A New Day and New Way

I’ve been thinking -yes the old girl can still think and possibly reason that blogging is more about I’ll scratch your blog if you scratch my blog sort of thing.

Then there are the people who I feel are being polite and really don’t have that much interest in reading and commenting about pets or other ramblings.

So why blog anyhow? Well, there are selfish reasons. It’s a good place to write about what I like. It’s a good place for me to critique my own efforts at photography, and so on.

The blogs and the pics have a home and I have downloaded to hard drive most of what is here. And I like to go back and I continue to edit over and over as I find misspelled words and duplicate words, etc.

I’ve tried to improve my writing skills but I can not even hit the tip of an ice berg compared to the blogs that I read. So to keep from feeling so dang inferior I have whittled blogs down to those I like and to those that I feel might actually read my posts sometimes-that is if they are not too much of a snob.

If I comment on your blog it will be because I feel that you are “human and accessible.” Not everyone leaves me with that impression.

I am a simple person with a simple purpose that possesses a simple mind. . I learned one fairly good skill in my long life. I can figure out sooner and or later if a person is genuine or not.

On one blog a young woman wrote that she thought the blogging world was all fake yet there she was bigger than life commenting and I see her name on other blogs that I have been reading. So, who is the fake person?

But all the above is merely idle chatter/writing. There will no longer be an option to comment. This way there is no obligation for anyone to comment and I won’t spend time thanking and replying. I feel we all win in this situation.

I had about 60 plus subscribers. Most I did not look for. But I whittled the list to twenty-two and unless I find a blog that is really good that list will remain or I might delete more.

Thank you all for stopping by and for leaving the nice comments. Now you can read or not and skip on to the next blog.

Post Yvonne

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