labs make wonderful pets but then I say that about all dogs and cats. I really do have a personality flaw in being so weak kneed where animals are concerned.

β€œWe can judge the heart of a man
by his treatment of animals.”
by Emanuel Kant

Molly now 4 years old. chocolate labrador retriever

Molly now 4 years old. chocolate labrador retriever

Muddy does not retrieve and does not like water.

Muddy does not retrieve and does not like water.

Post and photographs: yvonne

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75 thoughts on “About Those Labs: Someone’s Been “Hounding” Me for a Post

  1. da-AL says:

    any dog with at least a little labrador in them is bound to be a delight πŸ™‚

    • Hello da-AL. I think you are correct about the lab thing. From what I have seen in rescue dogs and others, the Labrador trait is usually predominant in mixed breed dogs. The lab is a happy and generally easy going and ready to please dog. Sometimes they can be not so nice though if not raised in the best circumstance. My son’s lab had not be well socialized as a pup and she is wary of un-familiar people. As a young dog, she had never seen me and when ever I entered his house, her hackles would raise. But after a few times and seeing that I had treats for her, she warmed up and is now my friend.

      • da-AL says:

        you put it so well – I believe that all dogs need good socializing — & that they each have their own personalities that need to be worked with

        • You are so correct about socialization. The lack of socialization is the root cause of many dogs not able to fit into a family and ultimately being surrendered to a shelter. Any dog needs other dogs and other animals as well as human interaction in order to be a good family pet. The dog will also be a happier dog and so will its humans be happier when the pet gets along with what ever it encounters.

        • da-AL says:

          I always say that what’s good for doggies is good for people — lots of walks, playing, good food, & learning to communicate clearly & with patience…

        • You are so right about all the things you have written. Clearly, dogs were made for people and people were made for dogs.

        • Yes indeed. Dogs need just about everything that a person needs to be well rounded.

  2. dogkisses says:

    Beautiful Labs! They are fine dogs indeed. I too have a weak spot in my heart for dogs, and cats. I hope to be a proud owner of a dog soon. I’m in recovery from a painful move, but soon I will be again so lucky to be loved by a dog.

    Peace and many blessings to you and your family.

    • Michelle I do hope that by now (I’m late replying to your comment) that you have acquired a dog. A dog is a faithful friend and genuine company. Just be sure to get the right fit (kind of dog) that suits your life style. I hope to get over to your blog as I might have missed a notice/s in my email.

      Blessings to you as well.

      Best regards, Yvonne

  3. This is fabulous! High paw, pal!

    • Arrf, arrf. Thank’s for taking the time to view and to comment. I’ve no idea how you found this blog but I am so glad that you did. Every view and every comment is very much appreciated. I’ll look around you blog when I have caught up reading and commenting on the main blogs that I follow. I had lots of pet chores today and so I am waaaaaay behind in WP. πŸ™‚

      • Well hello to you too! I too am glad I stumbled across your blog and all its glory. No rush to come and visit me, though I do look forward to seeing you!
        High paw!

        • Everyone that visits and comments needs a name and yes that is you Wiley the dog and the human who is now dubbed by me as Smitty. Hope that you don’t mind. I still have not been over so I’ll just subscribe. And no this does not mean tit for tat. It does not matter if you “follow” me or not. I know Wiley that you already have a home. πŸ™‚ Anyway I can’t seem to find the time to put out a new post but butterflies will likely be on the agenda. But with a post maybe about “button” tumors on dogs. Muddy the lab has one and I need to photograph and then do a post about that kind of tumor which by GOd’s grace is not a malignant type or so says my vet.

