An Idiotic Post With “Whin(e)- ing”

I have lots of posts in the pipe line and some have just a title in draft form. I don’t have the motivation to write since the blog is acting strange again. I can not get two lines of the kitchen sink. I’ll have to keep trying to see if this computer dummy can determine what has gone wrong (again).

The line for spell check refuses to show its face-maybe I have embarrassed my blog when I turned off the comments. πŸ™‚

But my computer was acting up last evening in WP and in Yahoo mail. It froze up so often I was beginning to feel its chill.

A blogging friend tried to send me an email and it refused to leave California and my email to her refused to leave Texas. I always knew there was competion between California and Texas but this is a bit much.Yahoo and AOL are now mad at each other.

maybe I can blame all this on Rick Perry our Texas governor with the “big hair” and Italian made suits. He just had to go out west and monkey things up. It seems he was making a pitch to the young and bright minded to move to Texas seeing as how he wants to make Austin another Silicone Valley. How in the world does a city filled with hills become a valley?

I read he was pitching right and left handed, you know switch hitting. He told the gifted young-uns that Austin has low taxes, a stupendous housing market, and virtual center of culture.

I’ll let the good folks in California in on a little secret. There is no such thing as low taxes in Austin. I know better. My poor daughter lives in a little a rinkly-dink house (it isn’t leaning yet).The taxes for this past year totaled $4,000. I almost flipped my wig. Well not really. I still have my hair, it’s just not as big as Governor Perry’s- hair!

Anyhow, I’ll shut my fingers up and call this a night. Actually!

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37 thoughts on “An Idiotic Post With “Whin(e)- ing”

  1. Yay for being able to leave comments again. I had composed a big long response about the dog show blog then couldn’t post it! Of course now I have no idea what I said. Something about the winners name, which I’ve sense forgotten. At an rate, thanks for turning them back on! I was feeling muted. Haha.

  2. Val says:

    PS. Email on its way to you about Defragmenting.

    • Okay got it already looked at eamil. Gotta finish yp chored before it gets dark Got reallhy dizzy after eating, more salt than usual and some red chilli pepper was in the mix Took BP meds and had to lie down Now feel as if both ears are filled up with air or cotton (maybe I’m an air head) means someone that is addled brained like a dumb blonde.

  3. Val says:

    There are quite a lot of things happening in WordPress at the moment, I think they may be upgrading the system – lots of questions and complaints on the forum (including one from me!) so it might not be anything to do with you or your computer.

    You can’t access the kitchen sink from the Text view.

    Have you tried clearing your cache, Yvonne? Do you know how to do it? (It’s something you can do yourself, you don’t have to ask Costco).

  4. Val says:

    Damn it, I had followed your blog and it just showed me not following. I’m going to have words with WordPress…. (Sorry, this is not your fault, Yvonne. I’m just haveing a whinge at wordpress).

  5. Val says:

    Even though I’m not here often, I am glad you turned on comments again, Yvonne. Like Sybil I like being able to comment in someone’s blog who comments in mine.

    I’m going to follow your blog. I don’t hold out much hope that it will appear in the Reader with any regularity but that’s okay. I will visit from there and also from the link in your comments.

    Is your computer very old? Maybe it’s just at the end of its life.

    • Thanks for hopping on over here. I went to the dashboard this am to widgets? Not sure. Menu button was not enabled and when I clicked that it showed kitchen sink. I clicked that and saved it. Don’t know if it is actually there or not, Have not been back to look.

      I began using this new HP in June or July of 2009. The 8GB says memore left is at 27% so I have to be careful and I need to doownloard again. Costco tech told me that I wuld get a warning message if it is abut full. I have roughly 200 + photos in my camera and I am afraid to download them. I might take chip to camera store and have the 200 or more put to CD. I have about 4k photos and need to sort out some. If I delete I think that might help a bit. I want to get a new computer but I was going to ask a super at costco if I can add more memory. I did that one time and increased to 8GB’s.

      • Val says:

        Kitchen sink is just in the post editor and it can’t be ‘saved’ as such. Cookies on your computer ‘remember’ some of the settings but usually you have to click it every time you want to see it.

        You need to check on things you change, after you’ve changed them. It only takes a minute. At least you know, then.

        Your computer is about a year younger than mine. Mine pretty much needs updating by now. Computers don’t last forever (what does?)

        My hard drive has less space on it than yours – I can’t even run the defragmenter at the moment and I’m basically just being lazy about not dealing with it (I’ll tell you about the defragmenter soon, as you should use it to keep your hard drive working properly. It’s easy to use.) One thing you DON’T want is to wait til you get a ‘full drive’ warning.

        Depending on what computer you have, you might have as much memory as there is space for (there are slots inside the computer into which memory modules can be added, but if all the slots are already used up, you can’t. I can’t add any more to mine.)

        Does any of that make any sense? πŸ™‚

        • Val, I did not change anything- that is the mystery except to disable the comments Maybe that is what messed it up But I put comments back on when my few loyal readers complained. I can call costco again unless you can make the defrag info very simple. Defrag was run about year ago but I have since used the computer way more.

