Daily Archives: March 20, 2013

Ads Appearing Here Are Not of my Choice

My new computer came today. It was a small hassle to set it up and it seems that by choosing Goggle chrome or else on the advice of the foreign tech support I now have these gross ads all over the place. I could barely understand the man. I asked him many times to repeat what he was telling me and his instructions were not very good. He seemed to be losing patience with me. I finally told him thanks and adios. And I was not yet finished with setting my computer up.

Now I must take my computer to either a repair person or a web master and get all of this mess undone. I don’t know if I can manage to get rid of the mess on my own. I am so peeved I am just about to have a stroke. I can’t deal with another foreign tech who also seemed not all that savvy about this computer.

On my agenda is downloading my photos from the external hard drive. Plus I have almost 400 photos on a chip that is still in my camera. Many photos need to be deleted.

When I purchased this HP computer via phone, I asked the sales woman if the techs would be American and she assured me that they would be. I am more than mad. In fact I am irate and would like to punch the lying woman’s “lights out.” (not really) Hewlett Packard will be hearing from me all the way to “whomver.” This computer is supposed to be high end and has a four and one-half star rating. But it has Windows 8 which is more than a pain to use. This version has all manner of glithes according to computer people. In fact I might just be sending it back. I have 21 days to return this contraption. Tech support is what has me more than ticked off!

For some reason I get into some crappy deals. Could it possibly be that I sound like an ignorant sucker? And, folks I am not joking here! Much! One day I will stop complaining and write a “real” post.