          High five and arrf-arrf

        • Dear Yvonne,
          My only regret of today is that I did not see this message before I responded to your comment on my blog post from yesterday. Had I seen it, you would have been Yvonne, as you are now in my heart moving forward. I agree that in this thing that is the blogosphere, our friends are invaluable, so I appreciate very much having a new one and look forward to seeing a lot more of you in the future. I love my name Wiley as it is incredibly fitting of my personality, and Smitty is just fine since it sounds a lot like Schmidty (which is a regular nickname of my forever people).
          High paw to you and Muddy!
          Wiley (and Smitty)

        • Gee whiz, Smitty, I mean Wiley, that is such a sweet reply. Of course I’ll call you what ever you want to be called so I reckon it seems that you prefer Wiley so Wiley it will be. I have missed your post since I have not gone to the reader to click on when to be notified. I believe that you do a post a day and I can not imagine how you will be keeping up that routine after your human has her baby. You will be busy helping her watch over the new arrival and that will leave little time for you to be keeping your followers informed of all the new happenings.

          Wiley thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

          High five to you and your human, Yvonne

        • Dear Yvonne,
          I do indeed post every day. I have been since December 20, 2012 and I’d be lying if I said it was easy. My original goal was to blog for 365 days straight, so that will bring me pretty close to when the baby comes. Funny how things work out, hey? πŸ™‚
          High paw right back at you,

        • Yes, stange these happen but a baby in your Mama’s life will probably put her blog on a back burner until the household is sort of back to normal. You’ll have to be an extra special member of the family. And I know that your humans will remember that you will still need extra pats and at least some 1:1 attention even though it will likely be brief.

          High five to you, Wiley

        • I’m sure you’re right – so much to look forward to!!! I can hardly wait! πŸ™‚
          Lots of love,

        • Hi Wiley. It so nice of you to drop by on Muddy’s post. He is one big lug but loves little dogs. So does Molly the other found chocolate lab. You would love to romp and run with them on our little acre here in Texas.

          A little bundle of joy is a wonderous thing. I remember when my two munchins were infants. They had colic a lot. πŸ™‚

  4. Isabella Rose Photography says:

    Your dogs are so beautiful, Yvonne. It is lovely to connect with someone who shares my love of animals. Bless you, my dear friend. β™₯

    • Thank you, Isabella for visiting and for the lovely comment. Do you know that I just happened to look at the top of the dasboard page, I think it was, and saw that there was a notice of one spam. Out of cusiosity I clicked on it and it was your comment that had gone to spam. Now that makes me a bit angry. I can not see how askimet thought you were spam.

      Blessings in return to you, Isabella.You are an inspiration.

  5. Kathy says:

    Your dogs are very sweet. Thank you for sharing photos of them. You made me remember our dogs, a black lab named Bucky and a half-coyote (no one knew for sure) named Tasha. We haven’t had dogs since the 1980’s but enjoy seeing them.

    • I’ll bet Bucky and Tasha were wonderful pets especially the one with some coyote ancestory. I’ve read of dogs such as Tasha and all the owners said the dogs were very smart. Thanks for dropping in to look and comment, Kathy. Your visits are always appreciated.

  6. Pecora Nera says:

    What fantastic looking dogs you have, I keep contemplating getting a dog. Now that I work from home, I might just go and rescue one. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Pete, for viewing amd commenting, and for saying M & M are nice looking dogs. I will tell them a new compliment was sent all the way from Northern Italy. That should make their tails go “pitty pat”, “swish-swish, and thump thump!

      Just for your info. Labs make great pets, are always happy but shed a lot even though they are short haired dogs. The whys of all that shedding- Well I don’t know the answer. Daily combing would probably reduce the shedding. But getting a dog from a shelter would be a wonderful act of kindness and I can tell you that most dogs know they’ve been rescued and are forever grateful. If you get one from a kill shelter that is even better for you will have saved a life for sure. Look for one that is on death row, meaning its time will be up that day or the next day or soon. It is the best feeling in the world knowing that you have saved a life. Good luck and you’ll have to write about the rescue if you decide to get a dog. πŸ™‚

  7. M&M are gorgeous! Yvonne, take good care of yourself~ Hugs

    • Hi Calee.Thanks for having a look and commenting. And I’ll tell M & M they are gorgeous. I am doing a bit better and thank you for your nice thoughts.


