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Photo credit: Wikipedia   Affenpinscher  ( this is not the winning dog)  obtained from Wikipedia

This winner this year, of this prestigious show, which by the way is a sporting event, rose from the ranks of the toy group. This might be a breed that many people have known little or nothing about.  He is a solid black cocky looking little Affenpinscher guy who trotted around  the huge ring as if he owned the place.

I’ve seen judges interviewed on TV and I’ve heard more than one say that sometimes the winner is the one that has the proud gait, an expression and demeanor  that seems to say “look at me” or something to that effect.

This was the 137th dog show held which is sponsored by the American Kennel Club. This event is considered  the oldest official sporting event of any kind.  This is sort of hard for me to wrap my head around but that is what I read about this very huge event.


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53 thoughts on “About Westminster Dog Show: The Winner

  1. Hi Yvonne, The e-mail I sent was returned this morning with a bunch of gibberish (tech stuff) on why it couldn’t be delivered. Did you get my response here okay? Paulette

    • Yes, I did. Thank you very much for the info. I replied to you last night with more details and I asked if you would respond with a yes or a no if you got it. So did you get my email with the details re: illness? It is not cancer. The med (metheltrexate sp?) is one that is used to treat that particular kiind of arthritis but there are other ones.She also takes plaquenil which takes anywhere between 4-6 months before it works. Strange time span. Maybe certain level? Maybe Humeria will work- I hope.

      My computer has been freezing up- here in WP and in yahoo. I will call costco tech to see what the problem might be. It is allowing me to type ok at this moment. I culd barely type an email last night.

      • I received one e-mail from you which is the one I answered that was returned to me. I then posted the answer I wrote in it here for you. And, looks like you got that and answered it here. I thought the Methotrexate was for the arthritis but wasn’t sure when you later wrote “cancer drug” which it is that also so wanted to be sure I had all my facts straight. I phoned a friend who is a pharmacist and he told me that plaquenil action onset is rapid (1 hr) but therapeutic effect weeks to a month, not 3 months. I asked what were the drugs of choice for what we’re talking about and he said plaquenil was good and methotrexate as well as other NSAIDs. So let’s hope that the your daughter’s therapeutic range of plaquenil happens ASAP and that it helps her. I hope we can be in e-mail contact when your computer gets fixed. Either way let me know if there’s anything else I might be able to do for you. Paulette

        • Thanks Paulette. I an sorry that I am so long in between answers. I have been doing chores, feeding the dogs much earlier today, etc. I have a bowl of oatmeal with apples and raw ginger that I cooked and sweeten with honey and add soy milk. Eating as I type. First meal of the day. Not good for me I know.

          Lisa either did not completely understand plaquenil or embellished it a bit. Her memory is awful from Pred. I pray every day that she will be at least 50-75% better in a few months.

          I will stay in touch with you. I’ll call costco after I finish eating. Thank you again.

        • No apology needed. I’m pretty easy going and really just want you to take care of you and for Pete sakes use you time to eat and not even be concerned with responding to me. I’ll pray with you that Lisa feels better. Big hug to you both and rubbies for the fury kids. 🙂

        • Paulette,I just got around to WP and saw a comment notice. Thank you for all your resposes,for talking to your pharmacist friend, and the other advice. I have yet to get over to Dr Weil’s web site. I might purchase some of his books (used).

          I called Costco to try to find out, how I can see, how much memory is left on this HP. This is a bad sentence.Hope you understand it.The young woman was not all that experienced and she never did get me to where I wanted to look. She took me to a place that said 27% but I know there is some other place to look. Anyhow I asked so many questions I think I probablhy gave her a headache. But the Costco techs are all so very polite and generally know the answer to every problem that I have ever called about. I have not been shutting down my computer at night as I previosluy did. She said that might be why it was freezing up. So I shut the HP down about 5pm or so and left it off till about 10pm.It is working fine now. I will try sending an email to you maybe tomrrow. I have lots to do tomorrow so it will be friday pm maybe. I want to see if your email address will work but most likely it was the computer that “was feeling ill”due to not getting properly rested. The Tech told me that when it is off the mechanisms go through and sort and fix. I had no idea my HP was so intelligent. 🙂

        • My pleasure. Good luck with the computer things. That kind of stuff leaves my head spinning. Have a great weekend. 🙂

        • Thank you Paulette.I will try to keep you informed re: meds, etc.It might be of help to someone at one of the clinics where you work. Odd things happen.

        • Paulette that is vey kind of you and I appreciate the prayers for Lisa.

        • Thank you Paulette for the prayers. I appreciate your thoughtfulness very much.