          I need to empty recycle bin but must go through all of the [photos folders) to make sure I did not delete something that I wished that I had not.

          I very much need the entire kitchn sink I can not get the visual to stay on Can only type in Text mode Is that the problem with the dang sink?

          Mine is a HP pavillion dv6- 1053cl (I think that is cl) I had a guy add 4 GB to mine when he ran the defrag. So I HAD TOTAL of 8GB. I have no idea where I put defrag instructions.

          I have far to much “struff” but tody found the ROUTER that came with my computer. I will need Router or can rent from Grande) if I change to Grande (Time Warner is killing me price wise) so I’ll call on Monda

          Or I might need to use the library that is about 3 miles from my house. I really do not want to do that but if push comes to shove money wise I will have to keep cutting corners -Library has free internet service.

          I welcome any advice yuo have to throw my way.

          I would actuall like 2 computers. One just for photos I have copied may to exteranl hard drivee but if you download then you have to go back t exteranl hard drive to look again for a particular photo If I had 2 I would still copy to hard drive for safety so as not to lose anything

          Is my blog stored by word press up to a point? I had the impression is was and then I think yu have to pay them for storage What you sved for me i NEED TO GET THAT to the external hard drive soon.


  6. TexWisGirl says:

    not a big fan of rick perry. he does ‘switch’ a lot on his big talk. we might not have state tax, but we sure pay enough everywhere else. πŸ™‚

    • Hi,Theresa. Thanks for commenting. It is good to know that you do not care for him either. He has such gall.Three terms as governor! What were people thinking when they voted for him? He is so fake.

  7. sybil says:

    Glad you enabled comments again. You often pop ’round and comment on my blog and I feel bad if I can’t reciprocate.

    I don’t blog on a schedule. I can go weeks without posting and then have a run of two or three in a row. I certainly could not muster a daily post.

    Wow $4,000 seems like very high taxes for the U.S. I’m in Canada where we expect high taxes and barely blink when 15% gets added onto most of our purchases … we just figure it’s the price we pay for free health care …

    OK. I Googled your Governor coz I wanted to see his “big hair”. I was expecting Donald Trump hair, but he looks quite normal !

    • Thanks Sybil for commenting. I have seen jokes about Perry’s hair.I guess it used to be much thicker. And maybe the writer’s were not used to seeing men with that much hair. He is a joke though to lots of people. He pays 4-6 thousand for custom made suits. And he has gotten wealthy from shady dealings made in favor of his friends that is according to what I have read. Taxss in Austin are very high. A little ole house such as my daughters’ sells for over 260 thousand or more. Where I live that would buy quite a nice house in a really nice neighborhood.

  8. Ralph says:

    I hope that your trials and tribulations with the mechanics of your blogging experience ends soon Yvonne and that you can begin to enjoy it and publish the posts that you really want to be read. Your friend. Ralph x

    • Thanks for commenting Ralph. No, my problems are not resolved. Something is amiss- have no idea what happened. I did a new post which did not require much writing. Also posted a pic and I thought the pic would never go to the post. I had to “keep on keeping on” to make it work.

  9. Just Rod says:

    Ha ha ha, really enjoyed that one and appreciate the opportunity to add a comment. Technology can sure be frustrating at times. But well done, the post came out well! Amazing how politicians can ‘spin’ the facts – the rest of us just call it ‘lying through their teeth’ (or hats) depending upon where we come from. I wonder how many epithets there are for lying? Maybe we should just shorten our responses to politicians when they do it and shout out or wave signs “Pants on Fire!”.

    looking forward to more Yyonneisms.

    • Thanks Rod for commenting. I think you are the only one that “got my stab at humor/humour. I should have added that Perry is like the stores that advertise a product as “on sale.” When the shopper gets there the price has changed “because the store has sold out of that “on sale” item.”It is called “bait and switch.” I’m glad you thought the post was funny. I can’t write that way very often. That one was not planned.The thoughts and words just kept coming and I did not know if I should post that or not. But I was laughing as I wrote it so I thought, oh well, I’ll see what happens.

  10. shoreacres says:

    Like Lottie, I’m glad to see the comments back on. One of the problems with these computers is that diagnosing problems is like trying to figure out what’s wrong with the front lawn or the palm tree from a distance. Our radio garden line guy always says, “Put that bug in a plastic bag and take it to your garden shop – I can’t see it from here!” LOL

    I had a few good years in California, but that was thirty-some years ago, and I’d never go back now. I couldn’t afford it now, for one thing, and I’m not a real fan of government intrusiveness. But that’s just me. πŸ˜‰

    What I know is that we’re just a couple of weeks of real spring here – hooray!

    • Thanks Linda for commenting. I do know that Califrnia is an expensive place to live. I’ve never been there but I have read about all of the messes out there.But for sure Texas haas its share of messes as well.

      I thought spring had “done sprung” but I guess not since it has been (too cold) for me today and I heard that we would get a little freeze tonight. I still have to eamil you that question re: youtube and how do you get permission to use a video or would you just copy and paste a link? I have not the faintest idea how that is done. I reckon i have just asked the question here. Not sure if you read responses or not.