  8. Denise Hisey says:

    It boggles my mind that someone could throw away or abandon a helpless animal.
    Molly and Muddy are beautiful dogs and so lucky to have you as their human πŸ˜‰
    Our sweet Lady was a black lab -she’s been gone a year now and we do miss her. She loved water (except baths!).

    • Thanks for your comment Denise. Yes, those labs are special and I have not met anyone that doesn’t like the breed. Lab mixes ar great dogs as well.

      I’m so sorry to read of your dog Lady’s demsie. It is hard to lose a pet especially one that you loved so much.

  9. Lottie Nevin says:

    At last I can leave a comment! I’m sorry but I’ve had days of rubbish internet 😦

    First off, great news that you are on the mend and feeling a little better, I was worried about you Yvonne. I think everyone agrees that you just need to take it steady for a bit – sorry to be bossy but I (we all) care about you xxx

    Your dogs are gorgeous, what beautiful, healthy looking canines – real credit to your love and care, I bet they love you back in buckets.

    Things are moving on here and though I’m not sure of timing exactly, it looks like we will be leaving sooner rather than later. The good news is that I can’t wait to have a dog(s) and cat again. So excited!

    Look after yourself wonderful lady and we are all willing the warfarin to work it’s wonders for you. Lottie πŸ˜€

    • Hi, Lottie, my “bestest” and dearest blogging friend. I apologize for not writing but will be soon. πŸ™‚ I understand the Internet problem that you have in Jakarta land. It is BAD!!! Anyway not to worry. I should have let you know how things are going. Much better as of latest MD report.

      Thank you for having a read and leaving your always lovely comment.

      I like your news re: leaving sooner as much as I liked my news from MD office this mornning. I had talked about Java with some friends and we have all been in consensus that getting out sooner rather than later is the best for you and Pete.


  10. Littlesundog says:

    Yvonne, I hope you will be able to get to the bottom of what’s ailing you. Take care of self right now… listen to your inner spirit.

    Muddy and Molly are beautiful! What would we do without our special loves?

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting.I hope to know too what all is ailing me. I am a tad better but not as well as I’d like to be.

      You are so right abut our special dogs and other animals in our life.

  11. It’s glad to hear good news about your health… Hope you will recover soon with all our prayers. Muddy and Molly are so cute!!!

    • Rexlin, thank you for the prayers. I appreciate that you are concerned. And thank you for reading and commenting. It is always good to hear from you. I hope you are doing well. I have a Duranta plant that I grow in a pot.It is quite large this year. I think of you each day when I tend to the Duranta’s need. I love those beautiful purple flowers. As I stood nearby admiring its beauty, I saw a hummingbird visit the flowers.

  12. shoreacres says:

    The photos of your dogs are beautiful. No, that’s not quite right – your dogs are beautiful, and your photos do them justice!

    I’m so glad to hear the good news about your health, too. I have a friend who was in and out of the hopsital for a couple of years with AFib, but they got her under control, got the meds adjusted just right and now she hasn’t had a lick of trouble for over a year. So it’s possible to move beyond it. As she says, she never really forgets it, but she doesn’t worry about it any more. That’s what I hope for you – not to mention an end to any side effects.

    I found this wonderful quotation about dogs – from what I’ve seen of people and their dogs, I think it’s true.

    β€œReligious teachings say that animals don’t have souls, but I don’t believe that. Our pets cherish our every move, and wait patiently for us to return home from a day’s work. Our pets would give their lives for us in a heartbeat and not ask for anything in return. How can man live without companionship when we were meant to live in a family unit, just like our canine friends? So, I ask you: How could a dog not have a soul?”

