Winter Sunsets

The lake is not far from my house. If I want a decent pic with no power lines- the lake is the place. I can quickly get there when I notice the infrequent gorgeous sunset colors. Don’t look too closely for some of the pics are not level. I did not use a tripod for it is too much trouble to drag along when time is not on one’s side during the color changes of a really good sunset. So, with no further apologies, here are a few that I grabbed back in the winter.

These colors have not been edited. Just my little ole canon's view

These colors have not been edited. Just my little ole canon’s view

Sun is almost beyond the horizon

Sun is almost beyond the horizon

Sunset of a different day- cold front or rain predicated or both. :-

Sunset of a different day- cold front or rain predicated or both. :-

Brilliant colors prior to a weather change

Brilliant colors prior to a weather change

Post and photographs ~yvonne~

55 thoughts on “Winter Sunsets

  1. Ajaytao2010 says:


  2. Sunset orange is one of my favorite colors. You captured it perfectly.

  3. Lottie Nevin says:

    These are magnificent Yvonne, absolutely stunning. What glorious colours and beautiful composition. I want to see lots more of your photographs please and I’m sure that I’m not alone 😀
    You are right about the power lines, they can be a curse when you have the perfect shot only to find black lines trailing through the middle of the picture.

    I’m very envious of your lake, it looks like a beautiful spot. I was going to ask the same as Andrew, are there lots of birds there?

    It’s wonderful to see you back on here, I think about you a lot. In fact I was talking about you yesterday (I wonder if your ears where burning?!) to a fellow blogger who came and spent the weekend with us in Bali. It was an absolute pleasure to have her and her father to stay.

    Have a good week Yvonne and keep these beautiful pictures coming! MORE! MORE! MORE! xx

    • Aah shucks, Lottie I can’t stand too many compliments. I’m already, heady. 🙂

      I just took my little ole canon and aimed. I don’t claim to be a photographer. I wish that I were. Really! I don’t know what I am doing most of the time anyway and I just like carring a black box around. 🙂 I used the tree to give the pics more depth or interest or to frame the sunset. Otherwise it would be only water and colors and I think that would be too boring. However, I don’t have anymore photos that are as good as those. Wish that I did. I have other nature stuff but those sunsets are my favorites.

      Anyhoo, it must be so nice to host another blogging friend and her dad as well. A most enjoyable week-end. You have made some lovely friends especially with Lady Knott.

      About the lake. Yes, there are birds but nothing to compare with what Andrew has available. If you like, go to my reply to Andrew’s comment and I sort of went nuts in explaining about the birds. I omitted the bees. 🙂

      Truthfully and I do mean truthfully, my ears ring all the time. I’ve had this dang tinnitus sp? for more years than I care to remember. I used to take lots of aspirin when I was young for migraines. Of course the ASA did next to nothing. In my 30’s I finally found a MD that prescribed a med that helped. Plus, I stopped eating certain foods that were my favorites. Migraines made an abrupt departure after the change of life thing. 🙂 I still get a bad headache once in a blue moon. Old age changes many things and I can tell you, it ain’t for the better.

      It is odd that you think of me. I think about you just about everyday. Have no idea why other than the fact that I feel you are very nice. Probably too nice for your own good. I think you are remarkable in many ways. Lots of talent and you are so humble. That is what makes Lottie special.

  4. sybil says:

    I love sunsets …

  5. Kathy says:

    Yvonne, what beautiful pictures of sunsets! You have truly captured this magnificently. Great job…

  6. Littlesundog says:

    Sunsets are always a few minutes of spectacular color and shadows… and then they’re gone! Nice capture here.. the photos are just lovely!

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I’m glad that you like these. Yes, the sunsets go quicky and the colors change virtually minute to minute and as you mentioned they go so quickly. This is one of nature’s shows that one can not put off watching or else the show is over.

  7. Linda Royal says:

    The images are so relaxing…you are really good at capturing the moment. I had a great time with you getting our greek myrtle cuttings and going to Bonnies. I got everything in the ground or in pots. Thank you so much for the red butterfly bush. See you soon. Linda

    Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2013 05:15:21 +0000 To:

    • Thanks Linda for looking and commenting. I too, enjoyed the little excursion to get the Greek myrtle. I did not get my cuttings done. I just did not feel like fiddling with them. Besides I could not find the Rootone. It was not where I thought it was stored. 🙂 Must look again. I sure hope the Mexican Butterfly weed attracts some Monarchs for you. I think they are the only ones that host on it but I’m not sure if other butterflies use it for nectar. I’ll have to look that up.

