Ads Appearing Here Are Not of my Choice

My new computer came today. It was a small hassle to set it up and it seems that by choosing Goggle chrome or else on the advice of the foreign tech support I now have these gross ads all over the place. I could barely understand the man. I asked him many times to repeat what he was telling me and his instructions were not very good. He seemed to be losing patience with me. I finally told him thanks and adios. And I was not yet finished with setting my computer up.

Now I must take my computer to either a repair person or a web master and get all of this mess undone. I don’t know if I can manage to get rid of the mess on my own. I am so peeved I am just about to have a stroke. I can’t deal with another foreign tech who also seemed not all that savvy about this computer.

On my agenda is downloading my photos from the external hard drive. Plus I have almost 400 photos on a chip that is still in my camera. Many photos need to be deleted.

When I purchased this HP computer via phone, I asked the sales woman if the techs would be American and she assured me that they would be. I am more than mad. In fact I am irate and would like to punch the lying woman’s “lights out.” (not really) Hewlett Packard will be hearing from me all the way to “whomver.” This computer is supposed to be high end and has a four and one-half star rating. But it has Windows 8 which is more than a pain to use. This version has all manner of glithes according to computer people. In fact I might just be sending it back. I have 21 days to return this contraption. Tech support is what has me more than ticked off!

For some reason I get into some crappy deals. Could it possibly be that I sound like an ignorant sucker? And, folks I am not joking here! Much! One day I will stop complaining and write a “real” post.


40 thoughts on “Ads Appearing Here Are Not of my Choice

  1. da-AL says:

    very smart to remind visitors of this 🙂

  2. Outlier Babe says:

    My goodness, is this so long after the fair. Here are my two ha’pennies:
    Norton and McAfee are pigs–huge software pigs that take up space and processing time on your devices, and let viruses through.

    Ever since Microsoft got its act together a couple of years back, you are far better off, in my opinion, turning over your virus control to their quite competent hands. Their tool has been called, variously, “Windows Defender”, or “Microsoft Security Essentials”. It is automatically bundled in Windows 8.1, and it has to be turned OFF to use other anti-virus programs. This is a mistake to do, in my opinion.

    You might take a look at this link, which leads you to information for either Windows 7 or 8.1.

    Regarding communicating with unhelpful tech support staff–whether unhelpful due to their accent, their rapid rate of speech, their lack of skill in explaining details to a less-technical person, or their lack of teaching/training skill altogether, or their lack of patience–

    You may say “I’m sorry, I’m sure you’re very good at your job, but we are simply not communicating well. Please transfer me to someone else to assist me.”

    You will, likely, be hung up on during the transfer.

    Second time, you will hopefully get someone new. If not, same deal, but ask for a supervisor. But say you are recording the call.

    Best of luck in future.

    • Thanks so much for all the good info. I have Norton and a bunch of other stuff that a tech put on both of my laptops. Norton keeps popping up over and over on the Hp windows 7 and it is irking me. At the moment I’m typing on my old HP Windows Vista since the Google spell check stopped working and several other things have gone wrong on Windows 7. I now must go back to the tech guy and ask him to fix these things for me. It was driving me el-nuts-o. For the record, I’m not computer savvy so it is best for me to shell out a bit of money and have a pro fix my problems.


      • Outlier Babe says:

        I find that a trustworthy 16-year-old is worth more than a “tech guy”.

        • The 22 yr old that forme;ry helped me sometimes mow works 12 hour shifts as a welder. I feel guilty to call him on his days off but might resort to doiing that or maybe not. 🙂

          You are right that these kiddos seem to know just about as much as a tech with thier own business.


  3. I see the last entry as 3/20 so I hope at this point your troubles have been solved, Yvonne. I have a Dell computer and also support from the folks in India. I found talking to people with foreign accents( foreign to us, but then our accents are foreign to them 🙂 ) to be like watching a silent movie or one with subtitles….it takes a bit of time but eventually becomes less difficult. That may not work for anyone else but it does for me. That said, I was not happy with the support and opted to pay for local assistance. 90% of my computer ended up with replaced parts but has been working well enough. So going to a local person may work for you but it would be a shame to have to pay for work on a new computer. The only HP computer we had was a Compaq after their merger and we were not impressed.