    ― Blake O’Connor, Unspoken Bond

    • Hi Linda. The quote that you have included in your comment is beautiful. I like that a lot. Do you mind if I add this to the list of dog quotes that is in a separate category?

      I too believe that dogs and other animals that have a close association with humans have souls. But that is something that I have not written about nor have I discussed it with anyone other than my best friend who is like me. Only she has has rescued up to 20 or more through the years.

      It is good to know that your friend is now in good health after the afib problem. I am hopeful that I can stop taking warfarin and can switch to a daily aspirin when I am stable. I am taking Metropolol and the side effects are fatigue. Plus warfarin which I am very afraid of. But I am taking B 50 and of course citracal with mag and zinc so that helps keep my appetie going and boosts my energy level.

  13. How could anyone throw away Muddy & Molly! They are both absolutely gorgeous and bless your sweet loving heart for adopting them. We’ve mostly rescued rotties but have also rescued other dogs in the last 28 years, two of them (Bubba & Eli) were choc labs. Amazing dogs. Still miss them to this day. Big cyber hugs to you, and rubbies to M&M.

    • Thanks for commenting Paulette. as you well know this world is full of cruel people who care nothing for either 2 legged or 4 legged beings. I am so much richer for having those two labs but it is troubling to know what might have happened to them if I had not taken them in as my pets.

      I know that you are aware of many horror stories since you and your husband have been involved in being so generous with your time and money for your local shelter. I commend what you have and are doing for pet adoptions.

      • Unfortunately, I am aware of many horror stories, first hand. Although, we’re currently supporting the first and only no kill animal shelter in the county where we live, my husband & I have been into rottie rescue (with a few other breeds thrown in along the way, depending on circumstances, even two choc labs). You can well imagine with the rotweiller breed what we’ve run in to. All that aside, We’ve managed (you’re included in that “we”) to help a few lives and be blessed with their love in return. Big hug to you, my friend.

        • Thank you,Paulette for being so gracious and hugs to you as well.I can well imagine the horrors associated with the rotweiller breed. Big dogs seem to get the brunt of man’s angry and neglect but of course small breed dogs are abused and neglected too.

          I have not been in to rescuing from kill shleters except x2 when I got Kippy from Waco Humane Society and then Dancer who came from the Ft Worth city run shelter. My other dogs are found dogs or ones that showed up on our property.

          What puzzles me the most is the vast amount of money in every city that has a kill shelter and yet the wealthy individuals can not part with even a paltry sum to help ease the burden through education and mandated spay and neuter for dogs and cats in every household.

  14. Personality flaw my gluteus maximus! Tain’t nuthin’ wrong with your personality, ma’am. πŸ™‚ You are such a sweet person for your love and caring for animals….and humans too as far as I can tell, Yvonne. Your dogs are beautiful labs and seem happy and so well-cared for in these pictures, which are quite good.

    So happy to hear that there is good news regarding your health, Yvonne. Obviously the risk is there and it would be so much better were it to not exist. But if it is to be there then the reduced risk should be buoying. I took warfarin for 6 months only as the clot that caused a Pulmonary Embolism showed no signs of returning allowing me to stop. Although there were no side effects, the threat of non-stop bleeding was a daily worry. I hope you are able to stop as well. It is odd that some things like warfarin…rat poison…and curare among others can be so deadly yet useful to our well-=being in miniscule doses. Just another example of why, with the destruction of habitats and species, what we don’t know can hurt us. Who knows what wonder drug may have died with the Dodo etc. Anyway, sorry for the tangent, it is good news that things are looking a little bit up and maybe a lot. Make sure you get your rest…so important.

    • Steve you are too funny. Love your words for the back end. Well you think one way and I think another. My parents and other relatives always told me that my love for animals was not normal and so that is the way I feel.

      I have so wished that I were a person of means who could build a decent no kill animal shelter for Waco, and to get those laws passed that absolutely require spay and neuter of every animal county wide with no ifs , ands, or butts about it. Only those breeders that breed in a responsible manner would be the exception.

