The Heart of an Unusual Man And a Rescue Video

The story of Eldad and Audrey Hagar is one that I have followed for a number of years. I am sorry to say that it had not occurred to me to post any of his videos.

However, I finally had what O. Winfrey calls an “ahha moment” after I was reading and viewing some of Eldad Hagar’s latest rescue photos over on Flickr. It was the “ahha thing” that caused me to think about posting some of his videos. The rescues are transfixing and will maybe cause you to shed a few tears if you have a soft spot and a heart for animals.

I’ve been quite ill for the post three months and today I think I might live a few more years. πŸ™‚ I’ll write a post about what were two culprits causing me to believe I was soon going to bite the dust. I hope that I am not writing this too soon and jinxing my return to my former eccentric and “happy little body” self.

Please click on the video link below. You’ll be glad that you did. I have posted two videos back to back. These are among my favorites.The videos are the embodiment of hope, dedication, compassion and, persistence. These are the sterling qualities of an animal rescuer.

Rescuing Bethany. A very ill and homeless dog’s rescue and her road to becoming a “new dog.”

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  1. Denise Hisey says:

    She is so sweet…my heart broke looking at her on the street…may God bless you all for taking such good care of these helpless animals.

    • Thank you, Denise. I appreciate your visit and your thoughts. I have only done rescue on a very small scale and nothing compared to what Eldad Hagar has and is doing and also so many other individuals that have no publicity. There are many unsung individuals who possess great heart, kindness, love, and dedication.

      I have offered my little bit to various non profit groups but can not any longer for I have my own self supported sanctuary to keep going. But I can certainly “ring out” what others are doing even if it is only to put it out in “cyberville” or “blogsphere”, which ever you prefer to call this type of news, through my very small blog.

      • Denise Hisey says:

        If only stories like this one would make the headlines -wouldn’t it make the world a happier place? Maybe even give others hope that they can make a difference too?
        Even if we think it’s a small thing, to that one person or animal, it’s a big thing.
        Kudos to you and your sanctuary. I think it’s marvelous and I admire you greatly!

        • Thanks Denise. Some of the stories eventually get on Yahoo news and the like and once on a blue moon the national morning news programs/shows will air a story about rescue. Hagar is on Flickr and also posts on You Tube.

          But like you, I feel the stories give one a fuzzy and warm feeling and it a welcome relief from hearing about the fighting in the Middle East and the crime here in the US and the bickerings of the politicians. πŸ™‚

  2. Reblogged this on The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap and commented:
    Remarkable dog rescue video. Thanks to Pets, People, and Life for this one and all you do to help our furry friends.

    • Thanks, Paulette. That is great for Eldad. This will help more people to know about his work and hopefully inspire some other people to get involved and/or foster/adopt an animal in need.

  3. Yvonne, thank goodness you’re doing better!! It’s good you mentioned it cause now all of us out here who love you will be holding you in our hearts to reinforce your continued healing. Now to watch the video with my box of tissues. Big hugs to you! Paulette

    • Thank you Paulette for the kind word pertaining to my health.I really do need some postiove karma/energy directed my way. I’m still not back to feeling as I should. I now have a repeat sinus infection so that has brought me back down but not as far as I was in Feb. March, and April.

      I hope that you liked the video. I cry each time I watch that video. It grabs my heart.

  4. gita4elamats says:

    Get well soon and thanks for the inspiring post. πŸ™‚

  5. Get well soon, dear Yvonne, I had no idea you were feeling so bad. My thoughts are with you. As for the video you kindly shared… it brought tears to my eyes. I felt so happy as this little one was so well looked after and given love. As Summer comes so many animals are abandonned, shelters are full of them. How very sad and selfish !Thanks for reminding us that lots of animals need caring families.

    • Isa, thank you for your words of conceern and kind thoughts. It is true what you have written about so many animls being left at the shelter all over the world. It cuts deep when I think of it and then I wish that I were really wealthy so that I could have a very large private no kill shelter that would house up to three or four hundred dogs and cats. But that is just a dream and I continue with my own self suported little band of rescued dogs and cats.

      For the record I am feeling much better but- I discoverd mold in the AC unit and that is what was the major culprit. I had to spend some savings to buy a new unit and as of today I am much impoved. I plan to have the entire old house examined for mold. I don’t know if I will return to my former health but I sure hope so. I am much stroger today and that’s a good feeling.