  2. P.S. I meant that the comment from that blogger who felt it was all fake might be her projection, not yours.

    • Thank you for commenting. Paulette I understand.Your fingers were probably going faster than your brain. I must re-type over and over many times for I’m not such a hot typist. See more reply on your next comment or it might be later today. It is already 1:20am Tuesday Feb.19, 2013 central standard time. Quicky I’ll write this; you flatter me way too much. I pine to be a better writer but I don’t have the eduation for writing and I’m too old now to take creative writing courses. I have so much work with the animals and they must come before my own desires. I don’t mean that I neglect my health but I skip meals sometimes. More later on the other comment.Stay tuned. 🙂

      • Thank you! I certainly share your priority with taking care of pets. I have to balance that with work and other things but dogs are my passion and I try to do all I can to help.I’m off to work now but wanted to thank you for your reply. Paulette 🙂

        • Paulette do you work in a private clinic or hospital setting. And when do you have the energy or time to write?

        • I work in a clinic part time, a day a week. I had to cut back due to health issue (off and on exacerbation with Lyme disease). That affords me time to write but even my daily writing gets interrupted with dogs, hubby, life, volunteer work I do for women with cancer, etc. Thanks for asking.

        • Thanks for repying to my question. I remember reading, I think it was in your bio, that you had a long and difficult battle with Lyme disease. I also know that it can return to haunt one affected at various stages of life. That is another one of those diseases from hell. I hope that you give yourself significant rest when you are ill again. You sound teribly busy and I, am not sure if you really are taking care of Paulette. But you are keeping your skills intact with one day per week at a clinic. me with my blog and has given me other tips as well.
          I wrote to Linda in my comment that she is “human and accessible.” I appreciate that in a person and I think that is a fine trait to possess. I will shut my fingers up as I have rattled on and on. Thank you for your compliment and I will be writing again.

        • I’m half British, lol. My father was born in Leeds. You hit the nail with take care of Paulette but I am getting better and my hubby is helping a lot. It’s hard though because I’m not one to take to the bed. And, I hear you about needing to get motivated to write. If it happens and flows fine. If it doesn’t happen and flow that’s fine too. I just look at it all as part of the process. Made me laugh when you wrote, “I’ll just shut my fingers up.” I liked that, clever. I guess that’s as good a place as any for me to stop typing also. Been really enjoying this with you and thank you.

        • Good you are 1/2 British. Maybe that is why you are friendly. Paulette, I think that nurses, at least the good ones, tend to push beyond limits We have, what I call, “care taking syndrome.” Someone else might have thougth of it but that is what I have thought about myself and a few other nurses that I have known. If not good on the job they are constantly seeing about family and friends. They just never brought that factor to the workplace. Maybe because that person hasn’t anything left to give by the time work comes around. But I imagine that is so with just about any job or profession. I just think that nurses are more inclined to that behavior though.

          With you, I suspect that you give it your all at whatever you are doing. But is can wreck you enotionally and physically.

  3. Hello and forgive me for commenting here about your Feb. 17 post but I could find any place to comment there and wanted to let you know that I really appreciated what you wrote. It actually made me feel sad, the thing about human and accessible, not that I feel any personal fingers but just that “we” treat each other that way and put out energies that make others feel unwelcome. And, the comment on the blogger who felt it was all fake-seems like a projection to me. I love animals and dogs are my passion, always reliable when I have my human struggles but I also have a deep desire to help and try to do right by another when I can. You seem that way to me. You were so kind with your reply to me about Westminster Dog show when I felt foolish for not making a clear communication, so thank you for that. And, that you for your honest heart felt communication today. Also, please allow me to say I love how you write-it makes me want to read on and see what you have to say, it’s authentic, and for me that’s what writing is all about (my humble opinion). Big cyber hug, Paulette

  4. “Banana Jones” wasn’t it? I saw something on TV about him this morning.

    • <em Thank you for commenting. The old posts are still open apparently or you would not have been able to comment.You have excllent memory for the little dog. The affens are indeed small dogs. I have not seen one in the flesh as they say).

  5. shoreacres says:

    I so enjoyed the various links, and of course the photos of the beautiful dogs. My mom never had a dog, but in her later years she unaccountably developed a fondness for the Westminster Show, and we would watch it together. If it happened to come on when it was time to eat (as it sometimes did, since our schedule ran late) she’d insist on being in the living room with a plate on her lap. She wasn’t so fond of greyhounds and that sort of dog, but working dogs, and beautiful dogs? Oh, my! She would have had them all.

  6. I forgot to watch this year.

  7. Just Rod says:

    Have you watched the movie Best in Show? It does a pretty good job of spoofing the dog-show industry.

    • Hi Rod, it is nice to hear from you again.

