Mexican Plum, native

a view from the driveway. Mexican plum in bloom

Spring view of lower portion of my property. Native Mexican plum that was dug from the wild in the late 80’s. Very hardy. Fragrant blooms. Produces very tart and dry fruit that is attractive to doves and other birds and wildlife in late August -September.Fruit hangs on a long time.

4 thoughts on “Mexican Plum, native

  1. I really want to step into this photograph. Lovely.

    • You are so kind. I wish that my yard looked as good as the photo. As you probably know a photograph really looks better than the actual scene. I am always amazed out how different things look when I photograph any subject.

      • Haha! Yes, of course you’re right. I suppose it’s the ability to edit within the frame, which is harder to do in “real” life. 🙂

        • Thanks for commenting. I must tell you that posting the pics is never easy for me. I never get my wording right and make typos or leave out a word, etc. I am always in a rush and it never pays. So when you see a post with pix just remember that this old girl screwed her captions up too many times to count. It aggravates the p— out of me. 🙂 Talk about real life. Yes- I can add to that for sure. I am botching up something all the time.

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