    Good luck with whatever new computer you end up with. BTW, I see no ads either.

    • P.S. I now see that the comments are listed by the most recent first rather than at the end, so the most recent was 3/26. Sorry for the oversight. 🙂

      • No apology needed. I over look all the time and sometimes find that I have commented on the wrong post (not the blog) Getting behind bothers me a lot and I am quite late to read my favorite bloggers. I think I was able to read your last post. I hoped that I had not missed any so I scrolled through your listed posts. I “think I got all of them. Will answer your next comment below

    • Steve I had a long saga written but did not take my blogging friend’s advice about saving the comment as it was being written . I had a story and then I was going to copy it to a post. Oh well. Here’s a brief version. Sent new computer back to Hewlett Packard via FedEx today a week ago. Last Friday. Decided that I needed to know for sure if indeed it was the mother board. Took to repairman who is an actual genius. Really! He researched problem and purchased a utility to put on his machine and then applied that to my computer. This made my computer boot up and it ran for 2 and 1/2 days. He only charged $54 for the fix. Very kind people- the man and his wife. AsKed him if he had run a virus scan and he had not. I reckon he assumed that I had Norton or Mcafee on the computer but I did not. I had let Norton expire about 2 weeks prior to the dead in the water.

      Monday night of this week I worked in computer for nearly three and one-half hours and then it went dead again. Next morning I asked my son’s young part time welder to see if my computer would come on and then try to quickly insert a Mcafee CD. He did that and in less than a minute he said “you have a virus or viruses and did you know that a bad one is going around?” Hoo-boy. So that was a huge eye opener. Because of my lack of inattention to important things I had put myself through h—! All of it could have been prevented. Now HP is calling me to take a phone survey. I could not talk to the woman that called at the time (busy medicating and giving subcu fluids to some old cats). I completed a survey in my email and I gave it a very low score for the most part. However in the comment section I praised HP and wrote that I would buy another. So I suppose “they still want more answers.” The answer to the problem is that HP hire Americans. Costco only hires Americans. Any electronic purchased one buys gets free tech support that one can understand. The company hires people for 40 hours a week and they get benefits. The man that began Costco was on 60 minutes and my daughter was telling me about him. Highly unusual for any company similar to his that actually pays more than minimum wage. Walmart does not treat their workers kindly.

      Now my plan is to go to Austin this coming week to get a new computer and will keep this one ready to roll as a backup or vice versa. I hire a driver because it is about a 3 1/2 hours trip. My drive and his wife joke about him “Driving Miss Daisy.” I have a bum right knee and can not keep it in a fixed position for more than an hour before the pain becomes too real. Will go by my daughter’s house and she will drive us to Costco. Lisa has ordered Purina RX diets that I use for some of the cats so it will be a needed trip.

      That is my plan and I’m sticking to it. I don’t ever want to be without a computer again It was a virtual nightmare that I heaped upon myself. Even if I did not blog, I need to download my camera chip which now has maybe 400-500 pics. There will be many to delete. And I need to work on a post but I don’t know if I can get one done since I do all of my pet work all weekend and 3 days through the week. I stay awfully busy for an old person. But it keeps me on my toes, for sure.

      Speaking of the accent thing. My first home computer was a desk Dell and I spoke with foreigners. Back in the 90’s one particular night I said please put me in touch with an American and they did. My friend told me that the companies are supposed to provide an option to speak to an American if you ask. I don’t know if HP would do that or not but I won’t be buying from them directly again. It was a lesson that I bought, as my husband used to say.

      Gee whiz. This reply is not brief either. I no not brevity. 🙂


      • Computers are wonderful but they sure can complicate things if everything isn’t perfect….or we get a virus. I use a free virus utility from Microsoft:

        I’ve heard too many horror stories about both Norton and McAfee in regards to not playing nice with Photoshop etc and no bad reports, so far, with Essentials. Not bad for the price either. 🙂

        My next computer will be built for me by a local business. It ends up not being all that more expensive and I can be face to face with the tech who built it and have his undivided attention if there is an issue. Nobody is perfect, but at least we can work together to solve a problem.