      Muddy and Molly are just two examples of backyard breeding. Either they were puppies that no one wanted or did not meet the standards of a lab. Franky they are not the best specimens but I don’t give a rat’s behind of how they look. Those two along with my other dogs have been work, expense, and trouble but I would not trade those dogs for the world and only if my health should get really bad and I can not care for them would I want to try to find a another home for them. Frankly that would be an extreme last resort for my dogs make my house seem like a home and I never feel lonely. I get lots of pleasure just looking at my dogs thinking about what wise and hansdome creatures they are.

      So you took warfarin for 6 months. You had a very dangerous condition with the pulmponary embolism. I have been quaking in my shoes about all the things that can be wrong with me for there is something else going on besides mold and the afib heart. However on the other hand all the mold is still not out of the house for a wall has to be ripped out behind the washer and there is a leak in the roof where I enlcosed the front porch. An old house is like a money pit- it never stops.

      Steve, thank you for your views and your thoughs are not a tangent. I love reading what other people think. I believe the same as you- habitat destruction is likley destroying plants and animals that could provide us with many cures to the awful disease man now suffers.

  15. Dogs are just plain good for the soul. I used to do hospital and nursing home visits when we still had our Tessa in her younger years (she retired from visiting at 12)
    I do think, when I keep a pup from our Blitz, I will do the visits with her as well. After all, the pup will be Tessa’ great-grand.
    I can see in the eyes of your Molly and Muddy that they bring a gift of healing, let it pour over you. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much Mary for your wonderful comment. It will indeed be a vey good thing to use a pup that is a decendant of Tesa to use as a therapy dog. She sure was a one of a kind golden and I know one of the loves of your life.

      You are quite astute where dogs are concerned. Molly and Muddy do have such kind eyes and I will begin to just sit with them. Muddy likes to put his head on my knees and gaze into my eyes. When hs was a puppy he sat in my lap but once he was 6 months old I could not even pick him up. He is a tall rangy lab. I need to do a post about the different body build of the lab.

  16. Just Rod says:

    Lovely post glad you responded to hounding. They are beautiful labs
    Glad you are not in AFib. I have had z couple of bouts of AF. Meds keep it under control. Hopefully just small dose aspirin will replace the Wafarin if you are out of AF now.

    Good to see you posting!

    Think i will write a post on Tank and Twiggy our grand-dogs. They are real characters

    • Thanks so much Rod. It is “good but not good” to know that I am not alone with the afib thing. They are rather scary since it puts one at risk for a stroke which is potentially a very bad happening.

      Hope you are correct about the Warfarin and that I can at some point take a small dose of ASA which is medical lingo for aspirin. I’m sure that you have been trying for a long time now to learn the short version of aspirin. πŸ™‚

      I love your dog stories. I can’t wait to read about Tank and Twiggy. Love those names. I’m thinking that the names fit the dog?

  17. Office Diva says:

    Now I don’t feel so guilty for “hounding” ya, because I finally get a look at Molly and Muddy. (Am also trying to find older posts with them in it). They are gorgeous, and I think the photographs are terrific!! How on earth can anyone abandon puppies, much less lab pups (isn’t that a Federal crime of some sort?) What a good thing they did, because then you were given two very special gifts. I always say that things happen for a reason (even the not-so-fun kind of things), as you are given the gifts you need, and at other times get to polish the areas that need work.

    It sounds like Mohawk-J-Bieber-like technician gave you some good news. I do understand how you must feel about the medications, though. It is unfortunate that prescription meds seem to solve one problem but give your several effects to choose from. Here’s hoping that your health improves so that Warfarin goes wayfaring! Oooh, that was a stretch.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    • I’m glad that you hae taken the time to read a few of the posts.Thank you so much for commenting. Yep,J.Bieber the second was not a bad looking young man. Maybge I am behind the times with hair cuts for young men. It all seems so freakish and “fadish” -made up word.