      • I’m so, so happy to read you found the cause of your health trouble. It must be a great investment to have the entire old house examined for mold but in the end your health will be greatly improved. Stay strong, Yvonne, in time you will recover and feel good again. Remember how much you are needed and loved πŸ™‚

        • Isa, thank you for your very kind comments. I surely hope to get past this thing from hell. I have to be strong. Quite a few little lives are dependent upon me for a home and care. Also,my daughter badly needs me. I hope to make it to 85 but I would prefer to live to 90 years of age if I am still up and have my mentality intact. πŸ™‚

  6. Kathy says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Hoping you continue to get better, that the doctors will be able to help and ease and hopefully heal you.

    • Oh gee Kathy. I really hated that I had rambled on and then I could not go back and erase what I had written. I think that by using my on “smarts” at least that is what I want to believe πŸ™‚ that I have for the most part figured out what is causing me to feel so ill aside from the food and medication allergies.

      I am very allergic to mold. I can usually smell the stuff a mile away. Makes me very dizzy and extremely fatigued.

      I live in a sort of remolded farm house that was built in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s. So we always have used window AC. This morning I walked back into the den/kitchen to turn on AC that is installed in a cut-out space in the wall. Funny but when I turned it on I could immediately smell mold and then I became so dizzy my head was reeling.

      Now I wil either replace this with a new one or find someone to clean it properly to rid the thing of all the mold that’s been growing in the catch pan.

  7. I know you’ve said you’ve not always felt too well, plus all the other stress in your life (your daughter, pesky computer problems, having enough money to look after your animals) so I am very pleased to hear you are feeling better and sincerely hope you continue to improve.

    I’ll hold my hand up and confess I rarely look at rescue/animal vids. I just feel incompetent and end up crying because I can’t do enough. I also feel saddened that people abuse animals so much. I do follow an animal cruelty blog precious jules) not because I like seeing animal cruelty, but from time to time, I will post about some of the cases she highlights to jolt people out of their selfish comfort zones. I hate it that so many people don’t care.

    If you do set up a website when you go not-for-profit, I’m sure there are lots of us willing to help so you don’t have to hire someone in to do it for you. Unless you could get a grant of course. But I’m always happy to do proof-reading, PR, and design and layout. I’ve done other work for free for other sites (dogs obviously) so unless I suddenly get a mega-job (HA!) you’re welcome to call on me.

  8. Finally got round to watching the video. What a state for a dog to get into and as a dog owner it absolutely appals me. On the bright side it’s amazing the recovery state, but most of all Bethany was trusting enough to let the rescuers handle her.

    Hopefully your own personal health and recovery will be as good

    • Mike as yo know this world has far too many cruel people and the problem keeps growing. It is a sad state of affairs. There ought to be more Eldad Hagar’s but he is a rare breed among men. I say bless his compassionate soul.

      I am feeling somewhat better. I’ll write a post about what caused me to become so sick- that is if I continue to mend and gain in strength. Thank you for the lovely wishes for health and recovery. πŸ™‚

  9. shoreacres says:

    It’s so good to see you back and posting again. Ill health really does take a toll, in ways we don’t even think about when we’re in good shape. I hope you continue to gain energy every day – there’s nothing better than feeling good after feeling bad!

    The videos are so touching. How people can neglect and throw away animals I’ll never know. I understand not being able to care for them, but there are better solutions than leaving them to fend for themselves.

    One of the best movements I’ve seen recently is the increased concern for animals after disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes. Surely you’ve seen this video of the woman who found her dog after the Moore, Oklahoma tornado. It just had happened, and she was being interviewed by a tv station. It’s so amazing – Here it is in case someone hasn’t seen it.

    • Linda, I think I am on the road to recovery but I did not sleep a wink last night. That has not happened in a very long time. Today I am tired from lack of sleep. But I hope with my own prayers that the Lord will have mercy on me and give me some good productive years. I need to outlive my pets and that is about 10 more years for the last one to go to doggie oe kitty heaven.

      I have seen the video of the little dog coming out from under the rubble. Just wonderful for that lady. It is heartening to see how so many animal organizations have been there for finding pets and then giving them shelter and or moving to another locale if no owner stepped up to claim the cat or dog.