        I sure do hope that your next computer is worry free for quite a while. I agree, it is no fun being without our devices.

        • Thanks for letting me know about McAfee/Norton.. I’ve never liked Norton but somehow Costco techs told me to use that one.

          Val, of “Arty Old BIrd” blog, and I email sometimes. She has been tremendous help to fix my blog when it was so messed up. She had written me to use microsoft windows and that she would give me instructions on how to install it. At one time I thought that I had done that on my own but I must have been missing something. I did not ask Val for that help as she has offered to do a number of computer issues for me and/or rather give me instructions on how to do something.

          She is so smart. She and husband live in Wales. fact I thought that when Norton ran out I had installed windows security system but I reckon there was something missing.

          When you said that you had a computer with 90C% new parts, I thought, “now that might just be the way to go.” Have one locally made and then you will know or have available help nearby. I think that is a wonderful idea..

          Thanks for replying to my reply. 🙂

        • And it keeps the money in the neighborhood. 🙂 I understand the importance of a stable and growing global economy. But I also understand the importance of my neighbors eating and having shelter.

        • Steve I couldn’t have written/ said that any better. In fact I have a future post in draft only about buying US made goods/ appliances. I also have the names of some American companies that make jeans, wine of course,and some linen. But the linen company caters to the healthcare industry and I don’t think they make bedding for the average consumer. I go to garage/ estate sales to buy sheets, towels, (saucers, bowls used for some of my pets). I turn everything over to see what is on the bottom. I have bought some of of the best kitchen knives at estate sales that were made in France, Germany or Italy, etc. I avoid as much as I possible, anything made overseas.

          I’ll throw this in. I found it depressing to learn how Eastman Kodak managed to allow the company to fall apart. If the knuckleheads had kept up with technology maybe the company would still be making cameras, hopefully in New York state. Now we have to buy foreign made which sometimes I can not afford such as presently I need several prime lens but can’t spend money on those items at this time. I still have my Kodak Brownie and it was working when I stored it away in a box and I have no idea nor the time to look for it. Someday I hope to find that old first camera.

          And again what better way to help our fellow countrymen than to use their services and/ or products when possible.

  4. Val says:

    A thought: could you get a text phone (I don’t mean a mobile phone with text, but one that displays the text of the person who is speaking, as they speak), then the accent wouldn’t make any difference.

    • Thanks for the info Val and for commenting. I did not know about text phones that convert conversations. The techs tried very hard to help me and were most kind. I just kept apologizing to them and it was difficult to hear them as well. I sent the computer back to HP so I hope I get my $$$ returned. My old one was fixable. I decided to have the computer guy actually take a look. I will write a post about it. He researched my problem for he had never found anything of the sort before. But nmore later. I am really pushed for time- many more things to do re: the animals which takes more time and energy.

  5. Val says:

    I logged out to see if I could see any ads on your posts, and I can’t. Usually when you see ads on a blog it’s because have put them there (it’s the way they pay for us to use the site free). If they are wordpress ads, then the only way you can get rid of them is to pay for a ‘no-ads’ upgrade, but I think you may already have done that? If so, then there shouldn’t be – and you shouldn’t see – ads here at all, regardless of what browser you are using.

    As for the Indian techs. I’m fine with Indians, no problem. What I am not fine with is not being able to understand people’s accents. I think I already told you in email that if I’m face to face with an Indian, I can understand him or her, but not over the phone when the accent is very thick. It’s not that they’re Indian, though – it’s that we can’t understand thick accents. You’d have the same problem with people from some parts of the UK, I can assure you!

    My broadband and phone service has a delhi call centre. But something that may amuse you is that in India, they are using call centres in America – and they can’t understand the American accents either!!