  8. shoreacres says:

    Beautiful photos. What strikes me most is that the colors are so similar to many of my summer sunset photos – thanks primarily to a combination of humidity and pollution, I suspect, since I’m always shooting toward Houston.

    You’re lucky to be so close to an unobstructed view. And I enjoyed the little back and forth about the tripod. I was off on a trip and trying to take photos last weekend, and for the first time in my life I thought, “I wonder if a tripod would help?” Apparently some cameras will compensate for “shakiness”, but mine doesn’t do so well, and the little vibration in my hands was evident!

    • Hi,Linda. I’m glad you liked the the photos. It takes me about 4 minutes to get to the lake and then another few minutes to scramble down a rocky slope to get to the spot near the tree. I like the tree in the photos for it gives the palette another dimension. Sort of frames the photo. My camera is a Canon 60D, 18 mega pixels. I wish I had gotten the canon 70D with 22 mega pixels. The higher resolution gives a sharper pic. I don’t have a lot of problems holding the camera steady. It is the fact that I never quite have the camera in line with the scene. If I had used a tripod the horizon wouldn’t be listing to the right. 🙂 I think maybe 2 pics are ok but the other ones are off. If you are photograping close ups then the vibration is going to be more evident. But I do close-ups with out a tripod but I do need to be very aware of what I am doing.

      That’s funny when you mentioned shooting toward Houston. I supppose that air pollution does contribute to the sunset colors. Here, I think the air is pretty good. At least that is what I think. 🙂

  9. TexWisGirl says:

    oh my word, these are beautiful! you need to do more of these posts! truly lovely! the 2nd photo is MARVELOUS!

    • Theresa you are so nice and generous with your comment. The second one is my favorite, as well. I wish that I could get out more. I need to work on that. I so enjoy seeing the the results of my nature pics. The sunsets are my favorite shoots other than pics of dogs or cats. 🙂 Your sunsets are lovely as well. I admire your skills a lot. I just don’t get around to visiting your blog as often as I once did. I have often wondered if you read the well over 100 comments. Your blog is immensely popular and I remember that you wrote your blog had become like a real job. 🙂

      • TexWisGirl says:

        i read every single comment as they’re delivered to my email inbox. i don’t reply to them, however. only if someone asks a question. and i read over 300 blogs, so, yes, it takes a ton of time each day…

        • Thanks for the reply. I do not see how you possibly can keep up with all that you do. You can not reply to all of those comments. There is not way anyone could do that. But reading 300 blogs=- now that is impressive. I only have time for a few but those that I read almost always get a comment. I’m not a “big” blogger and I struggle with what I have. Too old and too much work with my animals keeps me on my feet and then sometimes I am so tired I just have to stop and rest. But that is if I have only gotten 4 hours of sleep as was the case last night. I just awaken too early and then can’t go back to sleep. Oh well. 🙂

  10. slurryart says:

    Absolutely stunning 🙂 Sunsets are my favorite, and you captured these beautifully.

    • Scott, thank you for taking the time to look and also to comment. You are much appreciated. Love the sunsets too and I wish that kind of show of colors were every day.

  11. absolutely gorgeous–thanks for sharing these with us

  12. What beautiful photographs! Thanks for sharing, Yvonne!

  13. Brilliant colours, sometimes a tripod can be a pain but I drag mine everywhere.

    • Thank you, Mike. I feel honored that you stopped by. I need to get a new tripod and I think that will give me the incentive to “drag it along.” I take my best guard dog with me so it is a bit much to use a tripod. The area is not remote but the hour is late so that makes me wary. People are about on their evening walk but they are not near the spot that I use for the sunsets. In fact, I’m glad that people are around.

      • It’s always a worry, especially when you are on your own. Does the dog sit patiently and wait whilst you are photographing, or is it one eye on the scene and one on the dog?

