To Find Some Find Light In The Darkness

In The Dark You Can Find The Light

6 thoughts on “To Find Some Find Light In The Darkness

  1. sybil says:

    … and if you cannot see the light in the dark, you know it will come soon…

    • sybil says:

      Funny thing happened. I clicked on the photo and didn’t notice that all the text disappeared. So I was left with just the heading and the image. I think that’s what chatou11 did so as there are only the two of us commenting here, while the “full” post has far more comments …

    • You are so right about that as well. It might take some people longer to find the light but one has to keep hope and to keep looking.

  2. chatou11 says:

    Beautiful picture and it’s so true, there is always some hope somewhere.

    • Thank you chatou for liking the photo. I had a sunset in mind and this one was in a folder labled as sunsets. I thought, the photo is very dark on the sides with some light pink sky in the middle. Kind of like when one struggles with sadness we must look for that bit of light which is actually hope for a happier time. I hope that makes sense but it might not. Anyway that is why I chose that photo which I think I took over a year ago. There was one spot that allowed me to capture those pretty colors from my yard or property.

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