      I think I saw that movie years ago when it was shown on TV or else I rented it through Time Warner movies for rent on the their movie channel. It was one of the funniest movies that I’ve seen. I can’t remember what the dog breed was though.

      If you watched Westminster, did you see your dog favorite dog breed, (soft wheaten terrier)? I think I am remembering the breed of your the little dog (I totally might have this wrong) that you posted a photo of. Such as pretty little thing.

      I didn’t see the show this year. Don’t have cable nor a TV that will pick up a local channel.

  8. sweetmarie says:

    Adorable! Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • A happy day to you as well. I think it is your blog that I can not subscribe to. I will check it out one more time. Thanks for commenting. Nice to get “hear” from you.

  9. Andrew says:

    I’m not a big fan of dog shows except sheep dog trials. Have you seen One Man and his Dog? We would never show Lulu unless in the ” worst behaved” category!

    • I did not watch the show last year nor this year.Actually don't have a TV that will pick up local channels since I had cable removed. Honestly I do not miss TV.I've no time for it. I meant that post to be just a bit of info so I need to write a disclaimer. I believe the judges are biased and that there are shades of political deealings.

      You write of the sheep dog trials. Those are the very best "dog shows" anyone could possibly watch.

  10. Linda Royal says:

    I need to update my email address: lindahroyal@hughes.net

    Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2013 16:52:33 +0000 To: lindahroyal@hotmail.com

  11. While I like to see the dogs on Crufts (the big UK dog show), i have mixed views about these events. That’s because I think they push the concept of pedigree dogs at the expense of rescue dogs (that can also be pedigree breeds) and there seem to be a lot of human egos out there. That’s life I guess.

    • I agree with you totally. The post does not reflect my views It is there for general info. I had not posted anthing in a while so I thought that would be a good something that might garner a few comments.

      Personally I believe that the show has political overtones and that the judges are biased.

      Somewhere in the archives I wrote about purebred and pedigree dogs. It is an okay bit of info. I actaully have more purebred dogs than I have mutts but these did not get to my home becasue I bought them.They are all rescues and one day I will post pics of all of them at the same time. I’ve got everything from a 20 to a 90 pound dog and everything in between.

      • Out of our rescue dogs (they’ve all been rescues) two were pedigrees. We were actually offered the papers for the first one who we got as a pup. Seems to be defeating the object in a way as it is almost like saying ‘here’s a cheap pedigree’ – but I guess shelters need to get their money where they can. Anyway, needless to state we didn’t take them. The other pedigree or at least pure bred dog was a GSD, probably the runt of the pack, as he was quite small. The others have been cross breeds. Although I understand in America, Pennsylvania I think, our current dog Pippa’s breed, cross GSD/husky, is specifically bred there for their temperament and appearance!

        • 8:19am 2/14/2013 I’m including the time since I never have much of an idea what time people are reading/commenting etc. Probably doesn’t matter to most people but somehow I find it of interest to know when someone is actually on site. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

          Anyway back back to the crux of the pedigree, purebred, and all that jazz. First I commend you for being the persn that you are. You are wise and a “whip.” I’ll explain whip to you. It refers to quick wit and fast to learn, on the ball,intelligent and, that sort of thing. I use it a lot. I like some expressions. I’m pitiful.

          I commend you for getting a dog/s from a shelter. You probably saved the life of thse dogs. The shelters here are full of purebred dogs and one can get just about any breed from a shelter or Pet Finder.com or some such name.

          Your German shepherd/husky must be a beautiful dog. I grew up with one dog that was part shepherd. But back to you. Dogs are such good company and are almost always very loyal. Your dog Pippa is the GSD/husky mix. I wondered what Pippa might be. I bet you love that dog to pieces. Does she/he go with you and the Mr when you drive about off road?

          As for the papers from a shelter, it is just something that is done. When dogs are owner relinquished for some reason the jack a– ( the people giving up their pet) thinks that is a selling point and it might be for some people. I find it beyond comprehension how anyone can give up a dog or cat to a shelter and expect that their formner pet is going to get adopted. It is laughable yet pathetic for the poor animal.

          I like cross bred dogs and I think often they have fewer health problems but that also depends on what genes the dog possesses. When and if you have time or the inclination- browse through my blog and you’ll see some pics of muy mutts. Most of my dogs are purebred but I did not seek my dogs. It just happened my way. Odd about my labs. I always liked labs but thought that I would never own any. Within two years I had two and I love these dogs. They are good watch dogs and look intimidating due to their size.

        • Your time comes up anyway on your comment. Plus, I have a few world clocks on my dashboard so I know what time it is in Asia, Australasia, Canada and the USA. I even have one for Europe so it is nicely organised in terms of little clocks in time order!