  10. Andrew says:

    Yvonne, you are in your prime πŸ™‚ I am so happy you are better and firing on all cylinders again. Theses videos are wonderful – I just watched Edie – and I do hope you write about the Hagars. Welcome back.

    • Thank you,, Andrew for commenitng and for your interest. I wish that I could say I’ve had some dramatic rescues of sorts. I do have a few when I was younger of lost cats and of a dog that took several months to capture three years ago in 2010. That dog went to a marvelous home to a middle aged couple with no children.

      All my dogs have been found dogs that were dumped a few years ago. Kippy I adoped from a kill shelter as well as Dancer from a Ft Worth Kill shelter. They are both wonderful dogs. πŸ™‚

      To add to this-I hope my health continues to improve. And that I am hiting one all four cyclinders again. as you have written. I suppose time will tell. I’ll write about the culprits at some point in the future.

      Regards, ~yvonne~

      I cna no longer put out the effort due to lack of energy and money constraints. My passion runs deep for the abused and abandoned animals so this was information that I liked posting.

  11. penpusherpen says:

    Sorry that you’ve been ill Yvonne, and I hope you’re making a good recovery… I watched the video with a heavy heart, and seeing the trust being built, even with swollen paws and being in so much pain, the dog’s tail was wagging,… trust, and love me, is a main part of a dogs relationship with us humans. And yet humans let them down so badly … To know that there’s someone out there caring/looking out for these animals is heartwarming. I give as much as I can to Animal Charities, and would love to give more, and like you say in your reply comment top Sybil , if only the money was there. Millions to help pay for whats sorely needed. In a perfect world none of this would happen, but unfortunately,., we’re a long way from being perfect…. xPenx

    • Thanks so much Penny. You sound like a very soft hearted person. I too have given to charities in the past but can no longer afford such since my retirment. I have my own sanctuary that is self supported and soon I need to work at getting it to a non-profit. I will have a web site separate from this one with my sanctuary’s name. I’ll not be giving out my new address to my WP friends since it would not be in good taste and I feel not really ethical in many respects. If it could bring in a few thousand each year that would be of trememdous help. My huge desire and I real must for me is that I outlive all or most of my animals. When I was working I made good money and had built great enclosures for my cats. The dogs live in the back yard and are brought inside in extrene weather and at night they are placed in large crates in the den. They all know how to open their own crates. The little dogs sleep in pet beds in the den. I think that they are a happyy group. πŸ™‚ My animals are lots of work and I have a helper 5 days a week, from 9am to 2pm. on the week-end I do my own work and while I was so ill I coould barely get the work done. It was a real “beach.”

  12. Lottie Nevin says:

    Much relieved that you are feeling better – I’ve missed you πŸ˜€ I sometimes have the same problem when I leave a comment – the wretched thing vanishes like a puff of smoke into thin air. The way round this is to copy your comment and then if it happens you can paste it and try again. Of course I don’t always remember to do this! Even as I’m writing this to you now I’m thinking to myself ‘Lottie, remember to copy it before you hit the post comment button!!’

    • Thanks Lottie for the reply re: my health, here and on my blog. I am the same with the remember “to copy and paste.” I learned that from Val of Arty Old Bird months ago but I usually don’t care to take the trouble to put out the effort. πŸ™‚

  13. sybil says:

    I am so sorry that you have been ill for three months. I hope that you have people around you who are caring for you.

    The video saddens me so much coz I know there are so many other dogs out there … But it is a lovely story and a vivid example of what caring people can do …

    Be well.

    • Thank you again, Sybil. You are right about so many dogs that are in dire need and no one will know about them or care enough to help them. But as I read many years ago and I myself have learned, one rescue is better than no rescue and we that have been rescuing for years know all too well the heart break of seeing a suffering animal. The rescuers that I know, and that includes myself, hasve been able to help the animal in need that we know about or happen to see. I’ve always wished that I had millions and if so I would have a no kill shelter that could hold at least 500 animals.