      Hopefully I can get past this health issue and be my little excentric self again. πŸ™‚


  18. artscottnet says:

    So glad for encouraging news re health. Molly and Muddy are beautiful, as is your heart for keeping them safe and happy!

    • Thanks Scott for taking a look. And thank you for the nice words re: my health. I will tell Molly and Muddy there is another compliment coming there way from a very good artist that paints wolves. πŸ™‚

  19. TexWisGirl says:

    1st, i am glad you got some good news on your health! but, still, scary for you, no doubt!

    2nd, i love all animals, but a few years ago decided dogs held my heart more than any other kind. and of all the dogs, labs hold the center of my heart. πŸ™‚


    • Theresa, I had gathered a while back that labs are your very favorites. Your dogs are so lucky to have you. The pics of them that you post on your blog always cause me to smile a lot. Those dogs live the life of Riley and I can’t imagine a better person to own a pet than you. They have the best of of everything and I know that you’d be lost without your Thelma,
      Louise, BB, and Baron. I never did learn the name of your yellow lab. I am assuming that he has gone to doggie heaven for I’ve not seen recent pics of him.

      Labs really are love bugs. Their eyes speak of happiness, adoration and, love.

      Thank you for the comment re: my health. I hope my heart continues to beat as it should but I must take Metopprolol and Warfarin. I really hope that I can stop taking Warfarin which is a blood thinner. That’s the stuff that is in rat poison and somedays I do feel lower than a rats belly. πŸ™‚ Side effects of these meds are a problem for me.

      • TexWisGirl says:

        ‘lower than a rat’s belly’ yikes! bless you!!

        marigold was my yellow lab. she was the closest thing to a daughter i’ll ever have. she died at 14.

        • Oh Theresa, what I sweetheart Marigold must have been. I am so sorry that she is now gone but even though it is not a consolation, you had her for 14 years and that is pretty old for a lab. I always keep in the back of my mind about my pets longevity and wonder how long I’ll be fortunate to have them with me. I am certain since Marigold was like a child to you then matter how wonderful another pet is, that dog can never replace the one that had a hold on your heart.

          Having a pet comes with so much pleasure and gratification and I’ve often wondered why we comtinue to add grief to our lives when the loss of that very special one is so gut and heart wrenching. But perahps it is fortunate for us that we do have such soft spots for these wonderful furry creatures. Surely we give our dogs as much love as they give to us in return.

          Yep, lower than a rat’s belly is pretty much how I feel. The oddd thing is that it comes and goes and I think that some of it is allergy driven so will be seeing an allergist again after a 20 + year interval. I’m allergic to many foods so right now my diet is pretty strict. No gluten, sugar, citrus,no diary, no corn, or potatoes. Most fruits I have also put on hold. I eat lots of fish, brown rice, squash, carrots , celery, applesauce, no salt or seasoning of any kind. Boring…

  20. sybil says:

    A non-retrieving, non-water lab. Those are hard to find πŸ˜‰

    I think you rescued each other. It’s often that way with dogs …

    • Thanks so much sybil. Yes, it most likely that our dogs rescue us as you well know with your two dogs. They are such beauties and so healthy. I smile a lot when I read one of your post that either has the dogs or the cats or both.

      I have to agree that I lab that does not retrieve or like water is indeed an oddity, I’ve always felt that Muddy might have some other dog breed but he sure looks like a lab that is bred for field work. Breeeders create whatever trit they want from thier dogs and of course not all are bred to be shorter and stockier.

      Muddy has keen hearing and smell and the deep voice of a lab plus the disposition of a lab. He is just a good boy.

  21. Hope you’ll perk up, especially with two of the most wonderful experts at creating good cheer and joy. Give yourself, Muddy and Molly my love.

    • Gerard how nice of you to read about Muddy and Molly. I wil indeed accept those good thoughts of love and pass those on to Muddy and Molly. Thank you for the “perk up pick me up.”