    • Val, thanks again. I like people from India very much. It is the same for me If I am face to face then I can understand a foreigner. I probably should delete that part of the post and just write from another country. She is the smartest and by far the best pschiatrist that I have ever worked with. (we aare still in touch and I need to email or call her soon. (It is my fault that I have not been a better friend to her since we both are retired).The medical mds from India were also brilliant and just about all of them put American mds to shame They knew their “stuff” and I have always admired all of those that I have encountered. I felt very bad about not being able to understand the computer techs. However, HP sales person did not tell me the truth.

      That is quite funny about the Delhi call center switching places with American as the call centers. So can you understand the Americans? I would find all that very tiring. The center for my cell phone is American. I don’t have a broadband.

  6. Lottie Nevin says:

    No ads showing here! Sorry you are having a bad time but please don’t blame it on folks from India. Lottie xx

    • Lottie the Indians I can not understand. They have nothing to do with the ads. You are joking? I like Indians very much. They have been some of the smartest doctors that I’ve ever met. The problem is Google +. But I managed to get a post done with many interruptions because my page kept going to some of the oddest places. It is the Explorer 8 that is causing the real problem. I am sending this one back so that I can get one from Costco so I’ll be out of commission again for about 2 weeks or more as I await the arrival of a similar computer. I just need to be able to understand the instructions because this little matter is aging me too fast and my body is not able to keep up with the speed of the aging factor!

  7. penpusherpen says:

    Nothing worse than looking forward to a brand new PC and finding your expectations blown sky high. then being unable to understand the techie guy at t’other end of the phone… I know it’s probably not erm… PC to say it, but you get tired of the hassle when someone speaks with a heavy accent… I end up feeling completely worn out trying not to say…”Will you speak ENGLISH slowly”… I read your replies about returning it, hope everything works out ok in the end. xx

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting. You are so right about dashed hopes. I need to go on line again to see what I can get that is comparable through Costco warehouse. That way I know for sure I will have all Americans speaking English that I can understand.

  8. There is a setting in Chrome that lets you zap ads called Adblock Plus. If you visit their website you can download the extension. I haven’t see an annoying ad for two or three years now!

  9. Kathy says:

    How very frustrating! Sitting here feeling how awful that must have been. Have been in similar frustrated shoes…

    • Yep! Kathy, I have been literally sick over the frustration. I finally ate breakfast about 1pm and my head began to hurt which means my blood pressure was rising. So I took two lisinopril (10mg) and went to bed. I fell asleep and when I got up I was weak and dizzy. Then I remembered that I had taken two tabs this am when I got up. I don’t take that many tabs that close together. It seems the older I get the less frustration I can tolerate.

      I hate sending this thing back. It is a very nice computer so I hope that I can find a similar one online from Costco warehouse.

      It took about 2 hours to get a HP sticker for FedEx shipment return. The woman emailed that to me. Now I must go to a friend’s house to print it out. I never replaced the printer that I gave to my son.

      By ordering online from Costco I will have all American tech support. Of that I am sure. I have talked to those guys many times and they have all told me that the tech centers are in the US. A large one is in Florida. Maybe it’s the only one. He told me there are 300 people tech people working at any one time.

      I was misled by the HP sales person and that is what really makes me angry. I would not have ordered from them had I known that the techs are mostly foreign.

      This computer has a back lit keyboard and I really like that. I can type in the dark and don’t need to have a lamp shining in my face. I plan to send back probably tomorrow so it will be back to the library again which I detest.

  10. sybil says:

    I feel your pain.
    I’m thinking before I buy my next computer, I’ll ask for their tech support line and call it, and then decide if I’ll buy the computer …

    My condolences.

    • Sybil, order on line from Costco. It takes about 10-15 days to get one that way, so order in plenty of time before your computer crashes. All techs at Costco are always American.

  11. Just Rod says:

    Oh, what an aggravating time you are having. I don’t get any ads on your blog…so there is some good news. One fairly easy thing you can do is to switch to Internet Explorer from Google Chrome. Just find Internet Explorer when you click on start, applications, open Internet Explorer. When it opens it should give you a message something like “internet explorer isn’t your default browser, do you want to make it your default” Click yes.
    Then going into Internet Explorer preferences, in one of the tabs it should give you the option to Block Pop-Up Ads, click yes to that. Then save it and when you use Internet Explorer from then on the pop-up advertisements should stop.

