Same Silly Dog, Different Day

Annie in full winter coat

Annie in full winter coat

Annie the rescued Australian Shepherd is a smart dog. But she has her moments and she is outrageously silly at times. She is super sensitive to her owner’s (my daughter) moods. And with the approach of summer  she is clipped or shaved, or what ever other name you care to give to a dog’s coat of hair that is removed. Annie hates to be groomed. She is so rambunctious that she requires light sedation just so the groomer or who ever undertakes the clipping process can keep the clippers on that rusty red hair to get the job done.

Annie waiting for the ball

Annie waiting for me to throw the ball.

Annie with her favorite toy

Annie with her favorite toy

Annie looking watching her mama through the clinic door

Annie looking watching her mama through the clinic door. Summer of 2011 after getting a “summer clip. The short hair makes Annie look like a different dog.

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34 thoughts on “Same Silly Dog, Different Day

  1. fgassette says:

    AHHHH! How sweet.


  2. Same silly dog, every day, makes life a joy.

  3. Loved the pictures. Annie and our dog Maggie would have a great play date. She was a rescued dog (our son-in-law cop found her tied to a pole in June in Kansas), and as it turns out, we needed her as much as she needed us. Dogs do that to you. It’s been 10 years, and she’s dragged us along on some amazing adventures.

    • Thank you for visitng. I don’t know if you are seeing my blog messed up or not. From where I can view my own blog and type, edit, etc. Everything is askew. It looks like one total mess. I can not get into the admin section, stats, reader, or notifications. I have tried sending an email to wordpress support and I can not even get that to open. I am explaining all of this for I am thinking you saw one huge mess. I’ll need to call costco tech support and do a long scan to see if there is a virus or whatever.

      Anyway, thank for visting my blog. I appreciate that very much. I hope you’ll come back and read some of the rescue stories, etc. I’ll be over to yours later today or this evening.


  4. She’s beautiful!

    • Thank you for the comment. I will tell my daughter that commenters think her dog is pretty. That post was hastily put together and it reads pretty awful. I can do a “bit” 🙂 better than that and I hope that I am not getting demoted for bad writing. 🙂

      • It’s a wonderful post. My aunt rescued a dog that looks remarkably like Annie, except she’s black. I suspect she must be at least part of the same breed. She’s always trying to herd her other dogs.

        • Actually A. shephers can also be all black, I think. I will have to read up on that again. These dogs are very smart. Herding dogs are my favorites but as you can see if you have read through the blog, I love all dogs. Cats and dogs are my weakness- sort of like people that love fine dining, epensive cars, exotic vacations, etc. etc.

  5. Morning Bray says:

    She’s beautiful. I recognize that look – “Throw the toy, Mom!” 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting Justine. Yes, Annie is in heaven if someone throws the ball. How that ball has remained intact is a mystery. It’s about 3 years old, I think.

  6. exiledprospero says:

    Oh Annie… you will feel better about your haircut when summer gets here (so hard to explain longer term planning to dogs).

  7. I just wrote this morning about my independent and reckless Aussie hanging out in my lap on New Year’s Eve. Once she heard the first of the bombs-bursting-in-air in the neighborhood she wasn’t quite so cocky. And this morning it took her an hour longer than usual to run out the door barking and herding the neighborhood birds. Loved it when I came upon your blog with the beautiful Annie. Love those Aussies.

    • Why thank you for finding my site. I hope you’ll return again. I will look you up later this evening. I will tell my daughter about all the nice compliments for Annie.


  8. chatou11 says:

    I like Annie very much, your daughter is very lucky. She is a beautiful dog.. but what a difference with no hair.
    Happy New Year Yvonne
    friendly yours

    • Thanks for commenting. Yes, dogs look really different. Same as humans I suppose. Long hair to short hair really makes one look like a different person. Initially, Annie sort of acts as if she is not too pleased with the shorter hair, but after a few days she is back to being herself again.

  9. Just Rod says:

    CJ hated being groomed too, but always loved the new bandana the groomer put round her neck. She was always pretty proud of herself after the ordeal was over.

    • I think you are right about dogs being proud of how they look afterbeing groomed. I think all that massaging from hands, combs, and the clippers makes them feel good. And who knows. Just maybe they really know that they look so nice after grooming.

  10. Sybil says:

    Hmmmm. I’m pretty sure it’s still December 31 in Texas. I’m wondrin’ why all your comments are listing January 1, 2013 ?

    I think that livin’ in Texas Annie is better off with a summer clip. Love her face.

    Happy New Year !

    • Thanks for commenting Sybil. Yes it is at this time in Texas, 3:37pm, 12/31/2012. However, I have not a clue how to correct the time thing. In fact I have tried several times and I do not understand how to correct the dang thing. I will need a web master to fix the time for me. Even my stats will have begun for 1/2/2013. I just do not uderstand it. Happy New Year to you, as well.

      • shoreacres says:

        Well, try this, for the time thing.

        Go to your dashboard. Click on “Settings” and then “General”. About four items down, you’ll see “Time Zone”. Check and make sure it’s set for your time zone. Then, once you’ve set it and saved it, clear your cache. That ought to do it.

        If you had it set for the default UTC, it would have been Happy New Year earlier, as that’s Greenwich Time. But I don’t understand why everything shows 1:43. Oh, well.See if the suggestions fix it. 😉

        And yes, indeed – Annie’s a beautiful dog, with or without her coat!

        • Thank for commenting and for the advice, r: the time. I will give it a try. I had no idea what UTC means. I should have looked it up. As for the 1:43 it does not change not no mater what I do but maybe I have not fiddled with it enough.

  11. Such a pretty face.

  12. Yes, the trimmed Annie has a different appearance but looks sweet either way.

    Have a Happy New Year’s evening Yvonne. We will not seen in the New Year as it will be bedtime at 9 as usual. We don’t know how to have fun I guess. 🙂

    • Yep Annie is a treasure. I keep about the same hours as you and Mary Beth. I don’t celebrate New Year’s eve. I am not a party goer and never have been. Don’t watch all the merrymaking on TV either. To me it is a waste of money and energy.

      Happy New Year to you, Mary Beth and, Murphy.

  13. TexWisGirl says:

    she’s a cutie.:)

    (we have snapping turtles in our pond, but those on the log were red-eared sliders).

    • Thanks for commenting. Oh, the turtles are red-eared. I should have looked closer. Maybe I could have seen those are not snappers. I’ll have to look again but I need new RX glasses which I have put off getting.

  14. it is party time – come on over

    • Thank you for the invitation. It remains to be seen if this old bag is up to an evening of revelry.

      • do not have to be up this evening–the party has started now! coffee is being served in the dining room and bubbly will start flowing soon–though I think Robin has been into it! Happy New Year

        • Wow! Sounds as if your home is a great place to be. My helper just finished a “run” for dog food from Pets Mart. He said all the liquor stores have crowded parking lots. I fear lots of accidents since it is raining this afternoon. My coffe is on too, but it’s Folger’s Instant. Lots of Americans probably began celebrating the new year last Friday evening. On Wednesay those people should have a “hang around” not to be confused with “hang over.”

        • hope everyone stays safe

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