  22. When I was younger we used to have a lab called nicky, lived to the ripe old age of 16. Standard colour, not the chocolate ones. Great guard dog, would let the postman come through the gate, wouldn’t let him go, used to guard the gate jealously.

    I like chocolate labs, love the top photo, down at the dogs level…

    • Mike it so nice of you to take time out of photography sessions to wrote an interesting comment. It is much appreciated.

      Your lab sounds like he knew how to nail the mailman. That is so funny for him to have let the postman in but not back out. Smart dog I would say. That trick might have been his daily entertainment. He was thinkking,”I’ll just have a bit of fun with that guy and his mail pouch.”

      Nicky must have had fantastic care to have lived to 16 years of age. That is almost unheard of in labs over here in the states.

      Thanks for the compliment. That one of Molly is the best one. As you know, it takes many shots to get one acceptable one and she was being very still so that was a lucky shot. The other ones are candid and when I am feeling stronger I need to work on getting good portraits of my dogs.

  23. chatou11 says:

    I am so glad to see your two dogs Yvonne, they are gorgeous and they have been very lucky to have you on their way..
    Hove you will live very long to make people happy around you.. I’am just laughing trying to imagine your echogram guy!!!
    Take care of you!

    • Thank you Chatou for your visit. I do hope I can live a long time. I need to outlive my pets. I can’t take anymore in unless they happen to arrive on my property. I can’t risk leaving a pet assortment for my children who could not nor would not bother to find decent homes for them.

      Yes, the echo guy had a J. Bieber haircut. He was clean cut and a nice looking young man who has a wife and child.I saw the pics on his desk. He was very nice and appeared to really know his job.

  24. I love the chocolate ones Yvonne, they are gorgeous. By which I mean generally but both of yours too. That top one of Molly is lovely, wonderful capture of her expression.

    Ours was black. He loved water and would wander for miles to find it and get extremely wet. He was a pup from a rescue shelter, his mother had been dumped there when pregnant. They wanted us to take the sister as well, but it was our first dog, so we only took Ben. In retrospect wish we had taken both, because a couple of years later we got another dog.

    Scroll down the post, and Ben is front left on bottom photo. It’s a scanned pic, and I’ve prob got better ones elsewhere, but it was the first that came to hand, plus it had Paddy on too, so it was a neat way to have all four dogs on the post, with two in each photo.

    • I scrolled over to the blog. It is a very good one. In fact the stories made me sniff and cry. Excellent. I will be back to comment. I am so tired and it is 2:06am at this moment. Thank you fo giving me the link to your blog. I will be a fan for sure. and thanks for the nice complimant about the dogs. Your labs were some handsome guys. I must add that so is your husband. The pic of you as a child is too cute.

      • I thought you were up a bit late! Anyway I’ve just been back to bed. Getting up at 6am with Partner takes it out of me, and if I don’t catch an hour or two during the day I am a blithering idiot (which I am anyway, just worse so with sleep deprivation). Paddy was a cross, but the two look pretty similar on that photo.

        Thank you for the comment about A. I will tell him. He was quite the pretty boy in his youth, but suddenly grey hair and old age caught up with him. He now looks his age. I have two versions of that photo. In the other one he is looking at the camera, with furly lips. It was a longstanding joke, because Prince the GSD in the photo would often do furly lips at me. They say we get like our dogs eh?

        • I am going to get back to you. I need a nap. Had about 4-5 hours of sleep and that is not enough for me. Will address all that you ahve written. Thank you for commenting. Later. Yvonne

    • I am adding your link to my favorite bar. All the dog stories are so well written and entetaining. I found the pic of you as a child to be a really nice one. It seems that we form our bonds with animals at a young age- I suppose for most of us. Other people go for many years without knowing the joy of a dog or cat. I can’t imagine life without my pets- even with all the work.

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