Daily Archives: January 9, 2013

This Blog is Still a Mess and Other Bad Karma Happenings

The inner working of my blog is giving me lots of grief.  The ABOUT  decided that it wanted to gad about and now I  have no idea where ABOUT might have settled or if ABOUT has left me completely to my own devices to mess this blog up a bit more.

Therefore I am depressed in more ways than one.  My house has decided to also give me some grief so the roof began leaking where I had a porch enclosed to make a sun room for my cats or me or both. But alas the water even trickled inside and ran down a wall that is next to what used to be an outside wall. I saw a wet hardwood floor behind my former computer cabinet which I had custom built about 11 years ago. It is filled with books from top to bottom. I hope water did not get inside the cabinet. I am afraid to look- maybe ABOUT is hiding in there.

Anyway, the computer cabinet, now a book stash (one of several) was too heavy for my son to push away from the wall. (I still have not looked inside). After that my son called the man from Mexico who was my carpenter for the enclosed porch/sunroom. Mr H. says he will be by tomorrow to “see what the problem might be.”

Speaking of Mr. H. he is a good carpenter. But he did not put the metal roof on. He contracted that out and two more gentlemen from Mexico  did the roofing. That was done back in June, 2012 when I was in Austin looking after/tending/ etc. a very sick adult child who is still in the mending process after seeing no less than (8) MDs of which 5  did not give a rip and did know “beans about squat.” (bet you haven’t heard that one before) Her diagnosis entailed 3 trips to a specialist in Big D. and multiple tests to determine that she has a farily rare kind of arthritis. I will spare you the name- can’t spell it)  Now she must take a cancer med and two other meds that take about 4 months to kick in- if they kick in at all. In the meantime I am worried and depressed about my child.etc.

No, that is not the end of bad karma but I shall/will stop here because the sentence structure and word usage is the pits and I am tired of complaining.

And this may/ might be the last blog for a while.  I shall/ will see.