        • Great question Mike. I wish that Zoey were better trained.She is an Australian Cattle Dog but I keep her leash tied to loop of my jeans. I dare not let her off leash. When she was dumped over the fence into my yard, as a puppy, I was very stressed. She did not get proper training altough she comes to me with a snap of the fingers, a whistle.etc. I can not trust her not to bite. That is the problem. 🙂

  14. penpusherpen says:

    simply put… they are so,,so beautiful… Mother natures palette is second to none… (and your photo skills of course.. ) xx

  15. These are lovely, Yvonne! You are lucky to have such a view so close by.

    • Steve it is nice of you to comment. Thank you. Yes, I am ideally situated and I don’t take that fact for granted. In fact I feel blessed to have nice scenes at my “front door.”

  16. Lovely colours Yvonne, how nice to live near such a beautiful spot. And to be able to take photos without power lines!

    • Thank you, Lady Gib for commenting. I was going to post a pic of a sunset taken from my backyard that shows all of the power lines. The sky is brilliant with color but the view is intersected with many power lines. I have Adobe Photshop but have not learned how to use the erasing tool. If I had your smarts I would already have that conquered.

      • I am no Lady, as I think I have made clear 😀 No aristocracy in my family. Ms Gib is fine. Or even roughseas. Or whatever.

        Most of my pix in Spain always have power lines. 😦

        If I had your money I would have photoshop. I don’t. So there we are. You have one, I allegedly have the other (I don’t by the way have the smarts for photoshop). However, others do. And on my not a photoblog, (one you don’t visit) some of my pals happily fiddle with my photos to improve them.

        Never met them, probably never will. But they still offer to help out to improve my photos because I can’t do that. What more could you ask for? How kind is that?

        Here is one:

        and the other:

        this is the original, not sure where I posted the amended version without power lines! I’ll try and find it later.

        So there you go. I have no photo smarties at all 😀

        • I just wrote you a long reply and hit the return key hard and the words sprouted wings. Now I am tired. Awake since 4:30am so need to rest a tad. Will write you a good reply later tonight (I hope). I intend to get back to you. And I don’t have money. It might sound that way but I scrimp so that I can keep my pets and help my 45 year old daughter who has been too ill to work since May, 2012. She is a vet and extremely sad about her state of affairs and so am I. I have a good retirement since I was employed as a registered nurse for not quite 35 years. Will write more later. Oaky? 🙂

        • Sorry, I worded that badly. It’s just that I am always stunned by the amount of people who have photoshop when it is so expensive. I sometimes feel I am the only person in the world who doesn’t have it.

          But there again you have a DSLR and I only have an old Photosmart or whatever it is called. I shouldn’t talk though because I do pay out for Macs.

          I know your animals and your daughter take priority and I admire you for looking after so many animals. A pension would be nice, but after 35 years you deserve it. I’m not the world’s best worker.

          Hope you sleep/have slept well.

        • Thanks for the reply. An apology is not needed. I am cynical and opioniated much in the same manner as you. I want to add this but you most likely don’t give a fig or a wit. Anyhow, I live in an affluent neighborhood. My husband bought this property about 1960 before the developers bought the surrounding woods. Develpers removed most of the trees and built super-duper homes for the rich. My properrty is not on the street. It is completely fenced. I use a deeded lane to get to my acre which is wooded and has lots of native and non native shrubs and other plantings. I don’t have a lawn. Waste of money, time, and a destruction of habitat. I have lots of birds and wee fauna. I don’t use any kind of poison out in the yard but I have to use tick/flea prevenatives primarily on the dogs and I use flea killing topicals carefully on the cats. The old ones have to be bathed. I just will not put the stuff on an old cat.

          My house is old and most of it is frame with one end that was bricked years ago when we added on for a den. I drive a GMC 1998 4X4 truck which was my husbands. (I keep everthing repaired on the truck) I made good money for the last 6-8 years for I had reached the top tier for Nurse II. That is grade level for education and performace. I worked my a– off to be able to remain on the job for 35 years. It was tough. I worked in psychiatry and for the last few years our patients were younger, stronger, and alcohol and drug addicted with PTSD. I had to use every verbal and non verbal skill that I could pull out of the hat to deal with those patients. It was rough- real rough in fact.

          After I retired I thought about that place every day for a good 2 years. It finally left me and now I can not imagine how I worked there that long. But money is a great motivating factor and I knew that I needed a decent retirement with benefits in order to surive my doddering years and still be able to afford a few luxuries such as my camera and keeping my rescues. I don’t eat out and I don’t take trips. I seldom leave my property.

