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This is a repost and I just picked out an old one that I had posted on my daughter’s website of Vet to Pet Austin. Since she had to give up her practice due to severe illness I’m not sure if the site is still up or not. My part of the site was writing pet related posts and sometimes other misc. things. A web master copied my blog posts and moved all to my site about July or August, 2012.
 I did not activate my blog until sometime in September.  I had to get a credit card to get the blog up and running. I never had a credit card ever before, the blog thingy. My husband thought credit cards were a waste of time and money. We just did not believe in paying interest. If you don’t have the money you most likely don’t need what you thought you did.
At first I had no idea how to garner reader/viewers/ subscribers. Talk about one dumb cluck.  I HAD TO LEARN!!!Reach out is the name of the game so I just went idly about looking here and yon for blogs with which I felt some sort of connection. Odd this thing called blogging. I wonder how that word came to be.
. Do you think your dog is happy and seems to smile at times?  
Here are a few pics of some of our dogs. I think the pictures are sort of cute but then I am biased.  
Post and photographs  Yvonne  


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27 thoughts on “Happy Dogs (click photo to enlarge) original post 11/22/2011

  1. chatou11 says:

    I realise I missed this pic.. they all seem to be happy dog. I like Dancer very much.
    Thanks for sharing Yvonne

    • Thank you Chatou. I love Dancer she is a very smart and special dog. I have a story about her rescue and I think that I should copy her part and make it a separate post. Dancer is now becoming arthritic so I will will need to begin giving her shots to help with the joint problems. I will do a post about the med in the future.

  2. Of course, dogs smile. I can see a smile in Nino’s expressive eyes first, all bright and ready for playing. I often think he is smiling when he runs around wildly giving me one of his looks “catch me if you can !” He smiles when I come back home after what must have been like a long time for him : front paws down and stretching back paws and bottom up. So funny ! His eyes then tell me how happy he is.
    Nino is very serious though when he catches an animal’s scent in the woods or when I am preparing food for him. Definitely not a time for smiles !
    Thanks for the gorgeous pictures of your dogs, happy dogs indeed.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. I can just picture your little Beagle Nino, being so happy when you come home. Dogs miss us when we are away. Maybe more that human to humam miss us when we have left home for a while. And the Beagle in him of course is why he loves to “go after” a scent. Did you know that a Beagle won the Westminister dog show a few years back. My, he was a pretty dog.

      • Yes, you are so right, Yvonne. Going after a scent is part of a Beagle, in his genes. I did not know about the Westminster dog show, I will try to find it on the net… just to see if this pretty dog was possibly more pretty than mine 😉 Have a pleasant day.

        • No matter if you find the that winning beagle, your Nino will always be a handsome fellow to you. You love him for the pet that his is who loves you in return. I think if you go to Google and type in winners of past Westminister Dog Shows you get will a lot of sites to research.

  3. Ha! The only time Pippa smiles at me is when I am preparing food, or when he turns round to sneak a laugh with my partner at my expense. Conspiracy theory – ‘isn’t she stupid master?’ snigger. You get the idea. But hey, if he smiles at all, that pleases me.

  4. Kathy says:

    Sweet smiling dogs! Sometimes just being around them makes you happy. Sometimes I miss our dogs, but don’t miss them enough to get another one.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting Kathy. I can understand anyone saying that they will never get another dog. They are extra work and can keep you tied to your home or needing to board or to get a sitter. For my living situation- more or less, keeps me in need of a dog. It just happened that I rescued two from shelter death and the others I found or they found their way to me. My dogs are a lot of company and I feel secure with them. So they win and I win.

      But if a stray should happen to find its way to your house would you take it to a kill shelter, try to find a no-kill shelter, try to find it a home or, would you feel that destiny had a hand in it and you would keep the dog? You need not feel the need to answer. I just had to throw all that at you to rattle your cage or yank your chain, or throw you a bone to gnaw on while you ran all this through your mind. 🙂

      • Kathy says:

        You’re funny. You know, if a dog were to show up on our front porch I would think it might be destiny and be tempted to keep it. Barry, however, would not, silly man. We have a wonderful shelter nearby that has actually won lots of awards and they don’t kill animals. Thank goodness. The last cat we had showed up on our doorstep. I paid no attention to Barry and we kept it.