          I have had many an argument on the internet about buying pedigrees from a breeder (even a reputable one) = a dog at the shelter getting killed. I won’t repeat it on your blog, but I’m sure you understand.

          For our first dog in our married life, there was no question, we both wanted to home a dog that needed one. Easy.

          I do love Pippa, and I nursed him back to health when he came to us off the streets – his ear had been badly damaged in street fights. However he does not love me. I can live with that. Although I was extremely popular this morning when I had yeast extract on toast.

          I can, believe it or not, understand people giving up their animals in extreme circumstances. But I read such an inspiring post somewhere about someone who had lost her home and just packed her dogs in her car (think she wasn’t allowed to have dogs or something in her flat/house). Ours not to judge or blame, just to encourage others.

          Molly looks like a chocolate lab, beautiful dogs. But hey, aren’t they all? The reason we got Prince (GSD) was because the other two were getting older and not so watchful any more. Pippa is a useless guard dog. He loves everyone (except me).

        • Thank for telling me about your dogs. I really do enjoy reading about other people’s dogs.I find it so interesting of how various individuals acquire their pets. I suspect that Pippa loves you more than you think. I’m so glad you got Pippa off the streets and into your home.

          I must ask you about some of the things that you use for your veggie diet. I’ll get back to that at another time. I owe Val a long email and need to get on it pronto. Take care.


        • Oh, I think rescue dogs are so interesting. I didn’t mean to go on about them, but I thought it was interesting we both have/had a mix of pure breeds and mongrels.

          Pippa acquired us, it was not negotiable!

          If you have veggie questions either leave a ? on a vegetarian post on clouds (check out the vegetarian category on the sidebar) or on the recipe pages on roughseas. Whatever suits.

          I didn’t realise V had swung back into blogging again. Been looking at her blog today. Back when we were posting on the forums together she wasn’t blogging.

          Night night (well it will be when I have made a couple of sandwiches).

        • Oh I am happy to get what ever and when ever you want to write. You can email me as well if that is more your cup of tea/coffee/whatever.

          I discoverd Val back about November- don’t remember per say. I don’t know when she returned to blogging. l love her funniness. She is quite clever and has me falling out, over some of her posts. Some strike me as really funny and I laugh so much I scare my cats- they rarely hear me laugh.

          I always like to read about dog/cats/horse/birds,your garden. You can write pages and I will find it interesting. I enjoy reading about other people’s lives and where they live and what the culture is like. I don’t travel and I never will. I will not get on a plane and sure will not get on a boat. I make short trips around central Texas to photograph or to visit my daughter in Austin. Sometimes further- Texas is so big. Lots of so so-so things to see and lots of drab landscape.

          I have questions about your sub for tofu and a few other things. So will get around to that maybe today- not sure.

          The thing about the time is that my blog clock is set for the comments from other bloggers. So your comment said 1:34pm and I was writing an email to Val at the time.

          Take care.


  12. exiledprospero says:

    Yes, I know the Affenpinscher (it’s a toy, after all!)

    • Hi Prospero, I am trying to find a free photo on the Internet of an affenfinscher that I can post. But I have had so many chores I am now just getting back to this little ole post. Yes, ideed you are correct. It’s in the toy group and such a cute little dog. Thanks for reading and commenting. Say hi to Ariel for me. 🙂

  13. That looks like the kind of dog Obama has. Nice looking. 🙂

    • Hi Paulette,I Hope that I remembered your name correctly. The Obama’s dog is a Portugeese Water Spaniel but his dog also has some white on his chest and I think a white froont paw or two. Bo’s his name by the way. This little dog is from the toy group and Bo the Obama’s dog is in the sporting group of dogs.

      • Yes, Paulette is correct. Thank you. I apologize but my last comment was not clear. I was commenting on the dog in the first photo from the link above (www.petside…) I should have written that in my post. Completely zoned out. Apologies. I was swooning over it and forgot to mention the Affenpinscher above. I went back to that link and saw the dog I was referring to but didn’t find where it said its breed. Thank you for telling me Bo’s name. He’s a great looking dog and I understand hypoallergic.

  14. chatou11 says:

    Hi Yvonne, I went to see the winners of the first day, they so beautiful felliows! and the little blach guy is really cute.

    • Thanks chatou. So you can get some American TV programs or you watched it on the Internet? You are right about the dogs being so beautiful. And the winner is a preciouus little dog. I think they also have an affable personality but I need to look that up. I don’t have cable anymore so I got my info from the the Internet news services.

  15. sybil says:

    I thought that little Bichon looked pretty darn confident too !

    • Thanks Sybil for visiting. I did not actually see the dog show on TV but the Bichon from last year was a stunner. Don’t know if that was the same dog or not since I did not see the two nights of showing the dogs.

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