No computer. No Posts For Awhile

Custom design of my entry gate by me and fabricated by my son.

Custom design of my entry gate by me and fabricated by my son.

Just a photo to break up the boredom of this post.

My computer went belly up but I think I have all photos but not quite sure. Will take a while to replace computer since I am ordering from Costco via phone. Have not decided just which one to get.

I’m using library computer and time is limited to one hour. Stingy city library. My tax money helped build this thing. And oh yes. One can only use the computer once per day. Pretty crummy in my greedy opinion. 🙂

I can’t get around to commenting. I am sorry. And do not have time yet to reply to one comment on one of my posts. BUt will at some point.


22 thoughts on “No computer. No Posts For Awhile

  1. What a pretty gate! And thank goodness for library computers. 🙂

  2. Hope you can save your photographs Yvonne. I have all mine stored on a backup drive just in case. Our local library is pretty good, we get an hour but can extend if no one wants to use one.

    • I am not sure if all down photos loaded or not. New computer should arrive in about 5-10 days. Then I can down load and I am just keeping my fingers crossed.
      Thanks for commenting.

  3. chatou11 says:

    oh I am sorry for your computer Yonne.
    oh my, I love these custom design, you son is talented. It makes your gate so beautiful!
    Have a very nice week end Yvonne

    • Thanks for commenting Chatou. If I had been thinking, I would not have waiting until my computer went kaput. New one wull be arriving in 5-10 days, but I man hoping sonner. 🙂

  4. Love the gate Yvonne :-). I agree with you, very mean about the computer useage. I know what you mean about lack of time, you will get there’s slowly but surely 🙂

  5. Beautiful Design!!! I like it very much!!!

  6. So sorry to hear about your computer. I hope you’re pictures are safe. We had a similar situation no long ago. Those pictures are precious.

  7. sybil says:

    No worries. Sorry for your computer woes. I look forward to your return to the blog-o-sphere. Best wishes, Sybil

  8. Rough turn of events, Yvonne. I hope it will all be straightened out for you and things can get back to normal….whatever that is. Thanks for letting us know and not just disappearing. Good luck.

  9. TexWisGirl says:

    sorry about the computer trouble! but, my oh my, that’s a GORGEOUS gate! even more so that you designed it and your son made it!!!

  10. Hang in there,,, thanks for letting us know… and we will be waiting to see you back with a great new computer~! fingers crossed on retrieving your pics.

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