    You may have the same option in Google Chrome, but I have found it to be more trouble than it’s supposedly worth.

    We switched to Apple computers a few years ago and have far less problems with things like setting up and adding applications. You turn it on and it seems to work, most of the time. Good luck, Hope you get your photos loaded soon.

    It’s too bad North American and European public have been seduced by industries push for cheaper is better. It has resulted in services being found for the cheapest price – thus off-shore call centres, manufacturing going to the cheapest labour market – ones that have the least stringent labour rules mainly…Canada lost a lot of manufacturing to the US because of much laxer rules in the South and also so called “right to work” legislation aimed at destroying the power of unions, but eliminating the needed opportunity for employees rights to be protected.

    Now we see significant unemployment, companies with no interest in the wellbeing of the countries they were started in or where they operate. The only concern is for highest prophets, keep the share=holders appeased and allow senior management to earn exorbitant salaries. Meanwhile the middle and working classes lose any sense of stability in their work lives, less benefits and the consumer get’s inferior quality )planned obsolescence” and almost impossible to access services.
    And almost worse of all, corporations, media and political parties now openly lie to the public. And fools that we are we keep on believing them.

    See, your little grumble has let loose one of Rod’s Rants.

    I hope your day is going better, now I am going to chill out with a nice long walk.

    • Oh, I was very glad to read your comments. Your sentiments match mine exactly. It took me about 2 hours plus to get to the right person to say that I am not happy because the agent lied about techs. The computer is ok but I don’t want to see ads all over the place plus I get vocal ads that come out loud and clear.

      My theory is that once people get enough of all of the messes that have been created by corporate greed there will be a revolution and it will not be pretty. All of the house and congress need to be ousted. They are all crooks and “in bed” with the insurance, utility, fuel, and brokerage firms. And, in the meantime the universe is falling apart. Is there no one that can stop the destruction. Perhaps we are in our last days.

      I am sending this one back and will used a friend’s computer to order online form Costco. All the techs are strictly American. I must have spoken with 5-6 people to get to the person who said she was sending sticker to print out via my email for FedEx return. Will also need to use a friend’s computer for that as well. I no longer have a printer.

      I loved your comments. Yvonne

  12. TexWisGirl says:

    i see zero ads here. none.

  13. shoreacres says:

    New computers can be… frustrating. A friend just got a new HP and is having problems with Windows 8. I don’t quite undertstand the problems, but I understand frustration! Hope your frustration eases soon!

    • Linda, tell friend to un-install (8) and install windows vista 7. I am sending this one back. It took ages to get the right person to say I can send it back due to my complaints of tech support. Now I’ll be without computer for ages again. Oh well. I’ll use a friend’s computer to order on line with credit card from Costco. All techs there are Americans.

  14. No ads came through on my feed of your post–I hope this madness stops for you soon

    • Lou Ann I am sending this one back and will use a friend’s computer to order from Costco on line. All the techs for Costco are American and at least I can understand when they give directions/instructions.

      I must have bad karma following me around. I have oodles of photos that need to be downloaded and now I am back to square one.

      • Good luck with Costco – this does not seem to end for you

        • <em You are right. It just keeps on going like that dang Ever Ready bunny. I don't remember when my life was just average. Must be nice for the individuals that have a normal life

        • I suspect no one really does have a normal life — someone just made that word up–it applies to no one

        • Honesty Lou Ann I really have always believed that other people were/are living such a lovely and serene life. Speaking again about my own life, well it has been hell and I write that with no apologies. When I was young I sang and whistled every chance I got. After marriage, life made an abrupt U-turn. Would I want to change what I have been through? Honestly I don’t think so. I would probably make the same mistakes again. I have simply learned much about people and myself through my work and now as part of a blogging community.

          Maybe that would be a good post for your to write about. How can life be so deceiving?

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