          I did sleep last night but I must take something every night in order to sleep. But sometimes the med does not keep me asleep all night. 🙂

      • Hi Y. Here is the other link I couldn’t find earlier. Shows the photo (shopped) with and without powerlines done by a good friend. My neighbours were very happy when I gave them the photos. Happy neighbours and good friends. What more do you need?

        • Hello, Lady Gib. Do you approve of this name. I thought and thought about what your name should be and this is the best that I could come up with for now. 🙂 But you have lost me. Where is the link of which you wrote? I am not seeing a link. Anyhooo, yes tis wise to keep one’s neighbors happy for that way if a jam rears its ugy head there will be someone there to help.

        • Idiot me. I’ll have to find it again. Sorry about that. I’m not fussed about names, I get loads of them. Rough, roughy, soughseas, RSITM, so informality is fine. I don’t use my name on my blog because I’ve just never felt like it. You can even call me Gib monkey if you want, that wouldn’t offend me! Now I’m off to find the two shots I discovered and forgot to link to.

        • Thanks Ms. Gib. I read parts of those two blogs. I would like to return to read more. I think I commented on both or maybe it was just one. 🙂 Anyhow I like the duotone color. Nice choice for that blog. Take care, Yvonne

    • There you go Yvonne, here is the link to the contrast between the two pictures – with and without power line, and the background slightly blurred in the second to make the subject stand out:

      • You are lucky to have a blogging friend that is helping you with your photos. No one has offered that to me. 🙂
        The young man in the photo is handsome. I like that pic a lot. Great looking uniform and a pretty horse. Very nice.

        • Yes. Very lucky. And not just one friend, two friends. The one who did my graduation photo and got rid of the flash halo was a different one.

          Perhaps your photos are better than mine so you don’t need the help 😀

        • Lady Gib, I think not that my photos are better than yours or any of the other blogger’s photos that I have viewed. I wish that were the case though. I could use some sharpening of each and everyone that I’ve posted for viewing and a whole lot of other things that are bad could use some serious editing. 🙂

        • Not all photos need sharpening. That was why I liked your bottom bird pic on the other post. It had such a lovely ethereal quality.

        • Ms Gib, you are too nice. I’ve never had anyone think any of my photos were anything special. The fact is that I had not looked at the cedar ww in that “light” but I do like it and it happens to be my favorite of the wws.

  17. Andrew says:

    These are glorious, Yvonne. I am especially drawn to the middle two and the way the branches frame the setting sun. You are lucky to have such a view with no power cables. Is the lake good for birds, I wonder? Welcome back too.

    • Thank you, Andrew. You are most kind with the compliments. This particular spot is bird friendly but not for shore birds. Lots of birds that need trees and undergrowth for habitat. Chickadees, titmice, cardinals, several species of woodpeckers, that sort of thing. Other areas not far from the airport where the water is shallow with a beach, there are shorebirds, waders, gulls, herons and, egrets that come in as migrants. There are no resident shorebirds. Great Blue Heron, Green Heron, and about 3 egret species are residents.

      Going up the North Bosque that feeds the lake, one can find various wintering ducks- some diving and dabbing, depending on the water level and the feeding needs of the species. Cormarants abound. Several species of hawks are resident birds near and or in close proximity to the water.

      Birders are most proud of the Bald Eagles which have nested at the lake for several years. Fortuantely for the birds, the area is fairly remote so the pair nest with no intrusion. A special platform is in the process of being built in hopes that the pair will nest atop a secure spot. I may be wrong but I think at least once the nest has been destroyed because the tree fell over. I’ll see if there is a link for you to click. Two local photographers have been documenting the eagles since they first arrived and I think they are doing a video hook-up now. I’ll need to check that out with my best friend who was president of our local Audubon Society for several years.

      Thank you for the question. I miss birding but I do not have the time for field trips due to caring for my animal sanctuary. I just bird in my yard and bemoan the days of having a decent telephoto lens. I’ll be posting a few shots of the wintering Cedar Waxwings that I was able to grab with the 200mm. They are not great but are okay. As I learned early in life, work with “what you got” or rather accept your limitations and use your strong points to an advantage. 🙂

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