      • shoreacres says:

        I do read responses! And yes, you can just link to youtube. The most dependable way is to use a shortcode. Go here, and you’ll find exact instructions about the middle of the page. It shows you exactly what it should look like.

        • Okay.Thank you so much.I just do not want to be sued or hung out to dry for using someone’s video of their dog or cat. My other question I forgot -is how to put music with say one the pet poems or maybe some of the pics that I put in the gallery as a slide show.

        • Thank you Linda. I will not be able to do any of that until I get the 2 lines of the kitchen sink. But therw is not hurry.I pasted the info and support page to my favorites so I can got to it quickly if this thing ever acts as it should again.I hope it is just a temporary glitch.

        • shoreacres says:

          You don’t need any of those “kitchen sink” tools to add videos. But, in any case, have you tried clicking the icon at the far right of the editing tools? Hover over it. It should say “Hide/Show Kitchen Sink”. Click it, and the other line ought to pop up. If It doesn’t use the keyboard combination Alt+Shift+Z.

        • I going to answer you first this am. I found the menu for kitchen sink and clicked and saved it. I did not go back to see if it is actually on or not. I was tired and put out and more than peeved. Also could not get the tags to work again. I found them in a supposed cloud list but I wanted them to show under each post as they did in the past. I have no idea way these things just seem to go about doing their own thing since I did not “monkey” with those two things at all. But back to clickiing on the right of the editing tools. I know about that and had to frequently use it. It was simply turned off in the menu so I think it is there, now. If not I might need to yell help to you again. Thanks Linda. I know you are a “helper by nature and can’t help yourself from helping.” I appreciate you very much.

  11. chatou11 says:

    Wow we can leave comments again.. I like the way you write your posts and I enjoyed this one even if a lot of things are not going the way you would like to.. I learned a new expression ” Get two lines of the kitchen sinks” and I think I understood.
    Have a nice day Yvonne

    • Thank you Chatou. I am glad you like my writing. I have never thought that is was/is good enough. I attempted to be funny in that one but did not have plans for those words.The thoughts came to me the longer I wrote. Yes, the kitdhen sink is where you have the media option, spell check, color of type, links, etc. I still can not get it to work. Before, when is disappared I could bring it back but not this time.

  12. Andrew says:

    Another contented supporter here now comments are back on. I too have several drafts on the go. Some are still in my head and may never reach the audience. Those of course would have been the very best ones ever! We are a patient community and if the text doesn’t flow post another Kippy photo and I’ll be happy. Poor Lulu is getting serious with her hair loss. I am so worried about her.

    • Thank you Andew. Much appreciated to get your comments. I’ll do another Kippy before long. Will have to look for a good cute pic. I left a comment re: Lulu’s hair over on your shopping post. Very funny. I have been reading left and right and wanted to ask Lisa’s opinion but she is too ill to bother her rightr now. I will eamil you what I would do and I am sure my ideas will have no effect but it is beter that what I have read about meds and such to try. Frankly I would not put my dog in danger of any of those meds. Hope to get caught up with blog thing and comments and will try to get mail off to you tomorrow.

  13. glad you are back or trying to get back — funny political commentary — keep the faith–things generally work themselves out in the computer world, though I have to admit I have to call on my sons a lot to help me

    • Thank you LouAnn for dropping by. I saw your comment I thought last night but maybe not. Then it disappeared. Thank you for commenting and I really appreciate that you think it was funny.I had not planned that at all. One line just kept leading to another thought. I could have gone on but I was not sure if anyone would think is as funny. You and Just Rod (from Canada) thought is was funny. Not one other single soul mentioned it so now I am not sure if the two of you are serious.


      • as Canadians we know what is funny — have you ever noticed we have a lot of them up here? I thought it was truly funny — no kidding around

        sometimes I will say something in my blogs I am sure others will pick up and it does not happen or one person will and I will think thank goodness someone got it

        • Thank you. Thank you for seeming as if you are sincere. I need to send you to a blog that is written by a canadian man- He is quite funny at times and an ecellent photographer. You and he are the only ones that go it. I read your posts often in a hurry and I apologize for that.I probably missed some of your humour. I have found that Brits and Canadians are the nicest and the funniest.

          And so you have some “funny” ones too. πŸ™‚ Yes, I got that subtle double meaning. I think that was your intent. We have those here as well.

  14. Lottie Nevin says:

    YAY!! I’m thrilled your comments are now back on….We miss you Yvonne πŸ™‚
    I understand about the technical difficulties and problems – I have very slow internet in Jakarta and sometimes when I travel around the archipelago, no internet at all!

    It’s always good to have posts ‘in the pipe-line’ so to speak and I look forward to reading yours when the arrive in my in-box.

    With love from your fan, Lottie XXX

    • Wow- that was fast. I’m not sure if you read the right one or now where I mentioned Gov. Perry and his hair. I was having trouble editing and WP just was not letting me. Auto save, savd the day for me though.

      So I suppose I’ll get on a stick sooner or later.

      Thanks for being a fan.

      Yvonne XXX

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