        • Well, I am so glad that you kept the cat. That is such a good thing that there is an available no kill shelter. But they also have limits of how many animals they can shelter at any given time so if a poor be-draggled dog shows up, I sure hope the shelter can take it off your hands. 🙂

          Now wait and see if one doesn’t show up It’s my ESP thing, you know. 🙂 Maybe you should forewarn your husband! Sure hope he’s not one to kick the dog out into the snow. 🙂

          I am also glad that you kept the last cat that came your way. Husbands do not have to win in all situations do they or, maybe they do. 🙂

  5. Maggie amazes me. Today Jim was on an off-road drive, so I took Maggie for a walk in the park behind our house. She loved running around the trees, chasing squirrels, and I began to gather pine cones as it began to snow. I looked up and Maggie wasn’t chasing squirrels. I called for her, again and again, worried that she’d left the park. There was a little nudge on my leg, and I looked down. She was beside me, patiently waiting…and she was smiling!

    • Oh,.that is so cute. Our smiliing dogs are the best aren’t they?

      So you are getting snow. Our weather here is misty and a tad cool. Our weather has been like spring until today..

      Thanks for commenting

  6. Andrew says:

    Happy dogs indeed. Dancer in the dirt is fun but Kippy is a real character. NOt having a credit card saves a whole lot of trouble for many people. I use one but it auto clears every month – never have paid interest. It pays my huge Amazon bills each month. We had a credit card crisis in HK about 10 years ago and discovered one bank client had 42 credit cards!!!! That couldn’t happen today thanks to the bureau but how on earth do you keep track of 42 cards? I think 42 dogs would be easier, give more pleasure and save a lot of problems in the long run. Say Hi to Kippy for me, Yvonne.

    • I just patted Kippy on the head and told him “these are your extra pats and a hi all the way from my Hong Kong friend, Andrew. “He smiled!” You are too funny for words sometimes.

      I read a lot of Lottie’s comments and yours are hilarious as well as her replies to you and the banter that only someone from England could understand. She is a lovely person and we have some things in common. Though she is so much younger than I. She goes the extra mile to be such a kind person.

      My credit card is actually a debit card and I don’t have to worry about interest either. I used it a few times to buy gas but I just don’t use it much. I keep telling myself that I am going to get some books but they’ll be used ones so that way I can actaully buy some books again. You must be reading up a storm- something that I have not done since I began blogging and doing most of my own work work with the animals. I had to cut way back on expenses since the medical crisis of my child.

      I can not imagine anyone having 42 credit cards. That is insane. He could have plasterd his walls with that many.

      Thanks for the comments.

      Ps the (em) thing is to see if my reply will be in italics. Got that tip from a blogging friend that lives on the Texas coast. I will have to click reply. Don’t know if I did this right or not or if it will work.

      • Andrew says:

        The italics worked a treat, Yvonne. Yes, I have a love affair with books, real or e-books. Don’t care. House is full of them. Couldn’t be without. Sometimes I buy the same one twice by mistake. I still keep them. 😃

        • I can see how you could order the same ones twice. My daughter reads avidly -only hers are mysteries and detective books.She is almost never without a book in her hands at all times.She buys some for the Kindle but I told her that had to go while I am supporting her. She told me that she had read every mystery and detective book that was at the huge library near where she lives. The books that she reads are tomes. She plows through those in about 2-3 days depending on how she is feeling. I used to be a reader but my taste changed to dogs and cats so you I’m not getting much education that way. 🙂 You need a huge library for your books and I hope that you have one. It adds so much to a house. Impressive!

  7. Northern Narratives says:

    Of course dogs are happy and they smile 🙂

  8. exiledprospero says:

    Kippy, Danser, Molly… such good dogs, Yvonne.

    And no, Ariel doesn’t seem to smile… just an overload of cuteness that makes me smile (and then there’s that flying into my arm, expecting, quite naturally, that I will catch her flying leaps! )

    • Proepero, I wish you had a video of Ariel leaping up to your arms. That has to be something that would easily put a smile you face as well as hers. And, I think my dogs are cute even though none of them are a four pounder that can leap up for me to catch them. Thanks for commenting.

  9. TexWisGirl says:

    i love it when my pups smile. 🙂

    • Thanks Theresa. The dogs are the best aren’t they when they are so happy. It can’t but rub off on you when your dogs are “grinning from ear to ear. I love to see my smile. I smile when they smile.

  10. A dog can be so happy, and that is the best moments. Dogs are even easy to please, at least my dog. Nice, happy photos.

    • Thanks Bente for commenting. Yes. dogs don’t require a lot. Good food, water,shelter, and an owner that loves them and a dog will be your devoted companion.There are wonderful rewards from having a dog/s for a pet. I think mine are smart but I have wrked with them and they obey my commands very well. I would never be without a pet. Mine have given me much more that I have given to them.

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