  14. artscottnet says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. This is another heartbreaking video with a very happy ending πŸ˜›

    • Scott thank you for the nice comment. I’m so glad that you took the time to view the videos. I was fortuante to have a good paying job for 35 years and now I receive government retirement check that is decent but I scrape so that I can keep and feed my animals. I put money back for the animals in case one becomes ill and to pay the vet bill. I am not non-profit but need to be and I’ll be looking for someone locally to help with the paper work.

      I have had my usual helper 5 days per week for 5 hours each day but he works with the animals. He had stepped up the work somewhat as I asked him to bathe some of the dogs and he has been mopping the tile and the hardwood floors. He also had to go to the grocery for me. He did well with a list. My daughter is suffering with a painful arthritis that struck a year ago in May. She lives in Austin. All my friends are about as old as I and of no help. So it is imperative that I get better.

      I’m glad that you have always had a rescue dog. If you want to read about some touching rescues by a veterinarian then look in my categories under “The Vet’s Pets. There are three about my daughter’s pets and how they came to be hers. She is not able to practice anymore and is very depressed at this time. Humeria is not helping as of yet. Sure hope that this med will soon help her. I worry a lot about her.

      • artscottnet says:

        Sounds like you’ve had a time of it; I sincerely hope for you to keep getting better. I have a limited grasp of what you do there, but non-profit status could open a lot of doors e.g grants, monetary from like-minded individuals and groups, tax relief. One of the least used and best resources available is the SBA, small business administration. I’ve worked with the one in Austin (not sure where you are, but you mentioned Austin), and there was a guy there (8 years ago) who was incredibly helpful assisting a friend wtih a non-profit, they are tireless and will work with you from beginning to end. I’ll try to watch some more videos, but I have to be careful how much negative I expose myself to, I don’t even watch the news… I have a bit of a disorder (some doctors call it aspergers, some just think I’m eccentric, tests inconclusive :P) … I say the following not to persuade or push you into my way of thinking, but for any ailment, a radical diet diet change may be an option that would help… I’m no longer diabetic, and my ‘issues’ with aspergers have all but disappeared, my chloresterol went from off-the-chart to total numbers at 117 last check with LDL at about 77, doctors are stunned, but then they aren’t trained to know much about nutrition, meds are more to their liking… anyway a low-fat vegan diet is what I’m doing, not for ethical reasons, I think all food is good, but just to get better, was either that or triple bypasses and mechanical stuff being done to me until I die from heart disease anyway, so why just eliminate the soruce of the problem to begin with πŸ˜› It’s radical I know, but then again, most of the world’s population call the american diet radical, so who knows, all I know is I’m better… hoping some of that helps in some way, even if just to cheer ya up if that’s needed. Have a great night! wow, this is the longest comment ever!

      • em>Thanks Scott. I live about 120 miles north fo Austin but I will look see about what you mentioned. There are several non-profit groups that formed fairly recently.. I am working up the nerve to call one of the women- i have her phone number to see if I can pay whoever did the paper work for their group/s.

        I have been a vegetarian for quite a few years but was eating a tad of sugar that was in the whole wheat bread that I ate. I am now gluten free, no salt, no dairy,no cane sugar, and I have to eat a bit of fish for my protein was too low. I eat a slice of talapia, cook all vegs from scratch, and only eat applesacue, ap[ples, brown rice and dry beans that I cook each day.

        I’ve never been overweight but I have many allergies and had gone back to eating things of which I was allergic. Mold, pollen and, ouside dust is a big problem. I will get retested for allergies again as soon as I can- within a week or two when I feel stronger.

        You truly did the right thing by becoming vegan. I had a nice long reply to you and it somehow erased. It was pretty long. Thanks for all the info re: your health. I’ll answer again. tomorrow. I am tired of typing and I need to give 2 cats subcu fluids. It is now
        11:15pm so I’ll address the vegan thing tomorrow. I have to eat fish now per MDs instructions but otherwise I was a vegan as well.

        later, Yvonne
        Ps excuse errors. πŸ™‚

  15. TexWisGirl says:

    i am sorry you have been ill! bless you!

    • Thanks for your kind words, Theresa. I am very thankful that I am feeling so much better. My punniness is one reason I was hardly ever commenting on your posts. The other is that sometimes my comments were not taken and I would do them over and still no luck unless the comments were being accepted late. I felt too ill to go back and look. Hopefully I will continue to improve. πŸ™‚

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